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Dec. 29, 1936.
- D
Filed Feb. 13; 1936
Patented Dec. 29, 1936
George H- Bork, Holyoke, Mass-g assignor to Hal?!
vey-Whipple, Ines Spring?eld, Mass, a. comp»
ration of Massachusettsv
Application February 13, 1936, Serial No. 63,747
2 Claims. (01. 2574548)
This invention relates to improvements in heating apparatus and is directed more particularly
to improved heating means in the form of an
leading into the lower part of the unit 2 reprew
sents the tube of an oil ‘burning apparatus,v the
heat from which passes upwardly within the,
auxiliary heater which is constructed and ar-
boiler and out of the flue or stack 6.
ranged for use with or coupled to a heating unit
such as a hot water .or steam boiler.
The principal objects of the invention are the
provision of an auxiliary heater unit which is
adapted to be placed within a boiler and cou10: pled thereto, the same being so disposed as to be
Boilers of the type to which the invention re- 5 '
lates have outer and inner spaced walls to pm.
vide a water chamber therebetween.
8 is shown as leading from the boiler and a re
turn is indicated by Ill.
. With a steam boiler, Steam travels th-l'qllgh out: 10'
heated by hot gases within the boiler.
let 8 into-the heating system with which the boiler
In this Way the apparatus of the invention by is user;- and the ccpdehsate returns through the.
reason of its novel construction acts as a heat-.lcwer return pipe Ill.- When the boiler is used
transfer device all to the end that water in the in connection with a hot water system, ‘the outlet
15' boiler Will be more readily heated with a given
fuel consumption~
There pat only results by the use of the device
a-saving of fuel but greater .emciency in operation and it is pp sible to .ipqrezreadily brine the
20 water to the desired temperature- The apparatus of the invention is of such shape and fonn
as taraadily absorb lreat or to transfer heat to
is desired because thereby there are
eularly Qi§P9§8§l resurfaces
but so that it may be readily passed through a
door opening of a, hoi1er_
Various other novel objects and advantages
will be hereinafter more fully referred to in con-
nection with the accompanying description of the
present preferred form of the invention, reference being had to the drawing wherein:
Fig. 1 isamore or less diagrammatic elevational
The heatihe
pf theihveptiap is shown mare
clearly in Figs- 2 and {land it consists of a
hollow more or less ring-like body“ which is
preferably tubulalfl?s shown in Fig! 3.- .Althqllgh 20
not necessary the particular cross-sectional shape
the water therein and at the same time function
to cause the heating medium in its passage up25 wardly within the boiler to more e?ciently wipe
the inner wall of the boiler, The shape of the
heater is novel not only for its bene?cial e?ects
30 connected-t9 said system and as Witha Steam 1-5‘
system Water is returned by the ‘pipe Ill.
?at an:
the path'of the heat
111% medium whereby the heating 'mediu'm’ may
readily flow around and Past the deViCe25
The body is continuous and hollow as described
and is preferably formed to approximate the ?gure eight, as shown. Inthis way there is acentral
opening 16 through the heater. There are open
h1g5 leading 111150 the hOllOW body such as at 20 30
and 22-
one may be the inlet and the other the '
Outlet, and these Openings may be placed as
A plurality of ?ns $11011 as 24 are Provided
Which are Preferably integral With the body I4 35
view of a boiler or heater having the heating unit
and these are arranged more 01‘ less in the form
of the invention associated therewith;
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the heating unit of the
invention; and
Fig. 3 is a sectional View on the line 3-3 of
Fig_ 2_
Referrjng now to the drawing more in detail
the invention W111 be fully described_
In the drawing 2 represents a heating unit in
45 the form of a, boiler for a hot water or Steam
heating system. To illustrate the invention the
boiler S is shown as being of the circular type
but it will be obvious that the heater of the invention is adapted for’ use in connection with
50 various types and sizes of boilers. The invention
is not concerned with any particular type or
?ring means; that is, the boiler may employ coal
of discs 01‘ rings encircling the body “I and are
preferably vdisposed so that the plane of their
surfaces are transverse to the run of the body.
The ?ns are relatively thin and being disposed 40
as they are they function to facilitate the trans
fer Of heat to the water within the heater. The
?ns are preferably unconnected so that any tend
ency thereof to‘ deflect 01‘ Warp When heated is
obviated and this is desired to avoid cracking of 45
the heater
The heater I4 is Placed Within the boiler at a
point above the ?re Which in the Case‘ of an oil
burner is above the ?ring head so as to be in the
path Of upwardly traveling heat.
The heater is 50
or similar fuel, oil or gas or the like as the heating
connected to the Water chamber or chambers of
the boiler at its or their upper and lower sides so
the heater is in parallel relation in respect
In the drawing, however, a tube 4 shown as
The connecting may be
accomplished in 55
more of the heaters and this may be acconi-
various ways. When the size of the boiler per
mits, the openings 20 and 22 in the'heater may be
plished by locating onev adjacent‘ or above the
connected-by pipes-to tapped openings of them
other and connecting the outlet of one with the
ner wall of the boiler. Otherwise, as shown in inlet'of the ‘other so that‘ they v"aregrOuped, so to‘v
Fig. 1, piping 26 extends from one opening such ' speak, with the group connected to ‘the water 5
as 22 of the heater and through an opening in ‘ compartment. In some cases'there may be as
the boiler which is covered by a door 28. The many’as four or more heaters connected in parse
piping extends to a ?tting 28_’ associated with
lelismor in series. to form, agroup which‘is' con
nected to the water space of the boiler.
the return pipe I0 whereby‘the ‘heater is con
Various changes‘ and modifications may be" [10
nected to a low point of the waterlchambe‘r.‘ The
made in the form,,of ‘the’ apparatus without de
piping 30 extending through‘ the opening covered" ' ‘parting from themspir'itiand scope’ of the invene
other opening 20 in the heater is connected by
‘ by another door‘ such as 32. ‘The piping 30 ex
"tiQII, and what I- claimris;
tends'to 'a tapped opening in aside of'the- boiler.
Thus the unit~|4 in a, boiler is‘connected in
parallelism withrthe water ‘chamber of the boileix, ‘
Wherethe piping extends through a door open
ing, the door is notched t'olreceive the pipe? ' ‘
_v l._ A heating device for inserting in and con- '
necting ‘to a‘boiler comprising in combination-a 15
horizontally-extending hollow continuous body
vniejn'iber‘i'n ‘the form of a ?gure eight providing a
continuous endless water-passageway
v ‘closed
With the heater connected in some, suitable
20 manner as heating medium passes upwardly
which circumscribes an open-“space, the portions
‘of ‘said space which are at opposite sides of the 20'
through the boiler it passes around and through
the heater l4 sothat heat is transferred to and
absorbed by the water therein. Thus the heater
central portion thereof being of relatively greater
area than "said central portion, and a plurality oi
?n members extending outwardly from the body
functions as a heat transfer‘device to ‘facilitate
" at spaced intervals and having the plane of their.
the more rapidvcheating of the water whichiof
principal surfaces disposed in opposition to the 25
coursencirculates. through the heater from the
water compartment back to the watercompart
horizontal run of said passageway. 1 '
ment again;
As a special feature of the invention the heater
30. is so constructed that the heat is de?ectedmore
2. A heatingdevice for insertingin and 0011-‘
necting' to-a boiler, comprising in‘combination, a’
horizontally-extending vhollow~ continuous body a
member in‘ the. form r of, a ?gure: eight providing
or lessoutwardly ‘thereby toward'the inner’ walls , a closed continuous "endless ‘water-passageway
of the boiler.’ This is much desired ‘solth‘at‘ the which circumscribes an "open space,- the portions
'of said space which‘ arel'at oppositesid'es of the
_ heat
~ Therebythe
as it is called,
the inner
not only
wall causes
of the said;
the f
central portion ‘thereof being of relatively‘ greater
* boiler‘to operatemore'ef?ciently but‘itself brings
area. than said central-portion, and a plurality
- The‘ aheater;
heat exchange
connected action‘.
as explained’ functions,
ofy?n members extending outwardly from the
body at spaced;intervalsandé having the ‘plane
a 401
'soinewhatafterthe manner of anadditionalisec
1 of t‘heir'lprincipal surfaces disposed in opposition
tion or sections often placed on the boiler. Ex
perience has shown however that the device in
\‘saidl?ns ‘being separate ‘and disconnected from
creases the e?iciency of the boiler vmore than
' In some’ cases'it' may bedesired t'oituse two-tor’
to the horizontallrun of said passageway,7each- of» ‘
each of
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