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W3 9, 393%.» ‘
Filed 001;. 21, 1955
Patented Aug. 9, 1938
Louis Gar?eld, New York, N. Y.
Application October 21, 1936, Serial No. 106,733
1 Claim.
(Cl. 128—252) _
This invention relates to nipples, and more
particularly has for its object to provide a novel
means of ‘permitting air to enter the interior
of the nipple while the nippleis being used.v and
5 the second object is to provide a secure hold of
the nipple on the bottle, and the third object
is to provide a tab which permits a quick and
convenient means of removing the, nipple from
the bottle.
The invention consists of improved means for
providing a supply of air into the interior of the
nipple while it is being used, and also consists
in providing an improved means for holding the
nipple securely to the bottle, and finally provides
15 means in the form of a tab which extends along
Along the‘length of one side 20 of the nipple
a tab ‘2! is provided which has its exterior sur
face 22 in alignment with the surface 20, but
the inner surface 23 is curved so as to have
substantially the contour of the bottle. This 10
curvature permits the innermost part of the tab
to abut the bottle, and at the same time the
sides of the tab, looked at in the bottom view of
Figure 4:, are inclined, as shown by the surfaces
26, and the combination of these parts of ex 15
tending the tab H in alignment with the nipple
gripped so as to conveniently and quickly remove
to the exterior surface of the nipple, curving it
at the inner surface, and inclining the sides 26,
enables a tab to be produced which may be read
ily gripped by the hand so as to pull the nipple
off the bottle. Without a tab it is di?icult to
grip the lowermost part of the nipple since it
is under tension, and this tab permits the nipple
to be readily gripped and removed from the
Figure 1 is a perspective view partially in sec
tion showing my improved nipple applied to the
end of a bottle,
Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional longitudinal
30 view of my improved nipple taken on line 2—2
of Figure 1,
Figure 3 is a longitudinal section taken on line
3-3 of Figure 2,
, Figure 4 is a bottom view of Figure 2,
Figure 5 is a cross section taken on line 5—-5
of Figure 2, and
Figure 6 is a cross section'of a bottle taken on
line 6-6 of Figure 2.
Similar characters of reference indicate corre
the length of the bottle and may be readily
the nipple from the bottle.
Other features of the invention will be herein
20 after described and pointed out, and an embodi~
ment of the invention will be shown in the ac
companying drawing and described in the follow
ing description, and the invention will be ?nally
pointed out in the appended claim.
In the accompanying drawing
sary to expand the rubber of the nipple, and by
the forces acting to contract the nipple to its
initial state the nipple is securely held to the
collar l I when the nipple has been applied to the
sponding parts throughout the various views.
Referring to the drawing, and more particu
larly to Figures 1 and 2, the bottle I0 is provided
A further portion of the invention consists
in providing one wall of the nipple with a channel
30 which terminates near the curved shoulder 3|
of the nipple. The nipple portion is made wider
than the ordinary nipple so as to provide a way
to allow for the channel 30. The channel 30 is
on one side of the recess I4, there being a Wall
32 between the recess I4 and the channel 30. The
uppermost end of this channel 36 is encountered
by a very thin wall of the nipple structure indi~
cated by 33, and when molding these nipples the
extreme end of the molding pin which forms the
channel 30 does not pierce this wall 33 but allows
this wall 33 to be conformed. This wall 33 is
of semi-circular shape as seen inFigure 3 and
extends over the uppermost edge of the channel
30. The nipple is particularly formed to provide
with a collar H which is disposed somewhat
spaced from the uppermost edge l2 of the bottle. this wall 33. After the nipple has been molded
45 In order to obtain a_ secure hold of the nipple and vulcanized and is ready for use, a rod is 45
upon the bottle, these bottles being of a standard inserted in the channel 30 and pushed upwardly
into the channel 35] until the free end of the rod
make, the nipple is provided with a circumfer
ential recess l4 and is provided with a shoulder ‘ abuts against this wall 33. The rod is then fur
portion [5 adapted to engage the lower surface ther moved until the wall 33 is pierced and then
50 of the collar ll. Another shoulder portion 16
the rod is immediately withdrawn. This wall 33
is provided, adapted to engage the uppermost is very thin, and after it has been pierced the
surface of the collar II. By thus providing this parts of the wall, due to their own inherent
resiliency, again abut each other along the rup
recess M with the shoulders l5 and I6 and mak
ing the nipple so that the size of this recess is
55 smaller than the size of the collar II, it is neces
tured portion so that to the naked eye one would
only see a very faint line of a relatively small
length. The ?exibility of this thin wall permits,
however, these ruptured portions to act as a valve
when air is sucked in through the channel 30,
and again when the sucking action immediately
stops, the inherent resiliency of the material
forming the wall 33 causes the ruptured portions
to go back again into their abutting position.
Thus, by sucking in air through the channel 30
the ruptured portions are separated, and by stop
portion of the membrane or wall in line with the
innermost end of the air channel.
Having thus described the embodiment of my
invention and the various features thereof, I do
not wish to be limited to the particular details
thereof as shown and described, since changes
may be made therein without departing from the
spirit of my invention as de?ned in the accom
panying claim.
V10 ping the suction the ruptured portions again go
back into their former position.
It will be particularly noted that the wall 33 is
directly above the shoulder 38 and is, in a sense,
adapted to engage the collar of a bottle, an en
in a protected position in that the ?uid passes
15 out of the interior of the neck of the bottle direct
larged wall at one circumferential portion of the
nipple, said wall having a straight channel in the
What is claimed is:
ly through the nipple towards its opening 39 and
enlarged portion perpendicular to the plane
the shoulder 38, in a sense, prevents this ?uid
passing through the collar, and a membrane at
the innermost end of the channel bridging the
from going against the valve 33, the air supply,
however, being readily permitted in accordance
with the manner described heretofore.
It will be seen from the foregoing that this in
vention embodied in the improved nipple con
sists of three essential parts; ?rst, a means for
securely holding the nipple to the bottle due to
the pressure of the material forming the nipple
against the collar of the bottle on all sides of the
collar; secondly, the provision of a tab adapted
to extend along the longitudinal length of the
bottle and having a curved inner surface to con
30 form to the contour of the bottle, whereby the
nipple may be readily removed; and, ?nally,
means are provided in a thickened wall of the
nipple to provide an air channel which terminates
in a bleed valve or a valve formed from a ruptured
In a nipple, the combination of two interiorly
disposed, collars having a recess therebetween
same and in line with the uppermost interior col
lar, said membrane being integral and adapted to 20
act as a'valve for the inlet of air from the exterior
of the nipple to the interior thereof, and a tab
integral with said nipple disposed diametrically
opposite to the enlarged wall, the outer surface
of the tab being in line with the outer surface of 25
the nipple, the inner surface of the tab being
curved to conform to the curved shape of the
feedingv bottle, said tab having lateral walls sub
stantially radial to the nipple, whereby the tab
being disposed diametrically opposite to the en
larged wall enables a quick removal of the nipple
from the bottle by the enlarged wall acting as a
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