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Patented sepez?, i938
[email protected]'rile'
, t, '
linvention relates»y generally t0 beams
*i i jI f' ,I
»back thereof»vfrom’loneß'endlfto the other’ with at ~ ì `
v and refers more particularly’to sleeve bearings. ‘
vkcircumferentially y,extending " channel v1or "groove ' '
_One’of the essential objects of the invention is
l I Ij'whichl' cooperates with the“ supporti-,3 -’to`;î=form -» "
f `to provide„.a¢bearing. of this type wherein provi
'a passage
to :one
oil. Approximately
'a' vertical 'line-sejvenÍdeg'rees
Hyatt'` right 5`
, 5 sion is made for delivering from the back of the ,:('1°)
bearing to the innery rubbing surface or contact
area thereof enough lubricant such as oil to main
ltaina ñlm on saidlrubbing> surface. „ e
` l'
anglesito .the -line l is'another hole -Ilfthatí is(
approximatelymne-eighth ' of - an inch 1A‘( Vg’!) -in
~ >diameter ' and extends' radially of- the »halfjb'ear
Another- object is lto provide a bearing wherein
l0> provision is »made for delivering oil successively
- »
inner working 1.face I5'ofîthe bearing.
is.adaptedito,successively 'register with the" V,oles
to4 an oil receiving hole or passage in a, rotary >
element within said sleeve bearing.v , r
ï ï
Y `Allocated in the shaft -I is an o'ilpassage'ïßî,vïvhichïfÍ`
’ from various points of the-back of theybearing ^
k5|, ls .anale .during'roteuonxòr theshät
= .
Another object is to provide `a .bearing wherein
ein" f
vI5 thrcughthecranlr
"4, andextendingfrom‘thls
portion! toward‘another
passage.A llivf. . I "ï `
I5 provision is made-for receiving cil from‘asuitable
source such. asa manifold without-breaking up .bearing‘ll for a :connecting rod"I8'fis-ïanother.f
l thefllm andfdelivery aforesaid.
passage I9 for oil. - As "shown, the' passagef’rl!
' Another object is to provide an improved Vbear- î discharges- into; theïhollow' portion-_2440iIv the
` ving that can be manufactured at a comparatively , crank arm»2fa`nd communicates with‘apas'sage >
»amending tothe bearing lf1‘.~ffany’smtab1e means 2o e‘ ' "
Other objects, advantages and novel details of
such as a sub-manifold 22V leading-’frorn-.a main '
manifold (not'shown) for y'oil may‘beïusedto‘con
construction of this invention will be made `more
ap'parentêas this descriptionproceeds, especially
duct oil tothe circumferentially extending chan,-„, ‘ '
when consideredy in connection with the accom-' f vnel `II in the'backr'of the main bearing; v4.` f Like
25 panying drawing, wherein:
Figureëil is a >fragmentary vertical sectional
vvwise,;lf y: desired, two waste'duct's or dra'inpa's-> 25
. sages 23 and 24,*respectively,A each one-sixteenth ~ '
' view through» a portion of an internal combustion of an inch> (15")' in diameter may be drilled in
engine and showing a bearing embodying my ` the case 3 for communication with the channel ,
invention applied to the crank shaft thereof;
A 30
Figure 2 is a sectional view taken-substantially
II below the holes 9 and I0 tol receive foreign
`matter in the oil.
on the line 2--2 of Figure l;
In use, oil from the manifold 22 will en_ter the
Figurey 321s a perspective view of the sleeve ' channel II and willbe supplied through ,the
holes 9 and I0 to the sumps 'I‘ and 8* from which
Referring Vnow to the drawing, I is a rotary. it will spread in a fllm _over the rubbing surface
35 shaft having a crank portion 2, I is avcase or or contact area I5 of the bearing. Additional >3:'5
oil will run through hole I3 to said rubbing sur-~
stationary support for said shaft, and 4 is a bear
ing embodying my invention sleeved upon said face" I5. Likewise, oil will besupplied to passage y'
shaft within said support. As shown, the bear
I6 in the crank shaft-assaid -passage registers
, ¿ing 4> has two semicircular sections or half bear
successively with the holes 9, I3 and-` I0 `in the
40_ ings 4* and 4b which ilt snugly within the sup-_,
. j port 3 and are held against rotary and. creep~
ing movements therein by a suitable locking`
member or key 5. Preferably the ends of these
half bearings meet or abut at diametrically oppo
45 site points slightly offset above and below a hori
zontal center line 5. Both half bearings 4'A and
4b are provided upon opposite sides of this cen- ~
ter line 6 with chamfered portions 1 and 5 respec
tively providing oil sumps 'I‘I and 8*.
The upper v
50 half bearing 4° has two radially extending holes
9 and I0, respectively, approximately one-six
teenth of an inch (11.1") in diameter extending
therethrough approximately eight degrees (8°)
yzabove the center line 6 in communication with
Vthe sumps 1'L and 8‘, and is` provided upon the
main bearing 4.- Foreign matter in theo'il will 40.> I,
drainA out passages ‘23 and 24.
Thus, from the foregoing it- will be -apparent
that the oil delivery from the back of the bear- ' ' _
ing 4 to the rubbing surface or contact varea I5
thereof may beeifected without breaking up the
oil fllm on saidsurface or area,Y and that the
oil supply is sufilcient to cause delivery thereof ï
through >passage IB to the `connecting rod,y I8
whíle'someoil and foreign matter are being dis)
n l
charged through the passages 2.3„and 24.-4 As
illustrated in Figure 2, the high pressure _area i
at 25, hence it will be apparent that the supply:
of oil in my construction is onthe approachl or
opposite side of said area 25 so thatxa betterv and Il . .
2,131,170 *_
more eillcient supply of oil to the working parts riodically‘communicating with 'the opposite ends
ofthe passage throughsaid shaft.
'What I claim as my invention is:
5. A bearing having an inner bearing surface
-'1_. >A bearing having an inner bearing surface ' provided with Acircumferentially spaced sumps,
l for ashaft provided with a passage therein, said passages through said bearing-for connecting said
bearing having a lubricant supply groove in the sumps with a lubricant supply, an aperture
'louter surface thereof extending partially l_circum f through s_aid bearing intermediatesaid sumps for
ferentially >of the bearing and periodically com- communicating with. said f lubricant l"supply, said '
-‘ -mumcau'ng 'with said passage’ 1n the shaft bearing surface being otherwise uninterrupted,
10 _through ~an opening in the bearing surface, and and means for periodically communicating with
lubricant receiving sumps; inf said bearing sur
said- aperture to supply lubricant to the uninter
faces Lat opposite ends of the' groove and Lcom .t rupted portion of .said vbearing surface opposite municating withthe latter.
2. A bearing having ar_1`_inner bearing surfz'tcel>
,i said l>`aperture. i
16 for a shaft provided with a- transversely extending ' '
passage therethrough, said bearing having cir
cumferentially spaced lubricant sumps. in the.
bearing surface communicating with a vlubricant
supply groove in the'outer surface of the bearing
»20 andl having, anv opening «between the «sumps» in`
»communication fwith- the supply grooveand pe
riodically communicating with: the transverse pas
4 6#llifbearingl having an inner bearing surface
fora >shaft provided with a passage therethrough, 1.5
Vsaid¿_bear_ing having circumferentially spaced.
lubrlcant‘sumps in the inner bearing surface and
having lubricant'supply means communicating t
with said'sumps, and a passage through the bear
ing in communication with said‘lubricant supply
meansand‘ periodically communicating with "the
. opposite ends- of the passageßthrough -said- shaft. ,
'7. A bearing having aninner bearing surface
3. vA bearing having an inner bearing- surface for a shaftprovided with apassage-therethrough,l
`*provided _with diametrically ,opposed lubricant t the .outer surface-of said bearing being provided
sumps in the bearing surface communicating with with .circumierentially.extending lubricant sup~`
alubricant supply groove extending :partially cir
ply means, circumferentially spaced lubricant
cumferentially of the bearing in the -»outer -sur
sumps'for the inner bearing surface in constant
face of the latter, the area of the inner bearing communication" with said 's_upplyä'means, and a>
30 " surface Vbetween the sumps being uninterrupted
fpassage’in the bearing communicating withy said> 30
sage through the shaft.
.e Y
. .
with the exception _of an opening-communicating ‘ lubricant supply means v‘and periodically com
f .with the lubricant supply groove, and means pe
municatingK with opposite ends of the passage
w _riodically
supply lubricant
tothe portions
with _the,
Vof 'thegbearing A
through said shaft. ' ‘
8. A bearing having'an inner bearing surfacev i
_surface between -th_e sumps'w and opposite the ‘f for a shaft provided wnth apassage therethrough,
grooved side ofthe bearing;
circumferentially spaced lubricant sumps for the -
4. A bearing having an' innerY bearing surface inner bearing surface.` a passage 4in the bearing
for a- shaft provided with` a passage therethrough, , periodically communicating with oppositeends of
said bearing having circumferentially spaced
lubricant sumps in the inner bearing surfacel and
having a lubricant supply groove .in 'theouter sur- '
`face of the bearing at the top` of thelattercom
the passage through said shaft, and a "common >
lubricant supply means forV said sumps and the
` passage in» the- bearing extending circumferen
tiallyl of said bearing.
‘ i
municating with said sumps, and a passage ~
through the grooved portionof the lbearing pe
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