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Nov. s,’ 1938.
Filed Oct. 20, Y 1937
Patented Nov. 8, 1938
John Mabius, Baltimore, Md.
Application October 20, 1937, Serial No. 169,925
1 Claim.
(01. 168-4)
This invention relates to improvements in
inner edge of the shoe. Between the ?anges 2
horseshoes and is especially adapted for use on
race horses. The object of the invention is to
provide a shoe that is light in construction and
5 gives the horse a better foothold when running,
and 3 are the usual nail holes 4. At the front
of the shoe is a V-shaped toe 5 extending above
the ?ange 2. The shoe is provided with a ?at
surface between the short ?ange 3 and the inner
edge of the shoe. By making the toe V-shaped
and very short, it would permit the horse’s hoof
to remain in a more normal position when stand
as well as to permit the foot to remain in as nor
mal a position as possible when the horse is
The invention consists of the novel construc
tlon and arrangement of the parts and combi
nation of the parts hereinafter more fully set
forth in the following speci?cation and pointed
out in detail in the appended claim.
In the accompanying drawing:
Figure 1 is a plan View of the lower surface of
the shoe.
Figure 2 is a section on the line 2—2 of Fig
ure 1.
the shoe.
Figure 4 is a section on the line 4-4 of Fig,
ure "1.
The ?anges 2 and 3 also permit the horse
to get a better foothold when running as the 10
space between the ?anges 2 and 3 will ?ll with
dirt, and the dirt, coming in contact with the
dirt surface of the track, affords a better holding
surface and prevents slipping.
The shoes, when constructed in accordance 15
with my present invention, can be made very
light and at the same time very strong.
Having thus described my invention, what I
Figure 3 is a plan view of the upper surface of
Referring to the accompanying drawing, form
ing part of this speci?cation and in which like
25 references numerals designate like parts through
out the several views thereof, l designates the
shoe which is made of steel, or any other suit
able metal, and has the usual ?at upper surface
to ?t against the horse’s hoof. The lower sur
30 face of the shoe is provided with a V-shaped
?ange 2 extending around the outer edge thereof
and a short V-shaped ?ange 3 extending around
the lower surface between the ?ange 2 and the
claim is:
A horseshoe having a ?at upper surface, a V- 20v
shaped ?ange extending from the lower surface
around the outer edge thereof, a small V-shaped
?ange projecting from the lower surface be
tween the ?rst-named ?ange and the inner edge
of the shoe and terminating below the upper edge 25
of the ?rst-named ?ange, the portion of the
shoe between the last-named ?ange and the in
ner edge of the shoe being ?at, and an integral
V-shaped toe extending from the lower surface
of the shoe at the front end thereof,‘ said shoe 30
} having holes in the groove between said ?anges.
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