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Patented Nov. 15, 1938
‘ 2,136,717
Dominic L. Waldock, Highland Park, Mich.
‘Application August 12, 1937, Serial‘No. 158,700;
'5 Claims. (01. 244-154) ‘ V
This invention relates to improvements in air
ber .2 is preferably substantially semi-circularlin
plane kitesl It is an object of the invention to elevation, and extending forwardly therefrom is
provide an airplane kite for use as a child’s toy,
which will remain substantially horizontal in the
air, when there is sufficient wind to support it,
even if it is being pulled downward by a string
attached to it.
Another object of the ‘invention is to provide
an airplane kite wherein a special wing structure
is provided which is both cheap and relatively
simple to manufacture, and which retains “the,
kite in a horizontal position in the air.
A‘ further object of the‘invention is to provide
such an, airplane kite wherein the wing structure,
1 the body,‘the horizontal member and the tail
‘ I‘ ‘ pieces may be‘packed separately in a box and the
kite assembled by any child of ordinary in
Having thus brie?y stated some of the major
objects and advantages‘of the invention I will
now proceed to‘ describe an embodiment thereof
with the‘ aid of the‘accompanying drawing,‘ in
Figure 1 illustrates a side View of the invention.
Figure 2 is a front view‘thereof taken on the
line 2—-2 of Figure 1.
Figure 3 is a plan view.
Figure 4 is an enlarged section on the line 4—4
of Figure 1, and
Figure 5 is a section on the line 5—5 of Figure 4.
Referring to the drawing, I designates a body
portion, preferably formed of thin wood arranged
vertically, having a horizontal lower margin, and
a downwardly and rearwardly inclined upper
35 margin. Secured to the lower margin of the
a spindle 1 upon which‘ a propeller 8 is mounted
for rotation.
The wing structure II] is so designed that-it will 5
support my airplane kite in a horizontal position
in the air so long as there is sufficient Wind even
when the kite is being pulled to the ground by a
string 9 suitably ‘attached to the body, I.
wing structure is made as follows‘ II designates 10
an annular frame which rests substantially hori
zontally and is usually‘rnade of wire; formed
therein intermediately of its width are two front
loops I2 and two rear loops I3. From Figure 2
it will be clearly seen that both sides of the frame 15
extend outwardly and upwardly from the center
which rests upon ‘the body I. The two front
loops I2 and the two rear loops I3 are arranged
equidistant from the longitudinal center of the
frame II. U-shaped clips I4 and I5 support the
underside of the body I and their sides extend
upwardly adjacent the sides of the said body.
The ends of the clip I4 each engage one of the
loops I2 and the ends of the clip‘ “are secured
to the loops I3. Thejoints between the ends of 25
the clips and the loops are preferably made with
solder after passing the former through the latter.
The body I is suitably held relative to the clips
as shown in Figure 5 wherein a ring I6 passes
through the body I and encircles both sides of 30
the clip III intermediately of its height.
H designates a vertically disposed annular re
inforcement which extends the full width of the
wing structure substantially across its transverse
center line. The upper portion of the annular
body I, preferably by adhesive, and projecting reinforcement I ‘I lies in Figure 2 in the same
rearwardly therefrom, is a horizontal member 2 plane as the frame II except for a short distance
the rear extremity of which is split vertically at ‘ across the longitudinal center line of the struc
2a to receive the upper extremity of a depending ture where the reinforcement extends above the
40 tail piece 3. 4 denotes a suitable tie, formed of
frame I I. From both the lateral extremities of 40 string or other preferred material, holding the the upper portions of the reinforcement the latter
‘ split portions 2a together to cause them to fric
is downwardly ?exed as shown at I‘Ia in Figure 2.
‘ tionally engage the said tail piece 3. The upper Formed integral with the lower portion I‘Ia are
tail portion 5, which is horizontally disposed, loops I8 to engage opposite extremities of a clip
rests intermediately of its width upon the mem
I9 which passes around the body I between the
ber 2 above the tail piece 3, and is secured in place loops I2 and I3.
by suitable adhesive.
In order to render the joint between the body
I and the member 2 more secure I usually em
ploy a plurality of pieces of ?exible material 6
coated with adhesive. These, when in position,
are substantially U-shaped, their extremities
being attached to opposite sides of the body I,
and their central portions being folded beneath
55 the member 2. The front extremity of the mem
, Extending from the front to the rear of the
frame II and parallel with the body I are a plu
rality of annular bows 20 having their upper sides
?at and soldered or otherwise secured to the front 50
and rear of the frame II at their front and rear
extremities. Intermediately of their length the
upper sides of these bows pass immediately be
heath and are soldered or otherwise secured to
the upper side of the transverse reinforcement 55
H. The lower portions 20a. of the bows are
downwardly ?exed towards their centers where
they are soldered to the lower side Ha of the
reinforcement. 2| indicates spacers which ex
tend downwardly from the upper to the lower
sides of the annular bows in alignment with the
reinforcement H.
The wing structure is completed by a ?exible
covering 23, such as paper, the annular margin of
10 which is adhesively secured to the annular frame
II. This covering bears against the lower side
of the transverse reinforcement l1 and also
against the lower sides of the bows 20.
a '
2. In an“ airplane kite, the combination set
forth in claim 1, wherein spacers extend between
the upper and lower portions of the bows in
alignment with the upper and lower sides of the
reinforcement to strengthen both the bows and
the reinforcement.
3. In an airplane kite, a body adapted to have
a string attached thereto, said body consisting of
a thin vertically disposed element, a member pro
jecting rearwardly from the body, a tail sup 10
ported by said member, a wing structure resting
on said body,.said structure including a substan
tially horizontally disposed annular wire frame
around its periphery, and U-clips extending be
neaththe body and upwardly adjacent both sides 15
thereof, the ends of the clips being secured to
It will be noted from the curvature of the lower’
15 side I‘la of the reinforcement and also of the
lower sides of the bows 20 thata pocket 24 of
outwardly increasing depth is formed on each
side of the wing structure.- The pockets‘ thus
said frame.
4, In an" airplane kite, a body, a member pro
20 insure it remaining horizontal under practically
said member, and a wing structure comprising 20
formed provide support for my airplane kit and , jecting rearwardly therefrom, a tail carried by
all'conditions so long? as ‘there is sufficient breeze
to support it in the air..
While in the foregoing the preferred embodi
ment of the invention has been described and
shown, it is- understood that the construction is
susceptible to such alterations and modi?cations
as fall within the, scope of the appended claims.
What I claim is:
1. In an airplane kite, a body adapted to have
30 a string secured thereto, a member projecting
rearwardly therefrom, a tail carried by said
member, and a wing structure comprising an
annular frame secured substantially horizontally
to. said body and projecting laterally on both
35 sides thereof, a vertically disposed annular rein
forcement supported by both lateral extremities
of said. frame and having its lower side project
ing beneath the latter, annular bows each secured
to the front and rear of- said frame, the upper
portion of each bow lying in, horizontal align
ment with the frame to brace the-latter and the
lower portion of each bow extending downwardly
and inwardly and being connected to the lower
an annular frame, means securing said frame on
said body, a reinforcement secured to said frame,
and a ?exible covering having its periphery se
cured to the frame‘ and bearing against the
underside of the reinforcement, the latter being 25
shaped whereby the upper side of the covering is
held concave in section longitudinally of the body
and the depth of the concavity decreases from
the lateral extremities of the wing structure to
wards the body, said wing structure extending a 30
substantially equal distance on both sides of said
5, In. an airplane kite, a body adapted to have
a string attached thereto,- a member projecting
rearwardly from the body,- a tailv carried by‘said
member, and a wing structure which projects
laterally on both sides of said body and is secured
thereon, said wing structure being concave in
section longitudinally of the kite on‘ its upper
side adjacent both lateral extremities of said 40
structure, the’ depth- of ‘said, concavities diminish
ing towards the longitudinal center line of the
' side 'of said reinforcement, and a covering the
periphery of which is secured to the. annular,
frame and bearing intermediately against the
underside of, said bows and said reinforcement.‘
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