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NOV. 22, 1938.
Filed Nov. 2.5, 1956
0,111/ Q5
6 Q
Patented Nov. 22, [email protected]
>trice »
'enamoro PACKER
G. Weihe, Sanl Francisco, Calif., asf>
signor to Shell Development Company, San
Francisco, äïalii‘., a corporation of Delaware
l Application November 23 , i336, Serial No.. M3245
t claims.
This invention relates to the art oi ‘lubricating t“ Aas shown in Fig. I and. downward pressure
bearings 'and in particular to a device fôr'paclnng applied
with `the palm of the hand to the pad t
roller bearings, ball bearings and the like with a, at the upper
end of `the plunger il. The plunger
semi-solid lubricant.
` As is welllrnown, roller bearings' consist of a
is of such size that it may pass through the hole
the bearing il containing the lubricant it.Y By 5
hollow body in the form of. a'ringhaving equally, in
the downward pressure upon the plunger forcing
spaced rollers held thereon by means of a retain-v «the
plunger into well 3 the lubricant [email protected] is dis
ing ‘ring or cage. Ball bearings 'are often ci sirrjii-A '
placed and, is forced upward through the open
lar. construction, but have balls instead of rollers. îrings between the rollers, cage and body member
101 .In the past, it has' been the practice' to lubricat'e
-of the roller bearing o as will be apparent to w
certain of these bearings by _means of grease or . those skilled in the art. It should be noticed
semi-solid lubricant. ille usual method has been g that the spring il is of _suñicient strength to' ensure
to vattempt to work this grease in betweenv the l
body and the cage, but as will lie-apparent this that _the bearing does not rise from the base upon
the downward movement of the plunger d.
can only be done inefiectively.
in the case oi ,
_automobile iront wheel bearings, this has often
resulted in damage owing to lack of lubricant
Bvmeans of the well,- smaller roller 'bearings M
in which the body protrudes more from the cage
‘can be serviced, as the angle of the wall of the
- under severe weather conditions. _It has also
well 'is such that the cage is contacted instead of
beenI suggested to lubricate these bearingsby »
20 means of various packers, but these have not the body. It will be apparent that if the body
\òf the bearing contactsthe face' t instead of the
proved entirely satisfactory. ‘ ~
> It is a principal object of this invention tofpro
vide a simple device for forcing the lubricant into
the space between the rollers _oía-i: roller bearing,
or similar bearing.'
- The further objects and advantages of myV in
vention will be apparent to those skilled in the
art. from the following detailed description of a
speciiic embodiment of the invention throughout
30 which reference is made to the accompanying
drawing oi which,
~ Fig. I is an elevation partly in section
of a pre
ier?ed form of the device showin g a roller bearing
in position for servicing.-
cage, no lubricant can reach the spaces between
the rollers. The cage thus acts as. a seal pre
venting the lubricant from being forced betweenl
the face 2 of the base and the roller bearing.
The lower face of the head l is shaped to ensure 25
contact with the rim of the central opening in
thebody of a bearing regardless of whether or
not the operator positions the plunger and guide
in an exactly vertical position over the bearing.
By means of the bearing packer described, it is [email protected]
possible to readily force lubricant of stiif con
sistency in between the rollers of the bearing in
an expeditious manner. It is more economical
to use my device than others on the market for
Fig. II is a plan View ,of the base shown in * the reason that different bearings can be serviced 35
Fig. I. Referring to Fig. I,l numeral i represents Í with different lubricants all with the same packer.
in ~general a base having an indented upper sur
While I have shown a preferred embodiment
face 2 having a'centrally located `Vwell 3 the pur- . of my invention, it should be understood that I
pose. of .which will appear later herein. ' The may make variations thereof within the scope of
40 upper part of the packer comprises a plunger t the appended claims.
having a pad t at its upper end for the applica
I claim as my invention:`
tion of pressure. The plunger
is slidably
mounted within a cylindrical guide t having a
head ‘l through the center of which the plunger
45 I is free to pass upon a downward pressure being
applied tothe pad ä. A spring ii is interposed
between the pad 5 and the head l to hold the
plunger normally within the guide or casing t.
l. A device for forcing lubricant between the
body and cage of a bearing assembly having a
central opening comprising: an indented seating
member adapted to engage the cage of said bear- 45'
ing assembly, a plunger of> lessdiameter. than the
central opening of said, bearing, and a tubular
guide for said plunger adapted to cover.the cen
trai opening of said bearing assembly.
‘desired'toapply- lubricant' is ñrst thoroughly Í 2. A device for forcing lubricant into the space 50 '
" ~cleaned andthen the central hole 0f the bearing . between the body and cage of a hollow bearingy
'_ S'which normallydits tightly on a shaft is filled
assembly comprising an indented seating mem
»with the desired lubricant I t and centrally placed ber adapted to engage the cage of said bearing
' on _the surface
2 of the base i. The plunger ele
55 yment is next placed upon the of the bearing- ' assembly, a. plunger adapted to pass through
In operation a roller bearing 9 to which it is
the central opening of said bearing assembly, a 55
$137,650 ¿
guide for said plunger adapted to cover the cen#
tral opening of said bearing, and spring means
normally holding said plunger within said guide.
~ o 4. A' device for forcing lubricant into the space
between the' body and cage of a'hollow bearing
assembly comprising an indented seatingmember
3. -A device for forcing lubricant into the space ’ adapted to engage the cage Íofosaid bearing assem- "
between the body and cage of a hollow bearing bly, a plunger adapted to pass through the central “
assembly comprising an indented seating meni , opening of said' bearing assembly, a guide for said
beradapted to'engage the cage of said bearing
plunger, a convex shaped head _attached to‘said
assembly, a plunger adapted to pass through the guide and adapted'to cover the central opening '
central opening of said -bearing assembly, a tubu ` of said bearing, and Ya spring normally holdingv
lar guide for said plunger, `a head on said/,guide saidplunger vyithin said guide. < _.
adapted to cover the central opening of saidv
bearing and a spring normally holding _said
plunger within said guide.
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