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Nmr. 22, 19"
Filed July 22, 1937
Patented Nov. 22, 1938
Holman Abrams, Greenville, S. 0.
Application July 22, 1937, Serial No. 155,080
3 Claims. (Cl. 62-130)
This invention relates to air breezing apparatus
and comprises a portable unit to be placed in
time and thereby give the discharged air a great
er cooling effect, than if the trays are just fed
rooms or the like and more particularly to a
device which has a cooling effect on the air pass
with cold water.
5 ing therethrough and into the room.
An object of the invention is to provide an
air cooling apparatus in which air is drawn into
a pipe, open at each end, by means of fans placed
at the respective ends of the pipe, the air in its
10 travel coming in contact with cold water or ice
trays, said oppositely traveling air streams col-.
liding or impacting at the center of said pipe
and thereafter passing through louvers in the
side or sides of the pipe into the room or like
15 being cooled.
Another object is to provide what may be
termed a natural cold air breezing system which
will reduce the temperature of a room somewhat,v
but not to an extent to give persons a. cold, which
20 is a common fault with systems now in use.
Other objects and advantages will appear when
considered in connection with the following de
scription and accompanying drawing in which:
Fig. 1 is a side elevation, partly in section.
Fig. 2 is a top plan View.
Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3--3 of Fig. 2.
Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic view of a modi?ca
In the drawing, in which like numerals indi
cate corresponding parts, 5 indicates a tube hav
ing enlarged ends 1, each of the enlarged ends
having mounted therein a fan 8, the fans being
mounted on standards which standards also
support the tube in any desired manner. The
tube 6 has an opening 9 in its side, covered by
louvers l0, said opening extending preferably the
entire length of the tube. It will of course be
understood that an opening such as 9 could be
provided on each side of the tube if desired, and
40 that the louvers could be made up in sections for
more easy installation.
In the top of the tube are mounted a series of
cold or iced water trays or pans ll (two being
shown) but of course as many as desired may
be used. The said trays are interconnected by
a pipe l2 extending therebetween. The trays
are fed with water from a cold water drip-pipe
l3 which tends to keep the water at a constant
level in the trays, and the water entering the
trays from the drip-pipe may be cut off, as by a
valve at desired or necessary times, that is, if
the evaporation of the water from the trays is
not fast enough to prevent its overflow.
It will be noted, that if desirable, the trays
H, instead of being fed with cold water, may be
?lled with cracked or crushed ice from time to
In the modi?ed form shown in Fig. 4, air is
forced by the fan through a zigzag air tube pas
sage and thence into the room, said tube being
covered or packed with ice, thus chilling the air
discharged into the room.
In operation, the trays I I are ?rst partly ?lled
with cold or iced water from the pipe l3. Then
the fans are started, drawing air from the out
side and forcing oppositely traveling air streams
into the tube and over and in contact with the
cooled surfaces of the trays II. The oppositely
traveling air streams impact or collide at about
the center of the tube whereupon the air is given
a swirling or surging action and thereafter dis
tributed or forced through the opening 9 and
through the louvers I0 into the room in which
the device is placed. It will be understood that 20
the air discharging from the louvers l0 into the
room will be somewhat chilled or cooled, at least
somewhat lower than the room temperature, by
its contact with the surfaces of the trays II and
thereby have a pleasing and cooling effect on the 25
atmosphere of the room, not too cold, which is an
objection to some cooling systems now being used.
The device is adapted to» be placed at any con
venient place in a room, is cheap and simple to
manufacture and easily installed and dismantled 30
and adapted to be used as desired. It will of
course be understood that the device is pri
marily intended as a portable cooler for the cool
ing of single rooms, but is not limited thereto
within the scope of the following claims.
I claim:
1. An air breezing apparatus comprising an
open ended tube, interconnected water trays
mounted within said tube, a drip-pipe leading to
one of said water trays and a fan mounted adja
cent end each of said tube for forcing oppositely
traveling air streams to the interior of the tube.
2. An air conditioning apparatus comprising
a tube, ice trays mounted within the tube, and
means at the opposite ends of the tube for forcing 45
oppositely traveling air streams into the tube,
said tube having an air discharge’ opening along
its side.
3. An air conditioning apparatus comprising‘ a
horizontal tube having a discharge opening, ice 50
trays mounted in the top of the tube and de
pending downwardly therein and means at the
end of the tube for forcing oppositely traveling
air streams into the tube in contact with the
surface of the ice trays.
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