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Nov. 29, 1938'.
' Filed April 10, '19s?
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
‘a %
Nov. 29, 1938.
Filed April 10, 1937
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
11r /1
1/r Q
vO H N
Patented Nov. 29, 1938
John C. Hershey, York, Pa., assignor to J. S.
Hershey Baking Company, York, Pa., a cor
poration of Pennsylvania
Application April 10, 1937, Serial No. 136,063
2 Claims.
This invention relates to improvements in re
ceptacles of the class suitable for the ‘packaging
and display of articles of ‘different kinds, and
more especially bakery products such as cakes
5 and the like.
An object of the invention is to provide an
(01. 206-44)
and other material of the cakes, etc., from fall
ing onto or otherwise coming in contact with
the bottom of the tray II.
At both ends, the supplemental tray I6 is
formed with upstanding portions I1, and simi- ‘
larly formed upstanding portions I8 project up
improved package for cakes etc., consisting of a wardly from the longitudinal side edges of the
transparent covered tray, the tray having suf supplemental tray I6, as shown best in Fig. 6.
?cient strength and stiffness to support the The side upstanding portions I8 are‘ prefer
ll) goods, and having a transparent ,cover which ably located midway between the ends of the
1y visible for display purposes, the transparent
cover being supported from the tray by sup
porting means in the form of a supplemental
have a length approximately equal to the width W
tray formed from cardboard, the construction of
of the tray II, so as to provide suitable end sup
ports for the cover of the device.
the package being such that the same may be
easily and quickly?lled and closed.
Another object of the ‘invention is to provide
an improved bakery goods package, which is
simple in construction, inexpensive to manufac
ture, and thoroughly reliable and ei?cient in use.
With the foregoing and other objects and ad
vantages in view, the invention consists in the
preferred construction and arrangement of the
IO 5 several parts which will be hereinafter fully de
scribed and claimed.
In the accompanying drawings:--
Figure l is a top plan of a package constructed
according to the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a bottom plan of the package shown
in Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged end View;
Fig. 4 is a vertical transverse section taken
3.0 5
The cover 20 is composed of thin ?exible’ or
fo‘ldable transparent sheet material of any suit
able kind, such for example as transparent pa~
per or ordinary ?bre paper treated in any suit
able or well known manner to render it trans
parent, or “Cellophane” or any of the other
well known thin transparent ?exible sheet cel
lulose products obtained from viscose.
Material for the cover should have su?icient 25
Width to extend from a suitable point under the
bottom of the pan or tray II, upwardly over one
of the longitudinal sides of the device, across the
top, then downwardly of the opposite longitu
dinal side, and from thence to a suitable point 30
under the bottom of the pan or tray I I.
When the cover 20 is thus Wrapped around the
device, its free longitudinal edges on the under
on the line 4—5 of Fig. 1;
neath of the pan or tray II are secured together
Fig. 5 is a vertical longitudinal section taken
on the line 5—5 of Fig. 1; and
Fig. 6 is a perspective of the cardboard sup
bymeans of a plurality of strips of adjestive tape 35
23, as shown best in Fig. 2. These strips of tape
plemental tray.
comprises a metal pan or tray I I, preferably rec
tangular in form, and having upstanding side
walls I2 and upstanding end walls I3. ‘The pan
or tray I I is formed from suitable sheet metal,
and the upper portions of the side and end walls
of said tray are reinforced by a suitable stiff
wire I4 around which the sheet metal is bent so
as to provide a bead I5.
23 may also be applied to the exposed surface
of the underside of the tray I I, so as to more
The main supporting element of the package
The pan or tray II is
of usual construction, well known in the art, and
its purpose is to support the other parts of the
tray I6, and such portions of the device may
have any length desired. On the other hand, as
shown in Figs. 3 and 4, the upstanding ends IT
encloses the contents and renders the same clear
superposed on the bottom of the pan or tray
I I, is a supplemental tray I6 formed from a sheet
of inexpensive cardboard. The supplemental
tray I6 is adapted to lie in the tray II and cover
the entire bottom thereof, so as to prevent icings
rigidly and securely fasten the adjacent longi
tudinal edges of the cover to the tray.
The sheet of material from which the cover
20 is made is longer than the length of the tray
II, so that the ends of the cover can be folded
downwardly over the upstanding ends I8 of the
supplemental tray I5, as shown at 25, Figs. 3 and 45
5. The portions of the cover which project out
wardly from the ends of the longitudinal sides of
the package are also adapted to be folded in
wardly towards the ends I8, as indicated at 26,
Fig. 3.
The ends of cover 20 are then adapted to be
securely fastened by means of a plurality of
strips of adhesive tape 21. These strips of tape
may extend from the top of the package and
around the ends thereof, and terminate under 55
the bottom of the pan or tray II, as shown in
Figs. 1, 2, 3 and 5.
If so desired the adhesive tape heretofore de
scribed may be formed from strips of material
similar to the material used for the cover 20, to
which material a suitable adhesive is applied.
The package is adapted to be formed by ?rst
placing a cardboard supplemental tray [6 in po
sition in a metal pan or tray H, the portions I‘!
10 and I8 of the supplemental tray It being ?rst
bent upwardly, as shown in Fig. 6. The cakes
or other bakery products, indicated by the bro
ken lines at 30, are now placed on the supple
mental tray I6, after which the cover 20 is
15 wrapped around the device and secured thereto
in the manner heretofore described. By utilizing
inexpensive cardboard for the supplemental
tray [6 and thin sheets of transparent wrap
ping material for the cover 20, the cost of the
20 package is very small, being at the present time
two or three cents for a package two feet long,
about one foot in width and four inches in
heighth. The portions I1 and I8 of the supple
mental tray I6 should extend upwardly a dis
25 tance sufficiently high to maintain the portion
of the cover 20 which constitutes the top of the
package in spaced relation, say approximately
one-half inch, above the top of the cakes, etc.,
30 within the package.
By providing only two opposed upstanding side
members l8 of the supplemental tray 16, suffi
cient supporting means will be provided inter
mediate the ends of the package for retaining
35 the cover 20 in position above the contents of
the package, and due to the transparency of the
cover material, obviously the contents of the
package Will be displayed to a considerable ex~
Having thus described my invention, what I
claim is:—
1. A container for bakery products and the
like, comprising a pan having a relatively short
upstanding wall of uniform height, a cardboard
tray mounted on the bottom of said pan so as
to cover the same and having upstanding end
portions and upstanding side portions integral
therewith, said upstanding end and side portions
projecting upwardly above said wall, said up— 10
standing side portions of the cardboard being of
less length than the length of the side wall of
said pan, a Wrapper of sheet material having its
ends folded downwardly to enclose the upstand
ing ends of said cardboard tray and its longitu 15
dinal edges folded under the bottom of said pan,
said wrapper being supported in spaced relation
above said pan by said upstanding portions of
said tray and strips of adhesive tape for secur
ing the free edges of said wrapper to said pan 20
and to the ends of said tray.
2. A container for bakery products and the
like, comprising a sheet metal pan having a rel
atively short upstanding wall, a cardboard sheet
superposed upon the bottom of said pan and 25
having an area approximately the same as the
area of the bottom of the pan so as to cover the
bottom of said pan, end portions integrally
formed with said cardboard sheet and project
ing upwardly above said wall of the pan, rela 30
tively narrow diametrically disposed side por
tions integrally formed With said cardboard sheet
and projecting upwardly above said pan to a
height approximately the same as the height of
said end portions, and a cover of sheet material 35
wrapping said pan and said cardboard sheet and
supported‘ in spaced relation above said pan by
said upstanding portions of said cardboard sheet.
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