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Nov. 29, 1938- r
Filed Feb.’ 8, 1937
NORBERT nwonosu
Patented Nov. 29, 1938
Arnold N. Taylor and Norbert P. Worden, De
_ troit, Mich., assignors
to C. M.‘ Hall Lamp
Company, Detroit, Mich”
corporation of
Application February 8, 1937,‘ Serial No. 124,765
3 Claims (01. 240-415)
This invention relates generally to lamps for
prises a pair of cooperating rings In and II, re
motor vehicles and refers more particularly to spectively, adjusting screws l2, l3 and I4, sup
porting lugs I 5 for said screws, one for each
that type designed for use as head lamps.
In the past it has been customary to form such I screw, and coil springs l6 sleeved upon the screws,
one on each screw between the lugs l5 and the
5 lamps with an outer casing of the desired con
?guration and to mount within the casing as a ring I I. As shown, theringsv l0 and H embrace
sub-assembly the essential elements of the lamp the head 6 of the unit B and are connected to
gether at spaced points thereof by suitable screws
such as the re?ector, bulb socket and the electri
I'l. Preferably the inner ring ll constitutes the
cal terminals or connections. The front of the
10 lamp was either a plain glass panel or a lens supporting member for the unit B and is. adjust 10
which was usually secured separately to the lamp
casing. However, the development of lamps has
ably mounted within the offset annular ?ange i
of the casing. The adjusting screws l2, l3 and
M are located between the spaced screws l1 and
cooperate with the springs IE to adjust the unit 13
15 element and to mount within the lamp casing as . relative to the casing. Preferably the heads I8 15
a hermetically-sealed lighting unit a re?ector, of the adjusting screws are between the rings l0
and H and are provided with conventional slots
?lament, lens and electrical terminals or connec
I9 that are accessible through openings 20 in the
tions. Thus, it has been necessary to redesign
outer ring Ill. The shanks 2| of the screws
the mountings for such elements.
' '
In view of the foregoing, it is an object of the threadedly engage nuts 22 carried by the lugs l5 20
progressed to such a point that it is now desirable
to use a ?lament instead of a bulb as the lighting
present invention to provide the hermeticallysealedwunits with mountings that permit the units
to be adjusted so that the beams of l?ht projected
construction of this invention will be inade more
apparent as this description proceeds, especially
be tilted to the right.
when considered in connection with the accom
" What‘we claim as our invention is:
therefrom may be properly directed. ' ,
Other objects, advantages and novel details of
1. A lamp having a casing provided with an
Figure 1 is a fragmentary vertical sectional ‘opening, a light unit for projecting light rays
view through a lamp structure embodying our through said opening, and an'adjustable connec
tion between said unit and the side walls of, said
casing, including lugs ?xed to said side walls, co
Figure 2 is a front elevation thereof.
Referring now to the drawing, A is the lamp operating clamping rings gripping said unit, nuts
casing, B is the hermetically-sealed unit, and C ?xed to said lugs, and screws threadedly engag
is the mounting embodying our invention for said ing said nuts and having their heads between and
accessible through one of said clamping rings.
2. A lamp having a casing provided with an
In the present instance, the casing A may have
any desired contour and may be mounted-in any opening, a light unit for projecting light rays
suitable-manner upon the motor vehicle._ Pref ' through said opening, and a connection between
erably the casing A is open at its forwardend said unit and ‘easing including a lug ?xed to said
and is provided with a door D. As shown, this casing, cooperating members gripping-said unit, a
a nutyflxed to said lug, and a screw threadedly
door D is sleeved upon an inwardly o?fset annu
lar ?ange l of the casing A and is provided with engaging said nut and having its head between
and accessible through one of said gripping
an opening 2 that receives the unit‘ B.
The. hermetically-sealed lighting unit B may members.
3. A lamp having a casing, a light unit within
be made in any suitable manner and JPI‘BféI‘?blY‘
has a shell 3 of heat-resisting glass, known in the said casing, and a mounting for said unit includ
trade as Pyrex, provided with front'andrear walls ing a part ?xed to said casing, cooperating mem-‘
[and 5, respectively, and an annular head 6 at bers clamping said‘ unit, said members having 50
aligned holes therein, and a connection between
the juncture of said walls. The front wall 4 com
prises the lens, while the front face of the rear said unit and casing including means adjustable
wall 5 has a coating of suitable material forming in said part and engaging the hole in one of
a re?ector 1. A suitable filament 8 is carried by said members, said means being accessible for ad
justment purposes through the hole in the other 55
the rear wall 5 at the center thereof and is pro
of said members.
vided with suitable electrical terminals 8 for con
nection with electrical conductors (not shown).
The mounting C for the unit B preferably com
panying drawing. wherein:
and the latter are rigidly secured to the casing A.
Thus, by adjusting the screw l2, the beam of light
projected from the unit B may be raised and low
ered in a‘ vertical plane; by adjusting the screw
l3, the beam 'of light may be tilted to the left; and
by adjusting the screw H, the beam of light may 25
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