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Dec. 6, 1938.
r ‘
Patented Dec. 6, 1938
Anthony Weigant, Portland, Oreg.
Application September 7, 1937, Serial No. 162,824
2 Claims. (Cl. 254-135)
My invention relates to blocks commonly used
in the tackle of logging lines, ships’ lines and in 8 upon the outer head engaging end of the ball
any and all places where relatively heavy loads t so that the anti-friction bearings, as roller
are to be handled‘and swung and suspended from bearings, roll within the ball and upon the roller
overhead lines or from crane booms and the like.
My invention is comprised primarily of a body
element having a plurality of ball and socket
swiveling heads swiveling about their longitudinal
central axes and for moving the ball and socket
it joint within the body element.
The primary purpose and object of my inven
tion is to provide a plurality of supports, all rotat
ably disposed within a common body element
to provide a common support for a plurality of
handling lines that are to be secured thereto.
A still further object of my invention consists‘
in providing an overhead support that may be
suspended from a line boom or other support and
to which is attached a plurality of lines, each
20 head may have an independent line attached and
secured thereto. Each swiveling head has an
eye formed in the outer end to facilitate the at
taching of a fastening line thereto.
With these and incidental objects in View, the
invention consists in certain novel features of
construction and combination of parts, the es
sential elements of which are set forth in the
appended claims, and a preferred form of em
bodiment of which is hereinafter shown with
30 reference to the drawing which accompanies and
forms a part of this speci?cation.
In the drawing:
race of the ball and the underside of the head.
A neck iii of the eye support runs through the
ball and connects the eye “3A with the head.
A rim is disposed between the side walls, as illus
trated at H and I2.
In the manufacture of the device the rim is
preferably formed integral with one of the side
Walls and after the assembly is completed the
other one of the side walls is then secured there
to by suitable fastening means as through the
use of bolts or the same may be welded thereto.
I recess the rim, as illustrated at I4 to permit 15
a swinging action of the assembly within the
socket. A collar I3 is disposed between the
eye and the head. The side walls of the body
element are preferably made triangular in form
with each of the corners being rounded, as illus 20
trated at 15 and I6. This provides a supporting
tackle member having a plurality of line sup
ports which may be secured thereto.
The swiveling heads may be of uniform size or
where one of them is to be used as the primary 25
support and the other supports may be made
smaller as it is apparent that the total load
would be supported by one of the swiveling heads
and each of the others would individually support
a lesser amount of load when all of the heads 30
are supporting loaded lines.
While the form of mechanism herein shown
Fig. l is a plan view of a three-way swivel.
Fig. 2 is a side View of the
device illustrated in
35 Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary, partially sectional,
plan view of the three-way swivel.
Like reference characters refer to like parts
throughout the several views.
forms, all coming within the scope of the claims
which follow.
I form my device of a body element I. The
body element l is recessed upon its inner side
and is primarily comprised of spaced front and
back walls secured together on their peripheral
edges by being secured to a rim. swiveling heads,
here shown as three in number are illustrated at
2, 3, and it. A socket 5 is provided for each of
the swiveling heads and a section of a spherical
ball ii is provided for coacting with and being
moved within the socket 5. A head ‘i is disposed
upon the inner end of the eye support and the
head I may rest directly upon the ball 6 or I
may provide anti-friction bearings between the
head I and the ball 6.
In order to provide a
suitable raceway for the anti-friction bearings,
here shown as roller bearings, I provide a rim
and described is admirably adapted to ful?ll the
objects primarily stated, it is to be understood
that it is not intended to con?ne the invention
to the embodiment herein shown and described,
as it is susceptible of embodiment in various
What I claim is:
1. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a body element that is comprised of
spaced side walls that are secured together at
their peripheral edges by a rim, socket joints dis
posed within the rim at spaced intervals, a sec 45
tion of a spherical ball ?tted to each of the
sockets, an anti-friction bearing race disposed
at one side of the ball section, anti-friction bear
ings positioned within the bearing race, an eye
fastening passing through the section or" the ball,
and headed over to complete the anti-friction
bearing race for the anti-friction bearings and
a spaced slit disposed in the rim of the assembly
through which the neck of the eye member may
be made to oscillate.
2. In a device of the class described, the com
bination of a body element that is comprised of
a, rim and spaced side walls that are secured to‘
the rim, a plurality of socket bearings disposed
5 in the body element and a ball bearing disposed
in each of the socket bearings, an eye swiveling
head coacting with each of the ball and socket
assemblies associated with the body element and
a. slit in the rim of the body element through
which the swiveling head is permitted to oscillate.
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