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Feb. 7, 1939.‘
‘ 2,146,363
Filed April '50, 1938
//w /A%/
In venior
,ZZZZ. girder-W006?
‘ A iiorneys
v Patented Feb. 7, 1939'
mam soaaraa
Leeman Roy Underwood, Ada, 0kla., assignor of
one-half to George L. Thompson and Claude
V. Thompson, Ada, Okla.
Application April ‘so; 1938, Serial' No. 205334
2 Claims. '(Cl._166—18)
This invention appertains to new and. useful
portion l8 forming the shank of 'the'splrally
improvements in implements whereby theipar- ' formed scraper blade IS. The lower portion‘of
a?in in wells can be‘removed in a practical and the sleeve i2 is counterbored to form the shoulder
‘e?icient manner.
‘ '
20 against which the bearing 2| bears and is in
The principal object of the present invention terposed between this bearing 2| and the head
is to provide a tool of the rotary scraper type1v portion 22 at the lower end of the shaft 9 is in
which will be operated to scrape para?in from a . terposed the ball bearing 23 and additional ball
well tubing by the ?ow of oil through the tubing. bearings 24 are interposed between the bottom
Still another object of the inventionv is to pro '7 of the head 22 and the upper end of the shank l8.
10 vide a scraper which will be positive acting and
A slightly modi?ed form of scraper is shown in
not susceptible to the ready development of de
Figure 4 generally referred to by numeral 255.
This scraper consists of an elongated tapering
These and other important objects and ad
blade structure having the threaded shank
vantages of the invention will become apparent and the rectangular-shaped cut out 26 along both
15 to the reader of the following speci?cation.
longitudinal edge portions, de?ning serrated
In the drawing:—' s
edges‘ which will olfer‘ less resistance in cutting
Figure 1 represents a side elevational view.
through the paraffin. It can be seen, that as the
Figure 2 is an enlarged detailed sectional view well ?ows upwardly through the well its ‘e?’ect
taken substantially on the line 2—2 of Figure 1. on the spiral ?ange l3 will be to rotate the sleeve
20 Figure 3 is a fragmentary detailed sectional l2 independently of the shaft 9, but carry with
" .
view taken substantially on the line 3-3 of . it theblade l9 which blade will scrape the par
Figure 1.
a?ln from the inside of the tube and allow the
- Figure 4 is a side elevational view of a modi
same to flow out of the well with the ?owing oil.
?ed form of scraper.
Referring to the drawing wherein‘ like numerals
designate like parts, it can be seen that ‘numeral
5 represents a connector unit having the .re
While the foregoing speci?cation sets forth the
invention in speci?c terms, it is to be understood 25
that numerous changes in the shape,'size and
materials may be resorted to without departing
frcm the spirit and scope of the invention as
duced threaded end 'B'and the internally thread
ed bore 1 at its opposite end for receiving the claimed hereinafter.
so threaded end portion 8 of the shaft 9. A jam nut
Having described the invention, what is claimed 30
III is provided on the threaded portion 8 for en .as new is:-.
gagement with the body 5 and a cross pin l‘l pre
1. A para?in scraper comprising a suspended
vents self turning of the shaft 5 independently shaft‘,.a sleeve rotatably mounted on the shaft
of the body 6.
A still line of small diameter is preferably used
r and having a spiral ?ange extending longitudinal
and, connected‘with the body 5 'for suspending
ly thereon; and a blade at the lower end of the 35
sleeve, and bearing vmeans between the upper
the tool in a well.
and lower ends of the sleeve and the said shaft,- ,
Numeral I 2 represents an elongated sleeve pro
vided with a spirally disposed ?ange H at its
outer side extending longitudinally thereof. The
upper end of this sleeve is internally threaded to
receive the knurled plug i4 through which the
shaft 9 extends, the sleeve l2 being‘ counterbored l
said blade _being of “downwardly reducing size
and having serrated longitudinal edge portions.
2. A para?ln 'scraper'comprising a suspended
shaft, a sleeve 'rotatably mounted on the shaft
and having an outstanding ?anged structure ex
tending longitudinally thereon, said sleeve'being
as at IE to form a shoulder against which the
‘5 bearing ring Hi can bear and between this bear
provided with internal threads at its lower por
tion, a scraper blade having a threaded shank
lug ring I6 and the plug I4 is interposed the
disposed into the threaded lower portion of the
sleeve, and bearing means between the sleeveand
packing H.
The lower end of the sleeve 12 is internally
threaded to receive the reduced and threaded end
the shaft.
I ‘
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