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' Oct. 8, 1946.
2,408,720 '
'ATTAcguENT vFon AUDIO mscßlvmzs
Filed lay 28 ,1945
Patented Oct. ì8, 191:46
i' ._
` '
renuncia-A: Alger, Belleville, NJ. '
v.Application May 28, 1945, Serial N0. 596,349v
l claim. (cl. 17e-'156)
This invention relates to improvements in
mentary fastener elements I3, I4 by means 0f
audio receiver attachments and more particu-
which the device may be clamped upon the re
larly is directed to provide an attachment adapted
ceiving instrument R. The clamp I0 is provided
for the supporting of a telephone or Similar reWith medial Studs i5 and I6 Projecting outwardly
ceiving instrument in a manner which will ob- 5 therefrom to rotatably and removably reCeiVe the
viate the necessity of the user manually supporting the receiving instrument.
` curled ends I6’ of the headpiece I8. The latter
may comprise a wire rod bent upon itself as at
A further object of the'invention is to provide
IIS, the terminal ends Il, I1’ of the rod being
an attachment of the character described which
curled as at I6’ so that as indicated in Fig. 1,
will enable the receiving device to be se positioned 1o Said headpîece I8 may be rotatably positioned on
on the ear of the user as not to impede move- '
the Clamp mr The headpîeee I3 iS Preferably
ment of the hands or other parts of the body.
covered for a substantial portion of its length
A further object‘of the invention is to provide
With Padding 20, Said padded SeCtîOrl preferably
a device of the character described by means of
terminating at a distance from the ends I1, Il’
which the receiving instrument may be suspended 15 of the headpiece I8. ThllS'tl'le Said erldS may
by a support resting on the head of the user, for
Straddle the receiver R to permit the headpiece
long periods, without fatigue. i
I8 to be tilted to assume the position indicated
A further object of the invention is to provide
in Fig. 3 remote from the out-turned ends II,
a telephone attachment which may be interlocked
I2 0f the Clamp S0 that the headpíeee I3 Will
with the receiving instrument so as to preclude 20 not interfere with the positioning of the receiver
accidental displacement therefrom and which, at
R on the horizontal or vertical telephone stands
the same time, permits of the adjustment of the
device relative to the receiving instrument so
that said instrument may be manually held in
or base units of either the “French”V or other
types, or to the position in Fig. l, which permits
of the suspension of receiver R in the normal
the conventional manner when so desired, for 25 position thereof in use.
example, for short conversations, and the supThe Clamp- I9 iS provided With a plurality 0f
porting device may be selectively brought into
protuberances 2l which may be formed integral
operative position in the facile manner, at the
therewith and which are preferably inwardly
option of the user, at any time.
directed, that is, inwardly of the clamp I0 as
A further object of the invention is to provide 30 indicated in Fig. 1, said pl’otuberances being
a device of the character described in which the
adapted to register with and be received in the
>supporting device may be fixed relative to the
peripheral recess'which is customarily provided
receiver so as not to interfere with the positioning of said receiver on conventional stands or
adjacent the diaphragm end of the receiver R, to
lthus lock the clamp I0 to the receiver R.
The position shown in Fig. 3 is also the “in
These and other advantageous objects, which `
will later appear, are accomplished by the simple
and practical construction and combination of
operative” position which permits of the normal
manual holding of receiver R when so desired.
Cam plate 22 is fixed to the clamp I0, prefer
parts hereinafter described and more particularly
ably in alignment with one of the studs I5, I6,
Shown in' the drawing, illustrating embodiments 40 asindicated in Fig. 1, said cam plate 22 being
ofmy invention, and in which:
provided with a cam surface or boss 23 over which
Fig. 1 is an elevational view of the device of
my invention shown attached 'to a receiving in-
the end I1’ ofthe headpiece I8 may cam to nor
mally hold said headpiece at either side of the
strument, the latter being indicated in dotted
boss 23 on the ,plate 22 until manually displaced
45 therefrom.
Fig. 2 is a top plan View of the clamp portion
of the attaching device 0f my invention,> taken
The clamp I0 may be padded as is the head
piece I8, and other variations similarly made from
, on line 2-2 of Fig. l in the direction of the ar-
the structure disclosed in the drawing, in the
rows, and
scope of the appended lclaim, shall be deemed to
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary side elevational view of 50 be within the spirit of the invention.
the device 0f my invention.
In the drawing, the device of my invention is
shown to comprise a clamp I0 which is provided
lThe position of headpiece I8 relative to clamp
III shown in Fig. 1 is the normal position of the
parts in use.
with free, out-turned, aligned ends II, I2 prefThe receiver R illustrated in the drawing is thel
erably apertured for the vreception of comple- 55 conventional receiving unit of a French type tele
phone. It Will be obvious that the invention may
be applied in connection with any audio instru
ment Which is .to be held against or adjacent a
person’s ear.
The headpiece I8 is, as will be .apparent from
a consideration of the foregoing description and
nates fatigue and tediousness, especially where
persons are obliged îto Work with telephones or
other receiving units and ,to use the same for
prolonged periods of time.
The headband I8 may if desired be enlarged
at the end I9 thereof or may have attached to
the end I9 thereof a pad, to cover the ear remote
from receiver R, .to exclude extraneous noises.
outline as is found convenient for positioning the
Having thus described my invention what I
same on the user’s head.
10 :claim as new and desire `to secure by Letters Pat
The device may be made of any suitable mate
showing in the drawing, adapted to be readily
deformed at the will of the user to present such
rial; the illustration in the drawing of studs I5,
I 6 in the form of headed members which are
riveted to the band I0 is merely by Way of eX
ample, as is also the showing of bolt and nut 15
means I3, I4.
It will be apparent that after the device has
been initially applied `to the receiver R it is prac
tically indestructible and that the use of `the in
vention frees the hands of the user, and elimi 20
ent, is:
In an audio receiver attachment, a clamp, studs
depending from said clamp, a headpiece provided
with means engaging said studs to rotatably posi
tion said headpiece on said clamp, and cam means
on said clamp adapted to be engaged by said
headpiece to: ñx the position of the latter on the
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