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Nov. 195 1946.
w. H. MuLLlNs ETAL
Filed June 8, 1945
3 -Smeets-Sheet 1
u, 2227245 l
Nov. 19,` 1946.
w. H. MuLLlNs ETAL
2,41 1,455
Filed June 8; :1945
3 Sheets-Shea?.~ 2 l
[email protected]
[email protected] ZZz'ns
[email protected]
Nov. 19, 1946.
Filed June 8, 1945>
5 Sheets-Sheet 3
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
l William H. Mullins ana William M. Gentry,
South‘Boston, Va.
Application June 8, 1945, Serial'No.` 598,306
` 1ov claims.
(o1. 19e-4)
This invention relates to a safety lock for ve
Figure 7 is a view similar to Figure 6 but show
ing the keeper in a lateral position with respect
hicle transmissions.
- An object of this invention is to provide in com
bination with a vehicle gear shifting structure,
means operable by movement of the hand brake
to braking position for locking the gear shifting
structure in any selected position so that the
operatorof »the vehicle will not be able to change
the gears untilthe hand brake has »been released.
to the locking bolt,
~ Figure 8 is a sectional view similar tol Figure 7
but showing the keeper in an opposite lateral
Figure 9 is a transverse sectional View of the
gear 'shifting rod >having al modified Vformof
Another Aobject of this invention is to provide 10 keeper mounted thereon,
Figure 10 is a detailed side elevation of the
a safety lock for the gear shift mechanism oía
keeper shown in Figure 9,
Vehicle> which willautomatically lock the gear
shift mechanism so that the driverof the vehicle
broken away of a modified form of connector
will be unable to properly operate the vehicle
between the hand brake operator and the bolt
until the hand brake has been released.
15 lock operator,
j In the operation of a vehicle it is not infrequent
that the driver forgets to release the hand brake
lE-IZ of Figure 11.
and if the latter is not set hard the vehicle may
Referring to the drawings, the numeral l5 des
generally a vehiclebody including a dash
undu‘e wear or damage to the hand brake or other 20
board I6 andan instrument board |'| which "s
parts, The present invention provides a means
spaced from the dashboard I6. A steering column
whereby the gear shifting mechanism may be
I8 extends downwardly through theY dashboard
locked in either neutral or any engaged gear posi
l5 and is connected in the conventional manner
tion so that the driver, in order to eñiciently oper->
ate the vehicle, will be required to release the 25 to the steering mechanism,` A ,gear shifting` rod
I9 is disposed in spaced parallel relation with
hand brake.
to the steering column I8 and has a handle
A further object of this invention is to provide
or operator 20 mounted on the upper or rear end
a gear shift _lock of this kind which maybe made"
thereof. The rod I9 is connected to the trans
as an attachment for various types of vehicles.`
This invention consists of the novelconstruc 30 mission and is adapted to have both endwise and
rotary movement in the normal manner to eiTect
tion; combination and arrangement of parts as
be operated with the hand brake set, resultingin
will be more specìñcally referred to and illustrated
in the accompanying drawings, wherein` is _shown
an embodiment of the invention, blutitÍ isj'tobe `
understood that changes, variations andrnodiñ
cations may be resorted to `which fall- ‘within ‘the
scope - ofl the invention as claimed."
In the drawings:
` 'y
a gear change in the transmission. The vehicle
body i 5 also includes a hand brake` or lever oper
ator 2| carried by a hanger 22.` It will be under
stood that the operator 2| may also include a pawl
35 and ratchet means (not shown) for releasably
holding the lever or operator 2| in selecte-d oper
ative braking position ‘or‘ inoperative position.
Figure 1 is a fragmentary side elevation," partly
'I‘he lever 2| has connected thereto a U-shaped
broken'away Aandin section similar to Figure l
thereto the rear end of a hand brake adjusting
in vertical section of a vehicleyhavin'g a trans-f 40 member- 23 which has the parallel arms thereof
pivotally mounted on a bolt 24, extendingthrough
mission lock mounted thereon constructed accord
the lever 2|. `~ A stem 25 extends from the bight
ing` to an embodiment of this inventiorn‘f“
25 of the U-shaped member 23 and has secured
Figure 2 is av ‘detailedV side elevationpartly
rod 21. The rod 2T is _ofqñexibleconstruction,
but showing the opposite side of the device, ‘
45 extending through a sheath 28 which is supported
Figure 3 is a 'sectional view taken on the line
’bya hanger 29.
‘ _"
3_3 of Figure 1,
- Figure 4 is la-’fragmentary sectional `view taken
on theline 4_4 of Figure 3,
‘ ‘
` In order to provide a means whereby the oper-`
ator of the vehicle will be unable to effect a gear
Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on the line 50 change in the event the hand brake lever 2| _is _in
braking position, we have provided an attachment
which is mounted on the steering column I8 and
Figure 6 is a Vfragmentary sectional `view of the
5`--5 of Figure 1,-“ L
device taken on the line B-Bof Figure 1,7`showing
the ,gear shifting-‘rod in neutral posìtionfwithf the
locking -bolt'diserigaged therefrom,
' 5"
‘- `
- operatively associated with the gear shift rod I9
and the _brake lever 2 I. This attachment includes
a housing generally designated as 30 which is ñx-`
55 edly mounted on the steering column »|8..` ‘ The
opposite end of the link 64 is secured to the pin
housing 36 includes a pair of plates 3| and 32
or bolt 48. A spring 65 interposed between ñexi
which are secured together by fastening mem
ble member 53 and rock lever 63 provides a
bers 33.
cushioning means and a bolt tensioning means
The plates 3| and 32 are provided with cut
whereby the sliding movement of the bolt 45 may
outs 34 and 35 respectively, within which the’gear
be less than the rocking movement of the lever
shifting rod I9 is adapted to loosely engage. The
63 in order that the brake operating lever 2|
plates 3| and 32 are also formed with complemen
may be rocked to full braking position without
tary cutouts 33 and 31 respectively, within which
being retarded by the sliding movement of the
the steeringcolumnv lßmengages. A clamping or
transmission locking bolt 45". Thepinor bolt 48
spacer` block38 is interposed between the lower
extends loosely through a pair of elongated slots
ends of the plates 3|l and 32 and a pair of clamp
6.6 and 61 which are formed inthe extensions 46
ing bolts 39 engage through the plates 3| and
4| respectively.
32, so as to tightly clamp» the housing 30 with
A keeper generally designated as 68 is fixedly
respect to the steering cloumn I8. The plates
secured tothe gear shifting rod i9 in a position
3| and 32 are each formed withextensions 40
for. engagement with the bolt 45. The keeper 68,
and 4| respectively, which are formed in. their.,
as shown in Figures 6, 7 and 8, is formed of a
inner confronting sides with longitudinal recesses
strap .16î whichisbent upon itself and secured
42 and 43, forming a guide channel within which
to the gear shifting rod I9 by means of a pin 1I.
the head 44 of a lock bolt generally designated
A clamping bolt 12 is extended through the open
as 45 is adapted to slidably engage.
The locking bolt 45 also includes a laterally
ends of the strap 10 adjacent the rod I9 so as
projecting bolt` member 46 which extends later
ally of the extensions 46 andV 4I through a lateral
slot 41 formedrin the adjacent portions of the
extensionsv 4|)l and 4|, A bolt orr pin 48- is ex
means o'f a spacer 14- and a bolt 1:5, extending.
tended transversely through the head or slide
member 44, being tightly secured with respect to
the head or slide member 4‘4 by means of a pair
of lock‘nuts 49.
An upper bolt 56 is extended
transversely through the. extensions 46 and 4I,
being firmly locked by locking members 5|. A
pair of springs. 52 are disposed on the outside of
to provide a pair of spaced apart arms13‘. The
arms 13 are held in spaced apartV relation by
through the arms 13> and the spacer 14. The.
space between the arms 13 is sufficient to >admit
the bolt member 46, engaging therebetween when
the gear shifting rod is'in neutral position. In
Figure 6 the bolt member 46 ris’inV released .posi
tion and is therefore spaced from'the ends of
the keeper arms13 so that the gear Vshifting, rod
I6 may be rocked to any selected gear position.
Referring now to Figure ’1,‘the keeper 68 is .dis
posed in a lateral position to `theright of the bolt.
thel extensions 40 and 4|., being secured at their
upper or outer ends to the adjacent ends of the
memberl 46 with the latterin locking position..
bolt 56 and secured at ‘their inner ends to the 35 In locking position the bolt member 46 is dis
bolt or pin 48. .
posed in the path of. the swinging of the keeper
The springs- 52A provide a mean whereby bolt
68 so that this keeper cannot be swung to the
45 will be normally urged to van upper released
left, as viewed inlî‘igure 7, to effect .a different
position. In order to provide for movement of
gear engagement until the hand brake lever. 2|
bolt 45. to .an inner locking position, IV have pro 40 has been moved to a brake releasing position. In
vided a flexible connector 53. The connector 53'
Figure '1 the keeper 68 is disposed to the left of.
is extended through a> sheath 54 which is held
the bolt 46 and the latter is in a locking position
so that the gear shifting rod I9 cannot be ro
a supporting strap 6|.
tatedV clockwise to effect a different gear change
The strap 55,v as shown in Figure 5, is provided
until the hand brake lever 2| is released.
with av reverted end 56 engaging about the stem
Referring now. to Figures 9 and 10, thereis. dis
25 and tightly' secured with respect thereto by>
a modified form of keeper which isfcon
means ofA a clamping bolt .51. The opposite end
structed in theform of van elongated bar 16., 4hav
of thestrap 55 is bent as at 58, reyersely from
ing a .fork 11 at .its inner «end` within which the
the bent Aportion 56, engagingv about the flexible
in spaced relation to thelsheath 28 by means of
member 53 and tightly secured with respect
thereto by means of Va clamping bolt 59. .A pair
of' adjusting nuts 6|!V are'threadedon to the flexi
ble member 53 and engage on opposite. edges of
gear shifting. rod I9 is. adaptedfto engage. A
clamping bolt 16 extendsthrough the. arms 11
and the rod. L9. so as Yto hold theV bar16 against
movement with respect to theY rodi!!` ` The, bar
16A is vvformed at its outer endwithakeeper recess.
19 within which .the boltmember 46 «is-adaptedfto,
necting member 5.5. may be endwise adjusted.. A.
engage when the latteris in .locking position. »It
second supporting strap 6|, similar to the strap
will be understood 'that the bolt~structure and
55, is secured at one end .about the sheath 28 and
operative Ymeans therefor, hereinbefore described,
at the lother end about the sheath 54, for sup'
porting the sheath 54' in spaced. relation with 60 will be associated with the »keeper `in Figures ,9:
respect tothe sheath 28 and for providing for
Referring now to .Figuresll and` 12, .there
the movement of the extended Íportion of the
disclosed va modified form of connection -between
flexible member 53 in parallel relation with re.
the brake adjusting. member .21 .and the bolt »op
speci'.v to. the brake .adjusting `member 21.
the reverted clamping. member 58 so that the con‘- . i
and V10.
The opposite end of the» sheath A5.4 is. tightly
erating .member 53. n’Iihe. brake adjusting lever`>v
secured with respect to theÍhousing 3|!` .by means of. a. strap or. clamping member 62., which .en
ber 23a which is mounted on a bolt 24a, extend..
gages one of.
the. .fastening members. 33,Y andI
preferably the .clampingmember 62 _is _positioned
on >the .loweror forward edge c’f thehousingl36.
The flexible member53 extends4 outwardly .and
downwardly from the lower end ofthe sheath 5.4.
A. .rock- lever «63 ‘is pivoted between the. ends,
thereof on-a b»olt«39,.and one end of the lever .63
hassecured thereto one end_of. a link .54. The
2| has pivotally.securedftheretoïa .Urshapedemcm
ing through the-lever 2l. The Uf-shaped member
23a has a stem 25a extendingçfrom .the bight26af.
thereof, and thefstem 25a has fixedly secured
thereto and extending at right angles. .t'her-.efronrY
a bar 80. lThe bar 80 isformedwíth» an opening
8|A within which the- adjacentfend of the.,bolt-op.-` `
Y erating member 5.3 isadapted»toyerlgageand-.nutsj
' 66 which are threaded` on the operating memberl
53 engage on opposite sides of the bar [email protected] so as to
member to released position, and means connected
to said hand brake operator and said locking
member whereby the latter will be moved to lock
this device, the
ing position when said hand brake operator is
the steering col 5 moved
to braking position.
loosely engaging
combination set forth in claim l where
operating mem
tightly secure the bolt operating member 53 in
adjusting position with respect to the bar 8E).
In the use and operation of
housing 3B is tightly clamped on
umn i8, the gear shifting rod I9
therethrough. The flexible bolt
ber 53` is fixed relative to the hand lever 2| by
' in said latter named means includes an elongated
flexible member.
the strap 55. The keeper 68 is tightly clamped
3. As a new article of manufacture, a locking
means for connection to a ~hand brake and for
on the gear shifting rod i9 in a position whereby
the rod I9 may have normal endwise movement
for effecting gear change, and the bolt member
65 is of suiiicient length that it will be disposed
in a locking position with respect to the keeper
E8 in any endwise position of the rod It. During
the normal operation of the vehicle. the hand
locking a gear shifting rod disposed parallel with
a steering column, said locking means compris
ing a keeper, means securing said keeper on said
rod, a locking bolt, means adapted to be ñxed
relative to said column supporting said bolt for
movement relative to said keeper, spring means
constantly urging said bolt to released po
sition, and means connecting said bolt with said
hand brake whereby said bolt will be moved to
locking position when said hand brake is moved to
brake lever 2i will be disposed in released posi
tion which is the position shown in Figure l.
In the released position of the brake lever 2l, the
bolt member 45 will be held in its uppermost re
leased 1:losition by the springs 52. When the brake
lever 2i is rocked to braking position, clamping
member 55 will be moved to the left as viewed in
Figure l, and endwise movement of member 55
will also eifect endwise movement of bolt oper
ating member 5.3 in the same direction. As bolt
operating member E53 is moved to the left, rock
lever B3 will be rocked upwardly at its outer end
and the opposite end of lever 63 will be rocked
braking position.
4. A device as set forth in claim 3 wherein said
latter mentioned means includes a spring whereby
said locking bolt will be placed under tension when
in locking position.
5. In combination, a movable hand brake op
erator for a vehicle, a steering column, a gear
shifting rod disposed parallel with said column, a
downwardly thereby pulling bolt member 46 down 30 keeper fixed to said rod, a locking bolt for en
gagement with said keeper for holding said rod
wardly to locking position. The spring 65 will
provide a tensioning means for tensioning the
bolt 45 in its locked position.
Assuming that gear shifting rod I9 is in neu
tral position. keeper 68 will be positioned with
the arms 13 thereof confronting the bolt member
46 so that when lever 2| is pulled to a braking
position, bolt member 46 will he moved down
wardlv between keeper arms 73. It will be ob
vious therefore that when the driver of the ve
against rotation, means fixed relative to said col
umn movably supporting said bolt, and means
connecting said bolt with said hand brake operator
for effecting movement of said bolt to locking
position when said hand brake operator is moved
to braking position.
6. In a vehicle having a steering column, a
gear shifting rod parallel with said column, and
a movable hand brake operator, a lock bolt, means
supporting said bolt from said column, a keeper
fixed t0 said rod in a position for engagement
hicle attempts to effect a Igear change without re
leasing the hand brake. the gear change cannot
be effected as rod I9 is held against rocking move
ment by means of the locked position of bolt
member Q6. When hand brake lever `i?! is moved
forwardly to released position. springs 52 will pull
bolt member ¿i5 upwardly and forwardly to keeper
Vwith said bolt when the latter is moved to locking
position, and means connected to said bolt and
said hand brake operator for moving said bolt to
locking position when said hand brake operator is
moved to braking position.
7. In a Vehicle as Set forth in claim 6 including
a resilient element interposed in said latter means
whereby said bolt will be resiliently held in locked
disengaging position, thereafter gear shifting rod
I9 may be rocked to any selected position. In
the event the gear shifting rod I9 is in a position 50 position.
Where the gears of the transmission are engaged,
8. A locking attachment for locking the gear
the keeper 68 will be disposed in either of the
shift rod mounted parallel with the steering col
positions shown in Figures '7 and 8. In these en
umn of a vehicle when the hand brake operator
gaging positions of the rod i9. the keeper S8 will
be disposed laterally of the bolt member l-i'â. In 55 is in braking position, comprising a housing
adapted to be ñXed on the steering column and
effecting change of gears from the engaged posi
loosely engage about said rod, a locking bolt slid
tion. it is necessary to rock the rod le in the op
[email protected] direction and this opposite rocking of rod
I9 is prevented by reason of bolt member ¿S6 being
in locking position across the path of the swing
ing movement of keeper 58.
This device may be made as an attachment for
a motor vehicle so that it can be mounted on the
present parts of the vehicle or may be secured
to the vehicle at the time of its original construc
What is claimed is:
ably carried by said housing and projecting lat
erally therefrom, a keeper adapted to be fixed
to said rod in a position for engagement with said
bolt when the latter is in locking position, and a
ñexible member connecting said hand brake oper
ator with said bolt for moving the latter to lock
ing position when said hand brake operator is in
braking position.
9. A locking attachment as set forth in claim 8
including a rock lever carried by said housing and
connected to said bolt and said flexible member.
1. In combination, a movable hand brake oper
10. A locking attachment as set forth in claim 8
ator a steering column, a rockable and endwise
including a rock lever carried by said housing and
movable gear shift operator parallel to said col
umn, a keeper iixed to said gear shift operator, a 70 connected at one end thereof to said bolt and a
resilient connection between the opposite end of
locking member supported on said column for
said lever and said ñexible member.
holding said gear shift operator against rotary
movement, means constantly urging said locking
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