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Nov. 19, 1946.
2,41 1,464
Filed March 19, 1945
514,424‘ E75“ ‘ M44. M45.
0‘? -r-ro Rag->6‘
Patented Nov. 19, 1946
Herbert M. Reeves, Kankakee, 111., assignor to
Florence Stove Company, Gardner, Mass, a
corporation of Massachusetts
Application March 19, 1945, Serial No. 583,597
7 Claims. (Cl. 126—-39)
The invention relates to gaseous fuel cook
stoves or ranges of the type comprising oven and
cooking top sections disposed side by side with
the top section equipped with a cover which forms
a lateral extension of the oven section so as to
provide a continuous flat top surface at an ele
‘ vation convenient for working purposes. Stoves
of this character are commonly made in thirty
have shown in the drawing and will herein de
scribe in detail the preferred embodiment, but it
is to be understood that I do not thereby intend to
limit the invention to the speci?c form disclosed,
but intend to cover all modi?cations and alter
native constructions falling within the spirit and
scope of the invention as expressed in the ap
pended claims.
For purposes of illustration, the invention has
six inch and forty inch widths, the former being
most popular because of space limitations in small 10 been shown as incorporated in a gaseous fuel
cookstove having a generally rectangular body
kitchens and also for economy in cost of manu
an oven section 5 at one end and a cooking
facture. With the construction heretofore com
top section 6 at the other end. The oven section
monly employed, ranges of the smaller size are
has a ?xed working top 1 overlying a baking oven
subject to the disadvantage that it is necessary
to reduce the width of one or the other of the two 15 8,~s0 that the top ‘I is disposed in side-by-side rela
tion to the cooking top 6. Access to the oven is
sections to an objectionable degree. Thus when
had by way of a hinged door 9.
the oven compartment is made of ample width,
In the exemplary stove, the cooking top 6 com
for example, eighteen inches, the width of the
prises a flat generally rectangular sheet metal
cooking top section must correspondingly be re
duced, this being particularly true when the walls 20 plate or ‘panel I!) formed with a depending mar
ginal flange and having a plurality of depressed
of the oven compartment are. insulated and
annular burner bowls H formed therein. The
therefore made of substantial thickness.
burner bowls, of which four are shown in the
The general object of the present invention is
exemplary embodiment are arranged in pairs at
to remove the limitations inherent in prior con
structions so as to permit a more effectual utili 25 opposite ends of the cooking top and are spaced
apart longitudinally of the stove so as to pro
zation of the space available in the stove body.
vide ample ‘room for the accommodation of con
A further object is to provide a stove construc
ventional cooking utensils. Each of the burner
tion in which the cooking top and the oven com
bowls II is formed with a central opening l2
partment are so arranged and interrelated that
the overall length of the stove is substantially less 3 0 shaped to receive a gas burner l3 supported in
any convenient manner in a compartment or
the oven
the combined
widths of the cooking top
burner box I 4 provided below the cooking top.
A utensil supporting grate I 5 is mounted above
Another object is to provide a range construc
each burner l3 and is preferably supported
tion of the above character in which the door
slightly above the surface of the cooking top as
closing the front of the oven compartment par»
bosses it in the ‘panel l0. A flat generally
tially overlaps the cooking top and has its upper
rectangular cover I‘! of sheet metal has a depend
edge disposed flush with the top.
ing marginal flange Ila adapted to rest on the
A further object is to provide an improved con~
cooking top. ‘The cover is hinged or otherwise
struction which provides a maximum amount ‘of
secured at the back of the cabinet to swing from
usable space, which permits thorough insula
the open position shown in Fig. 1 to the closed
tion of the oven and which reduces manufacturing
position shown in broken lines in Fig. 2. In the
costs substantially as compared to the cost of
closed position, the cover ll constitutes an auxil
prior constructions.
iary working top coplanar with and forming an
Other objects and advantages of the invention
extension of the ?xed working top ‘I.
will become apparent from the following detailed
‘In the preferred form shown, the oven section
description of the preferred embodiment illus
5 comprises an inner shell 29 and an outer shell
trated in the accompanying drawing in which:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a stove embody-l ' 2! assembled in nested relation with an inter
posed layer of heat insulating“ material 22. The
ing the features of the invention.
inner and outer shells, which are preferably con
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken in a vertical
structed of sheet metal, are supported in any
plane substantially on the line 2-—2 of Fig. .1.
suitable manner‘. As shown in Fig. 3 of the
Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken in a vertical
drawing, the inner shell 29 comprises upright
plane substantially on the line 3—3 of Fig. 1.
side panels '23 and 2 3a. and a horizontaltop panel
While the invention is susceptible of various
26. The panels are preferably coated on their
modi?cations and alternative constructions, I
2,41 1,464
inner surfaces with vitreous enamel or other suit
able heat resisting coating and form respectively
extends beyond the fixed front panel Illa of the
cooking top section.
the inner side and top walls of the oven. Trans
verse ridges 27 embossed in side panels 23 and
23a serve as supports for conventional cooking
racks 28. A back wall member 29 secured to the
side and top panels of the shell closes the back
I claim as my invention:
1. In a gaseous fuel cookstove of the table type
in combination, a pair of sheet metal shells as»
sembled in nested relation with an interposed
of the oven.
layer of heat insulating material, said shells being
mounted at one end of the stove to de?ne an oven,
The outer shell 2!, as herein shown, is formed
each of said shells having top and side panels
in a plurality of separate parts including side 10 connected by corner portions, the top panel of
panels 30 and 3| and a top panel 32. The top
the outer shell forming a ?xed working top,
panel 32 forms the working top 1 of the stove
means on the side panels of the inner shell for
and together with the panel 26 of the inner shell
supporting a plurality of utensil racks, a cooking
forms the top wall of the oven compartment.
top at the other end of the stove, depressed
Similarly, the side panels of the two shells form 15 burner bowls formed in said cooking top and
the opposite side walls of the oven compartment.
partially overlying said oven, burners mounted
vIn order that the cooking top may overlap the
below said bowls, a removable cover having
oven section and thus permit both of these units
marginal edge flanges resting upon said cooking
to be made of optimum width, the inner insu
top, said cooking top being depressed below said
lated side wall 2| of the oven section is connected
working top to permit said cover to lie flush there
to the top wall by a corner portion 24 having a
with, the corner portions of said shells adjacent
rabbet 34 therein forming a seat for the marginal
said cooking top being shaped to provide clearance
edge of the cooking top panel l0. As best shown
for the overlying burner bowls and the burners
in Fig. 2, the corner portion 24 is preferably of
associated therewith.
convex curvature. It is formed on a relatively 25
2. In a gaseous fuel cookstove of the table type
large radius so as to provide for a substantial
having an oven at one end and a cooking top at
overlap, and the rabbet 3:3 is located at thejunc
the other end partially overlying said oven, the
tion of the corner portion with the top wall of
combination of an outer sheet metal shell, in;
the oven section so that the seat provided for
cluding a horizontal panel forming a working top
the cooking top panel is offset substantially from 30 for the stove and an upright panel disposed below
the inner side wall of the oven. In the present
said cooking top'and connected with said top
instance the rabbet 34 is formed by shaping the
panel by a curved section, an inner sheet metal
upper edge portion of the shell 21 so as to form
shell having top and side panels connected by a
an upright ?ange 35 to which the depending
convexly curved corner portion spaced from the
marginal ?ange of the ?xed top panel 32 is suit—
ably secured.
It will be observed that the fixed top wall of
the oven section is made of substantially greater
thickness than the side walls. It is therefore
corresponding parts of said outer shell, the side
panel of said inner shell having means for sup
porting an oven rack, a layer of heat insulating
heavily insulated so as to maintain the working I
top surface 7 relatively cool when the oven is in
operation. At the same time, it permits of the
formation of a rabbet of substantial depth to re
ceive not only the flanged marginal edge portion
of the cooking top panel IE) but the correspond
ing edge of the cover I ‘i. In other words, the rab
bet may be made of a depth corresponding to
the combined thickness of the cooking top panel
and its cover so that the top face of the latter
is positioned coplanar with and forms an exten- ~
sion of the ?xed working surface ‘I of the oven
section. While a rabbet of substantial depth has
the effect of reducing the thickness of the corner
portion 24, it is to be observed that this occurs
material disposed in the space between, said
inner and outer shells, a sheet metal plate form
ing the cooking top of the stove, a depressed
burner bowl formed in said plate and positioned ‘
to extend over the corner portion of said outer
shell, and a removable cover for said cooking
top, said plate being positioned below saidwork
ing top to permit said cover when closed to lie
flush therewith, the curvature of the corner por
tions of said shells being such as to provide clear
ance for said burner bowl in the depressed posi
tion of said member.
3. A cookstove of the table type having, in com¢
bination, a horizontally disposed ?xed working
top at one end of the stove, an oven located below
said working top, a cooking top at the other end
of the stove having a depressed burner bowl ex~
in the region beneath the cooking top panel and 55 tending partially over said oven, a removable
is therefore unobjectionable.
cover for said cooking top having an edge ?ange
The corner portion 24 has an outer surface
resting on said top, said cooking, top being'dis
33 sloping upwardly and outwardly away from
posed in a plane below said working top to permit
the adjacent burners [3 so as to afford ample
said cover when closed to be iiush with the work“
clearance for the burners and their respective 60 ing top, a pair of upright sheet metal panels
burner bowls. At the same time, the radius of
spaced laterally from the abutting edges of the
curvature is not sufficiently great to reduce to
cooking top and the Working top so as to ,lie
any objectionable degree the volumetric capacity
beneath the cooking top, said panels forming
of the oven. In practice, radii of from two to
inner and outer side wallsof said oven, and con
three inches have been found to be satisfactory. 65 veXly curved sections along the upper edges of
For the sake of symmetry, the opposite side of the
said panels shaped to provide clearance for said
oven may likewise have a curved corner portion
burner bowls and to provide sufficient space be~
25 formed on the same radius as the portion 24.
tween the sections for e?icient insulation of the
As will be seen from Fig. 1, the oven door 9 is
made of conventional rectangular form notwith
4. A gaseous fuel cookstovehaving, in com
standing the use of the curved corner portions
bination, oven and cooking top sections disposed
213 and 25. However, because of the construction
side by side and respectively having topsurfaces
and arrangement employed, the straight upper
lying in a common plane, said oven section having
edge of the door lies flush with the cooking top
inner and outer shells spaced apart“ to receive
panel so as to overlie the portion thereof which 75 insulating material therebetween and forming top
and side walls with convexly curved corner por
tions, the corner portion adjacent the top section
forming with the top wall a rabbet the bottom of
which is disposed substantially below the upper
surface of the oven top wall, and said cooking
section comprising a top plate with an edge por
tion projecting substantially beyond one vertical
section and a cooking top section disposed side
by side and respectively having top surfaces dis
posed in vertically spaced horizontal planes, said
cooking section having a top plate, and said oven
section having a horizontal top wall, a vertical
side wall for said oven section underlying the
adjacent edge portion of the cooking top plate,
a corner portion connecting the horizontal top
side wall of the oven section in overlapping rela
wall and said vertical side wall, and a cover rest
tion thereto and ?tting into said rabbet with the
upper surface of the top plate spaced below the 10 ing upon the top plate and providing a top surface
coplanar with the top surface of the oven sec
plane of the oven top, said top plate having a
tion, said corner portion of the oven section pro»
burner bowl partially overlying the vertical wall
viding a rabbet for receiving the edge of the top
of the oven section, a utensil supporting grid over
plate and the corresponding edge of the cover
lying the burner bowl, and a cover for the top
plate resting thereon and forming the top surface 15 and made of a vertical depth substantially equal
to the combined thickness of the top plate and
of the cooking section.
5. A gaseous fuel cookstove comprising, in com—
bination, a cooking top section having a top plate
with a plurality of burner openings therein and
7. A gaseous fuel cookstove comprising, in com
bination, a cooking top plate with a burner open
a cover overlying the cooking top plate, an oven 20 ing in one edge portion thereof and a cover over
lying the top plate, an oven compartment hav
section having a compartment with one vertical
side wall oifset laterally with respect to the
edge of the cooking top section and underlying the
cooking top plate, a horizontal top wall for said
oven section, and a rounded corner portion con
ing a horizontal top wall of substantial thickness,
a vertical side wall for said oven compartment,
and a corner portion connecting the side wall
25 with the top wall and underlying said edge por
necting said upright side wall and said hori
zontal top wall, said corner portion having a
rabbet receiving the top plate and cover and made
of a depth substantially equal to the combined
tion of the top plate with said burner opening
disposed adjacent to the corner portion, said oven
compartment being open at-its forward side and
when closed is disposed coplanar with the hori
zontal top wall of the oven section.
surface of the cooking top plate.
having a door closing the same with the upper
thickness of said top and cover so that the cover 30 edge of the door substantially ?ush with the upper
6. A gaseous fuel cookstove having, an oven
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