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_Oct. 29, 1946.
‘Filed March _ 22; 1945 >
‘ Geor'qe H._DeL0n9
Blair, .Drez'sbaa/z
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
’.‘.2',410,15s .
' "
De Long .and- Blair ‘Dreisb'ach, .
Allentown, 'Pa.
Application March 22, 1945;;seria1 No. 584,102, " ' "
3 Claims.
This invention relates to shoe forms and more
particularly forms for pumps.
The primary object of this invention resides in
the provision of forms for pumps whereby the
(Cl. 12—.128)
inward pressure and thereby return the distorted
material of the pump to initial condition so as to
neatly ?t the foot in a manner prevailing when
The pump form shown in Figs. 1 and 2, consists
usual bulging of the pumps will be corrected or 5
of a substantially U-shaped band 6 constructed
eliminated when removed from the feet.
of any suitable material such as metal, plastic,
Another object of this invention is the provision
leather, canvas, silk, cotton or rubber, having se
of pump forms adapted to exert pressure on the
cured to its end portions pressure plates 1 of any
outside of the bulged portions of the pumps when
removed from the feet so as to return the same 10 suitable or ornamental con?guration, said ends
being connected when in operative position on a
to their initial shapes when the leather or other
pump by a strap 8 and fastener 9. The strap 8,
material from which the pumps are constructed
while herein shown as of the button type for ad
is in ?exible condition.
Another object of this ‘invention resides in the
justment, may be of any well known type whereby
provision of the combination of the conventional 15 adjustment of the strap determines the pressure
of the plates against the bulged sides of the pump.
inside shoe tree and outside shoe form.
The pump form shown in Figs. 3 and 4 prefer
With these and other objects in view, this in
ably consists of a ?exible ribbon Ill formed of
vention resides in certain novel features of con
suitable material having a ?xed pressure plate
struction and arrangement of elements to be here
inafter more particularly set forth in the speci 20 I l secured at one end and an adjustable pressure
plate l2 slidably disposed on the intermediate
?cation, illustrated in the accompanying draw
portion of the ribbon, said pressure plate I I being
ing, and pointed out in the appended claims and,
provided with the male element l3 of a snap
while this disclosure depicts our present concep
fastener adapted to be engaged by the female ele
tion of the invention, the right is reversed to re
sort to such changes in construction and arrange 25 ment I4 thereof carried by an adjustable clip l5
ment of elements as come within the spirit of the
In the accompanying drawing forming a part of
this application;
disposed on the free portion of the ribbon so as
to draw the aforesaid pressure plates against the
bulged portions of the pump upon securing the
pump form in operative position on the pump.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one form of the 30 In Fig. 5 the pump form is secured to the con
' ventional tree F by an adjustable joint H5 having
pump form as applied in operative position on a
arms I‘! formed of any suitable material extend
ing therefrom and carrying suitable pressure
Fig. 2 is a similar view of the form per se.
plates at their outer extremities so as to exert
Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a modi?ed form
inward pressure against the bulged portions of
of the pump form secured on a pump.
the pump.
Fig. 4 is a similar view of the pump form shown
That form shown in Fig. 6 of the drawing con
- in Fig. 3.
sists of two arcuate bands l8 of suitable material
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a modi?ed form of
adjustably connected together by a fastening ele
the pump form connected and supported by a
conventional shoe tree of a type designed for in 40 ment l9 so that the same can be extended or con
tracted to ?t pumps of different widths. Secured
serion in shoes.
to the free ends of the arcuate bands I8, are pres
Fig. 6 is a still further modi?ed form of the
sure plates 20 adapted to bear against the bulged
pump form shown in perspective.
portion of the pump and extending from one of
In the present illustration of this invention, the
letter P designates a conventional style of pump 45 the aforesaid arcuate bands I8 is a strap 2|
adapted to be adjustably connected to the 0p
in which is inserted a conventional tree F adapted
posite arcuate band by a suitable fastening ele
to retain the pump in shape other than correcting
ment 22.
bulged portions therein subsequent to wearing
With this invention fully described it is ap
the same and, in order to correct or eliminate the
usual bulging portions prevailing in all types of 50 parent that means are provided whereby bulges in
pumps and shoes can be readily corrected and
pumps and shoes, particularly ladies’ shoes, a
their shapes retained in normal condition and
form designated in general by the numeral 5 and
through the simplicity of the construction set
constituting the subject matter of this invention
forth, the cost of manufacture and sale price will
is disposed on the outside of the pump or shoe
against the bulged portions thereof so as to exert 55 be reasonable.
Having thus described our invention what we
claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
edges thereof, and means operable to secure the
band constricted about the body of the pump with
the plates engaging the opposite sides thereof
between its vamp and heel and proximate the free
edges of the sides to thereby exert oppositely in
wardly directed pressure on the latter.
3. »A device of the class described comprising a
sole portion adapted to engage and span the sole
ofV-a shoe‘ proximate the frontv face of its heel, re
1. A device of the class described comprising a '
?exible band of suf?cient length to embrace a
pump forwardly of its heel, a pair of pressure
members carried by and lying substantially trans
versely of the band in oppositely disposed rela
tion, and means operable to secure the band
snugly about theiibody' of a pump'with‘ the’pres
sure members-engaging‘the oppositesides thereof 10 silient outwardly biased wings respectively rising
between its vamp and heel to thereby exert op
from the ends of said portion adapted to receive
positely inwardly directed pressure upon said
the body of the shoe between them, and means
operable to hold the wings compressed against
2. A device of the class described comprising a"
the sides of the shoe in opposition to their nor
?exible band of sufficient length to embrace a»v 15' mal ‘outward bias, the upper extremities of the
pump forwardly of its heel, a pair of rigid e1on
wings being rearwardly offset from and of greater
gated pressure plates carried by the band, each
Width than said-sole portion.
plate lying substantially transversely of the band
and extending oppositely outwardly bey'nndthe:
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