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Oct. 29, 1946.
Filed July 24, v1944
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Oct. 29, 1946.
Filed July 24, 1944
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Oct. 29, 1946.
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Filed July 24, 1944
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Oct. l29, 1946,
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Filed July 24, 1944.
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Oct. 29, 1946.
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Oct. 29', 1946.
Fil'ed July A24. 1944
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Patented Oct. 29, 1946
s PATENT-¿ortica
f l" Y ~ l
Lewis A. Lutherman and Earl L.> Thompson; Chi- v
` cago, Ill., assignors to Pullman-Standard Cary
Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Ill., >ancor
poratìon of Delaware
Application' July 24, 1944, vserial No. >5416.296
>15 claims. (cl. 1075-1315)'
This invention relates to railway sleeping cars
and has for its primary purpose the provision of
an auxiliary sleeping berth for the ,car porter.
An important object of the invention is the
provision of a porter’s berth located in the end
portion of the car adjacent the yfacilities with
which the porter’s duties are associated.
Another object of the invention is the provision
>ently of those- in all of the remaining alcoves._
The alcovesr may be of the single type containing
a singlevtier of three berths accessible only from
:the alcove provided therefor or of the double type
.comprising two tiers, each containing three berths
and allv accessible yfrom one alcove. The berth
constructionY of this invention is particularly
adaptedto cars with this type of sleeping accom
and provides a porter’s berth entirely
of a porter’s berth which affords a full length bed
made up at all times ready for occupancy and 10 independent of all of the other accommodations
and' having itsrown entrance completely disso
permanently independent of the remaining sleep
from .any'of the alcovesL and from the aisle
ing accommodations on the car and accessible
from a portion of the car .other than the area
from which .the other accommodations are en
ofthe car.
In the drawings Ill represents a railway car
supported at opposite ends' upon trucks Il. The
»c'ar body is provided with a floor I2, end walls I3,
The foregoing and other objects `are attained
side walls I4 andv Ifi'and roof I6. Windows Il as
by the arrangement illustrated in the accom
best, shown in Fig. 1, are disposed in pairs in the
panying drawings in Which`
respective lside walls adjacent to convertible
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view through
a railway car illustrating a general elevation of 20 berths hereinafter to be described. An aisle I8
adjacent :the side wallY I4 extends the length of
sleeping accommodations including the porter’s
the car fromjend bulkhead 20 and from which
all of the passenger sleeping accommodations are
Fig. 2 is a sectional plan view of the car show
accessible. .The endbulkhead 2UA deñnes an end
ing the arrangement of the sleeping accommo-.
dations in alcoves and illustrating .the porter’s 25 zonejof `the carV wherein.v toilet facilities for the
car areprovided including a plurality of wash
enclosure in section;
basins~ 21| mounted withA mirrors 22A on the bulk
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view through the carV
head and a hopper 23 disposed within an enclo
outside the porter’s enclosure taken on the line
sure 24 having a door 25 opening to the end Zone.
3--3 of Fig. 2 and showing the entrance to the
shelves 26 are disposed over the mirrors
berth with access steps on the bulkhead;
22 o_n the bulkhead 20 and a towel dispensing cab
berth of this invention;
Fig. 4 is a cross sectional View through the car
inet121 is located upon side wall I5 together with
paper cup dispenser 28. A soiled towel receptacle
at the opposite side of the porter’s enclosure
from Fig. 3 taken on the line '4-4 of Fig. 1 and
showing the relation of the porter’s berth to adj a
cent sleeping accommodations;
Fig. 5 is an enlarged cross sectional view
through the car taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 1
showing the porter’s berth and entrance details
29 Vis also'located `at the side wall I5, allY as best
shown in Fig. l. Both ythe Washbasins 2| and
hopper 23 are vsupplied with water from an over
head tank 30 supported from roof framing mem
bers~ 3Ijby strapsV 32 passing beneath the tank.
PipeV 33 ¿connects the tank- with `the ilushing
mechanism of hopper v2.3A _and suitable piping (not
Fig. 6 isan enlarged longitudinal sectional 40 shown) connectsv the tank‘to the washbasins 2l.
view through the porter’s berth taken on the line
Lighting"ñxtures3ll> _and 35 are disposed in the
6-6 of Fig. ‘7 showing the generalconstruction
washroom andtoilet room respectively andare
of the arrangement including the> springrsus-`
mounted' upon .ceiling 36 which conceals the tank
pension for the mattress and the sash in the >.side
45 30. jWindows 46 and-flare disposed in the wash
wall to admit light; and
roon1;and toilet 2li` respectively and guard rods
Fig. "I is an enlarged cross sectional view
Ilßñand 49 extend thereacross .to afford an easy
through the porter’s berth and an adjacent sleep
grab when _the car sways ony curves or the like.
ing accommodation, the section being taken on
g At Ythe oppositeA side ofthe passageway from the
in front elevation;
the line ‘l--1 of Fig. 3.
washroom Afacilities inthe end zone of the car
The invention is applicable to `a sleeping car 50 storageglockers 31 and 38 are disposed in the cor
of the type having an aisle adjacent to one side
wall with sleeping accommodations disposed tol
oneside thereof extending’to the opposite .side
ner formed by side wall I4 and end walll I 3. Doors
_ 39j'and 40 afford access'toethe respective lockers.
Between these lockers and end bulkhead- 20 a
wall and arranged transversely of the car in tiers
short transversely extending aisle 4I isv defined
of berths which may be convertible for daytime
occupancy. The tiers of berths Vmay be disposed
threehigh and arranged one over the other when
madefup fornight occupancy and are provided
with alcoves opening oil the side aisle and afford-`
which connectstheside aisle I8 with the central
passageway42 leading to 'the end door 43 com
municating with the- passage between cars. The
endzone of thecar, being over a’supporting truck,
ing accessto the berths in' each alcove independ-v 60 isjjdisposed on a .higherglevelthan thepassenger
compartment and to compensatev for the differ
ence in height of thefloors of the two areasa‘>
in either direction between the two portions of
the car.
63 like the upper berth 6I is iixed and is sup
ramp 4s is provided in the aisle I8 adjacent to
the end zone whereby to afford an easy approach ..
the lower berth frame 63. v The lower berth frame
ported at the end adjacent side wall l5 upon the
In the passenger compartment of the car a plu
rality of accommodations are provided which are
» heater pipe angle 66 and at the aisle end in post
65 and by a leg member 16. The lower berth
-frame like the intermediate and upper berth
frames, is provided with spring construction 10
for the resilient support of a mattress 'H and
convertible between seats for daytime travel and
'when the'intermediaite berth is arranged in low
berths for nighttime use. The accommodations
are disposed transversely of the cark and arranged
lo ered _position for daytime use the mattresses 'H
in alcoves 45 accessible from the single side aisle
seat cushion and cushioned backrest respectively
i8 with the individual accommodations of each
alcove being entered directly therefrom. As best
for the accommodation of the three passengers
occupying the tier of berths. The backrest is se
shown in Figs. l and 2 the individual sleeping
cured in itsdaytime inclined position by >means
for the lower and intermediate berths provide a
accommodations in each alcove comprise a fixed
of rele'a‘sable connections 'I1 between the fram
upper berth 6|, a convertible intermediate berth
53 and posts 54 and 65.
62 and a lower berth 63 formed by the seat used
The various sleeping alcoves d5 are adapted to
normally in daytime travel and all of which may
be enclosed at night by removable curtains (not
be incorporated in an alcove either in a single tier :20 shown) Vwhich are suspend-ed from curtain rod 78 ‘
of three such berths or, as shown, in opposed ‘tiers
extending continuously `across all of the accom’
o_f three berths each to provide alcoves each Icon
modations at the aisle and secured to thev posts
taining six accommodations. The seating ca
65 by suitable clamping devices i9'. The alcoves
pacity of the various alcoves is the same for day;
are all provided with individual lighting hxtures
time occupancy as the number of sleeping ac' 25 8G disposed upon the side wall 'l5 above windows
commodations provided for night use.
il' and inclined downwardly toward the interior
The berths are supported from framework
of the alcoves. ‘The upper berth area of the pas
which permits of the application of the arrange
sen'ger compartment is provided at intervals with
ment in tiers of Athree vberths- alone or -in two tiers
transoms 8l which may be opened for light and
in Vopposed relation. The framing includes sup 30 ventilation and which will be more fully de
porting posts 65 aty the aisle extending from the
scribed hereinafter. Supporting hooks 82, dis
car 'floor to the ceiling and posts 64 at the side
posed in batteries of three, are provided upon
wall extending from the heater pipe angle 66 to a
each upper berth frame 6i, at the raisle >position
point short of the ceiling but supporting the upper
where the occupants may hang clothing or the
berth El. Longitudinal framing members 61 at 35 like behind the curtains enclosing 'the alcoves.
the ceiling connect all of the posts 65 throughout
In addition to the hooks. ’82, clothes hangers
the llength of the car andl the posts 64 are con
83 as shown in Fig. 4 may be provided for the
nected by longitudinal v68 on the side wall. The
occupant 'ci each berth and suspended respec
longitudinal 67 extends continuously throughout
tively frorn the ceiling i5 for the upper berth
the length of the -passenger compartment but the. 40 occupant, from the upper berth frame 6| for the
member 68 extends only lupon opposite sides of a
intermediate berth occupant and from the inter
side entrancedoor (not shown) disposed midway
mediate berth frame 62 for the occupant of the
ofthe length of the car and to the end bulk
lower berth.
head 20.
It will be noted from an examination of Figs.
l and 2 that it might be ysaid vthat the porter’s
berth enclosure H30 is located between the pas
s'enge'r compartment and the end zone of the
car where it is convenient to either. The porter’s
VThe upper berth comprises a frame 6| sup
ported at twocorners by the posts 64 -and 65 and
at one of the remaining corners _by the longi
tudinal 58. At the fourth corner of the berth ad
jacent the'aisle the frame _Si _is suspended from
the longitudinalöß by means of a supporting rod
69 secured to both and carrying the load ofthe
berth in tension. The frame 6l is provided with
spring construction 10 which. is best shown in
connection with the intermediate berth in Fig. ’7
DI 0
berth is located at upper berth level Vadjacent
to the end zione of thecar and is entered. through
the end bulkhead 25 A'as v'will hereinafter appear.
The arrangement and >construction details ofthe
porter’s berth are best shown inFigs. 5, 6 and 7
and the disposition of the berthfin-relation4 to
and a mattress ‘Il is resiliently supported rby the Cn Cn the bulkhead 12€] is best shown in -Figs.’ 3 rand ‘4.
frame for the complete'co-mfort of the occupant.
The intermediate berth comprises a frame B2
pivotally mounted at 72 in the posts El and 65
and movable between theinclinedbackrest posi
tion shownat the left in Fig. 1, where itëooper
ates with the lower berth frame >63Qto provide a
seat, with the mattress lll- therefor serving as
cushions,A to the horizontal berth position shown
at the right'in this same figure, where it is sup
ported by means of ‘folding struts 'I3 extending
between'the Íintermediate berthframe 62 and
lower berth frame 63. The -strutslS are pivotally
mounted Íatwopposite `ends' of Vthe intermediate
berth in frameßZ as 'at 'M and when the berth
is being used as a backrest'in combination with
the lower berth to Iprovide a seat, the struts may
be lfoldedY to’retracted position in the frame 62
where they are retained by spring clip 15 Yas best
indicated in
4. When in `extendedposition
the struts support the’intermediate berth from
By providing the'entra'nce tothe'berth throughl
the end bulkhead the porter’s accommodation is
completely dissociated from the passenger com
partment since it is necessary hfor'the porter to
enter the berth space fromthe juncture of trans
verse aisle 4i and end passageway ft2 by means
of steps lill on the bulkhead. /
The bulkhead 29 comprises ya flat panel 102
extending Vfrom side wall I5, whereit is ‘secured
to angle |54, to V_the‘side aisle ‘H3 where it is se
cured to posit IE5.` >Hollow framing members se
cured thereto rigidifyuthe panel andïinclude a
horizontal member w3 extending*continuously`
across the width of»theïbulkheadfbetween posts
its and :65 `a1; nieievei vof 'the porters berth.`
A kvertical framing member l’llé’located ladja
cent 'to a point approximately midway between
the posts i6!! and Mib exten'd'srirom the mem.'
ber |03y to the fio’or._l'2 Y“and serves to> lstìifen
the' central ‘area of the panel. This area of the
panel is >further rigidiñed by horizontal-m> embers
serving to stiffen the enclosuré.- At the end bulk#
cal memberv |04 to the respective posts |64 and
|65 and disposed substantially midwaybetween
the reinforcing member |03 and yfloor ~|'2.~_v The
v'closure member |26 While at the en'd‘of the berth
~vadjoining 'side Wall I5 the frame is- secured to and
'supported -from the longitudinal frame member
y|05 extending upon opposite sides of- the Verti
head side of the berth the frame |8| is secured
to the bulkhead panel |02 through an intervening
’ the'are'a of _the porter’s
-Bßby means of-angle' bracket |21 (see Fig. 6)..
berth at that end adjacent the side aisle AI8 to
,Thus it will be seen thatthe porter’s vberth en
provide an opening |08l affording access yto the
closure -is rigidly constructed in a.' manner Ato
berth. The opening
¿form »an integrated part of the carl structure.
side by reinforcing member |03 which serves the
‘The_'fr'ame |6| as best shown inFigs. 6 and '1
additional function of Yprotecting the edge of the
carriesy a spring structure |10 for the resilient
panel |02 and provides a smooth Aextended sur
vsupport of Va mattress and bedding |1|.` Guard
face _at the-opening instead of the bare edge lof
rods |28 are -secured to the frame ||ì|,- one' at
the panel, as best illustrated in Fig.- 7.* The
each side and which atthe entrance to the berth
bulkhead panel extendsy to- the ceiling ofthe 15 affords aconvenient point of attachment for the
car for a portion of its width approximating half
safety straps IM. At the opposite side-of the
the length of the porter’s berth'and is provided
porter’s berth the rod |28 is utilized- as a support
_with hollow reinforcing frame members |01 and
>for safety straps 59 for the intermediate berth
|08 adjacent the top edge at the ceiling and
at the side edge bordering the opening |06 re
spectively. The panel |02 at the ceiling of the
car is secured to amember |09'attached to the
vceiling' 'and at the openingi|06 Yis bent around
a flange ofthe reinforcing member |08 to pro
vide a smoothly rounded surface ||0 presented
toward the opening. At the opposite side of the
‘opening |06 the inwardly directed flange of
post |65 is covered by a U-shaped protecting
disposed immediately therebeneath and >which
are provided for all of the berths throughout
the' passenger compartment. Curtains l»(not
illustrated) may be provided for the porter’s berth
to cover the entrance opening |06.
' The porter’s berth enclosure like the upper
berth‘area throughout the passenger compart
ment is provided with a transom 8| but disposed
individual to this accommodation and which may
be utilized for additional light and ventilation.
shield ||| presenting a Asmoothly rounded sur
The transom is arranged in the side wall |-5 and
face to the opening. A bar ||2 extends across 30 all of the transoms throughout the length of the
the entrance opening- |06 from the edge ||0 of
the bulkhead panel to the covered flange ||| of
the post |65 to both of which it is secured and
affording a> convenient grab for entering the
berth and a support lfor clothes hangers ||3 and
safety straps
The porter’s berth enclosure ||0- comprises a
"panel |20 spa ced from the bulkhead panel |02
by the Width ofl the berth ’and extending from
the side Wall |'5 the full _length of the berth
and providing an end wall'portion |22 extend
ing across the end of the berth at the side'aisle
to the post |55 as best shown in Fig. 2, The en
closing panel is secured to post |65 and at the
_ side
wall >is attached to anv ang le
|2"| L .
“and throughout vits length extends from the -ceil
car are disposed on the same level in the `upper
berth area. kThe transom comprises a solid sash
84 pivotally mounted intermediate its top and
bottom in a frame 85 mounted in the side wall.
The pivot for the sash is located more closely
adjacent the bottom thereof to permit swinging
the sash inwardly to provide a large Ventilating
opening and without interfering with a screen
80 secured over the sash opening in the outer
side wall. The sash is adjustable to a'plurality
of positions by meansl of the pivotal mountings
which comprise a bracket 81 on the sash' at each
>side and hingedly engaged in brackets 88 on the
'sides of frame 85. Each bracket 88 includes
'a Aspring actuated mechanism engageable with
means on the associated bracket 81 whereby
'ing of the car to the lowermost portion of the
the opening of the sash 84 may be stopped in any
one of a plurality of positions to control vthe
modation from the passenger compartment and
amount of air an d light admitted. A sash pull
is secured at the ceiling along the end wall por
89 is provided for operation of the sash. '
tion |22 bordering the aisle |8,_tl_'1rought_he me
From the foregoing it will be seen that a sleep
berth so as> completely to conceal the accom
dium of angle member 61 which extends# con
ing accommodation has been provided for what
tinuously from the post '|65 and traverses- all of
might be termed an alcove sleeping car, wherein
the posts 85 to provide an attachment therefor 55 a plurality of accommodations disposed trans
as hereinbefore described; VThatv portion lof f' the
versely of theca‘r-are arranged in tiers accessible
enclosing panel extending along the length of lthe
individual alcoves, which is individual to the
yberth is secured to theica r ceilingthrough the
car porter and which is independentv of all other
medium of a memberk |23 Which‘tog'ether with
‘accommodations in the car. The porter’s ac
the angle shaped longitudinal 61 providesY a
60 commodation is disposed on the same horizontal
means of suspending the panel from the'ceiling
plane with certain of the remaining accommoda-throughout its entire extent.-> AVentilating open
tions in the car and arranged in vertically spaced _
kings |24!` are provided -in
relation over others and separated entirely _from .
the admission of air to the berth space anda
all of the other accommodations by means of the
safety barl |25 is disposed Yacross ythe width of
65 enclosure extending thereabout. t
vthe 'openings to break up their size.
'rod 18 is anchored to the end wall |22by‘ means
1, ln'a railway sleeping car having a passenger
of clamping devices 19.
compartment containing a `plurality of sleeping
The berth per se comprises a rectangular frame
accommodations disposed transversely ofthe car
|6| which serves to’strengt'herrv and rigidi'fy the
lowermost portion of the enclosing panel |20 - 70'and having a longitudinalside aisle, an'end zone
in the car, a bulkhead separating the end zone
while being supported in part thereby. Theberth
said passenger compartment; an auxiliary
frame along one side and across one end'is secured
berth between the passenger compart
to panel V|20 and end wall> |22 respectively of the
j ment and'saidvend zone disposed lin an upper
berth enclosure whereby to' re'ceiveitsl »support fdr 75
portion of the passenger compartmentfand an
efrom ^ while ’ at A'the sameA time f3
those ~portions ther
entrance opening to the berth in saidibulkhead,
said `berth being accessible only from the end
the „height -of vsaid _Compartment en ,Opening
.through ¿the bulkhead a?fordingfthe only means
zone of the car.
„ofpïaccess to ftheauxiliary berth, and kmeans on
_the-bulkhead >alîording access to said opening
r2. In a railway sleeping car having a passenger
compartment containing a plurality of sleeping
`Csirrlm‘ising, steps.
accommodations disposed transversely ofgthecar
_ V6.,.1n „a railway >cari> having spaced side walls
`and having a longitudinal side aisle, a trans
versebulkheaddeñning one endr of thepassenger
compartment, an auxiliary sleeping berth adjacent
`to said bulkhead disposed in an upper portion of
>the passenger compartment, Vand an Aentrance
opening to said berth in thebulkhead providing
the only means of access to thebertlu said berth
being disposed-transversely , ofV the. car.
13. 11n a railway sleeping car having a passenger
compartment containing .a plurality of lsleeping
. accommodations disposed vtransversely of the
l 1-0
l_connected bvan end wall, a doorway in _theend
«_wall, ya lcentral -longitudinal passageway leading
ifl'Qm Athe doorway, 4,ai passenger compartment, a
¿longitudinal side aisle extending the length of
¿said compartment adjacent one of said side Walls,
.passenger accommodations insaid compartment
including berths extending transversely of the
`car from ¿the opposite side wall to said aisle and
vdisposed in tiers each having three berths ,ar
,ranged in parallel overlying relationship, alcoves
„opening oiT of the side aisle alfording access to
,car arranged in vertical tiers orberths _placed one
1the individual berths, a transverse bulkhead de
_above the other and convertible to provide seat
¿ñning „one/end of said passenger compartment
,ingaccommodations for daytime useand acces 20 andsubstantially coextensive with said berths,
„sible fromalongtitudinal side aisle,_¿an_¿end bulk
`an aisle `extending'transversely of the lcar ad
head disposed transversely of the car defining
¿one end of ,said passenger compartment, an
jacentfto „the bulkhead connecting said central
„passageway with the side aisle, an auxiliary
Asleeping berthparallel to the bulkhead yand dis
compartment adjacent to saidbulkhead disposed 25 Äposedat
a levelsubstantially coincident with all
»ona level >substantially coincidentwithl all of _the
vof theberths `atacorresponding level of said
, sleeping accommodationsl atene level Vof said Atiers
vrespective tiers »and occupying space of a_height
,and >O1’ aheight at least substantially equal to
, at least substantially equal to one of said berths
that of` such accommodations _but less than the
less than the height of said compartment, an
Vheight lof Ysaid compartment, and an opening 30 Ybut
_openingjn the vbulkhead affording access to the
through said bulkhead comprising the only means
auxiliary berth from said transverse aisle, and
`of access to `saideauxiliary berth.
Aan enclosure disposed about the auxiliary berth
4. `,In a railwavsleepine `car having apassenser
associated with the bulkhead -completelyrto sep
_compartment containing a plurality of sleeping
from the remaining accommo
accommodations disposed in vertical tiers of 35
auxiliary sleeping berth within `the Vpassenger
berths arranged inparallel overlying relationship
and accessible from a, longitudinal sideaisle, all
dations ofthe car.
7. In a railway car having spaced side `walls
of said berths being` disposed transverselyofthe
YVconnected `by an end wall, a doorway in the end
of the respective accommodations, abulkhead
disposed transversely of the cardeñning one end
>vof said passenger compartment, an L,auxiliary
said compartment adjacent» one of said side walls,
,Èsleepingl accommodations in the passenger com
wall,d ancentral longitudinal passageway leading
car and certain of the berths being convertible to
provide seats for daytime use of the occupants 40 „fromthe doorway, a passenger compartment, a
Àlongitudinal side „aisle extending `the length of
sleeping berthadjacent „to said bulkheaddisposed
partment _comprising berths extending trans
on a, level substantially coincident with all of the
.,»versely-,ofthe car from the opposite side wall to
tiers and of a height at least substantially equal
vto that lof such accommodations but less 4than
¿the height of said compartment, an opening
flower, Í.interrr-iediate 4>and >upper levels, alcoves
`:saidaisle and vdisposed in tiers each. having berths
sleeping accommodations at one level of said 45 ,arranged
vkin parallel _overlying vrelationship at
.through the bulkhead affording ¿access to .the
auxiliary berth, and an enclosure disposedabout
the auxiliary >berth adapted _withethe .bulkhead
tdseparate said berth from the remaining -ac
commodations of the car wherebythe berth is
>accessible only through said bulkhead.
5. In a railway sleeping carhavingapassenger
compartment containing a plurality uefvsleeping
accommodations disposed in vertical tiers ¿of
¿berths arranged in `parallel overlying relationship
mripening,7.oli of-,the `side aisle añording access to
fthe individualberths,-a transverse bulkhead de
>_fining one ,Y end ¿of ysaid .passenger compartment
„and substantially‘coextensive with >said berths, an
„aisle >transversely Vof the car .adjacent to the
bulkhead. connecting said central pasageway with
.theside aisle,„an auxiliary sleeping berth parallel
>_to¿the bulkhead .and disposed at a level substan
tially 4coincident„with _all of the berths at said
,,lippenlevel,y an opening in thebulkhead affording
,accessto‘the auxiliary-berth from said transverse
aisle, ;an„encl_osured_isposed about the auxiliary
»and accessible from alongitudinal «side îaisle,¿all 60 ‘_berth, associated with the bulkhead completely to
ofrsaid berths being disposed transversely ef-Hthe
_separate ;- saidberth from, the remaining accom
car and certain of‘the berths being. convertible
thei car,¿ and means comprising steps
~to provide seats for daytime use ofthe-occu
„»9115Saidfhìllkhèed;eff-Ording access tosaid @perline
pants of the respective accommodations,_a bulk~
head disposed transversely of the car-»adjacentto one of said tiers of berths andßde?lning one
`endloiî said passenger:compartment, said last
.named tier of berths including ¿an -auxiliary
ysleeping berth disposed in parallel relationship
8.,':I‘n va. railway _ car having ` spaced sideY walls
-¿deiìning a‘fpassenger compartment, a longitudinal
--side aisle >extending“.the lenigtl'l> of said "compart
ment adjacent one of s_aidside walls, sleeping
Vaccommodations in the passenger compartment
comprising berths extending transverselyof _the
to ‘another> berth in_the tier and at arlevel sub-, 70 car from theopposite side wall to said Vs_iisle/and
_. stantially coincident with all» of the sleeping ac
disposed ‘in` tierseach lhaving ,berths arranged4 in
commodations -atf-a corresponding level v¿ofîtlîie
respective tiers in the passenger compartment
¿and occupying space of aheight atleast substan
Aparallel overlying A. relationship at lower, V‘inter
>mediate _and upper levels,¿alcoves openingoiTÍof
»the .,Sìdeaisle _affording [email protected] .the individual
:,.lierthrsi an @pedagogia-the; can a transverse .bulk
i 2,410,173
berths being accessible only from the end zone
head separating the passenger compartment from
of the car and the other only from the passen
said end zone, a longitudinal passageway in said
end zone, an aisle extending transversely or" the
car adjacent to the bulkhead connecting said lon
gitudinal passageway with the side aisle, one of
ger compartment.
12. In a railway car having an end zone and a
passen-ger compartment, a bulkhead separating
the passenger compartment from the end zone, an
aisle affording communication between said com
adjacent to said bulkhead, an enclosure disposed
partment and the end Zone, sleeping accom
about the berth oi said last-named tier at the ' Vmodations in the passenger compartment in
upper level and associated with the bulkhead
cluding berths arranged in parallel overlying re
completely to separate said berth from the other 10 lationship adjacent said bulkhead, one of said
berths of the tier and from the remaining ac
berths being entered from the end zone of the
commodations of the car, said other berths being
car and the other from the passenger compart
accessible from an alcove in the passenger com
ment, and an enclosure about the berth entered
partment and said enclosed berth being entered
15 from theend zone separating said berth from
said tiers of berths being disposed immediately
from said transverse aisle in the end zone, and
means comprising an opening in said bulkhead
affording access to the enclosed berth, said bulk
the passenger compartment whereby said berth
side aisle extending the length of said compart
modations in said compartment between said
is accessible only from the end zone.
13. In a vehicle having spaced side walls, a
head having steps leading to said opening.
passenger compartment, a longitudinal side aisle
9. In a railway car having spaced side walls de
extending the length of said compartment ad
fining a passenger compartment, a longitudinal 20 jacent one of said side walls, passenger accom
ment adjacent one of said side walls, sleeping ac
aisle and the opposite side wall, an end zone in
commodations in the passenger compartment
the vehicle, a transverse wall separating the pas
comprising berths extending transversely of the
senger compartment from said end zone and
car from the opposite side wall to said aisle and 25 extending from said aisle to said opposite side
disposed in tiers each having berths arranged in
wall, berths in the passenger compartment ín
parallel overlying vrelationship at lower, inter
cluding a lower and an upper berth arranged in
mediate and upper levels, alcoves opening ofi oi
parallel overlying relationship immediately ad
the side aisle affording access to the individual
berths, an end zone in the car, a transverse bulk
head separating the passenger compartment from
said end Zone, one of said tiers of berths being
disposed immediately adjacent to said bulkhead,
an enclosure disposed about the berth of said
last-named tier at the upper level and associ
ated with the bulkhead Acompletely to separate said
berth from the other berths of the tier and from
the remaining accommodations of the car, said
other berths being accessible from an alcove in
jacent to said transverse wall, one of said berths
being accessible only from the passenger compart
ment, an enclosure disposed about the other berth
associated with the transverse wall completely
to separate said berth from the remaining berth,
and >an entrance through said wall to said other
berth whereby said berth is accessible only from
said end zone.
lll. In a vehicle having a passenger compart
ment including a plurality of passenger accom
modations having a longitudinal aisle along one
the passenger compartment and said enclosed 40 side thereof, a transverse Wall defining one end
berth being entered from said end zone, and means
of the passenger compartment, an auxiliary sleep
comprising an opening in said bulkhead afford
ing berth in the passenger compartment adja
ing access to the enclosed berth.
cent to said wall, and an entrance opening in
10. In a railway car having spaced sidewalls
the transverse wall providing the only means of
denning a passenger compartment, a longitudi 45 access to said berth, said berth having a vertical
nal side aisle extending the length of said com
height occupying not more than half the height
partment adjacent one of said side walls, sleep
ing accommodations in the passenger compart
of said Ipassenger compartment.
15. In a vehicle having spaced side walls and
an end wall, a rdoorway in the end wall, a cen
head separating the passenger compartment from
tral longitudinal passageway leading from the
said end zone and extending from said aisle to
doorway, a passenger compartment, a longitudi
the op-posite side wall, berths in the passenger ' nal side aisle extending- along one side of said
compartment including a lower and an upper
compartment adjacent to one of said side walls,
berth arranged in parallel overlying relationship
a transverse aisle connecting said central passage
immediately adjacent to said bulkhead, said lower 55 way with the side aisle at one end of the passen
berth being accessible from the passenger com
ger compartment, passenger accommodations in
partment, an enclosure disposed about said up
said compartment accessible from said side aisle,
per berth associated with the bulkhead completely
at least certain of the accommodations having a
to separate said berth from the lower berth and
seat for daytime use of the occupants convert
from the remaining accommodations of the car,
ible to provide a sleeping berth, a berth in said
and an entrance in said bulkhead to the upper
accommodations adapted to bel arranged in par
berth whereby said upper berth is accessible only
allel overlying relationship to said seat-berth, and
. from the end zone of the car.
an auxiliary sleeping berth accessible from said
11. In a railway car having an end zone and a
transverse aisle disposed substantiallyy on a level
passenger compartment, a bulkhead separating
with one of the berths in said accommodations
the passenger compartment from the end zone,
and occupying space of a height substantially
an aisle aiïording communication between said
less than the height of said compartment.
compartment and the end Zone, and sleeping ac
commcdations in the passenger compartment in
cluding berths arranged in parallel overlying re 70
ment, an end zone in .the car, a transverse bulk
lationship adjacent said bulkhead, one of said
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