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March 11, 1947.
2,41 7,342
Filed April 15, 1943
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1 44
Patented Mar. H, 1947
comma!) unor- BTang AND DEMOLITION
Loyal M. Bach, Burbank, Calif, assignor, by
mesne assignments, towLockheed Aircraft Cor
poration, a corporation of California
Application April 15, 1943, Serial‘No. 483219
4 Claims.
(Cl. 102-2)
This invention relates to a combined gas tank
Figure VI is a sectional detail of a release
and demolition bomb and more particularly to a
mechanism of a charging unit.
combined gas tank and demolition bomb that is
As shown
adapted to be released and dropped from an air
Referring to Figure I, I show a conventional
aircraft indicated generally at l0 and being
It is very often necessary, especially on long
equipped with a pair of droppable gasoline tanks
range ?ights, for an aircraft to carry an additional
ll supported on the lower side of the wings l2
supply of gasoline to that normally required.
This gasoline is generally carried in additional
by bomb shackles indicated generally at [3 (see
tanks on the outside of the aircraft, or, more par- 10 Figure II), enclosed in airfoil-shaped fairings M.
The tank ll consists of a substantially tear drop
ticularly, for convenience and aerodynamic rea
shaped outer skin l6, upon the rear end of which
sons, may be attached to the lower surface of the
is‘ attached a plurality of equally spaced ?ns ii.
wing section. Upon arriving at his destination or
depression I8 provided in the upper surface of
entering into active combat, the pilot'may, at his
option, release these tanks, thus reducing the 15 skin is is adapted to receive the fairing I 4 and
has ?at portions l9 and 20 that support brackets
load and drag factor on the aircraft. Therefore,
22 and 23 which engage the bomb shackle I3,
I provide as the main object of my invention a
which is adapted to retain the tank in a locked
novel means to utilize the aforesaid tanks when
position until it is released by any suitable means
they have been emptied and released from an air
(not shown) - that may be conveniently located
Another object ‘of this invention is to provide
in the cockpit.
Mounted on the lower face of the flat portion
a novel means to completely seal a droppable
20; I provide a valve body 24 which contains a
gasoline tank after disengagement from an air
valve chamber 25 therein. Asealing ball 26 is ar
within hole'25 and is adapted to be urged
Another object of this invention is to provide 25 ranged
upwardly by spring 21 in the bottom of the hole
a novel means to discharge an explosive liquid
25. One side of the ball 26 is provided with a
or gas into the interior of a gasoline tank.
shaft 28, the upper end of which is held in place
Another object of this invention is to provide
by a, member 29 placed intermediate a pair of
a novel means to actuate a liquid or gasoline dis
30 and 3|, but not blocking the passageway
charging unit and simultaneously extract a safety 39
therethrough; Tube 30 extends upwardly
' pin from a detonator or fuse in the tank.
through the fairing l4 and the wing l2 to the en
Other and'further important objects of this
gine, and tube 3| extends downwardly through
invention will be apparent from the disclosures in
the ?at portion 20 to communicate with the upper
the speci?cation and the accompanying draw
35 portion of the chamber 25 and has a beveled por
tion 32 on its lower end, forming a seat for the
This invention in its preferred form is illus
ball 26. I provide a hose connector 33 embracing
trated in the drawings and hereinafter more fully
the tubes 30 and 3| and the rectangular member
29, which is adapted to be clamped to tube>3ll by
On the drawings:
Figure I is a front view of an aircraft showing 40 a circular clamp 34. This hose connection is
pulled off the lower tube 3| when the tank is re
the combined droppable gasoline tank and demo
leased, thus allowing the ball 26 to seat against
lition bomb in position.
the lower end of the tube 3 l. Adjoining the valve
Figure 11 is a. sectional view taken along line
25 intermediate the ball“ and the bev
II--II in Figure I and illustrating the preferred 45 chamber
eled portion 32 of the tube 3|, I provide a fuel
embodiment of my invention.
passage 35-which extends outwardly then down
Figure III is a partial sectional view similar
wardly and is joined by a suction tube '38 which
to Figure II and showing an alternate arrange
in turn extends‘ downwardly to the lower portion
ment of my invention.
,of the tank- I! and is adapted to drawgasoline
Figure IV is a sectional detail taken on line
IV--IV in Figure II and illustrating a method of 50 from the tank for delivery to the engine.
sealing the tank upon removal of a gasoline feed
Figure V is a sectional detail showing a method
of actuating a control mechanism for charging
and arming an explosive gasoline tank.
Intermediate the fairing l4 and the ?ns I1,
and rigidly mounted in hole 4|) in skin it (see Fig
ure V), I provide a charging control mechanism
which consists of a tubular Jacket member 4|
which encloses an actuating rod 42, the upper end
55 of which has a plate 43 which is adapted to en
gage the lower surface of the aircraft wing l2,
andpthe lower end forms an attachment for a
control cable 44. A washer 45 engages rod 42 at
a point approximately level with the top surface
of jacket 4i and is adapted to act as a stop against
said jacket top. Also inside jacket 4 i , and mount
ed on rod 42, I have arranged a seal support
washer 4B which supports a sealing gland 41. An
dropping the tank, it is simultaneously sealed,
the detonator placed in its ?ring position and the
tank ?lled with an explosive gaseous mixture of
oxygen and gasoline.
When the tank is released by the bomb shackle
IS, the gas line 30,‘ being rigidly mounted in the
aircraft, together with the hose 33 and clamp
34, is pulled away from the tube 3|, thus allow
ing the ball 26 to seat against the bevel 32 there- _
internal shoulder 48 in the jacket 4| is provided 10 upon sealing the gasoline outlet. The shaft 42,
slightly above the sealing gland 41 to act as a
no longer held in its downward position by the
stop and sealing member for said sealing gland.
wing I2, is urged sharply upward by the spring
49 and allows the sealing gland 41 to come in
A second internal shoulder 48' of the jacket 4i
supports the lower end~of a compression spring
contact with the internal shoulder 48, thus seal
49, its upper end being adapted to normally urge
ing this normal vent opening and also actuating
stop washer 45 in an upwardly direction. With 15 trigger arm 56 in the oxygen release valve mech
the tank in place on the airplane this arrange
anism by means of cable .44. The catch arm 88
slips from the notch in the arm 64, allowing arm
ment forms a vent for the tank,- which vent‘ is
closed by the operation of the changing control
mechanism. A U-shaped safety pin 50 arranged
' vI54 to be depressed
by spring 13, and thus de
pressing valve 62, allowing the oxygen to flow
in aligned holes 5| and 52 in jacket 4| straddles 20 through tube 11 and ‘I9 and forcing the gasoline
in bottle 80 through line 8i and into the spray
and retains the rod 42 in its lowered position by
nozzle 18 to be discharged in the form of a spray
acting against the upper surface of a washer 50'
into the interior of the tank. The detonator
mounted on rod 42.
A pulley 53 journaled in bracket 54 mounted > arming cable 85 being directly connected to the
on the lower end of jacket 4i serves to form a 25 rod 42, is also actuated at the same time.
turning point for control cable 44, the lower end
When the tank strikes a solid object such as
of which is fastened at 55 to a trigger member
the earth, the blank cartridge is ?red .in the det
. 56 (see Figure VI), which is pivotally mounted as
onator 83, thus igniting the explosive mixture and
at 51 in a box member 58 of an oxygen discharg
exploding the tank, tending to spray any residual
30 gasoline over a wide area.
ing valve mechanism.
The oxygen discharging apparatus consists of
an oxygen bottle 59 supported by any suitable
' Referring to Figure III, I have shown an al
ternate arrangement of my invention in which
I provide a‘ tank 90, similar to that previously
inside perforated web 60 that supports a com
described, with ?ns ill on its aft section. This
pression spring Bi that normally urges a valve
modi?cation may use the pump and vent seals
member 62 to a closed position. The valve 52
previously described if so desired, it being under
has a stem 63 that is adapted to rest against an
stood that pump and vent provisions are neces
sary parts of such droppable tanks. The forward
arm 64 which is pivotally mounted at 65 to one
end of tank 90 is crimped in as at 92 to support
side of box 58 and has its other end notched to
receive a catch arm 66 of the trigger member 55. 40 the forward'end of an incendiary bomb 93, its
aft end being supported by a bracket 94 span
A loading lever 61, pivotally mounted at 68 over
ning the sides of the tank. This arrangement
the open end of box 58 and having its free end
is more particularly adapted to be dropped with
supported by a catch member 63, pivotally mount
ed at 70, supports ‘a thumb screw ‘II which engages 45 a partially full tank of gasoline, whereby the gas
oline is ignited by the incendiary bomb and is
a spring support plate 12 of a compression spring
sprayed over surrounding objects by the burst
‘13, the other end of which is supported by spring
ing of the tank upon impact.
plate 14 fastened to arm 64.
Having thus described my invention and the
The discharge end of oxygen bottle 59 has an
present preferred embodiments thereof,'I desire
elongated end 16 into which is connected an oxy
to emphasize the fact that many modi?cations
gen outlet line 11 which is connected to a spray
may be resorted to in a manner limited only by
nozzle 18 (see Figure 11). A pressure line 19,
a just interpretation of the following claims.
leading from line 11 supplies pressure to a gaso
line bottle ,80, which in turn forces gasoline
I claim as my invention:
1. In a droppable-i'uel tank for aircraft, in
through line 3! and into the spray nozzle 18 to
cluding normally open fuel pumping and venting
be mixed with the oxygen from bottle 59 through
line TI, to be then sprayed into. the tank, ll, tov , connections thereto, means for sealing said pump
ihg and venting connections, upon the release of
insure the presence of an explosive mixture of
said tank, ‘means for discharging an explosive
gasoline and oxygen in the. tank at the time the
mixture'into said tank'including containers for
detonation is set o?.
explosive materials, and valved means therefor,
A fuse or detonator 83, such as a blank car-'7
means in the interior of tank ii and having an
and means connecting said valved means to said
sealing means, said connecting means being so
is adapted to ignite the gaseous mixture in the
constructed and arranged as to release said valved
tank upon being jolted, has a safety pin 84 that
means upon the operation of the sealing means.
is adapted to be extracted by a cable 85, running.
2. In a droppable fuel tank for aircraft, in
through conduit 86 along the upper surface of 65
cluding normally open fuel pumping and vent
the tank Ii and being attached to rod 42, when
ing connections thereto,‘ means for sealing said
said rod is actuated in the manner heretofore de
pumping and venting connections upon the re
scribed. Various other types of‘ detonators or
lease of said tank, means for discharging an
fuses are available which are armed or rendered
70 explosive mixture into said tank including con
live by the removal of a safety pin or the like.
- Thus it will be seen that having removed safety
tainers for explosive materials, and valved means
pin 50, after installation of the tank on the air
therefor, means connecting said valved means
craft, and having used most of the gasoline in
to said sealing means, said connecting means
the tank, the tank becomes a potential bombUpon
and 75 being so constructed and arranged as to release
tridge and ?ring pin therefor (not shown), which
maybe dropped at the pilot's convenience.
said ,ivalvedjjzmearis npon%i=the operation of the
.ineans' upon dropping said tank,~-.w;hereby to re
‘tain the incendiary and explosive“ subst'aiace"v in
sealingrmeans, a detonator carried by said tank,
and means connected to the vent seal and oper-.
able by the closure of said vent to arm said‘
thewtank. until the detonator is ignited.
3. In a droppable fuel tank for aircraft.‘ in
cluding normally open fuel pumping and venting
The following references are of record in the
connections thereto, means for sealing said pump
?le of this patent:
ing and venting connections upon the release of
said tank, a detonator carried by said tank, and 10
means connected to the vent seal and operable
by the closure of said vent to arm said detonator.
4. In combination with a droppable fuel tank
for aircraft, wherein the tank is provided with"; 1?
a detachable fuel line for removing fuel there
from. and venting means to prevent air binding
during such fuel removal, means to convert the
residual fuel in said tank into an incendiary and
explosive substance, comprising a detonator, and
means adapted to seal the fuel line and venting 20
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