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Aug. 19,1947.
.., 6
iola?mv‘[email protected]éQq.
K. .1. GRAY
Filed Sept. 50, 1944
v. /
. .
I .‘
Patented Aug. 19, 1947
' 2,425,874
Kenneth J. Gray, Pasadena, Calif.
Application September 30, 1944, Serial No. 556,509
4 Claims‘.
(01. 232—5)
This invention relates to saving banks adapted
A further object is to provide a bank of the
for use by individuals for the accumulation and
character mentioned which is so formed as to
safe keeping of coins of given denomination, but
prevent the abstraction of coins therefrom except
particularly dollars, and has for an object the
provision of a unique structure having a tubular
by mutilation of the bank, inasmuch as all of the
body arranged for the reception of coins only of
and require forcible disassociation of one or more
of the parts to effect the removal of the coins or
any of them from the bank. Still other objects
may appear as the description of my bank pro’
the same denomination which is mounted in an
parts forming the bank are permanently attached
erect position and is formed with peripheral aper
tures through which the coins may be observed,
together with graduations adjacent certain of the 10 gresses.
I have shown a preferred embodiment of my
perforations for indicating the height of a con
invention in the accompanying drawing, in which:
tained column of coins in both units of feet and
Fig. 1 is a small scale elevational View;
inches and dollar values.
Fig. 2 is an enlarged elevation of the same partly
An object is to provide a coin bank in the form
of a vertical column of substantial rigidity and 15 broken away and partly in section;
Fig. 3 is a fragmentary elevational View of the
weight which is adapted to !be portably held on
coin column;
the floor of a room, with unit of height indica
Fig. 4 is a top end view of the coin column; and
tions thereon and longitudinal slots diametrically
Figs. 5 and 6 are, respectively, cross sectional
formed therein through which a ruler or straight
edge may be inserted on the top of the collected 20 views on lines 5-5 and 6—6 of Fig. 2.
The bank in its preferred form consists of a
column of coins for reconciling the height of the
base I, a tubular metal column 2 attached to the
column of coins with the height of 'a growing
base, 'and a top 3, secured together by suitable
child or person. Thus, the bank may be used for
means for preventing access tov the interior of
the collection and saving of a requisite number
of coins to correspond to and keep pace with the 25 the column for any purpose except by mutilation
of the parts. Base I has a large ?at ?ange 4
growth of a child, as evidenced by frequent or
adapted to rest upon a supporting surface such
occasional comparisons.
as the ?oor of a room and an upstanding cylin
It is well known that coins of the United. States
drical collar 5 into which the lower end of a tubu
are of uniform thickness and that dollars, for
instance, closely if not actually approximate one 30 lar column 6 extends to a point abutting the bot
tom 1 either formed-0n or attached to the bottom '
tenth of an inch in thickness. Hence, each inch
of the column or forming an integral part of the
of height will correspond to ten one dollar coins
base I. The lower end, of the column 6 may be
of new mintage. The height of the column from
threaded or press ?tted into the bore 8 of collar
the floor is therefore graduated in dollars or
5 and then Welded or soldered or otherwise sealed
inches (or subdivisions of inches) and is so formed
to the collar as at 9 around the upper end of the
with peripheral apertures that the accumulated
collar, as shown in Fig. 2.
coins are at all times observable.
Column 6 is preferably of about average adult
For instance, assuming that upon the birth of
height as measured from the upper surface of its
a child its parents desire to institute a savings
account for the child's bene?t, a su?icient number 40 base I and is closed and sealed at its top by clo
sure 3 which has a coin slot l0. Said closure
of coins would be deposited in the bank to corre
may be permanently affixed to the top of the
spond to the then height of the child, and at fre
column by a suitable means so that it may not
quent intervals the collection would be increased
be removed from the column without mutilation
in proportion to the growth of the child until the
child became of such a height as to equal that of 45 or distortion, and the slot l0 therein is precisely
cut to permit the insertion of a coin of given
the column. At such time a substantial accumu
denomination under reasonable pressure, but not
lation of silver dollars, or other coins, will have
of such size as to permit the withdrawal of a
been accumulated under the observation of the
coin therethrough.
child and others and will provide a fund for edu
I provide a. vertical series of perforations ll,
cation or other objectives.
II, etc, at least on one side but preferably, as
shown, on diametrically opposite portions of the
periphery of the column which are of such size
and frequency as to correspond to a given number
Other advantages of the invention arise from
the provision of two diametrically disposed nar
row slots I2 in the wall of the column 6. By this
of coins or of which there may be a given number
straight member entirely through the column to
construction it is possible to insert a suitable thin
per inch of height. I also provide diametrically
rest on top of the head of the child associated
opposite slots I2 and I3 on column 6 which ex
with the savings bank and quickly learn without
tend upward from the top of collar 5 to the top
measurements and calculations if more coins are
of the column. Column 6 is provided with a scale
needed to bring the condition (height of coins) of
of graduations l4 [adjacent the margins of slot 10 the savings bank up to where it should be at any
I2 and forming a height scale divided into feet,
certain time, as on the child’s birthday.
inches and fractions thereof, and representing
Still other advantages arise from the provision
measurements from the ?oor or the top of ?ange
of the holes I I in the wall of the column 6. This
4, as the case may be. Said column also has
construction facilitates manipulating coins in the
formed thereon a scale of coin values Ilia indi 15 bank which have not fallen ?at on top of the
cated in dollars and fractions thereof adjacent
next lower coins so as to make them lie entirely
slot I3.
?at, which is important in practicing my inven
Preferably, adjacent each foot designation, or
tion. In a savings bank of the kind described
more frequently if desired, I provide inserts I5
herein, there will likely be some coins that will
in slots I2 and I3 for limiting the extent which 20 ?rst come to rest on their edges.
a number of coins may be moved in the column,
I claim:
as by means of a, thin bar or slat, to less-than the
1. A savings bank of the character described,
space between adjacent inserts, thereby reducing
including a vertical hollow column having an
the possibility of forcibly removing the coins
inlet adjacent the upper end thereof for receiv
through coin slot I0 by careful manipulation and 25 ing one coin at a time of a selected size and value,
application of pressure to one or more coins at
a level base for said column on which the ?rst
a time. At this point it may be understood that
thevslots l2 and I3 are of less width than the
thickness of even worn coins and thus the coins
may not at any time be removed from the column 30
coin deposited therein will lie, a ?ange element
of said base extending outwardly from said col
umn in the same plane therewith, said ?ange
being wide enough to aiford standing room there
through said slots.
, The inside diameter of column 6 corresponds
on for portions at least of the feet of a child
associated with the column for the purpose set
closely to the diameter of a coin of a particular
denomination. It is therefore obvious that the
slots in the wall of said column narrower than
forth, two diametrically positioned lengthwise
size or height of the column may depend upon 35 the thickness of the selected coins deposited in
a particular coin for which it is adapted. I pre
said bank, said slots permitting the insertion of
fer to form the column of such internal diameter
a thin straight, stick-like member through said
as will accommodate silver dollars for the reason
column while resting on the topmost coin in said
that such coins—especially when new—closely
bank for determining without calculations when
approximate if not precisely equal when arranged 40 the stack of coins in said column is of the same
in a stack of ten coins per inch of height, or one
height as that of the child associated with said
hundred and twenty dollars per foot. Other
savings bank.
‘coins, of course, would be in proportion and the
2. A saving bank of the character described
value scale Ma would be correspondingly divided
comprising: a base, an elongated hollow column
as to its gradu'ations.
vertically disposed thereon and ?xed thereto
In use, it is apparent that when a child stands
against removal therefrom, said column being
with heels resting upon the ?ange 4, as shown,
adapted to receive a stack of coins of like de
or the ?oor of a room if otherwise arranged, its
nomination resting on said base, said column
height can be readily measured and noted by
having peripheral apertures through which the
reference to the height scale Ill and the then ;
number and value of the coins (C) in the bank
noted. If the height of the coin stack is less than
that of the child a requisite number of additional
coins may be deposited in the bank until the
stack ‘is raised in height to that of the child. ;
Measurements may be made as by means of a
thin ruler or bar extended through the slots I2
and I3 as shown in broken lines in Fig. 1. By
placing the ruler (R1) horizontally on the top of
a stack of coins with a child standing in position
under or adjacent the lower edge of the ruler
comparisons are readily made and additions to
the coins determined, if any.
Certain of the advantages of the present inven
tion will appear from a reading of the foregoing 65
portion of the description. Other advantages
arise from the provision of the top surface of the
?ange 4 to be disposed in the same horizontal
plane as the top surface of the base 1. This con
'struction eliminates the necessity of making an
adjustment or calculation for the monetary value
of any difference in the elevations of top surfaces
of the ?ange 4 (or equivalent) and the base ‘I
had there been such a difference as has been the
case in prior devices.
accumulated coins are visible, and an extension
for said base which projects beyond said column
in the same horizontal plane therewith for the
purpose set forth.
3. A saving bank of the character described
comprising: a base, an elongated hollow column
vertically disposed thereon and ?xed thereto
against removal therefrom, said column being
adapted to receive a stack of coins of like de
nomination resting on said base, said column
having peripheral apertures through which the
accumulated coins are visible, and a scale of
graduations on the exterior of said column for
visibly indicating the value of the accumulated
coins or the height of the stack of coins from the
top surface of the base, and a ?ange-like exten
sion for said base in the same horizontal plane
therewith for the purpose set forth.
4. A savings ‘bank of the character described,
including a vertical hollow column having an
70 inlet adjacent the upper end thereof for receiving
coins one at a time of a selected value and size,
and means including lengthwise slot elements in
said column for determining without vertical
measurements and/or calculations when the
75 height of coins in said column is the same as the
height of a. growing child associated with said.
savings in the‘ manner set forth.
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