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Dec. 23, 1947.
Figled ‘ Sept. 8, 1947
Patented Dec. 23, 1947
Charles E. Crowe, La Crescenta, Calif.
Application September 8, 1947, Serial No. 772,807
2 Claims. (01. 232-33)
This invention is a box especially for the re
ception of ?rst class mail in the form of small
pieces, as ordinary letters, cards, etc., and for
holding ?rst and second class mail parcels of
bulky form.
It is an object of the invention to provide a sim
ple, substantial, low-cost, durable, practical and
compact holder including a lockable-lid box for
wardly at 8r to the rear top corner of the box.
The edge line 8s is about medially between the
front and rear planes of the box; the top edges
of the box walls forming the mouth of the box.
Hinged at [0 to the rear top corner of the box
side walls is a covering lid H of a width from
side to side of the box and the main body of the
lid being of such curvature as to substantially
average size ?rst class pieces of mail, to which
nest on the lip 8 and nearly meet the top edges
access may be instantly had when the lid is not 10 of the walls 3.
The lid has covering ?anges l2 for the side
walls and from the lower'end of the hinged lid
Also, an object of the invention is to provide
there is provided a sharply upturned weight-giv
a box having a set-back lid to close snugly on
ing wing l3 which, in closed position of the lid
and over a forwardly projecting or lower bay por
tion of the box and which lid is of such bottom 15 stands generally upright somewhat outward from
the plane of the panel 4. This is for dual pur
contour as to snugly meet and practically seal
poses; the trough I4 at the bottom of the wing
the open top mouth’ of the box; the lid having a
rests at its lowest line on the lip 8 to shed water
letter drop hole to be used if and when the lid is
from the box mouth, and the space between the
closed and. locked.
Further, a purpose of the invention is to pro 20 wing I3 and the main lid H is to receive mail
parcels too bulky to go in the box, or those which
vide a gravity closed lid including an upturned,
cannot be put in the box when the lid is locked.
weight-giving wing spaced well forwardly from
The panel 4 has near its top a small bail or
the main lid body and outwardly of the front
loop l5 over which will straddle a hasp [6 pro
plane of the front wall of the box.
The invention resides in certain advancements 25 vided on the trough of the lid; the bail being
adapted to receive a padlock, not shown.
in this art as set forth in the ensuing disclosure
and having, with the above, additional objects
The upper part of the lid has letter drop-hole ll.
What is claimed is:
and advantages as hereinafter developed, and
1. A mail receiving holder including an open
whose constructions, combinations and details of
means and the manner of operation will be made 30 top box of generally rectangular horizontal cross
section whose side walls have frontal edges set
manifest in the following description of the here
back on a generally vertical plane from the front
with illustrative embodiment; it being understood
part of the box to form a box bay and which edges
that modi?cations, variations and adaptations
then extend rearwardly to form top shoulders
may be resorted to within the scope, spirit and
principles of the invention as it is claimed in con 35 and the said front edges extending at their bot
tom portions to the front part of the box, and a
clusion hereof.
lid pivoted on the top rear portion of the box and
Figure 1 is a perspective of the partially opened
including a generally vertical body with upper
and lower portions conformed to the contour of
Figure 2 is a fragmentary side view of the closed,
upper portion of the box.
40 the said top edges of the side walls; the lid hav
ing an upturned, forwardly spaced wing forming
Figure 3 is a detail, vertical section showing
a trough in front part of the lid.
the trough of the lid sealing the front lip of
2. The holder of claim 1; the lid trough for
the box mouth.
wardly overhanging and resting on the mouth lip
The box embodies a lower, main portion 2 hav
ing side walls 3 of suitable depth and connected 45 of the front panel of the box.
by a front or bay panel 4 and a back wall 5; the
only one is shown at 6, to receive screws or nails
by which the box may be attached to a post or
to a wall. The panel 4 has holes ‘I to dicslose 50 The following references are of record in the
pieces of mail in the box, if any.
?le of this patent:
The back wall 5 extends well above the level
of the front lip 8 of the box. A feature of the
invention resides in the general outline of the
top edge of the side wall 3; whereby to give a 55
latter having suitably arranged holes, of which
projecting bay effect to the panel 4. The lip 8
is shown as curving inwardly and upwardly at
80 in concave contour to a suitable depth and
thence extends substantially vertically in a
straight line 8s and then convexly curves rear 60
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