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Dec. 23, 1947.
Filed May 12, 1944
424/" "
F/a. Z-
John F ec/rer
Patented Dec. 23, 1947
John F. Decker, Albany, N. Y.
Application May 12, 1944, Serial No. 535,369
4 Claims. (01. 180—77)
My invention relates to internal combustion
engines and particularly to valves for admitting
auxiliary air to. the intake manifold of an internal
Electrically or magnetically controlled Valves
have heretofore been proposed for admitting air
novel elements and the combinations and ar
rangements thereof described below and illus
trated in the accompanying drawing in which
Fig. 1 is a vertical section through my valve
with certain portions broken away and illustrat
ing a fragmentary portion of the intake manifold
to the intake manifold of internal combustion
» of an internal combustion engine, including a
combustion engine.
portion of a downdraft carburetor, to which my
valve is attached;
Fig. 2 is a diagram illustrating a portion of
and are not adapted for use with present day 10
the electrical wiring system in a motor vehicle
carburetors nor for use on present day motor with which my valve is associated;
vehicles which are equipped with voltage and
Fig. 3 is a plan view of the gasket between
current controlled regulators.
the carburetor and the intake manifold drawn to
When an internal combustion engine is ?rst
started, the admission of air, to the intake mani 15 a reduced siZe and showing a fragmentary por
engines. However such valves, so far as I am
aware, have never functioned very satisfactorily
tion of the tube with which my valve is connected;
fold, other than that passing through the car
buretor is extremely undesirable because it de
Fig. 4 is a fragmentary vertical section of an
stroys the proper mixture of air and gas which
inertia operated switch.
is formed in modern carburetors. Furthermore,
it interferes with the proper functioning of the 20 Referring to the drawings—
l is a fragmentary portion of the intake mani
accelerator pump and in many instances makes
fold of an internal combustion engine, and 2 is
it difficult if not impossible to start the motor.
a fragmentary portion of a downdraft carbure
On the other hand, after the motor has warmed
tor provided with a throttle 3 and an idling jet
up, and particularly at high speed, additional air
25 4. Between the intake manifold and the car
buretor is a gasket 5 which is substantially thicker
The principal object of my invention is to pro
than the gasket normally employed in this loca
vide a valve for admitting auxiliary air to the
tion and which is preferably formed of “Micarta”
intake manifold of an internal combustion engine
or like material. 6 generally represents my valve
and means for controlling the operation of the
valve so that it does not interfere either with the 30 which comprises a body ‘I, which may be of al
most any suitable substance but is preferably of
starting and warming up of the motor, with
a molded plastic. The body ‘I encloses a space
the normal idling speed thereof or with the'func
8 of rather substantial volume, depending some
tioning of the accelerator pump. Another object
what on the size of the engine, which is sealed
is to provide a valve of such character and means
at the top by the cover 9. For a small passenger
for automatically actuating the same so that,
car this volume however need not exceed about
upon the initial opening of the valve, there will
6/10 cubic inches. Providing communication be
be a momentary delay in establishing direct com
tween the space 8 and the intake manifold is a
munication between the intake manifold and the
tube III, one end of which may be molded into
surrounding atmosphere. Another object is to
provide a valve of this type and means for clos 40 the gasket 5 and the other end of which projects
through the side wall of the body ‘I and is se
ing the same when the motor is suddenly throt
cured therein by means of the adjusting screw
tled down, as in the case of stopping a motor
H provided with a lock nut l2. It will be noted
vehicle by the application of the brakes. A fur
that the tube l0 communicates with the intake
ther object is to provide a device of this charac
ter which may be quickly and easily attached to 45 manifold at a point directly below the idling jet
4. The screw ll extends down into the tube l0
the motor and connected in the electrical system
and by moving it into the tube or withdrawing it
of a motor vehicle without the necessity of mak
therefrom the cross-sectional area of the passage
ing any adjustments in the carburetor. A fur
through the tube may be varied. Molded into
ther object is to provide a device of simple con
struction, which may be sold and installed at a 50 the bottom of the body ‘I is a valve comprising a
hollow metal cylinder or ring I3 which projects
reasonable price, and which will function e?i
somewhat below the body ‘I and serves as a seat
ciently at all times to effect a considerable sav
for the valve closure member I4 formed of mag
ing in fuel and increase the top speed of the
netic material and which is pivoted at IE to a
is very desirable.
I accomplish these objects by means of the 55 bracket l6 secured to the side of the body ‘I. A
light helical spring I‘! is compressed between the
tact with the valve seat I3 by means of the spring
end H? of the closure element It and the en
ll. When the motor is idling there is a compara
larged portion I9 of the adiusting screw 20 which
tively high vacuum in the intake manifold usually,
is provided with a lock nut 2| abutting the top
around 21 inches and thus the armature or closure
of the bracket I8. The compression on the springr 5 element i4 is held very ?rmly in valve closed po
is adjusted by means of the screw 20 so that
sition by atmospheric pressure on the outer side
the closure element I4 is held very lightly against
thereof; the e?‘ective pressure of course depend
its seat l3. Thus, the valve opening into the body
ing. on the degree of vacuum in the intake mani
‘I is normally closed‘. Secured to a lug 22 on the
fold and also upon the cross-sectional area of the
bottom of the body ‘I is an electromagnet 23 10 valve passage. For ordinary passenger vehicles
having its core 24 within operative range of the
this passage may be about 1%” in diameter and
closure element M which also functions as an
the tube it”) may be about 1/4” outside diameter
armature for the magnet. The terminals of the
which will provide an inside diameter of about
winding on the electromagnet are electrically
connected to the binding posts 25 and 26 which 15
The function of the electromagnet is to place
are secured to the base 21 of the magnet.
the correct magnetic pull on the armature I4 to
In Fig. 2 I have illustrated that portion of the
overcome the atmospheric pressure which holds
electric wiring which is ordinarily directly asso
the armature or valve closure element it against
ciated with the generator and battery of a motor
its seat.
vehicle. Thus, 28 is the generator, 29 is the stor 20
It will be apparent that, when a vacuum exists
age battery and 30 represents generally the volt
in the intake manifold the same degree of vacuum
age and current regulator including a cutout or
will exist in the space 8 in the body 1, and the
circuit breaker. I make no claim of course to the
function of this space, which is quite important,
regulator per se but I utilize the cutout as an
is to provide, after the voltage of the electrical
element of my invention. 32 is the stop light ?la 25 system has risen slightly above the normal battery
ment and 33 is the stop light switch which is nor
voltage, a momentary or short delay after the
mally connected to the brake pedal of the vehicle
valve in the body opens before a full flow of air
so that, when the brake is applied the switch 33
takes place through the tube It into the manifold.
is closed and the stop light is connected across the
In operation, when the motor is ?rst started a
battery and illuminated.
30 comparatively high vacuum, usually better than
I have indicated the terminals of the genera
20", is formed in the intake manifold and also
tor by the letters A and F and the terminals of the
in the space 8 and in the tube Ii]. At low engine
regulator by the letters B, G and F because these
speeds the output from the generator 28 is low,
markings correspond to the markings normally
the voltage of the battery is also low when it is
used on these devices to facilitate their connection 35 cold, and, due to the‘ regulator 30 the generator is
to each other and the connection of the regulator
not connected to the battery because the circuit
to the battery. The function of the regulator of
breaker is open. However, as the motor warms
course is well understood and is to control the
up and its speed is increased, the voltage of the
voltage of the generator and prevent it from ex
generator, which is driven thereby, also increases
ceeding a predetermined maximum ?xed by the 40 with the speed. During this period my valve re
setting of the voltage regulator and to control the
mains closed and the engine is operating on the
current output of the generator and prevent it
normal mixture provided by the carburetor.
from exceeding a predetermined maximum de
However, as the throttle is opened the vacuum in
termined by the setting of the current regulator.
the intake manifold and the space 8 is reduced
By reference to Fig. 2 it will be noted that one 45 which reduces the effectiveness of the atmos
terminal 26 of the electromagnet 23 is grounded
pheric pressure holding the air valve in closed
through the stop light ?lament 32 while the other
position, thus requiring less magnetic pull to
terminal 25 is connected to terminal G of the
draw the armature M away from the position
regulator. This terminal‘ is connected to the
shown in Fig. 1 to open the air valve in the bottom
heavy current winding 34 on one of the relays 50 of the body ll. As thevoltage of the generator
in the regulator which is in series with the heavy
rises the circuit breaker closes and the points 33
winding 35 on the cutout. The winding 35 is con
are brought together thus establishing a circuit
nected to the armature of the cutout 35 at 31 so
between the generator and the battery and also
that when the cutout is closed the terminal 25 on
placing the electromagnet across the terminals of
the magnet 23 is connectedv to the battery 29 55 the battery.
through the windings just mentioned, the arma
As the throttle is opened, the vacuum reduced in
ture 36, the contact points 38 and the conductor
the space 8, and the air valve in the bottom of
the body ‘I opened, there is a slight delay before
air ?ow equilibrium is established through the
The electromagnet 23 is wound to the proper re
sistance to work in conjunction with the voltage 0 valve into the intake manifold thus giving the en
gine an opportunity to accelerate before the ratio
of the battery used in the electrical system and
of air and gas in the fuel mixture is changed.
the cross-sectional area of the valve ring [3.
This delay would not occur if the tube It com
Usually, where a 6 volt system is used with a valve
municated directly with the valve l3 so that air
ring diameter of 3%" a resistance between about
could pass directly through the tube H] to the
24 and about 26 ohms is preferred while for a 12
manifold immediately upon the opening of the
volt system a resistance of from about 54 ohms to
valve H3. The space 8, however, which provides
about56 ohms is preferred. The idea is to provide
for the opening of the air valve when the voltage
more or less indirect communication between the
tube iii and the outside atmosphere does produce
in the electrical system has risen to about seven
volts and the vacuum in the manifold has dropped 70 the desired delay, due perhaps, to turbulence
therein created by the inrush at high velocity of
substantially, say from 21 inches to about 15
air through the valve l3 as it opens. This inrush
of air, initially, is in the form of a jet at right
When the engine is atrest the air valve in the
angles to the direction of air flow in tube I0.
bottom of thebody is closed by the armature I4
which, as pointed out above, is held lightly in con 75 Furthermore, while the space 8 does effect an in
5 _
in direct- communication with said manifold to
provide for the ?ow of air from said space through
said pipe directly into said manifold,‘ a, valve
would be the case if the‘ same space were dis-'
having an air passage of comparatively small
tributed‘ throughout a long tube because the body
cross sectional area for the ?ow therethrough of
‘I is compact ‘and the‘ cross sectional area of the
circumambientair into said space at a point rel—
space 8 is comparatively large,
atively remote from the point of communication
When the motor is decelerateol by closing the
of said pipe therewith, means actuated by at
throttle, it is quite important that the air valve
mospheric pressure for closing said valve when
close, otherwise the normal idling mixture will
be diluted and the engine stalled due to too lean 10 the speed of said engine is decelerated, and an
electromagnet for actuating said means to open’
a mixture. When the motor is reduced to idling
said valve, when the speed of said engine isv ac
speed the generator output falls and the circuit
celerated; wherebyv when said valve is closed and
breaker should open, thus closing the air valve.
said engine is operating at low speed a partial
Sometimes, however this does not occur instant
itial‘del'ay‘inthe‘ flow‘ of air into- the manifold ‘it
does'riot thereafter, restrict the flow of air, as
ly and hence I have shown two means either of 15 vacuum will be developed in said space and when
said valve is thereafter opened by the speeding up
which will insure the closing of the air valve.
of- said engine the existence of said partiall vac
When the brakes are applied to the Vehicle to
uum in said spacewill effect a momentary delay
stop or decelerate it the throttle is of course
in the flow of air through said pipe from said
closed, and the stop light will be illuminated by
the closing of the switch 33 which is associated 20 space to said manifold and stalling of said en
gine due to too lean a’ mixture will be prevented.
with the brake pedal (not shown). When this
2. A device for admitting auxiliary air to the
' switch is closed it will be apparent that both ter
intake manifold of an internal combustion en
minals of the electromagnet 23 are connected to
gine comprising the combination with ‘a pipe‘ of
the same terminal of the battery and thus, being
short circuited, the electromagnet will release the 25 comparatively restricted cross sectional area
adapted to be placed in direct communication
armature M and close the air valve.
with said manifold, a valve having an air pas
In Fig. 4 I have illustrated an inertia oper
sage therethrough of comparatively restricted
ated switch in which the actuating element is a
cross sectional area, means actuated when the
pendulum 4U pivotally mounted to swing freely
at 4 1. One terminal 42 is provided on the pendu 30 speed of said engine is accelerated for opening
said valve“ for the passage of circumambient air
lum which is grounded and another terminal 43
therethrough, and means forming an air- cham
adapted to cooperate with the terminal 42 is se
ber of comparatively large cross sectional area
cured to the resilient arm 44. The terminals
42 and 43 are normally held in electrical contact
and volume providing communication there
by the light spring 45 the tension on whichymay 35 through between said pipe and the passage
be adjusted by the adjusting nuts 46. By con
through said valve; whereby when said valve is
necting the terminal 26 on the electromagnet to
closed and said engine is operating at low speed
a comparatively high vacuum will be developed
nected to the contact 43 it will be apparent that
in said air chamber which, when said valve is
this terminal of the electromagnet is thus nor 40 suddenly and fully opened, will cause a delay in
mally connected to the negative or grounded bat
the establishment of a full ?ow of air from said
tery terminal in much the same manner as it
chamber through said pipe into said manifold
is connected through the ?lament 32 of the stop
until air pressure equilibrium is established in
light, as shown in Fig. 2. The arrow on the
said chamber.
pendulum 40 indicates the direction in which 45
3. In a device adapted to admit auxiliary air
the vehicle to which the device is attached is
to the intake manifold of an internal combus
moving. Hence, when the forward motion is de
tion engine of a motor vehicle having a gener
the binding post 41 which is electrically con
celerated, the pendulum 4!], due to its intertia,
ator driven by said engine, a battery charged by
will swing forward in the direction of the arrow
said generator, and a relay for closing and open
and break the circuit through the electromag 50 ing the circuit between said battery and gener
net and the battery to effect a closure of the
ator, the combination with a compact body en
closing a space of comparatively large cross sec
Careful tests of my air Valve on various motor
tional area and volume, of a pipe of compara
vehicles have indicated an average increase of
about 18% in gasoline mileage and 6% in power, 55 tively small cross sectional area communicat
ing with said space and having an outlet in di
and an increase in the top speed of the engine of
rect communication with said manifold to pro
from 5 to 7 miles per hour.
vide for the flow of air between said space and
The device is easily applied to any engine and
said manifold, a valve having an air passage
no changes in carburetor or other adjustments
therethrough of comparatively small cross-sec
tional area for admitting atmospheric air to said
While I have described my invention in its
space at a point relatively remote from the point
preferred embodiment it is to be understood that
where said pipe communicates therewith, an elec
the words which I have used are words of de
tromagnet for opening said valve; said magnet
scription rather than of limitation and that
changes within the purview of the appended 65 being electrically connected across the terminals
of said battery by said relay when closed, and
claims may be made Without departing from the
inertia actuated means for breaking the circuit
true scope and spirit of my invention.
through said magnet when said vehicle is decel
What I claim is:
erated to close said valve irrespective of the po
l. A device for admitting auxiliary air to the
are necessary.
intake manifold of an internal combustion en
70 sition of said relay; whereby when said valve is
gine comprising in combination, a compact body
closed by the deceleration of said vehicle a par
enclosing a space of compartively large cross sec
tial vacuum will be created in said space which,
tion and volume, a pipe of comparatively small
when said valve is thereafter opened, will effect
a momentary delay in placing said manifold in
cross sectional area communicating with said
space and having an outlet adapted to be placed 75 communication with the atmosphere and stalling
of said engine due to too lean a mixture will be
4. In a device adapted to admit auxiliary air
to the intake manifold of an internal combustion
engine of a motor vehicle having a generator
driven by said engine, a battery charged by said
generator, a relay for closing and opening the
circuit between said battery and generator, a
stop light and a circuit, including a switch, con- ‘
necting said light and battery, the combination 10
manifold in communication with the atmosphere,
and stalling of said engine due to too lean a
mixture will be prevented.
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
with a compact body enclosing a space of com
paratively large cross sectional area and volume,
of a pipe of comparatively small cross sectional
Barden ___________ __ May 7, 1929
area communicating with said space and having
Rodman __________ __ May 3, 1938
an outlet in direct communication with said 15 1,360,547
Loetscher _______ __ Nov. 30, 1920
manifold to provide for the ?ow of air between
Deeds ____________ __ Sept, 9, 1890
said space and said manifold, a valve having an
air passage therethrough of comparatively small
cross sectional area for admitting atmospheric
air to said space at a point relatively remote 20
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from the point where said pipe communicates
therewith, an electromagnet for opening said
valve; said magnet being electrically connected
across the terminals of said battery in series with
the ?lament of said stop light When said relay is 25 2,081,425
closed and said stop light switch is open; where
by when said vehicle is braked and said stop
light switch is closed the circuit through said
magnet will be neutralized, said valve will close
and a partial vacuum will be developed in said 30
space which, when said valve is thereafter opened,
will e?ect a momentary delay in placing said
Great Britain ______ __ Aug. 7, 1919
Great Britain _____ __ Jan. 25, 1923
Germany _________ __ Sept. 5, 1933
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