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Jan. 20, 1948.
T, B, $T||_|_MAN
Filed F‘eb. 1l, 1945
i l»
l" u
ì] Í fi'
Patented Jan. 20, 1948
, 2,434,677
Thomas B. Stillman, South Orange, N. `Lassign
or to The Babcock & Wilcox Company, Rock
leigh, N. J., a corporation of‘New Jersey
Application February 11, 1943, SerialNo. 475,469
3 Claims. (Cl. 18S-83)
This invention relates to improvements in de
vices >for separating fluids of diiîerent densities.
It is more specifically concerned with improve
ments in centrifugal means for the eiïective
-separation of such iiuids.
arators; and
An embodiment of the invention involves a
Whirl ’chamber into which a mixture of steam
Fig. 4 isa transverse vertical -section of 4the
steam >and water drum inthe Fig. ,3 steamgen- '
I'and water is tangentially discharged at high
velocity, this action setting up rotation of the
rfluid within the Whirl chamber.
As a conse
quence, steam is separated from the water, and
The illustrative separator includes -a substan
tially circular whirl vchamber Ill having Ia tan
gential inlet I2 through which steam and water
passes from the whirl chamber out of an upper
steam outlet while the separated Water is dis
charged -through another outlet preferably dis
Fig. `2 is a `partial `plan section -on the ¿Plane
indicated by the line r2---2 >of Fig. 1 ;
Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical section of a water
tube steam generator of the marine type, .em
ploying the illustrative steam and water sep
mixtures :normally passat high velocity.
Due to the centrifugal action set up îby the
15 whirling of the ñuid within-the chamber «I Il, steam
posed at the bottom of the chamber.
>is separated from the water. This steam passes
The invention contemplates the use of the
Athrough 'a steam Aoutlet I4 `deñned by vcircular
illustrative separators in a steam generator and
depending flange 4Iii at .the top of the whirl
an object of the invention is to provide such
separator means that such steam generators will
Above the whirl Achamber steam outlet is a
'be characterized by more eliective separation of 20 multiple
plate auxiliary separator IB, a substan
water and steam, even in spite of unsteady and
tial portion of the steam passing through this
widely >ñuc'tuating water .level conditions in a
`separator to the steam space of the drum,
steam and Water drum in which the illustrative
The separated water is discharged downwardly
separators are employed.
yA more specific object of the invention is to 25 from the whirl chamber `through »circumferen
tially arranged outlets I8 formed by the lower
minimize or prevent the entrainment of water
of the wall of the whirl chamber, the cylin
iin the steam which 'passes from the illustrative
`'drical flange I9 of `the whirl chamber Abottom
20 «and successive spaced metallic vanes 2I inthe
Another object of the invention involves im
narrow vannular outlet passage.
provements in the illustrative steam and water
Extending ldownwardlyinto the whirl chamber
separators used in conjunction with multiple
`Vplateauxiliary separators above the steam out
lets of the whirl chamber separators.
In this
-is 'an inverted metallic -cone 24 having an yupper
ñange Y»26 resting lupon the angular top 28 of 4the
This cone is perforated, .as
combination, the invention involves improvements
whereby the percentage of entrained moisture 35 shown, and its free flowarea formed `by the per
forations is 'at least equal to the flow area `oi
reaching the inlet of such an auxiliary separator
outlet -I 4. This cone does not extend `be
»is minimized and the operation of the auxiliary
normal vortex of the whirl chamber and
separator is improved by more uniform loading
it not only acts -to provide a more `uniform-flow
thereof. The illustrative improvements also pre
through the steam outlet I4 butvalso'to intercept
vent any undesirable separation effects upon the 40 entrained droplets -of Water and v»allow them to
auxiliary separator by reason of the centrifugal
drain 4back Ainto the water space of the whirl
action within the Whirl chamber. The illustra
>tive improvement also accomplishes this result
‘whirl chamber.
‘chamber from `the apex of the cone, the sep
arated .steam _passing vfreely through the -.cone
Without in any way interfering with steam and 45 perforations.
water separation eliect resulting from the whirl
To insure satisfactory steam quality even at
ing movement of the fluids within the whirl
high capacities and unstable drum water level
conditions, an inverted auxiliary pyramid 3l) is
disposed across the inlet side of the auxiliary
The invention will be described with reference
to an embodiment thereof shown in the accom 50 separator IG. It is maintained in this position
panying drawings, and other objects of the in
vention will appear as the description proceeds.
In the drawings:
Fig. 1 is a vertical section through one of the
illustrative steam and Water separators;
by the clamping of its peripheral flange 32 be
tween the auxiliary separator I6 and its sup
ports 34 and 36 as particularly shown in Fig. 1.
The auxiliary pyramid 30 is also perforated as
indicated and it acts to separate and collect water
droplets so that they will not pass upwardly to
the auxiliary separator. It also promotes the
removal of entrained moisture by guiding it
laterally of the separator to the steam space of
the drum through the auxiliary outlet 40 be
tween the top of the whirl chamber and sup
Whirl chamber and across the ilow of separated
fluid of lesser density to the whirl chamber out
let, each of said baiiles being of V-section with
its apex presented downwardly, the total free ilow
area of the perforations of this secondary baille
being at least equal to the flow area of the whirl
port 36.
chamber outlet.
It will be appreciated that the free ilow area
2. In a fluid separator, means forming a whirl
through the perforations of pyramid 30 is sub
chamber, means forming a tangential whirl
stantially less than the free flow areaV of cone 10 chamber inlet through which a mixture of differ
24, and both the pyramid and the cone, being
ent density fluids enters the whirl chamber at
effective to produce a more uniform loading of
high velocity and sets up whirling action therein,
the auxiliary separator IE5, break up any slugs of
spaced whirl chamber outlets for separated fluids
water which may sometimes start upwardly from
of different densities, said outlets including a
the vortex of the whirl chamber. These slugs
bottom outlet for iluid of greater density and a
might be such that some of the water would passv
top outlet for fluid `of lower density, a multiple
into the auxiliary separator were it not for the
plate auxiliary separator above the top outlet and
pyramid or the cone, and in this way, these ele
-spaced from the top of the whirl chamber to
ments directly affect the functioning of the
form a supplementary and lateral fluid outlet
auxiliary separator.
20 therebetween, and a perforated metallic baffle
The illustrative separators are preferably ar
construction covering the inlet side of the aux
ranged within a steam and water drum 50 in
the manner indicated in Figs. 3 and 4 of the
Each separator inlet structure l2 is
iliary separator and being operatively disposed
between the auxiliary separator and all of the
lateral outlet, said baffle construction being of
provided with a flange 52 for securement to a
25 inverted cap-shape and having a V-shaped sec
wall 56 of a steam and water drum inlet com
tion in any plane extending through the upright
partment 53. This compartment is substantially
axis of the baille.
closed 4by diaphragms and plates and it is so
3. In a whirl chamber separator for fluids of
arranged as to receive the steam and Water mix
different densities, means forming an upright
tures from the steam generating tubes connecting 30 whirl chamber having a substantially tangential
the lower drums 60 and 62 directly to the drum
inlet through which flows a high velocity mix
50. These steam generating tubes are preferably
ture of different density fluids, means forming
arranged in tube banks 613 and 66, some of the
an .outlet toward the bottom of the whirl cham
tubes being shown at 'l0-JH. The bank of tubes
ber forl separated fluid of high density, a scrub
64 include -large diameter tubes 80 supporting 35 ber type auxiliary separator disposed above the
the superheater sections 82 and 84, and the corn
whirl chamber andacross the upward flow of
bine-d structure separates the superheater fur
separated fluid of lesser density, the auxiliary
nace 90 from the main furnace 92.
In normal
separator being spaced vertically from the top
operation of the steam generator, burners 94-96
of the whirl chamber to form an auxiliary side
heat the superheater furnace 90, and the furnace 40 outlet for ñuid, and an inverted cap-like baille
gases pass across the superheater and-the tubes
of perforated metal extending across the upward
of the bank Eiland thence across the upper parts
flow of separated fluid of lessei` density and op
of the tubes of the bank 66 to the economizer l0!!
eratively disposed between all of said side outlet
and thence to the gas outlet |02. The major
and the auxiliary separator so that'all fluid pass
part of the steam generated in this installation
ing to the auxiliary separator must have passed ‘
results from the operation of the burners I lil-l I3
through the baille, said baille construction also
of the main furnace 92,
’ .
having upwardly ldiverging surfaces disposed so
What is claimed is:
as to -direct impact iluid of high density toward
1. In a iluid separator, an upright cylindrical
said side outlet.
whirl chamber casing open at the top to provide 50
an outlet for separated ñuid of lesser density, a
tangential whirl chamber inlet through which
a mixture of different density fluids enters the
references are of record in the
whirl chamber at high velocity, an auxiliary
separator spaced from the top of the whirl 55 file of this patent:
chamber to form a supplementary and lateral
outlet therebetween for separated fluid of lesser
density, said auxiliary separator receiving sep
Stevens __________ __ May 5, 1903
arated fluid of lesser density from the whirl
chamber outlet, a perforated metallic distributor 60
baffle covering the inlet side of the auxiliary sep
arator but leaving substantially free communi
cation between the supplementary outlet and the
whirl chamber outlet, and a secondary perforated
metallic distributor baille extending into the 65
Downton _________ __ May 29, 1888
Fletcher _________ __ Oct. 13, 1942
Great Britain ____ __ Apr. 20, 1911
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