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- Jilly 6, 1943-
Filed June 14, 1946
*0’ _
\ \R‘ at "£77";
g 40
7 I
Patented July 6, 1948
Robert B.‘Braidwood, Dallas, Tex., assignor of
one-half to Bruce N. Spencer, Jr., Dallas, Tex.
\ Application June 14, 1946, Serial No. 676,693
2 Claims. (Cl. 284—13)
The inventionhas to do with the type of gas
cock which is provided with a Valve for cutting
oil‘ the ?ow of gas when the hose is detached
from the nozzle and provides certain advan
to control the ?ow of gas through the bore I3.
It is customary to provide an externally screw
threaded spud I6 on the outer end of the‘nozzle.
This invention relates to new and useful im
provements in safety gas cocks.
I The outer end’of the nozzle is provided with
tageous improvements.
One object of the invention is to provide a
safety; attachment to the ordinary gas cook
whereby the standard manufactured cock‘ may
be equipped without making special castings and
without the use of close ?tting movable parts.
Another object of the invention is to provide
a simple safety gas cook having a spring-pressed
cutoff valve therein and provided with a lever
pivoted in the nozzle for unseating the valve
and having its outer end extending laterally be—
a counter-bore I‘! co-axially alined with the
main bore I4 and forming a continuation there
of. At the intersection of these bores, an annular
seat I8 is provided for receiving a valve ball I9.
The inner end of the‘ main bore I 4 is vprovided
with an internally screw-threaded enlarged‘ bore
20 into which a screw-threaded ring bushing 2i
is screwed. vA coil spring 22 con?ned in the bore
I4 has its inner end bearing against the bushing
and its outer end engaging the ball I9 for hold;
ing it on the seat.
' ‘An angular lever 23 has one end extending
into the counterbore I1 and pivoted on a trans
yond the end of the nozzle so as to be depressed
verse pin 24 adjacent its inner end. The inner
end of the inner lever arm is curved to form a
by the hose nipple when the hose is connected to
20 nose 25 which is adapted to engage the ball I9
the cock.
A further object of the invention is to provide
below its center or at a point o?set therefrom,
so that when the outer end of the lever 23 is
an improved safety gas cock adaptable for use
swung downwardly, the nose will force the ball
with all types of gas hose and tubing, such as
oif of the seat I8 and thus permit gas to flow
rubber gas hose, or copper tubing or ?exible
metallic tubing.
outwardly through the nipple. The outer end of
Still another object of the invention is to pro
vide an improved safety gas ?tting which pos
sesses all the advantages of the gas cock made
in accordance with this invention, and which
the lever 23 is formed with a rounded boss 26
and extends laterally so that said boss will nor
mally project a substantial distance beyond the
circumference of the spud I6.
may be connected to an ordinary gas cook so as 30
When the nipple of the usual hose (not shown)
to convert the latter to a safety gas cook.
is forced onto the nozzle I2, the boss 26 of the
A construction designed to carry out the in
lever 23 will be engaged and. the said lever swung
downwardly to the position shown in dotted lines
vention will be hereinafter described together
in Fig. 1. When the lever is swung downward or
with other features of the invention.
The invention will be more readily understood 35 inwardly, the nose 25 will displace the ball I9
from a reading of the following speci?cation and
from the seat I8 and hold'lsaid ball unseated,
by reference to the accompanying drawings,
whereby the gas may flow freely through the
cock to the hose. Should the hose be pulled off
wherein an example of the invention is shown,
of the nozzle either accidentally or intentionally,
and wherein:
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal, sectional view of a safe 40 the spring 22 which is under compression, will
ty gas cock constructed in accordance with the
move the ball I9 to its seat and thus automati
cally shut oil the escape of gas.
Fig. 2 is a longitudinal, sectional view of a
In the form shown in Fig. 2, the medial portion
and the valve core I5 are omitted so that the body
modi?ed form of the invention, and
Fig. 3 is an enlarged outer end elevation of 45 includes only a socket 21 and the nozzle I2 which
the same.
is made integral therewith. Otherwise, the con
In the drawings, the numeral Ill designates the
struction is the same. The socket 2'! is screw
body of a standard gas cook having an internally
threaded so as to engage the screw-threaded
spud, similar to the spud I6, which is provided
screw-threaded socket I I at one end by which
it is attached to the gas pipe (not shown) and. 60 on nearly all standard gas cocks. Thus, the usual
gas cock may readily and quickly be converted to
the usual convoluted nozzle I? at its opposite or
outer end. The body is provided with an axial
bore I3 extending from the socket which bore is
alined with the main bore Id‘ of the nipple. The
usual rotary valve core I5 is mounted in the body 55
a safety gas cock by screwing the ?tting shown
in Fig. 2 thereon. The standard gas cock need
not be replaced, or any disconnections made in
the gas pipes.
The invention is simple and inexpensive be
a coiled spring con?ned between the bushing and
cause it may be applied to any standard manu
facture of gas cock now in common use. How
ever, it would ‘be necessary to bore out the nipple
[2 to form the main bore 13 and also to bore out 5
the nozzle and extending laterally beyond the
the nipple to :form the screw-threaded bore 20.
The elements 2|, 22, I9, 23 and 24 obviously can
be readily applied. It would also be possible to
end of the nozzle.
2. A safety gas cook including, a body having
a. ?ow passage therethrough and a nozzle having
cast they-cool; with the-hore-therein and then
emeielwreend: a reduced wuntenbvre at its
the ball, and an angular lever having one arm
extending into the nozzle counterbore and pivoted
adjacent the ball and its other arm exterior of
serew-thready-the bore 20. It will be noted that 10 outer end,_ said nozzle having a valve seat between
there are no sliding or mova'ble parts which re
its bores, a ring bushing at the inner end of the
quire close machining and the lever could be I "main nozzle bore, a valve ball movable in the
stamped from heavy sheet metal.
‘here of the nozzle engaging the seat, a
coiled spring con?ned between the bushing and
The device may be utilized with any type or
style of gas hose or tubing, and~wil1 v-functionpm thehalll?andsin-angular lever having one arm
equally well with rubber hose slipped .over ‘the, ' extending into-thenezzle counterbore and pivoted
nipple, a copper tubing or ?exihlegnetallic tubing. 1
halland its other arm exterior of
the nozzle and extending laterally ‘beyond the
secured to the screw-threaded spud. This gas
cock is simple and positive in operation,- and:
engine? the nozzle, said lever having a curved nose
serves as an additional safeguard against leakage 20 at its inner end engaging the ball off center
Q2 8% when the 1 valve :15 is slqseem gas
connected be= thegoutlet-
The :fqreseine» deserimien e? the: invention is
exelenetory and venom.“ chase sv iii the Size
Thefollowing references ‘are of record in‘ the
the illustrated/constlilcti.on~meyts
Ofthe eeeseeeqvcleims
as well as 113 with.
. in. die-.
?leofthis patent;v
Pa-rtine free-the spiritef-the invention.
;1 lcleim; and desire in secure bye-Letters
1- A new 5&8 e991; includieaaibeer having‘
'6} ?ew passage -.ther:ethr0eeh and a nozzle ‘.11 ung
ameiebore and-a rsdeeedr countsrbqre at its
Outer‘ end, Said nozzlehevine eevalve Seat be.
tween its bores, a ring bushing-at theinnererld 36
of‘ the lniain.nozzleiybovre2 a valveball movable-Lin
the main time 9f the 1192218. tegeeiilethe seat
"f-"t-?' 7
57,825‘ \
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Austtelie Tue-~- Feh~~ 25,- 13.1.3
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