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Aug. 17, 1948.
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed Jan. 16, 1946
M/lzamA- Ml?ams,
Aug- 17; 1948-
Filed Jan. 16, 1946
SASheets-Sheet 3
, gaaéi
B Y ya
Patented Aug. 17, 1948
" 2,447,300 '
'William A. ‘Williams, Philadelphia, 1a., “smite
to The American Pulley Company, Philadel
phia, Page corporation ofl'ennsylvania
A Application Jimmie, 1946, Serial No. 641,441
4 Claims. (01. 214-654)
This invention relates to grasp devices useful
more especially in connection with apparatus
such as hand trucks-and powered transporting
elevator trucks, in'handling container drums and
"The chief aim of my invention is to provide a
device of the kind‘ referred to which is of simple
and inexpensive construction, and. capable, as
the truck with which it is associated is maneu
the truck frame is provided for a purpose pres
ently explained, with a central longitudinal mem
ber l3 of channel section whereof the opposite
' ends are ?xedly connected. respectively to the
cross member l1 and to the axle channel‘ l5.
The drum D which it is desired to transport
is of ‘a type having a cylindric bodyv B (Fig; 3) with
a substantially-square section outwardly-project;
ing ?ange or chime b, peripherally of its top. vand
vered into position to receive an upright drum, of 10 a cover C with an upwardly projecting circum
automatically vgraspingv the laterally-projecting
ferential ridge embossment 0 adapted to ?t down
top ?ange or chime of such’ drum and thereby
over said chime, the cover being held in place by
,a clamp ring R.
pick up vtheidrum and thereafter securely hold it
on the truck while it is being transported.
The grasp device with which the present inven
In connection with a clamp device having the 15 tion is more especially concerned is comprehen
above attributes and intended for use with a
hand truck, it is a further aim of my invention
sively designated l3, and as shown, comprises a
stop member 20 and a cooperative latch element
to’provide for its adjustment longitudinally of the
2| . As seen to the best advantage in Figs. 3 and
truck so that the truck may be adapted for han
4 the stop member consists of an angle piece 22
20 whereof the horizontal ?ange is concaved as at
dling drums of different heights.
Other objects and attendant advantages will
23 to conform to the curvature ofthe drum body
- appear from the following detailed description of
and to serve as a ledge for engaging beneath the
theattached drawings, wherein
chime b of said drum; andra channel piece 25
Fig. 1 is a view in front elevation of a hand
which is welded orotherwise rigidly attached to
truck with an associated grasp device convenient 25 the back of said angular piece at the center and
ly embodying my invention. slidingly engages over the central longitudinal I8
Fig. 2 is avertical section taken as indicated by
,of the truck frame. vIn order that the device may
_ the angled arrows II—H in Fig. 1 showing how the
be adjusted along the longitudinal l8 to suit the
hand truck is maneuvered into position to pick
height of the drum D, I have provided it with
up an upright container drum with the aid of m 30 a set screw 26 which is selectively engageable with
improved grasp device.
Figs. 3 and 4 are detail sections drawn to a
larger scale and taken as respectively indicated by
thearrows III-III ‘and IV-IV in Figs. 1 and 2;
Fig. 5 is a view in side elevation of a powered
elevating and transporting truck likewise pro
vided with a grasp device of my invention.
apertures 21 serially arranged in said longitudi
The latch element 2| is in the form of a yoke
with side arms 28 connected at their rear ends,
by a stud rivet 29. Fixed in ears 30 pendent from
the side arms 28 intermediate their ends are
headed pivot studs 3| whereof the shanks engage
- aligned holes respectively in opposite sides of the
Referring ?rst more particularly to Figs. 1 and
portion 25 of the stop member 20. At the front
2 of these illustrations, the hand truck there
ends of its side arms 28 the latch element is pro
shown is generally of well known construction
vided with hoolrs 32 for engaging the circumferen
in that it has a frame with hollow side bars III
tial ridge embossment c of the cover C rearward
,which are joined at their opposite ends by cross
of the chime by shown in Fig. 3, said hooks being
members | I and l 2, the latter of these cross mem
beveled as shown for capacity to ride over said
bers being concaved to approximately conform to 45 embossment in a manner presently explained. A
the curvature of drums, such as the one indi
coiled spring 33 in tension between the rivet 23
cated at D in Fig. 2, to be transported. The
and an anchorage lug 34 welded fast within the
wheels I3 of the truck are rotatable about the cy
sleeve portion 25 of the stop member 20, serves to
lindric ends of an axle I4 lodged in a transverse
yieldingly maintain the element 2| in latching
channel bar l5 which is secured to bracket ele 50 position.
ments ||i pendent from the side bars ll adjacent
In use, the hand truck is brought up to the up
the nose end of the truck. At the'opposite end,
right drum D and swung up about its toe end to
the truck has the usual handles l1 whereof the
vertical position as in Fig. 2, with attendant en
shanks are riveted fast within the hollows of the
gagement of the stop member 20 of the grasp de
side bars III. In accordance with my invention 55 vice beneath the peripheral ?ange or chime b of
the drum, ‘and overriding of the cover embossment
c by the. beveled hook ends of the spring-biased
latch element 2| into final latching position. The
grasp device thereafter maintains a firm hold on
the drum D as the truck is swung back to wheel
be affixed to a vertical part of the truck and-hav
ing a ledge for engaging beneath the chime of
a drum of the aforesaid type in upright position;
and anassociated relatively movable latch ele
ing position, with the drum supported by the side
capacity to ride over the chime and automatically
engage it at-the back as the truck is brought to
ment with a hook having a beveled cam end for
bars l0 and cross member I! ofthe truck frame.
In unloading the truck after the drum has been
the drum from the side to pick it up.
-2. A ‘grasp device characterized as in claiml,
transported to the desired location, it is swung up
to vertical position likewise as in Fig. 2 to deposit 10 wherein the latch element is pivotally connected
the drum upright. With this accomplished, the
to the stop member, and wherein a biasing spring
rearwardly-proiecting portion of the latch ele
is arranged to urge the hook of said element
ment 2| is depressed in opposition to the spring
toward the ledge of the stop member.
33 and its hook ends 32 thereby disengaged from
3. A grasp device characterized as in claim 1,
the chime of the drum, and the truck thereupon 15 wherein the stop member is in the form of a slide
withdrawn. 'I'o adapt ‘the truck for manipula
which is adjustable up and down on the vertical
tion of drums of other heights, the grasp device
part of thetruck for adaptation of the truck to
is simply adjusted as may be required along the
handle drums of different heights.
central longitudinal - ll of the truck frame and
4. A grasp device for use in connection with a
thereafter fixed by engaging the set screw 26 with 20 powered transporting truck having an elevator
the proper hole .21 in said longitudinal.
and a seat for an operator, in picking up con
At Fig. 5, the grasp device is secured with
tainer drums having outwardly projecting ?anges
capacity for adjustment to a post Illa on the
or chimes circumferentially of their tops, said
elevator 40 of a powered four wheel elevating and
device comprising a stop member adapted to be
transporting truck ll which has a platform at 25 affixed to the elevator and having a ledge for en
'42 for an operator. Through suitable mechanism
gaging beneath the chime of a drum of the afore
(not shown) controllable by means of a hand
said type in upright position; an associated rela
lever at 43, the elevator 40 can be raised or low
tively movable latch element with a hook having
ered in a well known manner.
In the use of the
a beveled cam end for capacity to ride over the
truck of Fig. 5, the elevator 46 is lowered to place 30 chime and automatically engage it at the back
the grasp device [9 at the proper height for en
as the truck is brought up to the drum from the
gagement with the chime of the drum which is
side to pick it up; and control means accessible
to be picked up. Thereupon the truck is ad
from the station of the operator on the truck for
vanced toward the drum to e?ect automatic en
actuating the latch member to release the drum
gagement of the'grasp device with the drum in 35 after it has been transported to the desired
the same manner as described hereinbefore in
connection with the hand truck. The elevator
4|! is next actuated to lift the drum as shown in
Fig. 5, and the truck operated to transport the
drum to the desired location. .Then the elevator 40 The following references are of record in the
may be lowered to deposit the drum on the floor,
file of this patent:
or further raised if the drum is to be stacked
upon another previously transported. After de
posit of the drum in either case, the latch ele
ment 2| of the grasp device is tripped for detach 45 1,929,447
Remde ___________ _... Oct. 10, 1933
ment from such drum. To facilitate this, I have
Sooter ___________ __ May 30, 1939
in this instance connected the latch element 2|
Bissell _____ ..'_ _____ __ Apr. 9, 1940
‘by a pull cord 45 to another hand lever 46 con
Ernst ____________ __ July 29, 1941
venient of access to the truck operator at the
Traxel ___________ __ Feb. 10, 1942
‘ platform 42.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
1. A grasp device useful in connection with a
transporting truck in picking up container drums
and the like provided with outwardly-projecting
flanges or chimes circumferentially of their tops, 65
said device comprising a stop member adapted to
McDaniels ________ __ Dec. 8,
Hazen ___________ __ May 18,
Bilek et al. ‘_ ______ .._ Apr. 18,
Ernst ____________ __ Oct. 24,
Ulinski ___________ __ Dec. 5,
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