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Sept- 7, 1948.
Filed Dec. 13, 1945
_ JZZFt/tggn
Patented Sept. 7, 1948
2,448,750 ‘
Charles H. Van Wet‘t, Chatham, N. J.
Application December 13, 1945, Serial No. 6344387
2 Claims. (Cl. 248-482)
This invention relates to improvements in
hangers for building eaves troughs or gutters;
and the invention has reference, more partic
ularly, to an adjustable hanger for such purpose.
Eaves troughs or gutters must be supported
from a building wall to extend along and below
hangers, and without necessity for the removal
of the trough or gutter supported thereby.
Other objects of this invention, not at this time
more particularly enumerated, will be under
stood from the following detailed description of
the same.
Illustrative embodiments of this invention are
shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:
running off from the latter, and thereupon carry
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of an eaves
such water to a draining leader or leaders by
which the water is conveyed to suitable drains, 10 trough hanger according’ to this invention as
an edge of the building roof so as to receive water
sewer connections or other convenient place of
disposed in supporting relation to an eaves
trough or gutter, the latter being shown in trans
verse section; Fig. 2 is a vertical cross-sectional
view of the same, taken on 'line 2—2 in Fig. 1;
and inclined toward a leader at a predetermined
pitch suitable to assure free and rapid ?ow of 15 Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view taken on line
3-3 in Fig. 1; and Fig. 4 is a perspective view of
water along the trough or gutter. Eaves troughs
the base plate of the hanger.
or gutters are usually supported by a plurality
Similar characters of reference are employed
of curved bracket or hanger arms which are se
in the above described views, to indicate corre
cured in spaced relation along a building wall
sponding parts.
adjacently beneath the edge of a roof desired
An illustrative embodiment of the invention as
to be served thereby. Said hangers or bracket
shown in the drawings, comprises a substan
arms must be carefully positioned in relation
discharge. For ef?cient'service to such end, the
eaves trough or gutter must be properly supported
one to another so as to properly support the
trough or gutter at a desired angle ‘of slope or
drainage pitch. To accomplish this requires
much time consuming measurement and labor,
tially flat base plate I0, which may be produced
from either sheet or cast metal, but preferably
Said base plate is provided
w from the former.
with suitable openings ll, preferably adjacent‘
to the respective corners thereof, through which
may be passed fastening means, such as screws
frequently occurs that one or more of said
bracket or hanger arms are improperly located, 30 or the like 12, by means of which said base
plate may be af?xed to a building wall W ad
and have to be removed and reset.
jacently beneath the eaves E of the building
Having the above stated conditions in view,
roof. Projecting from the outer face of said base
it is an object of this invention to provide a
plate ID‘ are opposed laterally spaced apart and
novel construction of eaves trough hanger, the
longitudinally extending angular guide or run
bracket or hanger arm of which may be easily
and quickly vertically adjusted relative to a 35 way members l3 and i4. If the base plate is
produced from sheet metal, said guide or run-1
?xed supporting base by which it is carried and
way members may be struck out from the body
after the latter is a?ixed to the building wall,
thereof, in which case it is preferable to inter
whereby necessity for precise initial location
rupt their longitudinal extent to avoid undue
of the supporting base is avoided, and so that
weakening of the base plate body, and by so
a plurality of such pre-attached hangers may
doing to leave a strengthening or reenforcing‘
be quickly and easily relatively adjusted for the
section l5 at the point of interruption (see Fig. 4).
support of a trough or gutter at the required
The reference character It indicates the
angle of slope or drainage pitch.
Another object of the invention is to provide 45 bracket arm of the hanger structure, the same
being of curved conformation of such radius
a novel adjustable eaves trough hanger com
that its top edge portion will conform to the
prising a base adapted to be affixed to a build
underside of an eaves trough T to be supported
ing wall, a bracket or hanger arm slidably
thereby. Unitary with the inner end of said
mounted on said base so as to be capable of ver
arm is perpendicular butt section II,
tical adjusting movement thereon, and means 50
which is of suitable cross-sectional shape and of
also mounted on said base for effecting such ad
substantial length. Unitary and substantially
justing movement of the bracket or hanger
co-extensive with the rearward or exterior side
arm; all whereby said bracket or hanger arm
of said butt section I1 are laterally and op
may be quickly and easily adjusted relative to
positely projecting slide wings it, which are
and without necessity for disturbing associated 55 adapted to be entered in and between the guide
and even when great care is exercised, it not in
or runway members l3 and I4, whereby to op
eratively assemble the butt section I‘! and bracket
arm IS with the base plate l0, so as to be sup
ported by and from the latter, and so as to be
vertically movable thereon.
1. An eaves trough hanger comprising a base
plate adapted to be a?ixed to a building wall
adjacently beneath the caves of the building roof,
said base plate having a perpendicular slide
way means along its front face, a trough sup
porting bracket arm having a rigid perpendicu
lar butt section of enlarged cross section and
Provided in connection with the top end said
butt section I‘! of the bracket arm, preferably as
an integral part thereof, is a forwardly projecting
substantial length, integral slide wings later
keeper piece t9 having, at its outer end, a de
ally extending from the rearward side of said
pendent retainer tongue 20‘ outwardly offset 10 butt section to slidably engage said slideway
therefrom, and adapted to hook over the inner
means of the base plate so as to dispose said
or rearward marginal edge portion 2| of an
butt section closely adjacent to the latter, a
eaves trough T, when the latter is seated on
bearing member outwardly projecting from said
the bracket arm 16, whereby to assist in retain
base plate below said slide-way means thereof,
ing said trough against displacement from its 15 said bearing member having an internally screw
seated and supported engagement with said
threaded way aligned with the axis of said
bracket arm.
bracket arm, butt section, and an adjustable jack
To further assure a stable seated and sup
screw threaded through said way and adapted
ported engagement of the eaves trough T with
to engage the lower end of said butt section,
said bracket arm Hi, the latter is provided, at
whereby to exert a direct non-canting upward
its outer free end with a perforate ear 22 upon
axial thrust upon said butt section and its slid
which the trough wall is superposed, whereby a
able connection with said base plate.
bolt and nut or other similar fastener means 23
2. An eaves trough hanger comprising a base
may be ‘passed through said trough wall and
plate adapted to be a?ixed to a building wall
car 22, so as to ?rmly and securely hold the 25 adjacently beneath the caves of the building
trough T against accidental displacement from
roof, said base plate having a perpendicular.
the bracket arm 16.
slideway means along its front face, a trough
Actuatable means is provided for producing
supporting bracket arm having a rigid perpen
Vertical adjusting movements of the hanger
dicular butt section of enlarged cross section and
bracket arm l6 relative to the supporting base 30 substantial length, integral slide wings later
plate [9. For this purpose the base plate is
ally extending from the rearward side of said
provided at or adjacent to its lower end, with
butt section to slidably engage said slideway
an outwardly projecting horizontal bearing mem
means of the base plate so as to dispose said butt
ber '24 having an internally screw-threaded open
section closely adjacent to the latter, a bearing
ingor way 25, disposed below and in alignment 35 member outwardly projecting from said base
with the axis of the butt section ll of the bracket
plate below said slideway means thereof, said
arm l6. Threaded through said bearing mem
ber 24, to extend upwardly therefrom into en
gagement with the lower ‘end of said bracket arm
bearing member having an internally screw
threaded way aligned with the .axisof said brack
et arm butt section, an adjustable jack screw
butt section I’! is a jack screw 26. In order to 40 threaded through said way, said jack screw hav
retain alignment of said jack screw 26 with said
ing a conical end portion, said butt section hav
butt section H, the latter is preferably provided
ing a conical seat portion at its lower end for
in its lower extremity with an inverted, substan
engagement by said conical end portion of the
tially conical seat 21, and the free end of said
jack screw, said jack screw being adapted to
jack screw is provided with a substantially 45 exert a direct non-canting upward axial thrust
conical end portion 28 to engage in said seat 27.
upon said butt section and its slidable connec
It will be obvious that the supporting position
tion with said base plate, and a jamb nut
of the bracket arm l6 relative to the positions
threaded on said jack screw and movable thereof associated bracket arms may be easily and
on to engage said ‘bearing member.
quickly adjusted by manipulating the jack screw 50
26, whereby to slide the bracket arm structure
upwardly or downwardly, as may be required, to
position the eaves trough or gutter T, carried
thereby, at a desired predetermined slope pitch.
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
After such adjustment has been made, the jack 55
screw 26 may be ?xed in adjusted position by
tightening home a jamb nut 29 with which ‘the
same may be provided.
I am aware that some changes could be made
in the above described eaves trough hanger 60
means without departing from the scope of this
invention as de?ned in the here following claims.
It is therefore intended that all matter contained
in the foregoing description or shown in the
accompanyingidrawings shall be interpreted as 65
illustrative and not in a limiting sense.
I claim:
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K-nab ____________ __ Feb. 2, 1926
Walton __________ __ July 12, 1932‘
Great Britain ____________ __ 1910
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