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Sept. 7, 1948.
j s, P, WAGNER
Filçd July 2e, 1945`
Patented Sept. 7, 1948
3 Claims. (C1. 248-42)
The primary object of this invention is to pro
vide a simple, sturdy and economical ‘holder for
iishing rods that may be readily attached to‘ a
part of a boat or other support and which se
curely holds a fishing rod or rods in vposition yet permits easy release upon a strike. `
‘ To support the fishing rods, the block I is pro
vided with a pair of openingsA 2 and 3 of any
desired »shapef usually round, preferably bored
of` the block I and at least a portion of ‘each
bisects the same. The openings 2 and 3 are
, "
laterally and divergently inclined with respect to
A further object oi' the inventionis to provide
thev longitudinal axis of the block l and their f
the holder with supplemental means to vary the
angle of the rods held therein and at the same
time additionally secure said rods in position.
accidentally be dropped overboard.
through the' solid block. These openings are
spaced and staggered along the longitudinal axis
Another object of the invention is to' provide
a fishing rod holder adapted to secure a plurality
of rods in laterally divergent angularity with re
spect to each other.
which prevents loss in case the lholder should
axes are’arranged at approximately a 90° Sangle
with respect to each other for a purpose to be
hereinafter more fully described.
Stili another object of the invention is -to pro 15 `In the embodiment shown, there is illustrated
vide a quick releasable clamp for the body of> the
‘a pair ’of openings but it is apparent that a `plu
holder that permits the same to be held in either
rality of spaced and staggered openings may be
a horizontal or vertical position.
employed or it is within the scope of this inven
These and other objects of the present _inven
tion to utilize merely a single opening. '
tion will appear as the following' description 20 The openings 2 and 3 are of suñicient size to
thereof proceeds, land in order to more .clearly
receive the handle portions of iishing rods shown
understand the invention, reference may be had
in dotted lines in Figures l and 4 which extend
to the accompanying drawing in which an em
clear through vthe block I. Usually the -fishing
bodiment of the invention is shown.
rods are provided with reels adjacent lthe handle
In the drawings:
Y .
25 portions which _act as a stop upon engagement
Figure ,1 is a side elevation of the rod holder
with >the face of the block but theangularity of
in horizontal position partly in section showing
the openings alone which are usually oversized
the handle portions of a pair of rods positioned
with respect to the rod handles will support-the
therein in dotted lines;
rods therein.
Figure 2 is a top plan view showing two posi
From the arrangement of the openings de
tions of the clamp for the holder in dotted lines;
scribed in the block I, it is obvious that when the
Figure 3 is a section on‘the'line 3-3‘okf'Figure
handle portions of fishing rods are inserted there
1; and
I ‘ `
through, the rods will diverge from each other
Figure 4 is a side elevation of the rodholder in
due to the inclination oi the openings. The in
35 clination of the axis oi the openings 'and their
It is Well known that at times 'it is desirable to
angle on the longitudinal axis of the blockwill
support fishing rods other than vmanually'by the
angle the rods toward the same end of the block
fisherman. This is particularly desirable in small
but divergently so theV lines will be adequately
boat fishing in rivers or lakes. Attempts have
spaced apart.
vertical position.
been made heretoforeto accomplish this object
but the results from a practical viewpoint have
not been very satisfactory. This invention by
Tozadditiona'lly secure Vthe rods in thejopenings
and"`at_the Sametime permit vari-ation of Athe
angle of the same with respect to the block, there
is provided for each opening a wedge 4 extending
ness and economy in an arrangement of struc
throughv said opening. The wedges are perma
tural elements permitting a range of variability in 45 nently attached to the holder by a iiexible con
combining the requirements of simplicity, sturdi
mounting both the holder and rods satisfies the
practical characteristics of al ilshing rod holder
of this type.
The holder comprises a lsolid block I usually
rectangular in shape and of the required length, 50
breadth and thickness to provide a sturdy sup
port for the type of nshing rod used. The block
may -be made of wood, plastic, metal or any def
sired material but when made of wood has the
advantage of noating on the surtace‘of water
nection such as a chain 5 secured by a screw
eye B to the top of the wedge at one end and a
screw eye ‘I in the side of the block at the other
end. Thescrew eyes 1 are arranged on opposite
sides ofthe block.
While it is possible to use this holder without
the wedges, as itis contemplated that the open
ings 2 and tare always oversized with respect
to the handle portions of the fishing rods to en
sure them easy ingress and egress, the use of
the Wedges assure an easily insertable -and re
the terms of the appended claims.
I claim:
movable supplemental securing means for the
rods. Furthermore, as the Wedges ll are insertable
1. A iishing rod and reel holder including a
at various positions around the diameter of the
rods in the openings as shown, the angularity of
the fishing rods With respect to the holder may
be varied or adjusted correspondingly. In other
Words, the angle of the rods may be changed up
or downor sidewiseas desired.
To clamp or Jdetaohably secure `tlie'loloclì of the
not limited to said device or otherwise than by
solid block adapted to be detachably connected
to a part of a boat or other support, said block
having an inclined opening extending entirely
therethrough and oversized with respect to the
handle of the rod which is adapted to be inserted
'îámdèhel’d "therein oiîset‘îwvith v‘respect the in
“clinationfo‘f the l*openirig'the extent of th'e inser
tion of the handle being limited by the reel con
holder in‘p'osition, there is providedia'U `lelem-rent
8 through one arm of which is mounted a clamp
ing screw 9 having a conventional clamping head l y-ftact with a face of the block, and supplemental
¿ holding :means insertable at any point between
I0 in line with a recessed portion Il inthe other
the oversizedopening and handle adapted to vary
arm. The base of the U 8 is positioned in a re
‘ltherangleof `the rod with respect to the block.
cessed bottom portion I2 of the block I 'shown '
V.2.„A-fishing.rodholder including a solid block
in dotted lines in Figure 2 and held by a :coun
a'dapted'to be ’detachably connected to a part of
tersunk bolt I3 extending through the block and
a boat :or other support, said block having a pair
above the same. The projecting end of‘fthebolt 7 of inclined openings extending entirely there
is screw threaded anduhas positioned thereon a 20 through and oversized with. respect to the rod to
wln‘g .nut AI?l‘which «when turned down‘ac'ts to
»aiîordaíquick‘.detachable offsetsecuring engage.
secure the U-shaped-element Srtoithe block. -‘This
mentL-wi-thsthe handle end thereof, said oversized
element is usually positioned longitudinallywith
openings being laterally and divergently inclined
respect tothe block I but by looseningïthe wing
axis of the block
nutv I4 k„may >be' turned -at an angle as 'indicated 25 »'the'longitudinal
to divergentlyangle thelsupportedrods, anda
inFigure 2.
tethered Wedgeffor each openinginsertible at any
The purpose-ofxproviding a clamp of> this Ach‘ar
pointwbetween .the oversized openingandrod to
aoter y"that" extends 1at-rlght l'angles 4to .the body
of xthe holder is lthatit permitsthe holder to1be
vary v‘the .angle y»of 4the `rods with‘irespect to the
and additionally secure'the«_.ro_ds therein.
securedeither horizontally or vertically vby the 'so block
>>3. . .A -flshing _ rod »holder .including a rectangu
same means. As shown in Figure 1, the rod
lar shaped- wooden lblock, said blockhaving 'a
h'older'niay vbe '.detachably clamped to the gun
pair ' óf `inclined openings extending Ventirely
wale Gvof >a boat -With‘ the .fishing rods inserted
therethroughand Yoversized. with respect to the
through' one side of the block I. As .shown -in
rod `toU añorfd ‘a lquick - detachable r.offset securing
Figure A, the lrod :holder may :be -detachably `
.engagement >with ...the lhandle en_d thereof, said
clampedV to the :edge of .the rearseat S of a row
`oversizednpenings'being.laterallyarid divergently
boat. The .ñshingrods are-then inserted through'
opposite'fa‘ce‘of the bloclrl.V
inclined to divergently.angleîthefsupported rods,
,and Adetachable vclamping means for said block
In some instances »it may be desirable .to 'posi
tion -theU` element 8 -at the _side of the Vblock I, i
For ythis .pur-posejthe. sides of th'e block are re-cessed as Lshovvnat I5 in- Figure .1 to vreceive the
base .of .the U». The bolt I3 is slightlyshifted to
passthroughth‘e cross »hole andthe -clampse previously described.
, _
extending vat 'arìght angle to .the longitudinal.
axisof the'block and secured to the base or a side<
'45 ..
lThe rod holder thus described and-illustrated
fíl’heïollowing references are of record in 'the
may _»beßreadily clamped-toa boat or .othersup-'ille lotzthis patent:
portlin-either horizontal or vertical position. :If
lost overboard during positioning or atany .other
time,-if the body I is of Wood, it will float and will 50
4-Nanfie I
not »b‘e-v-lost.` Wh'en in either position, a fishing
1,039,554 ‘
.JLindhOI‘SÈ ________ __ Sept. 24, 1912
rodand .landing net `may be adequately and easily
H0111 et a1 _________ _.- NOV. 30, 1915
positioned in or removed from the holder. The
- Williams _____ ___-“ Sept. 1, 1925
arrangementzshown `eliminates .line interference
The use of the _perma
55 l2,055,3‘12
Halslip __________ __ Sept. 29, 1936
nently attached Wedges is a supplemental secur
MCClíIle ell all. ‘-.______ DBC. 19, 1939
ing means for Athe Arods inthe holder and permits
a variation offthe angle ofthe rods as desired.
While the device herein disclosedy has been
.described with more orless particularity, vit is
and 4spaces the yrod tips.
toibe-expressly understood that .th‘e invention is
»SymOnS _______ __-___~Ja1’l. 30, 1945
Number n
'Great'.Britain _____________ __ 1895.I
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