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Dec. 7, 1948. .
l.. w. BEAvl-:Nï
Original Filed July. 29, 1942
.'5 Sheets-Sheet `3
Patented Dec. 7, 1944.8"l
`ENGINE [email protected]`
` Leslie
original ` ‘application ‘l Julyl r29,“"1942, ‘
Divided and this applicati
‘ 13,21944,` Serial `NIL‘SZ
ï"r"ïf1lhìsïîapplioationfis fadivision `of application, E
@facilitatedbathe Same Centrif
ugal force, `helingthrown out through the exhaust
herr, theyalyel‘opens‘, -thus relieving l the
presentpinuention relates, in `generaLmto
¿Le t of; these `ends and the ac
‘to1 the general
assemblyof the partsK
_of specifically
the engine
i e " ‘e
structure, lwhereloyìfuel oil is employed notonly
of" othe‘er-` new and; `useful `objects
asiwill reappear!` thesinvention consists in the fea
as ¿the ‘explosiveV fuel, but also as a lubrlcantl‘ for “mires çf nqverltßl in‘isubstantially the construction,
thej‘moving parts '01%f thesengine, asawelltasïa `¿cornbination andnarrangem‘ent f of ‘ the several
@Galant-:J i
ore fully described `and
l l
" ,_A further ob jeotis to provide, in anengine of
_clainied¿ and shown in
accompanying draw
this iixcharacter, improved means wherebyfuel‘and iil‘lugs nill‘lstlîetedinvthis mention; in which t
iair maybe Supplied; preferably, to apurnpl meeh
Eigene is avoi‘ßw» Partly i in elevation, partly
``ani`sìn?1"„"which latteroperates to compress and Lin section, and‘lpartly broken away; of an engine
_transform la „cold and heterogeneous mixture of
jairiand; fidell into aheated emulsionïítofproduce` " "the"` principlesof his e“ vention, andlillustrating
Aahh"`eatecl,`finely divided and homogeneous mist ‘fâßè` 9i theßvarlifeus radially disposed engine Cylin
`Oiïfoe `
‘being eenvëredgro‘the `intake of the engi‘na‘pref
Figurewz is av Ávertical sectional View `taken
{erahly by ` the È" purrip“ `1neelf1`anism,`fyi/hereby` ` .the
yaporization fof the `‘fuel can be adequatelyn‘las
*e ‘e
h `
nstructedin accordance‘with
li `
of theeriginelí,l ‘e
an enlarged detail sectional view
sisted‘lby the `heat„from the internalfpartsof the
Ófthégfu‘ei eedmg ldeyi‘çes. l ‘e
ßspeçìiîdconstruotion of which supercharger forms
i turen?
Í; Figure¿MÁSl
n ¿in`
‘t .x „la?gedlyieiyi partly `in eleva
_the ¿subject` matter" Fof "the above referred to‘co
pending" applicatio‘n,i` and is described `herein for
“the purpose "of "afclear understanding thereof f ¿and _,1
tion " and “partly 4in yerticalfsection, showing an
`V`4l`is an enlarged Vertical sectional View
exe"rnpliñcatiori` of "inye‘ntion, `„lo Figure
One‘loferthe motion transmitting pinions, with
there 1spiloti/‘rry and‘described a superçhar’gerfin ¿25 th adjaejen portions;„öffthesupercharger struc»
connection „with the fuel feeding „meansg `‘the
rti‘o‘n'ofj‘the ‘u` ¿charger .
itSîdQmieCHÓn with the Present invention. ‘
ew,`„presented in a frag
of ` the e impeller members
here? shown embodiese "a"e c`emitir'
ugaiair-e‘ooledl‘engine haying the cylinders‘radi
"ally disposed to revolve upon a stationary shaft,
N y `Figure 6 ìis
l"and th‘e fuel is supercharged and fed, by centrif
ugajlfwf‘orce, directlygt‘hroughthe `pistons-`
` `
lanlend elevation _of an impeller ñn
i ì `
The fuel emp1oye`d,` which is preferably heavier
A is 1i a" detail seì‘ctional View taken ‘e on
than gasoline, [email protected] with air, `through the main
"eranlsshaft, into‘the niainihousing ofthe engine,
¿2,` with‘parts` omitted. e
ecornpanyingtdrawingus are `to he under
and thence` th rough‘the pistons into` the explosion i h " "
Wing tothe fea ¿t that
cvie" , sirniiar to "Figuregâ, of an~
òtherwó‘f th 'mpelleerrriernbers.``
sv beingl more" or less diagrammatic, _for
fuel doesnloït bá‘ss
f illustrating atypical or preferred
Éany of ` the pistons untilthe `respective]` intake
f ‘The
` ` entiere
‘ engine
Valve is open,` the ‘ fuel "will `aet Masa lubricant upon
thefmoving parts ofjthe‘engine; te‘nding‘to` cool
these` parts," andn vaporiz ation Will‘lde" assistedby
0 n
l Inside“ ‘the engineg‘f‘due `to ‘centrifugal ajçtibe óf
the whirling or spinning cylindèrs,` the fuel `mix
`ture'isUforced‘againstthe under sideof "the pis- f
tons, an‘difwhen the"` intake valve''intapist‘driyis`
opened, passes through thépistonland isì packed
with force-‘into they combustion chamber. “The
«engine ‘is therefore "supercharged without any
`~special ï‘mechanis‘rn." l 1‘Alsoçfï the "discharge-òf l `the u
„mónly `kriçtngvl’nas `the crankshaft,
lz_itioriary and is `ìpreferahly provided
¿through `which the`icom~
bestiale wel. .iSlied o theleflgine Casing l2, and
` `
e` cylinders 13 (oniy‘o‘n‘e of
`i‘çh‘ `i illustrate
are disposed in radial
singe The casingi and
`{lapted „to "rotate upon ` the ‘shaft
ub `_`|;4 "of fthe‘ecaïsin‘g Íis` rotatably
rigide supporting frame l5, ‘of any
uc‘tîo‘n Arltièfriction bearings I6
dfh‘e weentheenginè »easing hub
persion of air and 'fuel through a passagewaye 31,
I4 and the supporting frame I5, and similar
which latter communicates with the pressure side
of the pump.
A spray port 38 is provided in the upper end of
the bore II of the shaft I 0 and into the engine 5 the piston or plunger 34, that is controlled by a
spray valve 39 adapted to be actuated by the pres
casing I2, where it will enter the inner ends of
bearings I‘I are disposed between the hub I4
and the adjacent portion of the shaft I0.
The combustion fuel is adapted to pass through
sure of the fuel received from the pump, which
the cylinders I3, from „where it isnadmittedintvo
filelfiisii transiiiltt‘ed tof th’eifval‘ve ist ftlißrough a
löñ'gitl'l'dï?al passage 39ä"in"tfi‘e adjacent Section
the oorfl'lou'st'io‘iiich‘ambers by` l:fittasi (of i suitable
valved ports"lo`cated"`in"the pistons 'I8',"‘wllîich ‘lati
ter reciprocate in the cylinders and have their 10 of the piston body between the shouldered por
pitmans operatively connected, in any suitable* tion 35 and the chamber in which the spray valve
is reciprocably and yieldably mounted, the tend
manner, to the crankshaft Ill.
- _
ericyof> `the fuel pressure to open the spray port
The fuel feed devices and the supercharger.
apparatus are enclosed within a sultáblièiïhíàìislngf"
2'8‘ beinlg'i‘opposed by the spring 38a behind the
that is mounted, preferablyyon‘gthe side~--0f¿the~_f15t
spray-` Avalve~39t- i
support I5 which is oppositeftheeu’gineecasingt
T -‘e‘»di’sper'sion‘fo? air and fuel is created within
I2. This housing preferably embodies a cyl?
indrical wall or shell portion I9 havingdateral
the fuel line 3I and driven by the pump gears 30
'p‘òrt 3'I to the annular chamber 36 where its
entrapment Vcauses thgê pressure to rise against
lugs 20 by which it is anchored to its support, p'rëf- '
f the‘sliatt i 30
sa‘ge- also'in‘ sai-cljfpis't‘on'l afi-da lov‘ver‘lio’rltoiital
fuiifwifiiehis --partlyiri the easing tiene pertlyein
sag'e- IIY in the‘s-ha-ft~`- |015 to”’foriirfaïv continuation
0f Such pâssagef
A`l fuel Efeedl "device" is kprefertilibly' assembled ’upon
the innerportionf'of ’the' shaft“, ¿ari-'d ‘the sp‘ecíñc L40 ‘
construction thereof för'l‘n's tile-‘su ectkr'r'l‘átte'r" of
‘fù'nt‘t'ioiis- to'regulate‘th'e' amoiirit‘ ofen ‘admitted
to be mixed `with the fuel to form the eliili‘l‘s'ìöñ,
pose of e -elee'r understanding"oi'tlie‘piese?tfiii- ‘45
sai'çr-,aiifloeirig ¿admitted v`tlier'eto f fr j `rthe* intake
passage-'Zßl‘il?shaft `24 ‘via’ passageA 32" which visffa
vention and of the co-operation of the fuel 'f'eétl
clearance ' bewees-piston ’34 andl the” ease"‘-32,
ing device with the‘ròtllerfpalrtsiòl" hiébha?i'si'ris of
the engine structureiv lThis fuelil‘feeili?l‘gj‘devib‘e
Ytritati-'ee vis tlïepsssage '-az‘b‘iri thev esse. In opera“
embodies a fuel and "a'îr‘plïlrip" which’ 'Whips' :arid `
pass'fel‘iannel‘azeis closed at 'its upper' en‘us‘aiid
intimately compresses the n‘iiiz’tur'e oiairàr‘iu‘fuel T‘to ¿i lsfelosirig'wi‘ieii the bye'pass is Vope'iiifigjlts"upper
horizontal: lrun‘ ‘into ’comm’uIiî’catîo'n'h4 with" chain’
air“ oontroi valve is approximately iii inversepro‘
portio?’to the 'amount of- flow ‘ lathe-“bypass
makes tlie‘aniouni of air'aamittedabout'eqifsrto
trie amount >'esea'piii,eini trie ‘emulsioii'at' the' 'spray
port as; thereby keepiiig’the mixtuieîof‘ai?'eiid
pumpintotheoasingrsz'ofa‘eoiitrel detriee. *filis‘fo'oist“eltiays‘höiriogeiieoiis~ 'rlie‘flow in trieby
casing is hollow, and may"bë’ofianyl‘dèsiredfsiïe
pass 32e is the complement of -the- flow thru-fthe
and configuration, and'ls'closed "at‘ìt‘s' ötìtér‘er'id,
sprayportspî Anotherffeature 'ofthe fuel feed
>the other end Vloeliig- operi» andfs‘eeiiredi’vvltlíiri an
control ` makes 4the 'by-passing, Vand .therebyA >the
,fèediii'g.ßfu?ïction, responsiveto the densitypfthe
tion will‘be established'ibetweeii'trie eäslnjgiîsz‘öä ïai‘em'tlie iiita‘ke'passsge 2a; e lessened-oir den
sity ’decreasing the fuel feed byincreasingfthe
icy-Dass,`- andÀ an increased-air density increasing
the wfuel Àfeed by, decreasingV the Íby-_pass:
, ' n The `ufpper- endÃ-of Í thepiston r`34 fisf-exposedÍto,
ber of the oasingfi'n `tooth longitudinal 'esda'tiiin‘s- 70 andlis'- aifectedfby, any variations Otau-pressure
verse'directio'r'ls.v This piston is p?övideïwi'th
a' reduced or'shoulderéd p`òrtion‘35` midway "of ‘the
length thereof, that is iii registration .witliäana'n
changesiwhich voccur in the-passageway orebore
. záf'of the' extensionshaft 2d. The »sha/ttm or one
of; thei pumpï‘gears-‘A-projects l'beyond the-pump
nular `channel 3_'6‘extendingiargundfthe borefgf- _ „chamberfwallesand-has-secured;toeitf'aepinion»4-I
the‘casing, to"'provide`a space that’receives a’dis- 75 which meshes with an internal annular gear 42
secured to `the adjacent end face'cf the‘wensine
` tions of‘theïbladesburve inwardly and are closer
casing hub ‘ I4, so `that said internal gear 42 will
to f the a rotational i axis t “ of t the impeller than `are
tied'otated` with the ‘engine ‘ when the latter \ is `in
the leadingedges which plowl` or cutiinto the air
in `the manner `ofhtheffwingsoiî an airplanemThe
individualz `blades` are"` L spaced apart from each
operation, with the engine casing I2 and its cylin
«derswlßwrotating upon ithe‘ stationary shaft I0.
This internal gear 42 isi preferably mounted upon
other the“ ‘.properl distances,` to permit the air` to
th‘ewinneri‘ `face ‘of ‘a cylindrical “ frame or l fitting
readily “pass «between “ them, and, `,since the con
43; vandl‘this‘ fltting‘is provided `with‘ilanges
fronting‘impellersi‘rotate in directions“ opposed
44‘~45, `one of which flanges is anchored to the
to*` eachother, the. air :is forced in'a somewhat
hub I4 `of the engine casing.
\ "1
10 zigzag or'ba‘ck-‘and-»forth course toward the axis
«i lAnl‘annular air inlet opening 46 `mayïbe pref`
of‘rotation of the impellers, thus creating centri
vided in the outeri endï‘portion of the shell 19,
petal force as distinguished from the centrifugal
tlie~~`edges` of such openings ìhaving‘seats’ll to
principlei upon which ‘t it has `heretofore been` cus
receive ï an annular filter pad or member 42a,` of
ternary Ito operate supercharger devices.` The op
posed‘directions of rotation renders it possible to
revolveithevimpellers ata relatively slow speed as
compared with the high speed at which super
any suitable Mconstruction, for the purpose' of
filtering ‘the‘iair that is admitted through s'aid
opening. Said `inlet "opening 46 may berein
forced by ‘suitable stays or ribs 49, whichrlbs
also serve `to prevent‘the‘ñlter‘pad 42a from bef
lingi‘sucked‘ or‘drawn into the shell by the passag'
20 with L'axial `openings lwhereby they may be mount
of air inwardly through the `opening`v46b
“Within the shell there is provided an internal
ringï-gear "50 suitably supported and secured
thereto, preferably‘by means of keys 5I,`said ring
gear constituting one of the members `of a suit
able ‘gear‘ train employed to drive ‘the impeller
members` of a` supercharger. ÄA plurality “of
Áchargers have heretofore been rotated. ‘
lìïff‘hedrnpeller members 60 and 6| are provided
ed for rotation upon the shaft 24, and around
these openings there `are provided facing recesses
60o ‘and Bic, which together provide an annular
central chamber‘62 adjacent the‘shaft 24, tore
25 ceive the "compressedtair that‘h‘as been driven
planetary gears 52 "( preferably .three `or ` more) ,` in
centripetally inwardly by the ‘blades of the `im-pellers, and also to provide for themounting of
`motion transmitting devices which are‘operable
mesh with theinternal ring gear 50, `are mounted
between y the ‘ `impellers.
upon‘spind1esi53 that are preferably elongated
to pass through the ‘flanges 44-45 of the ‘frame
43` that rotates with the engine casing.` The een
tral oru‘sun `gear 55 of the planetary gear `train is
mounted upon the stationary shaft extension“,
and is` in mesh with the planetary gears 52.” Aj
thrust-bearing or `annular stop 56 may be pro
Toothed annular t racks
63a ` and l63b'a‘re lformedtupon the impeller mem
bers 601Üand‘f6l,"respectively, which racks `extend
` aroundïlthe‘l'mar‘gins Vof the ‘central chamber 162
and iconfront each> other in ` spaced“ relatiozn `
-"~` ‘A ‘ring-shaped ‘spider `“64 ` surrounds the shaft
35 e `241,` to‘ whichl'fit isiïslidably secured `by "a" key" 65 to
prevent rotation of the `spider ring. A plurality
vided to prevent movement of the sun `gear 55
‘of ‘radially disposed‘beveled pinionsl 66 are car,-` `
ini` an inward direction; This gear 55 may be
provided with a clutch disc 51 that in turn is pro
ried byli‘the‘iring1`64‘and ‘are in mesh " withilthe
teethof the‘racks 63a‘andï63b, the pinions being
vided with a friction ring 58, of any‘suitable sub-` 40 rotatably *mounted upon the smoothshanks of
stance, for" engagement with an opposing clutch`
“raaiauy dispbs‘ealbbitsvsr ‘that `are screwedihto
"disc `59 `‘secured to an‘impeller member“ of 'a
the body of the spider‘64`-` The spider‘ring 64""is
"_The supercharger `also embodies an impeller
member 6l which confronts the impeller meni
ber 60 and is yieldably urged toward the latter,
provided‘wlth‘s1ots"6`4a which extend between‘the
_pinionsßß "and‘insure passage of the ‘centripetally
unveil air current ‘to the `chammsr‘ sz; Thefsur‘
facesof‘the‘ imlpeller" members 60 andfïûl‘“ upon
each side‘ `of;thefannular racks 63a and [63b‘ar`e
4so that the elements oflthe clutch will normally
be ‘frictionally engaged ‘to rotate the impellers
`tapereçilinwardly toward each other, as shown at
`lill-¿45| upon the shaft 24, through the medium of 50 Xin" Figure 4, and‘ theinner _and outer endpore
the planetary gear train, when the engine ïis be
tionsV 654-691` òf the pinions‘are smoothand corre-`
‘spondihcglytaperedwthus providing fa means to
ing rotated upon‘its shaft I0. The impeller inem
bers‘ 60--`-6I are rotated in opposite directions," so
that "the required amount of compression is se
cured at onefhalf the speed otherwise required.
The impellers` preferably comprise" circular
plates 60 and 6L having concentric rovgvs4 of
arcuatebladesfor ñns 60a and Gla, respectively,
limit the "near-ness of theimpellers Gli-‘96| to each
t 'Ifile,1mp`s1~1èr`
, ,
, member
6| , is `urged
, ` Utowardfihë
impellernßßwin any_`suitable manner, but preferaf
blylby‘mêansof‘a" disc „13 mounted upon threads
the said‘rowslon `one plate (60) beingldisposed
inlalternate arrangement with respect tothe rows
ofmblades on ‘the confronting `plate 6I, andïin
Íorderto ï accomplish this arrangement‘the rows
on each,plate` are separated from each other by
1olnàínnelspor grooves 60h and 6Ib that are each
of proper width and depth to intimately accom
modate‘the opposing rows of blades `with close
Vclearancesbetween the parts. As shown `in Fig
ure‘2, the clearances between the interfltting ele
` «inents‘have `been intentionally exaggerated,` for
the purpose of avoiding confusion in the draw
1, „The blades are of segmental or arcuate cross
section,` preferably of , an aerofoil section, such as
illustrated in `detail in Figure 8 of the drawings,
whereinfit `will be observed that thetrailing por
12F en ltherese z2,` ‘,The peripheral ‘edge ‘of this`
51,5“ marshal " Itiseißionmay @rotated by means?
dise `is provided‘withìteeth 14 with which a ‘pinion
of a gripportionfl'lì secured to the shaftflôfof the
pinion;l `A` springl 18§is disposed between the disc
Handj the hubofthe impeller member 6|,"an`d`,
if‘desired; a ball ìbearingmember 19 may be in~
`terposed between the `end of the spring `and the
`hub oftheimpeller 6L»
o, Bw means of this, structure it will be ebvious
` thatwhenwer the` engine` is rotating. the move#
ment thereof will be„:t`ransinitted throughçfthe
planetary¿_gear` train and the >clutch to the yim
peller‘member 60, thence through the rack 63a
andwfthehbeveledtpinions 6,6 to rack` 6317„thereby4
moving;` the other impellertmember 6I , ina direc-j
tion opposed tothe direction of movement of» t
beinge'sulisequentiy deliveredl tbl the.: intake." pipe
i -Tíhefinnermostffrowof impellen'bladesglinzwhich
the .mirnatuneA> on thefzxblades; is .s'snbstantially? the
Z8i.-‘wlierefit is convertedrintothe fornirci afmist
same:l asi` tliose;v of: the;- other.;v b1ades\;,»may- have a
andi themdeliveredi . to: the: oombustioni chambers
tendenoyito‘spinzlthe airfi'ntœarwliirlpoolncreating
(an-.the onlindex'rsg.: ¿Eurthenmonef„ the.y fueli whixzh
centrifugal force; opposingetl'le:` oentnipetal force
isseniployed~~in1the1 `fonrn’ationq.,of thea emulsibmnot
that . has! been- crestl'feo‘r` ‘by ’theî;devic.e,.~ andî inf or«
only‘ [email protected] as ther. explosiveil medium: for.' driving
the# enginazlbutî also. ¿lubrioates the; moving;V parts
denl` toyresist- this:- tendency;v andi to continue; to
force=therain ini an inwardly-radiaiapath; there-is
of; the; engine :omitsÍ passage: vto'l the: . combustion
_chambers-,fI thereby; dispensing; with` themeeessity
pnovided.suitablefmeansfadjacent saidiI innermost
row oñirnpeller blades for'lpreventing:aaciroular 10 of using, as is the case-with thœenginesi naw em'.
ployed;twofseparatefliquidsi, oneffon the-explos‘io
pathiof: the: air and: thusv continuing: the: contri?
petalìfòroe which*` has :been:â created. These mea-ns
[email protected] termed'. a; driittbañie„ which». embodiesa: sta?
tionary.' annulus.- on'ringz1,0:whichzisfpnovidedawith
andtthe». othenfor,lubrication;v
f l
@Hurt/hermana; withi they present construction;
all imeer;anismf for. lelîflviciin'g:y a- fenced feed; lubri-f
lugslllwsecuredítoïthefspiden 64 throughthefme- z
çatiomin-.additionto the; mechanism;- for'. supply»,
diuml of: b‘oits 61a vArouatefbañles.E 'Lláareiprovided
on»l thisî` ringÀ orf annulusi. 1.0‘, Whiol‘ricurvef.;some:;what sharply; inwarldlgvÉ towardathe?`A axis- of'. the
superzcharger ati af. dilîerent tangenttthanpthe
blades; of the. impell'ersa 60:-6-1: an'dzin; oppositeldiz.- "f
lirigfjtlîrle,,.fuel: tothe i combustion; chambersi. >willgfhe
dispensed` with;f as# thee> same.¿ mechanism, which
_suppliesffther v_fuelf ¿to-fthe.;r oombustion chambers
wily.,v infethez; nlîesenti‘î inventiom, also- seme»` as; a
means» ior§ effecting..v lubrication? _ of», the-> moving
¿In-z order' to= aeoomrnodatefthis; drift.: baille,- „ the
innermost . channel: ongroove ofl the impellerv‘zöûl is
mader widenasï at y, opposite. the 'innenmostfchani
nel .on groove; of.'the;oonfrtontings‘impeller: Eil „thu-s -
prnvidiilgfanz annulan~ nece'ssír in“ which said> drift
~-Thez shaft Mais providedwith: openingswßû
formingz communication betweenr;the,l passage'r28
and ; the: chamber; 62;.»thus allowingfnthe’i centripe‘j
tally.: coinpressed-` air“` to'.- discharge; finto: 1 the pas,"
sagevzß:A The. throttle; for controlling. the.. dis-y
charge of“v air - through the openings :- ßllis. 4prefer.,
ably,Y tubulan asu» shown;A at“l 83| and'. ñts lîsnugly into
@.ffëthe» Qngir1e«„,f
`Willi-ile the; preferred; eniboclirnentH yof' ther‘fpres
ent-K_‘inyention has-È been herein, shown, andwdef
sçribed,¿it is tobe understood vthat various changes
beugoardennA4 the. details lof constnuctiomand
in) theA combination and._ainra‘ngement.ofr the sev»
`eral. parts; ‘Within the. scope. ofy the 4 olainns,I , with.
out 4¿ldf'lepartingf >from Ethe. spiritv l of .y this. invention.
, „What is4 claimed' 'as new.y is.:,`
f '
„interl l"al combustion. engine. embodyingja
hollow shaft, 'aboutÁ Wl‘ii?çh` thegengi'ne‘casing .and
oyli'ndefi‘s rei'olve, a. stationary,` ïhousi'ngv adja'oent
the engine.~ casing.concentricI tas'aidfshafita> holle
'low'.fextension- forming. a.. -ej‘ontinufation». olf?, vsaid
the‘passage 28, but isadapteditoïberrotated there'.- :‘ shaft;l Saidl extension . "providedv with, "a yseries,lof
inigby. .me'ans‘of` a handle; or?vv leyerfßz secured
thereto; Sl0tsf_8'3:yare madey-in~.y the;~.wail ofgthe
throttle», which may-be movedz'into; onoutof rege
ister'Wit-tithe` openings;> 3|),h andthe-end. of; the
throttle may~` be closed by- a>wallß4 the .throttle
beingheId in» positiom byrfm‘eans
a suitable
f ¢.
Above, the fuelrlif'aede device andç,sprïay„port,
thereyisv provided-` a« domeßß (see particularly
Figureßì Whichhouses a. coiledexpansion spring
81„ ,the tension :of whichis ,adaptedtölbe adjusted,
and which, hasy itslower. end,- engagin'gfarfollolwer
dìso88fin the lower vend offthe dome. 'This spring
is for lthe purposeofjexerting pressure upon the
piston or plunger 3Í41of'the fuel’fèed device. "The '
pressure of'` the spring is tran‘sm‘itt’ed;v preferably,
_throughthe medium of'a toggledeyicefßß; the
ends of which device-respectively"engage”the'‘folL
transyers'e, apertures, the.` bores .of said, shaftr and
said, extension» ‘constituting a fuelllpassageway
discharging yinto» theé engine:r casing,. an, impelljex.`
the housing-_.' and rotatably: ;Ir11o_ur1t‘.ed„` on; ',sa‘id
extensionadapted.-` toi centripetally _oreatef `air
pr'essureß and.,disc'harge. theY same. through,4 said
aperture’sginto. saidpnäàSSageWayf andr thence into
the engine casing, means also in the,hous»i_ng, for
feeolirlf.;y fuel andain mixturejntofsaidpassage
a ., drivingV connection, between? the/rotatable
engine vcasing.and thejsaidl impeller.; a»._clutch in??
eluded. inl` »saidl connection, and -yielding.. means
.endmenormou to render said.. mener-¿active
"`§s`aid`l"olutch„ said" connection,
'1" ingL rnean-s ,beingjdisnosed ,Within
,. _52;¿1a~an~engine ,sj "Stationary Shaft; eyuiíders
rotatable. ‘ about the,_ shaft,v _K there being.4 a passage
ofithe throttle member' 81|l and thefretainerfcup 60
B5; wl'lerelitl is' provided: With‘jafkn'ob' orfblïitton _92
the ,"siia'ftin communication with the cylinders,
which housingy 'the shaft' entends, ans’upercharger
disposed in 'said 'eusingîand rotatable about’sei‘d
.Shaft mänsïá @within 'the Housirigïan'd' diÍSv
posed intermediate the /sup'ercharge'r andthecylî
for receiving'
‘?‘ròm Saidliquid2
fuel‘arid" also‘ for;
for"- operating it; '» Rotation ofi the feed'l screw "9|
operating' ft‘ol fo-rrn'` ajheated emulsionof ‘ said" air
lower 88 and the >upip‘ei‘gend of the pistonîor
Theintermediatehingéd'portionsyof l `
thev toggle are. provid'edîwíth' right andïleft'?lian'd
threaded nuts `_9'||i that are"- respectively"engaged
byv the correspondingly' ‘threaded‘j portions* óf a
feedfscrew‘ 9 I vthat extends“ throughL the outer v1end
willffurthe'r separate; ory draw closer ‘ together; « the
nuts) ‘901 at the intermediate- hinges- o? thetoggle,
andf‘thus - colntrol= the‘tens-ion - off *theI spring-8T," to 65
control the flow of fuel through-tlie-sprayJporti38
int'othe pathof the compressed; air current which
isl rnoving‘ pastE the spray‘porti‘in ‘transit’ toi» the
engine ‘casingVv and” cylinders. »'
fal ,housingf supported' by . the Vengine vandïzìi'it‘o
'andiil'el received/thereby and: also operating'to
discharge‘sa'id heated‘einul'si'on into said passage
'means‘re'sponsii/e tothe rotation‘ofv‘saiid‘ cylinders
forv trans?niss'ion`- to' theÍ engine“ cylindersgfan'd
forioperating'» theV last said` means# andi' the; said
3.'Ih1’á>n=»engine, asta-tionary-shait', cylinders
With' this improv-edi*oonstructîonï'it W'ill‘ì’ße 70 rotatable‘aboutf the» shaft, thereJ being"V alpassag‘e
in the shaft in communication with the cylinders,
manifest that‘> there` isfprovided means-whereby
ahousing supported-by' tlie=engineandî into "which
loweg-rade oilsy vandl oils’ or’ filel‘îother» than: gason
line,> may-'be- 'employed inl'the operation: ofthe
housing."the> shaft» extends,- a supercharg'er dis.'
pos’edf' in-j said housing. andî‘rotatabl'e' about'said
engine;E the oil» being broken"Y up. andir mixenY with
the air to form întthe-fpum‘pavalfheatedßemulsiorr, 175 shaftt' 1 nie'a‘nsb alst» withinl the1 housing* - andï dise
posed intermediate the supercharger and the
also a driving connection between the engine cyl
inders and the supercharger for operating them.
cylinders for receiving liquid fuel and also for `
receiving air from said supercharger, said means ‘
operating to form a heated emulsion of said air
and fuel received thereby and also operating to
discharge said heated emulsion into said passage
for transmission to the engine cylinders, means
responsive to the rotation `of said cylinders `for
operating the last said means and the said supercharger, and means for controlling, at will,
the supply of air from said supercharger to the
engine cylinders.
4. In an engine, a stationary shaft, cylinders
rotatable about the shaft, there being a passage
in the shaft in communication with the cylinders, 15
a housing supported by the engine and into which
housing the shaft extends, a ‘supercharger‘ dis
posed in said housing and rotatable about said
shaft, means also within the housing and dis
posed intermediate `the supercharger and the 20
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cylinders for receiving liquid fuel and also for
receiving air from said supercharger, said means
operating to form a heated emulsion of said air
and fuel received thereby and also operating to
discharge said heated emulsion into said passage 25
for transmission to the engine cylinders, and
means responsive to the rotation of said cylinders
for operating the last said means and the said
supercharger, the last said means embodying a
driving connection‘with the engine cylinders and 80
France __________ __ Aug. 1, 1910
Great Britain ____________ __ 1911
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