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Jan. 18, 1949.
_ '
Filed July 21, 1947
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
[Halter P. I'lg?jes
Jan. 18, 1949.
Filed July 21, 1947
3' Sheets-Sheet 2'
[Halter P. Had ES
"- 4%
Jan. 18, 1949.
Filed July 21, 1947_
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
[Halter P. @525
Patented Jan. 18, 1949
ear-emf oF-Eics
- ' Gmnn'cUr'rEn AND“, STUHHOLDER
Walter P. Hodges; "KnoxvilleyTenni-
Xppli‘cati’on July 21, 1947; Serial no; 762.4437 '
' M-y- present inventionrelates- toiithe generall‘cl'ass
of geometrical instruments or implementskof-th'e
straight edge type and-utilized as a‘ gage in‘ con
' mounted,
and‘? the book or pad» of sheets‘ 3, 'as-a
nection with the tearing'oi paper'she'ets; and‘imore
speci?cally'to an improved Guide‘cutter- andistu'b"
holder which while adapted for various purposes
and'uses, is especially designed for use" by- postal
employees and-others in the preparation'of money
sheetsare exhausted-Zv The book is mounted‘ ina'
" somewhat U-shap‘ed- or rectangular - open-end€
be'ok'ofi blankimoney orders‘; is! d'etachably' mount~
ed; and‘ adapted for ready- removal‘v when the‘
orders that are to be cut off or torn off t'ddndic'ate"
different’ money values. The primary object of‘ 10,
the invention‘is‘the provision-of a portableiniple’e
ment or instrument of this character that is
holder 4‘ mountedon'the'book plate, and the‘h'o‘ld- »
er is-provided‘ with a number of retaining pins’ 5;‘
for engaging the book as'it is pressed‘ into‘pos‘i'e
tiOfld?-Whé holder.‘
‘ ‘
A clamp device 6 for the-"stub'encl ofthe’bookit
prov'idedwith‘a- retaining hookecléend‘ 'i' that‘ en
gages‘the" book‘ and’ projects through slot 'of' the"
simple in construction and operation; ccmposedof
holder- for this purpose, and this clamp’ device”
a' minimum number‘ of parts that may with fa
isiactuated'by'an angular l'iand‘leverv or bell crank
cility be manufactured at low cost of production 115': lever 8‘pivotedi on the holder‘ at‘ 9‘. and'pivot‘allyf ~
and assembled with" convenience'to insurev a re"
liable, accurate, and durable‘implement that may
be skillfully‘operated without di?i‘culty, and‘whi'cb'."
conhected-witl'i‘the clamp arm 6' at Hi‘;
A's-‘usual, the‘successi've‘ top‘sheets of th'ejb‘ooki
are‘torin leaving the‘stubs intact, and‘ means'are"
retaining these stubs in position to
it's required functions.
' I .
insureiclearance‘and freedom of action in" team
The‘invention consists in certain‘ novel? features‘
ing‘th‘e‘ remaining sheets of‘ thebook. For thisv
is ef?cient and proficient in the" performance‘ of
of construction and combinationsv and" arrange‘;
ments vof manually operated parts‘ including a.
work holder andv the paper-tearing gage" and
mechanism as will hereinafter be describ'e‘diini
detail, and more particularly'se‘t' forth in‘the‘ap:
ger i‘l iShinged‘orIpiVOtaIly mounted‘ by'-piI_l i'Z'fl‘n
a- bifurcated" orj slotted and' quadrant’ shaped"
pended claims.
frame‘is' anchored‘ at'on'e" end" to the frame, and
purpose‘a ‘ resiliently mounted stubv holder" or fin‘
In the accompanying drawings‘ I’ have illus
its other end'i‘s'anchor'edto a‘ bracket l_5'of’ the;
trated' a complete disclosure of the invention in
pin or ?nger l i, above the pivot i2. As indicated"
which the parts are combined and'arranged"in'ac 30? iii-Fig; 3 by dotted ,lines,,the stubs“ maybe turned‘
cord with'one model have devised‘ forthe'prac
or’ curled‘upwardly behihd‘me' resilient hold'ei‘épin»
tical application of the principles‘o'f my inven-'
or“?ngeri'andithe'springholds the ?nger‘ in upright
tion. It will, however be understood that changes
position against a stop 'piiii 6 of the slotted frame.
and alterations are contemplated and may be
B'y ' pressure of! the‘, thumb or ?nger against. the
made in these exemplifying“ drawings and me
spring-held det’e'ht" or anger n ' the detent may"
chanical structures, within the scope of my claims.
be ‘moved or swung to the left in Fig. 3 to release
without departing from the principles of the in
these stub sheets.
The tearing gage or cutter for the sheets is dis
Figure 1 is a plan view of an appliance in which I
posed at right angles to the long axis of the book
my invention is physically embodied' partly 40 plate 2 and the book 3, and this mechanism is re
broken away for convenience of illustration.
ciprocable and hand-operated to and from position
Figure 2 is a front edge view of the appliance,
over the, book, with automatic or spring actuated
partly in vertical section as at line 2-»-Z of
retracting means, and with automatic or spring
Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional detail
actuated vertically adjusting means that adapt,
view as at line 3—3 of Fig. 1.
the cutter to varying thicknesses of the book.
Figure 4 is a fragmentary detail perspective
The tearing unit is mounted in a housing ll of
view showing the holder and clamping means for
rectangular shape, and provided withv a top plate
the book of sheets to be successively torn. ‘
l8 that is longitudinally slotted at iii to guide and
Figure 5 is a partial plan view showing the tear
retain the resiliently mounted cutter which is of
ing gage in operative relation to the book; and
inverted T-shape in cross section, and includes an
Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view of the parts
upright ?ange 20 having spaced upper edge
in Fig. 5.
notches 2| and 22 or seats’for two ?ngers employed
In carrying out my invention I utilize a flat base
in adjusting and retaining the unit in proper
board or plate I of convenient size and shape.
_ position.
along one edge of which the book plate 2 is rigidly
The ?ange 20 is fashioned with a horizontally
support in the housing for the unit, and a. hori
zontally disposed presser plate rigid with the
disposed presser plate 23 having right angle edges
equipped with bevels or tearing edges 24 for aline
ment with the blocks of the book, and by means
of which the sheets are manipulated and torn
off at the proper designations.
The cutter unit is slid to adjusted position over
the book against the tension of a rotary spring
25 mounted on a rotary pin 26 in the spring hous
2. In a manually operated paper tearing ap
pliance, the combination with a base and a book
holder, of a guide-housing mounted laterally of
the holder, a spring-retracted presser unit recip
rocable in the housing, a bowed leaf-spring
mounted within the housing for supporting the
ing 21 located at one end of the housing for the
reciprocating cutter, and a chain or cord 28 con 10 unitgs‘ai'd imit""‘including§ asnotche'd hand-piece
pro'jecti'ngthrbu‘gh the‘housing, and a h'orizon
nects the cutter with this automatic and spring
tally disposed presser plate rigid with the hand
piece and forming a tearing gage.
actuated retracting device. By placing two ?n
gers or a ?nger and a thumb in the notches
3. In amanually operated appliance, the com
22 the cutting unit may be drawn over into posi
tion above the book, and’ then by 'a downward" 15 bination with a base and a slotted guide housing, _
pressure of the hand the presser plate'23 solidly» i ~ and a presser unit reciprocable in the housing, of
impinges against the top sheet of the book. When . _ a .rotary retracting spring mounted on the base
and attached to said unit, resilient means mount
pressure is released, the cutter is automatically‘ '
lifted from the book and also automatically‘witb‘ a ed in thechousing for supporting the unit, and
drawn, by spring 25, into its housing.
20 said unit including a hand piece and a. rigid
horizontally disposed presser plate forming a
tearing guide.
4. In a manually operated paper tearing ape
pliance, the combination with abase and a work-}
For automatically lifting the cutter a bowed
leaf spring 28' is mounted in the housing parallel
with and beneath the uplifted cutter, and one
end of the spring is anchored as at 29 to the
base board that forms the bottom of the housing. 25 holder, and a slotted housing, of an inverted
T-shaped presser unit reciprocable in the hous
By this combination and arrangement of parts
ing, said unit including an upright blade having
the cutting unit may be manipulated skillfully
and with accuracy without necessity for expert
labor, but with rapidity and efficiency in the per
formance of its functions.
From this description taken in connection with
my drawings it will be apparent that the manually
operated paper tearing unit withits automatically
spaced ?nger notches and projecting through the
slotted housing and a horizontally disposed pres
plate rigid with-the blade and forming a
operating retracting spring, together with the
tearing gage, a retracting spring connected to
the unit, and a bowed leaf spring mounted within
the housing for supporting the unit.
5. In a manually operated paper’ tearing ap
bowed spring as a resilient support for the depres 35 pliance, the. combination with a book-holder, a
stub-retainer frame mounted over the book
sible presser plate and tearing gage, provides a
holder, and a spring actuated retaining detent
device of simple construction that may be utilized‘
mounted over the book-holder, of a guide-hous
in the performance of its functions for quickly
ing, a presser unit reciprocable in the housing,
gaging and tearing off a money order or sheet
from the book. The spring detent for retaining 40 a retracting spring connected to the unit, and
resilient means mounted in_ the housing for sup
the book stubs may be manipulated with facility
porting the unit.
in holding the stubs out of the way for freedom in,
6. In a manually operated tearing instrument,
holding and tearing a money order or sheet from‘
the combination with a book-holder having end
the book or pad, and the e?iciency and pro?ciency
and side walls, retaining, pins mounted'in said
of the operator is enhanced together with a sav
Walls, a pivoted clamp mounted in the holder for
ing in time and labor.
abook, and a spring detent mounted over the
Having thus fully described my invention what
holder for retaining stubs, of a guide housing and
I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
a reciprocable presser unit mounted therein, a
Patent is:
1. In a manually operatedpaper-tearing ap 50' retracting spring connected to the unit, and
resilient means mounted in the housing for sup
pliance, the combination witha base anda book
holder, of a slotted housing mounted laterally of
the holder, a spring-retracted presser unit recipe
rocable in the housing including an upright hand
piece projecting through the housing, a resilient 55.
porting the unit. _
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