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Patented Jan. 18, 1949 ,
uNlTED , STATES , PATENT ori-‘lcs '
Henry H. Kolbe, Los Angeles, Calif., assigner to
‘ The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, Akron,
Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Application May 25, 1945, Serial No. 595,769
1 Claim. (Cl. 285-38)
This invention relates to a synthetic-rubber
built up of various kplies of material, and the ~
fuel-cell fitting, the outer surface of which is
inner and outer plies 5a and 5b may advanta
geously overlie the U-shaped ñange of the fitting,
as illustrated. By including the upper and lower
substantially flush with the outer surface of the
fuel cell, and to which an attachment-whether
of plastic or metal or the like-_is bolted directly'.
Metal fittings have been used in fuel cells-_i. e.,
bullet-sealing gasoline tanks-and fittings have
been used which included a projection extending
lips 3 and 4 of the U flange between the several
plies of the bullet-sealing material, a particularly
strong bond is formed between the tank and the
fltting. The outer ply 5b ofthe bullet-sealing
a considerable distance from the surface of the
' material docs not cover the whole of the outer
tank. Such fittings have proved unsatisfactory.
surface of the fitting, but its inner edge is located
a convenient distance from the opening through
Separation has occurred between the metal ñt
tings and the cell walls and has resulted in
the fitting in order to provide a seat of the syn-
leakage of the gasoline. Projections integral
thetic-rubber material of which the fitting is com
with the cells have been subject to damage in
posed for bolting an attachment directly thereto.
handling, both in the factory and in the field. v16 The fitting. is preferably assembled with the y
The present invention provides aiitting of » tank by placement in the opening therein when
synthetic rubber which is substantially flush with
both the bullet-sealing material and the fitting are
the wall of the cell and to which an attachment
is bolted directly. The attachment can be simply
in a green _or uncured condition.
The surfaces
of the U-shaped flange are cemented to the plies
and quickly replaced, and the synthetic rubber 20 of the bullet~sealing material by a curable adhe
serves as a cushioning or gasket material and
sive, and on subsequent vulcanization a leakproof
thus provides for a tight union between the
unitary structure is obtained.
fitting and the attachment.
The upper surface. of the ñtting 2 is substan
Where a metal fitting has been employed, dif
tially flush with the wall of the fuel cell. , The
ñculty has arisen due to the attack of the fuel 25 nuts i and the superimposed annular ring 8 are
within the tank upon the cement employed for - ' embedded in the synthetic material before vul
uniting the metal- with the plastic cell composi-l
canization, and the fitting is provided with open
tion. The structure of the present invention
ings 9 for the insertion of bolts IU.
eliminates all metal-plastic joints, except the joint
The nipple il may be of metal or suitable
betweenthe attachment (if of metal) and the 30 plastic. It is drawn directly to the cured syn
synthetic-rubber fitting. This joint is not a
thetic-rubber fitting 2 by the bolts ill without
cemented joint but is a pressure joint. The at
intervention of a gasket. As the bolts I0 are
tachment is drawn by bolts into direct contact
tightened, the surface of the ñtting flows against
with the fitting without the intervention of any
the undersurface of the nipple and forms a tight,
gasket material, and `the synthetic rubber ñows
leakproof joint between this attachment and the
against the underside of the attachmentsufll
ciently to make close'contact with the' entire
undersurface of the attachment and thus prevent
The invention will be further explained in con
be damaged in the handling to which the cell is
necessarily subjected in the factory and the field.
nection with the accompanying drawings, in
40 The attachment -I I need not be applied until the .
cell is in place in an'airplane or is. about to be '
set in place.
Fig. 1 illustrates in perspective a conventional
plastic joints, except the joint between the attach
Fig. 2 illustrates an elevation, partly in section,
of an attachment bolted directly to the synthetic,
rubber ñtting of a fuel cell.
- ment Il and the ñtting 2. Such a fuel-cell
- assembly has longer life than the prior-art
.A The fuel cell ~I is formed of any suitable bullet
What I claim is:
sealing material. The fitting 2, which may be of 50
Buna N or neoprene or other' oil-resistant syn
thetic rubber, is provided with a peripheral
U-shaped flange, the upper and lower .portions
3 and 4 of which embrace the bullet-sealing mate
rial 5. The bullet-sealing material is ordinarily.
There are no cemented " metal
synthetic joints exposed to the action of the fuel
within the cell. All the joints are vulcanized
fuel tank provided with the fitting herein de
scribed, and
There are no projecting parts of the fitting to
In combination a multi-ply bullet-sealing fuel
cell with an opening in one wall thereof, lin the
opening an oil-resistant synthetic-rubber fitting ,
having an opening therethrough and bolt-secur
ing means embedded therein around theopening
' and being provided with a. peripheral U ñ'ange,
t 2,459,747
there> being at leastone ply o'i the fuel-cell mate
rial above, atleast one other below and at lout
one other within the -U `iiangefthe fitting and '
fuel-cell plies _being vulcanized into a`unitary
whole, the fuel-cell material above the flange
The following referenees are of record in the
ille o! this patent:
being spaced some distance laterally from the
opening in the iitting ,so as to provide a seat
oi the synthetic-rubber material for the place
ment of an attachment, and on the seat an at
tachment with an opening therein in register with
the opening in the »fitting and drawn directly to
the fitting by bolts secured in said bolt-securing
means without any intervening material between
the ñtting and the attachment. ‘
.Todd .......... -." Sept. 20. 1932
Steiner ....... -'.-_- Augg‘w. 1943
v Kelley .......... _.. Mar. 6. 1945
Hanson ei;> al. .... -_ July 23. 1948
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