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Feb. 1, 1949.
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed May 8, 1945
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Feb. 1, 1949.
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Filed May 8, _l945
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Patented Feb. 1, 1949
. I
V 2' . Maurice E.‘ Teague, Cheney, Wash.
> - Application May 8, 1945, Serial No. 592,673’
2 Claims. (01. 298-43) '
This invention relates to an automatic dump
body’and, more particularly, is a dump body that
will automatically dislodge and pass out the tail
enda load of ?uid'materials under controlled
spreading conditions.
It has been my experience with the truck bodies
of the prior art that they require unnecessary at
tention from the drivers in the dislodgement of
the load, especially from the front portion of the
body and that they do not include practical or
useful gate structures that can be operated merely -
by raising the body to‘ ‘dumping inclination.
Having these and other objections. of the prior
art in mind, it is an object of this invention to
provide a dump truck that will readily- dislodge
the forward portion ofthe load in an automatic
manner without requiring hammering or prying
' by the attendant.
Another object of the invention is the provision,
in a dump truck of the type mentioned, of an 20
the rnain frame and to the other link and the
latter is secured as a crank arm to the cross shaft.
Withthis arrangement, lifting of the dump body
produces a depressing force upon the links con‘
nected to the forward ends of the gate levers and
' the gate is raised. Attached to the gate levers are
sidewalls to close the sides'of the opening pro
duced when the gate-is raised during dumping.
' The novel features that I consider character
istic of .my-invention are set'forth with particu
,larity in the : appended claims. The invention,
however, both as to its organization and its
method of operation, together with additional ob
jects and advantages thereof, will best be under
stood from the following description of a speci?c
embodiment when read in connection with the
accompanying drawings, in which,
Fig. l is a'side elevation view of a dump truck
body equipped according to my invention;
Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view
of the forward portion of the body in the lowered
automatic tail-gate that will open av predeter
mined degree without requiring the operator to
position and Fig. 3 is a similar view of the same
do other_than to elevate the body to a suitable
in the elevated position;
inclined position.
A still further object of the invention is to pro
vide in a ‘dump truck body a gate operating link
age system that will function automatically to
open the tail gate when the body is raised to
dumping inclination.
The foregoing objects and others ancillary
thereto _I prefer to accomplish as follows:
According to a preferred embodiment of my
invention, I dispose within the front of a dump
body an uprightrplate hinged near the top to the
upper forward portion of the body and having
hinged thereto a false bottom plate to lie within
the forward bottom portion of the dump body.
The rear gate of the body is formed of a plate
provided with lateral extending trunnions at both
Figure 4 is an enlarged side view of a rear frag
ment of the dump body with portions broken away
and omitted for convenience of illustration;
Fig. 5 is a cross sectional view taken on line
5--5 of Fig.4;
Fig.6 is a detailed view of the links between the I
main truck frame and the sub-frame whereby
rotation of the cross shaft is obtained; and
Fig. 7 is a side view, in elevation, of the tail gate
in elevated ‘dumping position and the body in
clined for dumping.
‘Referring to the drawings, there will be seen a
truck main frame I!) that is normally supported
upon ground engaging members (not shown).
superposed upon frame ID are the body joists l2
upon which‘ are mounted the dump body I4 com
the upper and the lower corners. The lower trun-v - 40 prising the normal bottom I5, front wall l6, and
nions operate in hooks at the lower corners of the
body and the upper trunnions operate in forks at
side walls I‘! and I8.
Between frames in and I2 is provided the pivot
20 whereby the two frames may be spread apart
as shown from Fig. 1 to Fig. 7, usually by screw
the upper corners of the body. Each fork is car
ried on the rear end of a lever intermediately piv
oted to the side of the body in a manner that 45 or expansible cylinder means of conventional use
when the forward end of the lever is depressed
the fork and the depending gate is swung relative
the opening that it normally closes. Mounted
in the joists of the tiltable' body is a cross shaft
carrying at each end a crank arm having a crank
pin radially swingable about :said shaft.
tween the crank pin and the gate lever is a link
which operates to swing the lever when the crank
is revolved. Movement of the crank and the
cross shaft to which it is secured is obtained ‘by-a
pair of links between the main‘ truck frame and
the cross shaft. One of said links is pivoted to
and not shown for convenience of illustration.
, In the forward portion of the body is placed the '
upright plate 22 hinged at 24 to the upper for
ward edge of the body [4 and having a lower
hinge connection 26 to the false bottom plate 28.
When the'dump body is in the normal substan
tially horizontal position plates 22 and 28 ap
pear as in Fig. 2, but when the body is inclined
they freely shift to the positioning of Fig. 3. In
this manner that portion of the load of bulk ma
terial that has been deposited in the body will be
shifted rearward and so tilted by the raising of
the center of gravity that it will freely run out
of the body and thus obviate the heretofore neces
link connection to crank plate 40 and proceeds
in the normal manner.
sary hammering, pounding and prying so com
monly required of the operators to dislodge this
For normal use the tail gate is provided with
the trunnions 60 extending beyond the two ends
C21 of the tail gate 56 and along the bottom edge.
portion of the load.
As can be seen in Fig. 5, the bottom It‘; is ex-_
tended externally: of the sides to iforfmash'elfw'ltiii
and a web brace 35 extends therefrom to the'be'ad'
edge 32 to sti?en the body. In the joists i2 lateral .
of the body is rotatably mounted cross shaft 3?‘
which extends outward to under the “shelves'im-l ’
Somewhere near the middle, shaft 34 has “crank
arm 36 which is pivotally coupled to'lhik-3T-th‘at"
is in turn pivoted to ear 38 thatisattachedrtothe‘
The trunnions seat‘in the hooked ends-‘6| and
twin-game pins SSl'tHe'ita'il f‘gate is‘free to
dutward and down 'ard
stun“ arc of
180 degrees or it may be ?xed at the horizontal
or‘ any other degree by the usual chains com
monlyr‘ used for that purpose, thus providing
fo'r_.hauling__ material that has to extend or that is
lon-‘ge'r‘than‘the capacity of the truck body.
' ' ---~Althou_gh~~-I- have shown and described certain .
frame Hi. When the body is elevated the‘ action , i speci?c embodiments of my invention, I am fully
of link 31 and arm 36 is to produce a sligfit“rota"->=
aware that many modi?cations thereof are pos
tion of shaft 34, in a oounteréclockwise direction
“Ateach end, shaft 35 hassecuredithel‘etdthef
crank plate 60 'Which'is provided‘with a Yse‘rle‘sof‘
holes 4i to which link '44 may lee-“selectively "9172:;
tached at various ‘radial distances 1 and‘1 positions‘?
from the axis of shaft‘ 34>to vary'the draft-‘upon
link 44 to meet-conditions of-use‘of theilmech'a'l
sible. My invention, therefore, is to be limited
only-if‘bylif'the ‘spiritl‘of “the appendedplaims’ ‘as
equivalents obviously "cani'be substituted within
1 theiskili o?the mechanic 'without departing from
the iprinciples?"of ‘the’ ‘invention; ~:t
Having thus described my =imieiition, rc'laim‘z"
‘In ‘chimp body "that *is' vpivotally' mounted
upon Y‘ a "-- frame" vand swings? to '* inclined ‘ position
nismw Links 44‘ each rise upwardly'frorri 1a icon-1' 1.2 reiative- there-toivtaili gate‘elevatingl' means; ‘com:
nectioniwith a’crank plate 40 and vpassith'rough‘a
pri‘sn‘igzwaftailigateeto closesaid'bddy-sat the rearv
suitableslot dim-the shelf 30‘and1'lieal'ongside
WheiYiiT‘thé normal horizontal = position; " a- lever
x. An"outside
lever 138 ‘is pivoted
body sidewall.
"to athe ~upp"
edge ofseach 1 side wall" by-t-means 'of1pi'i'rv1i9'v and"
has pivotal connection 5% with the ‘uppe‘i‘l'end'T’of‘f
When the body is-raised-pivotlillirevdlves 1‘
cennectéditos each upper cornerioflsaid' body and"
about ~the axis-of pivot 20 between frametilla'rid?
joists i2 as also does the‘shaftv 34:1‘fHoweverjshaft“
extending‘;wfoitward'lalongside said a dump body '
and‘ having» pivotal ‘connection- thBI'GWit’h'fil'ltET
said-“lever I 'for'wardmf-E its‘ pivotal- connection to;
34' is itself - rotated about ‘its‘own: axis: by means
saidibodyna‘guide plate'dep'ending irom said leverv
within said-body along the-side wally-thereof, said
guide plate extending forward fromthe rear end
of crank‘ 36 andlink 3?. This rotatidnioflshaft?“
results in- swinging of’crank plate“ 401 and'an ac
therebelow and having a erank~plate~on~each end,
oies'aidi‘leyeryai cross shaft ‘lateral of», said‘ body
celerated draft - is ~ applied . to‘ ‘the ‘ link="'ov'er"; and -
each said link and the adjacentqcrank platebe
beyond the‘ action obtain-able‘if link‘ 44 were-‘at
ing ipivotaIlyJ interconnected and crankjgme‘ansn
tached only to the frame may a- ?xedipivotil
*‘ ‘
.Lever - 45 carries . depending itherefrom'within
thev bodyia triangular: plate 53 whichiserlves ‘Jae
a guide and also :a's‘a side wallinth'e openin‘g'prow
ducedwhenthe tail'gateis'raised, at‘ which time
it rests against the rear edge of thetail-‘gdte‘SBki
Onits rear end;~lever 48 has fork 5'd'inl'whichiis
mounted an‘ upper trunnion
of the ta-il‘gate?liir
A pin :58 passedxthrough the tines of?forkiz?'i rel-1‘
tam-the trunnion in the fork during lifting of (the
At each of the lower cornerswof‘theigat‘ea
a trunnion 5E WhlCh'lS normally-s'eatedin‘hookil
carried by the rear lowerf'cornersrof -.t"he'~iiclun'iv
body. -When his desired to drop thertail gat
non-upright‘ position; pin'a?ll‘is‘withdrawrf"
and such may‘ be accomplishedwith the tail‘ gate’?
being positioned-as is customary
between said cross shaft and said frame,
2.111 a dump body that is‘pivot'allfmoiinted
upon a ‘frame, and swings to inclined'po's'itionrelal- '
tiveetherreto, ‘a tailgate to close' 'said'bodyat'the
'rearg-jailever extending "alongside said dump at‘
each-side-thereof adiacentithe top edge‘v thereof
and having pivotal connectionwith-said body at
a distance from the tail gate-flinli‘i‘iiiean's' "open '
able by elevation of said body to inclined'p‘osition
to ‘turn said- ~levers~ on their pivotal" connections '
with’the body togel'evate'it'he gate; said levee-‘tacit
having a triangular guide plate thereon extend
mgeve- meadecentsme bfi?e‘ibeiii','e?éfdowrii,
wardl-yinside the body forming steps for 'thegat'e;
rearwardly‘facing forks (at therear~ends of ‘said
levers, trunnions at theil’top" off the tail 'gate'reii
ceive‘d‘I-inl said forks,- pinsfreleasa'bly' holydin'g'hthe
Withchains or
trunnions in the ‘ forks, :trunni'o‘ns 'at'fthe bottom;
of-the-~-gateeand upwardly and outwardly open-l _
:‘Byrthe ltai'li gate ‘elevating means; Zita is possible
toelevate the same ‘merely'by raising the dump
bodyito‘ any oi itsincline'd positions'i'?l
ing hook means on the body receivingfthe ‘last’
' whereby the‘ tairg‘ate “may he‘?
swung-outwardly about ‘the lower 'trunn'i'oiis when"
other stop means.
@Sincethe degree'oi'rais'e' ofvthe' tail-‘gateernaye
be controlled‘- through ‘adjustments? in‘thebon‘?"
nection of link lid in any of‘ the holes“; the“ o‘pf
erator, is easily enabled to control a gravel spreads? (i
ing' operation; for example‘. " If. the bulk‘ material i
being handledji's free.-flowing,_the b'od‘y' need'o‘ril'yii
be ‘raised, slightly and a predetermined opening,
theébo'dylis‘level and lifted by saidlevel‘s asthe
body is titled.
"Thefollowingv references are of record in the
?le of thisapatent:
of the bottom. of the ‘.tail gatew-ith respect‘tothel. 70
truck bottom arranged ‘for, and .a desired. spread
Number-q ~
FDate' 1,
will.. be. had; Bulk material which "is. not~so free“
Raymond '_'_-_-__
1'.‘ Dec-r24, 13158;;
flowing may require greater’. inclinationwiiof » the;
Lew-2i. : Osman’ -_
dump-body whilecstillvthe. same openingeis‘ihadzit
152513-384“ Larson? "_Y~_~__-_~_
{Sept-1, 1931'“
In the latter case the operator merely adjusts his
Dailey _________ __>___ Sept. 3, 1940
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