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Feb. 1, 1949.
s. M. ABRAMs El‘ AL
Filed Jan. 1a, 1946
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
M. 4594M‘?
{W 64/14/13:’
Feb. 1,
Filed Jan. 18, ‘1946
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
‘ 54/1/1051 M. 45/2AM5
Patented Feb. 1, 1949
Samuel M. Abrams and Albert Abrams,
" ,
7 Application January 18, 19th, SerialNo. 642,001
2 Claims.
(01. 12-128) 7
This invention relates to improved sanitated " '
shoe tree constructions, and more particularly
is directed to shoe tree constructions when in ef
invention and shown in Fig. 1 ineffective posij
tionwithin a shoe of any well understood con
struction ‘and indicated by dot and ‘dash lines in
fective position for efficiently dissipating odors
from the interior of shoes after being worn and
thereby provide healthier and more comfortable
footwear for ‘those persons disposed to have
perspiring feet and yet retain the shape of the
Figs. 1 and 4 for retaining the shape‘ of the front
end thereof between‘ wearing periods and to
deodorize or mask odors from the'interior of the
Said shoe tree I0 may comprisev a toe bracing
shoes between wearing periods.
structure H made of sheet material of metal,
Among the objects of the invention is to gen l0 plastics or other suitable substances molded 'or
erally improve shoe tree. constructions of the ‘ stamped in the well understood manner to'
character described which shall comprise few
vide a hollow light-weight body shaped to ”con.-.
and simple parts that are readily assembled to
form to the front interiorof the shoe'and pro
form neat and attractive devicesor appliances,
vided with an inturned rim ?ange Ila to' stiffen
which shall be readily adapted to conform to
said hollow structure ll . There also may be pro-'
shoe shape requirements of a relatively large
vided integral spaced lugs H b projecting from the
range of shapes and various sizes, which shall be
rear end of said toe bracing structure ll. Said
easy to adjust, which shall be convenient and
lugs Hb serve as supports on which end |2a_ of a
serviceable to provide .a sanitary, hygienic foot
U-shaped stretcher I2 is trunnioned byv means of'
wear shape retaining device, and which shall
pivot member [3 which extends through said lugs
be practical and efficient to a high degree and
1 lb and stretcher end l2a. As seen in Figs. 1 and
2, stretcher end [2a may be provided with a cross
Other objects of the invention will in part be
extended portion l2b to stiffen the interconnect:
obvious and in part be pointed out.
The invention accordingly consists 'of features .-; The toe bracing structure II, as seen in'Figs. 1'
of construction, combination of elements and ar
and 3 and as described above, forms a stiif shell
rangements of parts which will be exempli?ed
with an open bottom side He. Said shell struc
ing structures.
in the constructions hereinafter described and ‘
of which the scope of application will be indi
cated in the following claims.
In the accompanyingdrawing in which is shown
various possible illustrated embodiments of the
ture ll preferably is formed with through-open
ings on the top side as for example longitudinally
extending spaced slots lid and groupedperfoé
rations II e. There may also be provided a pair
of centrally located, spaced parallelly aligned’ de
pressed slit rim edges Hf between slots I! d and
Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of the improved
located to have the grouped perforations He
sanitated ' shoe tree constructed to embody the 85 thereb'etweem Said rim-edges I If serve as a slide
invention partly broken'away to expose the in
way for outwardly extending ?anges Ma for re
terior structure, and showing in dotted lines the
movably retaining a carrier receptacle or'com
installation thereof ,in' a shoe.
partment drawer Ill positioned in said shell struc
Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view of the improved
sanitated shoe tree shown in Fig. l. .
Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view taken on lines
3-3 in Fig.‘ 1.
.Fig_ 4 is a front elevational view of a modi?ed
form of sanitated shoe tree'constructed to em
ture II with the .open side I 4b of the drawer 14
40 facing the perforations He} as shown in Figs. '1'
and 3.
.The compartment-drawer I4 beside having out
wardly extending ?anges Ma may be constructed
and arranged to hold a suitable neutralizing, coun
body the invention partly broken away to expose 45 teracting or masking deodorant or absorbent or
the interior structure and showing in dotted lines
disinfectant ?ller F of any well known composi
the installation thereof in a shoe."
tion and is perforated or made of mesh sheet ma
Fig. 5 is a bottom plan view partly in section, of
terial providing through-passages Me so that the
the improved sanitated shoe tree shown in Fig. 4,
50 vapors or odors on the interior of shoe have ready
access to the deodorant or absorbent ?ller F which
Figs. 6 and 7 are cross sectional views taken on
may be volatile. The latter may be a suitable
lines 6-6 and ‘l-1 respectively, in Fig. 4.
liquid or paste retained on cotton, gauze or the
Referring in detail to the drawings, I0 denotes
like, or activated granular material but of a size
a sanitated shoe-tree constructed to embody the 65 that will not sift through said passages Me, or
may be made in form of a cake that presents ac
tivated surfaces for deodorizing or absorbing, or
the position shown in dot and dash lines in Figs.
4, 5 and 6. In said collapsed position of the
stretcher 22 which, is then wholly within the
shell 2|, the drawers 24 remain unobstructed.
now be apparent. After constructing and assem
The drawers 24 may each be made of perforated
or mesh sheet material with through-opening 242)
The practical application of the invention will
bling the improved shoe-tree ID as described
above and as shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3, said shoe
tree 10 may.v be chargedwith a suitabledeodorant,
absorbent, or. both, ?ller F by placing; the same.
in compartment drawer l4 which may be re
moved from the effective position shown in Figs.
1, 2 and 3 by sliding ?anges [4a, rearward on slide
way rim edges 1 If to give ireeiaccess'tothe' drawer
open side Mb after which it may. bereseatedinto.
said effective position. The charged shoe-tree Hi
can be readily inserted in the shoe with the bight
like in drawer [4.
It is-to be understood. that the construction of
shoe-trees; Ill and. 20 maybe made‘ to conform
with features substituted in each other without
departing from the invention.
It is also contemplated to utilize said shoe
trees constructions‘ l0 and 20 in moist, damp and
hot. climates. where a suitable effective disin
jfectant, or anti-fungus or like ?ller F may be
provided to prevent mildew and mold or other
' end I2c of the U-shaped stretcher I42“ contacting -
ltz~willa thus be seen that there is provided
the rear end or counter of the interior side oi’the
santitated shoe tree constructions in which the
shoe thereby ?rmly retaining the charged shell
‘Ll in e?ective position. The. shell open. bottom 20 several objects. of. this invention are achieved
andlwhichlare, well‘ adapted‘t‘o meet the condition
side.‘ l.'l‘c,.sl‘ot’s. lll‘d and perforations. H e. allserveto
ofie'?icient. and‘practi’cal use.
expose. the, interior. of. the. frontv of.‘ the. shoe. to
Asvarious possibleembodirnents might be made
the action. of. the ?ller, E'ffor. counteracting, mask
in, the above. invention” and. as various changes
When. the shoe. tree. H1 is- not. inv use. or when 25 might‘ be, made in. the embodiments above set
forth, it is understood that all matters herein
using’with shoes constructed with no rear or
ing or absorbing odors from. said. shoe. interior.
set‘ forth orshown in the accompanying drawing,
counter, the stretcher |2.may be swung on pivot
are to be interpreted as illustrative and‘ not in
member 1'3. into the position indicated in dotted
a limiting sense.
and. dash lines. in. Figs. L and‘ 2. In this latter.
Having thus described our invention we claim
position the stretcher I2. encircles. the. drawer. ill 30
as new and‘ desire to claim by. LettersPatent-z
and'is wholly housediwithinthe. shell Iii incom
l. Ashoe tree comprising ahollow shoe-shaped
pact form_
retaining portion, a. collapsible extension
In. Figs. 4''. to 7. inclusive, a. modi?ed. form or
shoe-tree. construction. embodying. the invention ‘ movabiy supported from. said'toe portion iorad
as justment in and- out" of’ said’ hollow toe portion‘,
a porous] member secured‘ to; an interior: wall of
Here the shoe-tree designed'generall'y atZU has
said‘hollow‘shoe shapedkportiorr and-so; located as
a shell‘. structure 21‘ similar to the shoe-tree. shell
to-be- free from interference; with the movement
H‘ above described, exceptthat instead of‘ pro
of said, collapsible‘ extension when positioned in
viding; a centrallyv located compartment drawer
said‘toeportion- and: formingjwith the toeportion
Hi, there is. provided‘ a, plurality of; drawers 24*
a compartment adapted- to receive‘ an odor neu
spaced‘ apart and‘ utilizing depressed‘ slitted. rim
tralizing means, said toe portion where it. forms
edges 21'1" and“ a portion of‘ the inturned flanges
the-wall of‘ said-compartment having openings
2121-‘ as the’slideway for each of said drawers 2'13.
therein and having passages therein commnni~
45 carting-‘with theinteriorthereof at"v points spaced
from said- openings, and means- permitting move
telescoping“ support instead‘ of,“ being, pivoted for
ment‘ of one of the portions forming a-wall of
the usshaped; s'tret‘cherll' of‘ shoe-tree‘ I8; Said
said compartment so‘ as to permit the- insertion
telescoping" support‘ has pairs of‘ slideway guides
and removalv of'odor' neutralizing means.
21%‘ foriea'ch" of the‘ ends 22a of" stretcher 21 and
2. A shoe tree as de?ned in claim 1' in which
may~ alsobe provided with suitable‘ length ad'
said means: permitting: movement. of one of the
j'ustment: means, as for example, spaced opening
portions forming: a1 wall? of‘ said- compartment in
22d‘ in said stretcher and 22a. whichv cooperate
cludes inwardly pressed portions of said? toe re’
with‘spring' tongues 2ld' provided in lugs 21b
ta-ini'ng portion.
Integral lugs Zlb projecting rearward from
thezshell" structure‘ 2|’ may be constructed as a
as shown injFi'gs. 1 and '1'; .Thus an effective
adjusted" length of the stretcher 22" can be. had
as‘ requiredv for various sizes of" shoes as is clear
fromzFig'. 1‘.
The shoe-tree 211‘ may be used. in the. same:
manner as‘ described above; for. shoe-tree
It. . -
However; a' greater capacity of‘ ?ller-F‘ material
in. drawers 24 is provided, than in drawer M’ and‘
spacedelongated" slots. 21g; perforation 213, and
open- bottom Zlc- provide‘ a greater exposure. of
the! interior of‘ the‘ shoe to- the effective- action
offthee ?ller FY‘in' drawers 2'41 than’ in the shoe
treee Hit The“ drawers-a 24 of shoe-tree» 26“ may
be. manipulated. at any time for opening and
closingsame'. The-stretcher 22fmay. be-collapsed
by; releasing. the tongues: Zltt from the openings
2211.; by‘ pressing the. stretcher" end 22a. together
sli‘dingstheistretcher- 2Zinto the‘shelll 2 l. in
The following“, references are‘ of‘ record‘ in. the
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