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March 15, 1949.
Filed March 26, 1947
Patented Mar. 15, 1949
Thomas J. Williams, Camden, N. Y.
Application March 26, 1947, Serial No. 737,393
4 Claims. (01. 312-62)
My invention relates to a glassine gummed
paper label holder and I declare the following to
be a full, clear, complete, concise and exact de
scription thereof sui?cient to enable anyone
skilled in the art to which it appertains to make 5
and use the same, reference being had to the ac
companying drawings in which like reference
characters refer to like parts throughout the
the under surface of top 3, whereby the uppermost
label 4 will be exposed by aperture 5 contemplates
‘.a follower leaf spring 25 which is bent near its
middle portion to form two layers or leaves. The
lower fold 26 of said spring 25 ?ts into a counter
sunk recess 21 in base plate H‘ The uppermost
leaf 28 of spring 25 rests against a removable
plate 29 which is disposed below labels 4. The
free end of spring 25 is bent downwards at 30 to
The object of the invention is to provide a hold 10 avoid interference with follower plate 29.
Labels 4 are cut to the size of the chamber
er for glassine gummed paper labels that will per
within casing I‘ and are stacked in laminated for
mit of the withdrawing of one label at a time by
engaging the ?nger against the topmost label.
The device is made of small proportions, prefer
ably, whereby it can be carried in the user’s pocket
and held easily in one hand while withdrawing a
The object will be understood by referring to
the drawings in which:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the device show 20
mation therein.
. In operation the user will ?rst load casing |
with‘ thegummed labels 4. He can do this by
.pulling bottom part 2 free from casing | and then
remove plate 29, whereupon he will be able to ?ll
the chamber of casing | with glassine gummed
paper labels 4 to a sufficient depth to permit the
plate 29, spring 25 and bottom part 2 to be assem
bled to casing |. After labels 4 are thus loaded
ing a human ?nger in the act of withdrawing a
in casing I, plate 29 will be dropped in against the
lowermost label 4 and spring 25 will be inserted
Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the device show
between plate 29 and plate ll of base part 2 will
ing the label released from the ?nger.
Fig. 3 is a central vertical section taken on the 25 be pushed into place with nubs 2|), 20 snapping
into recesses 2|, 2| of base plate ||. Base plate
line 3-—3 of Fig. 1.
H can be sealed with cement if desired.
Fig. 4 is a central cross section taken on the
Each time a label 4 is needed the user will pull
line 4-—4 of Fig. 2.
with the tip of his ?nger 3| rearwardly against
Fig. 5 is a detail view showing a perspective of
30 the exposed surface of the uppermost label 4
the removable base employed in the device.
which will cause the free end of said label 3 to
Referring more particularly to the drawings,
rise and double back orbuckle upon itself, as
the device embodies a rectangular shaped casing
shown in Fig. 1. When ?nger 3| is released from
I made preferably of plastic having a bottom part
label 4, said label 4 will automatically spring
2 that is removable. The top surface 3 of casing
| is formed on a slight curvature, whereby to aid 35 forward in an outward direction to clear the mar
ginal part 32 of the upper surface 3 of casing |
in extracting the paper labels 4 which are gummed
as shown in Fig. 2. The operator can grasp then
on one surface.
the free end 33 of label 4 and pull it from casing
A square shaped aperture 5 is made near one
| independent of or without disturbing the re
end in top surface 3 to expose a part of the upper
most label 4. Aperture 5 leaves su?icient surface 40 maining labels 4 in casing |. Upstanding ears
35, 35 formed on opposite sides of plate M will
of top part 3 on its two sides, whereby to prevent
aid in guiding the upper part of casing | onto
said uppermost label 4 from being pushed out
said base plate ll. Said ears 35, 35 are formed
through opening 5 by the follower spring herein
after mentioned.
integral with base plate ||.
sides of base plate ||. Recesses 2|, 2| will align
casing, and a follower spring resting in a recess
Bottom part 2 of casing | is made of a ?at base 45 Plate 29 is made preferably of some yielding
metal, whereby to bend as seen in Fig. 3 under
plate || having its four sides reduced to form a
the in?uence of spring 25. marginal indenture |'2 upon which sets the four
Having thus described my invention what I
lower edges of easing |. The space l4 between
claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Pat
ridge I2 and the" peripheral edge l5 of plate H is
ent is as follows:
su?icient to allow for the thickness of side walls l6
1. In a glasslne gummed paper label holder, a
of casing |, whereby said side walls It will ?t
casing for holding labels, a curved top portion
flush with edge l5 when the parts are assembled.
having an aperture adjacent one end thereof
The means for holding plate H to casing I~
formed in said casing, a removable bottom portion
embodies outstanding lateral nubs 20, 2|] formed
integral with each of the two opposite sides of ‘ having a reduced edge therein, nubs formed in
said casing and recesses formed in said bottom
casing |. Nubs 23, 20 are adapted to ?t into cor
portion for holding said bottom portion to said
responding recesses 2|, 2| made in the opposite
formed in said bottom portion for forcing said
with nubs 20, 20 when the parts are assembled.
The means for pressing labels 4 upward towards 50 labels towards said aperture.
2. In a glassine gummed paper label holder, a
formed in said bottom portion for the reception
of said nubs, whereby to hold said casing to said
casing for holding labels, a curved top portion
having an aperture adjacent one end thereof
formed in said casing, a removable bottom portion
having a reduced edge therein, nubs formed in
said casing and recesses formed in said bottom
bottom portion in a detachable manner, a remov
able follower plate mounted in said casing, a leaf
spring having: folds disposed between said remov
able plate and said bottom portion, whereby to
press said labels towards the top part of said cas
portion for holding said bottom portion to said
casing, and a removable follower spring resting“
ing, a countersunk recess in said bottom portion
in a recess formed in said bottom portion for. forc'—'
for'the reception of one of the folds of said leaf
ing said labels towards said aperture.
ll‘) spring, said leaf spring having its free edge bent
3. In a glassine gummed paper‘ label‘ holder, a
downwards to avoid interference with said fo1~
casing for holding labels, a, curved top' portion
lower plate and upstanding ears formed on said
bottom portion, whereby to guide said casing on
the said bottom portions.
having an aperture formed adjacent one end
thereof in said casing, a removable top portionv
having a reduced marginal edge therein for en
g'agingsaid casing, nubs formed in said casing and 1;;
recesses formed in said'bottor'n portion for‘ holding
said bottom portion to said casing, a removable
plate mounted in said casing and a- removable
spring mounted in a recess formedin said bottom
The ‘following references are of record in the
portion, whereby to push said-labels towards the 2"
top porton of said casing.‘
4. In a glassine gumm'ed paper label‘ holder; a
?le of this‘ patent:
Number‘ _
casing for holding labels; a curved top portion
formed in said casing, a rectangular’ shaped open
ing adjacent one end thereof formed in the- top
portion of said casing for exposing said-labels; a
removable bottom portion having a marginal
shoulder, said casing’ having side portions that
engage said marginal shoulders in said bottom‘ 1-30 Number
portion, nubs formed in said‘ casing, recesses
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