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April 12, 1949.
Filed Nov. 8, 194's
?aw/r 5. 5544,4905,
F'atentecl Apr. 132’, 194$;
25467328,; ‘
AMUSEMENT vAI’P'A-Itlt'll‘lilS-: ..
Frank B; Sellards,~North Hollywood; Calif.
Application 4November-8,
Claims. ‘.(Cl.
Serial No.
could ‘use the. apertures vmoreclosely . spaced. I The '
The present invention relates to an amusement Y
apertnres aresuf?ciently ‘(large-as to enablestheil
toe portion of the shoe'uto extend; therethrougilrz;
apparatus in general and particularly to a person-..
propelled exercising and entertaining
device. .
More speci?cally the invention comprises a play
ground apparatus which is operated by the user,
itself-His of. a thickness rsuch thatxithe :user’sr?n
repeatedly shifting his weight relative tothe axis
gers (can reachand extend~along;thez»undersidei :
of rotation of the device at the proper time.
‘Playground or exercising apparatus necessitat
thereof to obtain acpositive grip. vWhen- two' or‘
as illustrated in the drawing, andxtherplatform“ ‘
more. persons -~use therlmachinertheya would ;:sit their ‘heels gpositionedhin ztheti
ing the expenditure of reasonable amounts of
physical energy are widely accepted for their v10 outermost apertures and; inwthisevent use would.v
probably be madeiof utheiapertureszltatithe ‘userfssr.
bene?cial and entertaining characteristics. . Every
playground is provided with its swings, merry- _
go-rounds, and similar units conducive to the
enjoyment and health of the young or old user.
Theypresent invention'relates generally to play
ground apparatus and is also properly referred
to as an amusement device. It is particularly
adapted for use by an individual although it may
be used simultaneously by two or more persons.
It is an object of the present invention to pro
vide a new and improved user-operated play
grounddevice in which an inclined turntable is
rotated by the operator shifting his weight.
side as hand openings: ,
Platform I‘! is rotatably supported :by a‘spine' ;
dle I3 formed with an integral top platetxM to
15 which the platform is directly-:securedxby screws
It. ‘The. spindle is supported for rotationiubyx
spaced bearings H», the upperof; which takesithe‘w:
thrust load; the outer‘ races-:of each‘ bearingv
mountedin the'bore of the tilted upperupon»!
20 tion l8'of a mounting element :01‘ Isleeve; indi-m
cated' generally: .{by thereference character: l9.
Mounting element l9, also. includes an -.inte’rnal1:y1.
threaded .lower ‘portion 21 , the rcentralclongitudi
naliaxis of which extends vertically:andlaccordsvr
A further object is to provide an exercising and».
entertainment apparatus in which the usershi-fts; 25 inglyiatl an angleto the spindle-.13; ; .:.
The threaded lower portion of body element
his weight in proper time phase relationship to
I 9 seats nonrotatably and ?xedly upon the up
produce rotation about a ?xed inclined axis.
per end of a vertical post 22 preferably ex
Still another object of the invention is to pro
tended into the supporting ground and main
vide a turntable rotatable about an inclined axis
tained in a vertical upright position by means
and provided with means by which the user may
of a plurality of legs 23 which extend laterally.
position himself so as to be enabled to shift his
Post 22, legs 23, and the mounting element l9
weight to effect rotation.
are made of strong and relatively heavy metal to
These and other more speci?c objects will ap
provide a stable and strong construction which
pear upon reading the following speci?cation
will function as a ?rm foundation for the rotat
and claims and upon considering in connection
able platform H and its load.
therewith the attached drawing to which they
In the operation of the unit constructed in ac
cordance with the present invention, the device is
Referring now to the drawings in which a pre
preferably positioned upon a ?at supporting sur
ferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated:
face. If desired the device may be placed upon
Figure 1 is a top plan view of a rotatable turn
the ground, in which event the post 22 could well
table or platform constructed in accordance with
extend below the ground level. If preferred, how
the present invention;
ever, the lower extremities of the post 22 and of
Figure 2 is a side view of the invention illus
the laterally extending legs 23 can make con
trating the inclination of the axis of rotation
tact with the supporting surface in a single plane
and one method of use by a single person; and
to provide a foundation which is quite adequate.
Figure 3 is a vertical section through the
With the unit positioned upon the supporting
mounting means for the rotatable platform.
surface the user mounts the platform II in the
Referring again to the drawing, the unit is
manner illustrated in Figure 2 placing the toes
seen to comprise a circular table or platform H
of the feet through two of the outermost open
provided with spaced apertures l2 which are ar
ings l2 and grasping two of the diametrically
ranged and shaped to receive the toes and hands
opposed openings 12 with the hands in the man
of a user when resting upon the platform on his
ner illustrated. He can then, by leaning forward
hands and knees in the manner illustrated in Fig
ly and slightly to one side or the other of the
ure 2. A large child or an adult would make use
of the outer apertures l2 while a smaller person 55 center line, shift his center of gravity relative
to the axis of rotation of the platform compris
spindle ?xedly attached to said platform, a sup
porting element formed with upper and lower
angularly related bores opening at its opposite
iing the shaft or spindle l3, and cause the plat
‘lform H to rotate in its effort to move the cen
jter of gravity to the lowermost point thereon.
l The operator quickly gets the “feel” of the mech
ends, said spindle extending rotatably into the
upper of said bores a base extended into the lower
of said bores to support said supporting element
with said upper bore tilted at :an angle to the
anism and learns to shift his weight at the proper
time interval so that the platform is rotated
continuously and at an accelerated rate.
Instead of taking the position illustrated in the
3. In a playground device, a person-supporting
drawing the user may, if he prefers, sit down
upon the device with his legs extended in front
of him. His position would be approximately
central and the optimum position could be de
termined experimentally. Use would again be
made of the side openings as grips for the hands
to provide stability and the device would be
circular platform formed with pairs of hand holes
and toe holes upon diametrically opposite sides
of its center, said holes being so positioned as to
enable a person kneeling on said platform with
his hands and toes positioned in said holes to
shift his weight relative to said center, means
mounting said platform for rotation about an in
clined axis thru said center, and a base supporting
said last-mentioned means.
4. In a playground device, a flat platform
formed with hand and toe holes spaced arcuately
operated again by shifting the weight by leaning
the body or some part thereof.
If two or more children are seated upon the
platform, their feet will, be positioned in the
outermost openings l2 and their backs will be to
gether. The result described can be obtained by
the cooperative action of the children in shifting
their weight to approximate the action described
around its physical center as to enable a person
kneeling to place his ?ngers through the holes on
one side of the center and his toes in the holes on
the opposite side and also as to enable a person
. seated substantially centrally thereon to place the
for the single user.
While the particular apparatus herein shown
and described in detail is fully capable of attain
?ngers of his two hands through holes upon op
posite sides of said center, a spindle ?xedly
ing the objects and providing the advantages
hereinbefore stated, it is to be understood that
secured to the underside of said platform and ex
it is merely illustrative of the presently preferred _
embodiments of the invention and that no limita
tions are intended to the details of construction or
design herein shown other than as de?ned in the
appended claims.
element formed with a bore seating said spindle
and supporting same at an angle, spaced bearings
rotatably supporting said spindle in said bore, and
diverging legs ?xed to said supporting element to
support same above a supporting surface.
I claim:
1. In ‘a playground device, a platform having a
supporting shaft and formed with openings
adapted to receive the feet of the user and with
openings adapted to receive his hands, means to
support said shaft for rotation about an inclined
axis between the openings for the feet and for the
tended perpendicularly therefrom, a supporting
' The following references are of record in the
40 ?le of this patent:
‘hands and including a hollow element, and a base
supporting said element at an angle.
2. In a playground device, a ?at platform pro
vided with apertures to receive the feet or the
hands upon opposite sides of a center point, a 4
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