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April-1'2, 1949.
Filed June 6, 1947
" 3 Sheets-Sheet l
April 12, 1949.
Y 2,467,346
Filed June 6, 1947
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
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April ‘12, 1949-
Filed June 6, 1947
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, ____
Patented Apr. 12, 1949
Walter Trubenbach, East Orange, N. J.
Application June 6, 1947, Serial No. 753,075
3 Claims. (Cl. 183-107)
This invention relates to improvements in air
cleaning means for general use, but which is
from the following detailed description of the
especially well adapted for use in hot and/ or cold
Illustrative embodiments of this invention’ are
shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:
air conditioning systems for buildings.
Modern hot and/or cold air conditioning sys
tems usually include, at the air intake thereof,
Fig. 1 is a transverse vertical sectional view
through an air intake housing or passage equipped
with one portion of the novel air cleaner means
according to this invention; Fig. 2 is another ver
means to remove from the entering air stream,
which is to be conditioned and eventually deliv
ered into the premises served by the system, dust,
dirt, soot particles or the like which may be sus
tical cross sectional view of the same, taken on
10 line 2-2 in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is an end elevational
pended therein, whereby to discharge clean air,
substantially free from suspended solids, into said
view of the air cleaner unit per se, showing cer
tain of the dust separator material trays disposed
premises. As heretofore provided, most air
for movement into or out of operative mounted
cleaners used for the aforesaid purpose include
relation to and within the air cleaner unit; and
interstitial ?lter masses through which the en 15 Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the dust
tering air must pass, and, consequently, not only
separator trays, including a fragmentary portion
is considerable undesirable resistance to and re
of an end wall of the unit and its tray supporting
striction of air ?ow set up, but such resistance and
restriction is constantly and progressively in—
Fig. 5 is a transverse vertical sectional View of
creased as the ?lter masses accumulate and choke 20 an air intake housing or passage equipped with
up With dust and other solids removed thereby
a modi?ed form of air cleaner means embodyingv
from the air stream.
the principles of this invention; and Fig. 6 is a
fragmentary similar sectional view thereof show
ing a removable arrangement of the dust sepa
Having such undesirable factors in view, it is
an object of this invention to provide a novel
construction of air cleaner means which is sub 25 rator trays thereof.
stantially free from air flow resistance and re
Similar characters of reference are employed
Another object of this invention is to provide
in the hereinabove described views, to indicate
corresponding parts.
a novel construction of air cleaner means wherein
Referring to Figs. 1 to 4 inclusive, a preferred
the air passing therethrough is caused to change 30 embodiment of this invention, as therein shown,
direction, so that relatively heavy particles of
comprises any suitable form and construction
dust and other solids are caused, by their m0
of air intake housing It] having an air inlet orde
livery means H at its upper end, and, within its
lower interior a suitably driven air discharge
mentum and inertia, to be precipitated out of the
air stream subject to deposit and collection in
trapping compartment or catch basin means.
A further object of the invention is to provide
35 blower or fan 12, the outlet duct it of which ex
tends exteriorly from the housing ID, for com
an air cleaner means wherein, in addition to
munication with suitable air conditioning means
means for causing changes of direction of air
(not shown) by which the air is treated before
stream movement, the air ?ow is directed so as
admission to the premises served by said latter
to impinge on masses of interstitial material dis 40 means.
posed contiguous to the path of flow; said mate
Suitably supported within the upper interior
of said air intake housing I'U, so that air enter
pended dust and other solids, and thus separate
ing through the air inlet or delivery means ll,.
the same from the air stream.
must pass therethrough before it is expelled from
Another object of the invention is to provide 45 the housing by the blower or fan I2, is an air
a novel air cleaner unit characterized as above
cleaning means embodying the principles of’ the
described which is adapted to be removably
instant invention.
mounted within an air intake housing or passage,
In a preferred embodiment thereof, the air
rial being operative to arrest movement of sus
whereby the unit may be removed therefrom at
cleaning means is constructed in a form adapted
will for cleaning; and also wherein means is also 50 to provide an independent unit which may be
provided for detachably supporting the inter
stitial separator material subject to removal, for
cleaning or replacement.
Other objects of the invention, not at this time
more particularly enumerated, will be understood 55 ‘
removably mounted within the upper interior
of the air intake housing Ill; the latter, beingipro
vided with ‘a movable door l4 which,. when:
opened, gives access to' the interior of' the hous
ing Ill so as to'permit insertion or‘renioval' of
the air cleaning units as desired.
In such re
movable form, the air cleaning unit comprises
end walls 55 spaced apart to ?t within the hous
ing I0 entirely across the cross-sectional area
thereof. Connected between the upper margins
of said end walls I5 are top wall sections I6 which
extend, one toward the other, from opposite
sides of the unit, but which terminate short of
each other so as to provide an intermediate cen
of loosely aggregated ?brous material, such as
spun glass, steel or other metallic wool, vegetable
?bers or the like, or it may comprise knitted
metallic mesh or other aggregated wire forma
tion, or it may comprise a composite body formed
from a plurality of selected materials of the
kind mentioned. The layer or body of separator
material 24 is affixed to the surface of the sup
porting tray, shelf or partition in any suitable
tral air admission opening I1. Extending down
manner or by any suitable means, as e. g. by
wardly and inwardly from the inner margins of
cementing the same thereto.
said top wall sections I6 are oblique de?ector
The trays, shelves or partitions may be either
?anges I8, which serve to direct the air enter
?xedly or removably related to the unit struc
ing the unit through the opening I‘! so as to form
ture, but are preferably removably mounted
an initial centrally disposed down ?owing air 15 therein subject to withdrawal for either clean
stream within the unit interior. At its bottom
ing or replacement. A convenient method of re
end, the unit is formed to provide a centrally
movably mounting said trays, shelves or parti
disposed trapping compartment or catch basin
tions in the unit structure, as shown, comprises
I9 which is connected between the lower end
the provision of supporting ledges 25 which are
portions of the end walls l5, so as to be spaced 20 affixed to the inner faces of the unit end walls
a substantial distance from and below the air
55 in suitable locations so as to project there
admission opening IT. The opposite sides of the
from. Corresponding opposed ledges 25 will
unit are open to the interior of the intake hous
support a tray, shelf or partition in bridging ex
ing l0, and extending inwardly into the unit
tension therebetween. To hold the trays,
interior from said opposite open sides thereof 25 shelves or partitions as thus supported against
and between its end walls I5 are a plurality of
inward sliding displacement, each thereof is pro
vertically spaced apart, upwardly and outwardly
vided at its outer longitudinal margin with a
inclined trays, shelves or partitions. Said trays,
dependent stop ?ange 25, which, by abutment
shelves or partitions, as illustratively shown, com
against outer ends of said ledges 25, prevents
prise an upper set 20, an intermediate set 2|, 30 any inward sliding displacement of the sup
and a lower set 22, the latter converging upon
ported tray, shelf or partition from operative as
opposite side margins of the trapping compart
sembled relation to and within the air cleaner
ment or catch basin l9. As thus arranged, corre
unit structure, while nevertheless leaving the
sponding opposed trays, shelves or partitions ex
same free for outward withdrawal, when removal
tend inwardly toward each other from the op 35 thereof from the unit structure is desired.
posite open sides of the unit, but so that their
While it is preferably that the air cleaner unit
inner margins terminate short of each other,
structure be bodily removable from the interior
whereby outgoing upwardly inclined air ?ow
of the air intake housing II), it may, if desired,
spaces or ducts 23 are provided to lead out
be permanently or non-removably mounted or
wardly and oppositely from the "central interior 40 constructed within the latter, so that only the
of the unit to, and so as to discharge air from,
trays, shelves or partitions are withdrawable.
the opposite sides of said unit into the interior
In the operation of the air cleaner means, in
of the air intake housing Ill.
the form thereof above described, the air enter
The relative arrangement of the trays, shelves
ing through the inlet II into the intake housing
or partitioning members may be considered from
III is caused to pass downward through the air
a somewhat different aspect. Corresponding
admission opening I‘! of the air cleaner unit,
members of the three sets as they have been
and is de?ected by the convergent ?anges I8 so
termed are disposed in substantially vertical
as to form a down ?owing stream centrally within
tiers. There are thus two tiers, which are per
the unit structure intermediate its open sides.
ceptibly inclined from the vertical so that the 50 Since the thus entering air stream has no means
lowermost partitioning members are closer to
of escape from the interior of "the unit except
gether than those above them. In this manner,
through the open sides thereof, it is compelled
the receiving path for air ?ow de?ned between
to seek escape through the latter, and is con
tiers is more constricted at its lower end and will
sequently forced to turn upwardly for outward
cause increased velocity in the air flow as the 55 flow through the inclined passages 23 leading to
catch basin means is approached, thereby adding
said open sides of the unit. By reason of this,
to the momentum of the suspended solid par
the down ?owing entering air stream is both
ticles to be precipitated. An additional useful
caused to ‘change direction from downward to
function of the relative inclination of the two
substantially up ?owing movement, while at the
tiers as a whole resides in the protrusion of a 60 same time being divided so as to form oppositely
considerable area of the upper surfaces of lower
moving out going streams. Such change of di
partitioning members beyond the superimposed
members for direct impingement of the down
ward air ?ow thereagainst.
rection takes place above the trapping compart
ment or catch basin I9, and consequently, as it
occurs, particles of dust or other solids, especially
It will be understood that the number of trays, 65 the heavier thereof, which are suspended in the
shelves or partitions and the air ?ow spaces or
air, will, by reason of momentum derived from
ducts 23 de?ned thereby may be varied as may
the down movement of the air and their inertia,
be desired in any given case.
tend to continue such downward movement, with
Mounted on the upper surface of each tray,
the result that the same are precipitated from
shelf or partition is a layer of interstitial sepa
the air stream, as change of direction of the
rator material 24 of substantial thickness or
latter occurs, so as to be separated from the air
depth. Said separator material may be com
stream and thence caused to drop into and be
posed of any suitable material which is calcu
collected within the trapping compartment or
lated to provide a not too dense interstitial body.
catch basin l9.
For example, said material may comprise a body 75
As the downward moving air within the air
cleaner unit turns to. ?ow upwardly and out
wardly through the outlet spaces or ducts 23,
the volume thereof will be divided into a plurality
of outgoing streams each of relatively small vol
hereinabove described with reference to the ?rst
disclosed form of air cleaner unit.
Since various changes, in addition to those
already mentioned, could be made in the air
ume, and said individual air streams will be
cleaner means above described and as shown in
caused, during outward movement through the
spaces or ducts 23, to impinge upon the layers
the accompanying drawings without departing
downwardly and outwardly divergent, vertically
most partitioning members whereby to close the
lower end of said descending air flow path and
reflect the air ?ow into the ascending ducts,
from the scope of this invention as de?ned in the
following claims, it is intended that all matter
or bodies of interstitial separator material 24
contained in the foregoing description or shown
which are disposed contiguous to said spaces
or duets, with the consequence that said mate 10 in the accompanying drawings shall be inter
preted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.
rial functions to catch and hold back dust and
I claim:
other solid particles precipitated thereupon from
1. In air cleaning apparatus, an air intake
said air streams, whereby said particles are sep
chamber, an air cleaner unit within said air in
arated from the air and are caused to be
trapped in the interstices of said separator ma 15 take chamber with its upper end bridging the
cross-sectional area of the latter, said unit com
terial M. By reason of this the air streams,
prising end walls having downwardly and in
when discharged from the outer ends of spaces
wardly inclined side margins, a series of vertically
or ducts 23', are substantially free from suspended
spaced apart upwardly inclined partitioning
dust and other solid particles, so that thereafter
the air, as thus cleaned, may descend through 20 members at each side of the unit and respectively
extending from an intermediate interior zone of
the lower interior of the intake housing Ill, to
the latter to the respective sides thereof, said
be thence discharged by the blower or fan I2
intermediate interior zone providing a central
to suitable air conditioning and distributing
descending air flow path within the unit, spaces
means in well known manner.
Referring to Figs. 5 and 6 of the drawings, a 25 between said partitioning members providing a
plurality of ascending air flow ducts leading out
somewhat modi?ed form of air cleaner unit or
wardly and upwardly from said descending air
means is thereby shown, which, nevertheless, em
?ow path to respective open sides of the unit,
bodies the general principles and features of this
catch basin means extending between said end
invention. In said modi?ed form of unit, the
trays, shelves or partitions 2'! are arranged in 30 walls intermediate inner margins of the lower
spaced pairs centrally of the unit interior,
whereby to ?rst divide the air stream, which en
ters the intake housing It! through the inlet il,
into oppositely and downwardly moving streams
through side passages 28, thence to turn and
?ow substantially upwardly and inwardly
through spaces or ducts 29 intermediate said
trays, shelves or partitions 27, for ?nal discharge
through a central passage 30 which opens down
wardly into the lower interior of the intake hous
ing II]. In said modi?ed construction, the unit
is formed to provide dust trapping compartments
and interstitial separator material mounted on
the upper faces of said partitioning members
contiguous to the ducts formed by the latter.
2. In an air cleaning apparatus, an air intake
chamber, an air cleaner unit removably mounted
within said air intake chamber with its upper
40 end bridging the cross-sectional area of the lat
ter, said unit comprising end walls having down
wardly and inwardly inclined side margins, top
wall sections extending between said end walls at
opposite sides thereof and terminating in spaced
or catch basins 3| respectively at the lower or
apart inner margins which de?ne an interme
bottom ends of the respective side passages 28. 45 diate air inlet opening, downwardly and inwardly
The trays, shelves or partitions 21' are faced, on
inclined de?ector ?anges dependent from the
their upper sides, with layers or bodies of inter
inner margins of said top wall sections, a series
stitial separator material 32, of the kind and for
of vertically spaced apart upwardly inclined
the purposes already above described. As shown 50 partitioning members at each side of the unit
in Fig. 6, the trays, shelves or partitions 2'! may
and respectively extending from an intermedi
be constructed so as to be dismountable and re
ate interior zone of the latter to the respective
movable from the unit; in which case, the end
sides thereof, said intermediate interior zone
walls of the latter are provided with supporting
providing a central descending air ?ow path
ledges 33, and the removable trays, shelves 0r 55 leading downwardly from said air inlet open
partitions with stop ?anges 34 for holding the
ing, spaces between said partitioning members
same in place on said supporting ledges.
providing a plurality of ascending air flow ducts
Similar to the arrangement in the preferred
leading outwardly and upwardly from said de
form of air cleaner unit disclosed in Fig. 1, the
scending air ?ow path to the respective open
partitioning members are disposed in two tiers, 60 sides of the unit, catch basin means extending
but in this instance the latter are inclined down
between said end walls intermediate inner mar
wardly outward for the reason that there are
two receiving paths which are at the sides of
gins of the lowermost partitioning members
to a vertical side wall of the chamber so that the
desirable downward constriction of the corre
material mounted on the upper faces of said
whereby to close the lower end of said descending
the intake chamber, the single discharging path
air flow path and re?ect the air flow into the
being centrally located. Each tier is opposed 65 said ascending ducts, and interstitial separator
partitioning members contiguous to the ducts
sponding receiving path is created for the same
formed by the latter.
functions as those produced by the shape of the
3. In an air cleaning apparatus, an air intake
single receiving path of the Fig. l apparatus.
70 chamber, air cleaner means bridging the cross
It will be understood, that in operation, ex
cept for the reversal of air ?ow paths, the afore
sectional area of the said chamber and includ
ing a top wall having a central inlet opening,
two series of relatively spaced partitioning mem
bers in the form of ?at ba?ie plates faced with
and with the same air cleaning effects as already 75 dust catching means and arranged with their
said modi?ed construction of air cleaner means
will function in substantially the same manner
broad faces, substantially parallel and in two
tiers at opposite sides of the inlet opening to
divide the cleaner means into a central vertical
receiving path for incoming air flow leading di
rectly downward from the inlet opening and lat
erally disposed discharging paths for continua
tion of the air ?ow, the partitioning members
being individually inclined at an acute angle
with respect to the receiving path to a?ord ducts
therebetween adapted to de?ect and conduct the 10
jacent edges of the lowermost partitioning mem
bers of both tiers to re?ect the air ?ow in an
abruptly reversed direction against the superim
posed partitioning members and into the said
ducts whereby most of the solid particles suspend
ed in the air stream will be precipitated upon the
catch basin means and remaining particles will
be precipitated upon the partitioning members.
air flow in several branches from the receiving
path into the discharging paths in an abruptly
references are of record in the
changed direction, the two tiers of partitioning
?le of this patent:
members being inclined as a whole downwardly
toward each other to 'constrict the receiving 15
path toward its bottom terminus and thereby
increase the velocity of flow ‘and also cause
Wittemeier _______ __ Dec. 30, 1924
greater protrusion of succeeding partitioning
members into the air stream, and catch basin
means located between and merging with the ad 20
Raney ____________ __ July 1, 1930
Searles __________ __ July 11, 1933
Fulweiler ________ __ Apr. 13, 1937
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