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July 5, 1949. '
mun um: aousme
Filed March 50, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
' /4d
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i-‘sl' "-1
\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
July 5, v1-949.
2,475,008 3 '
Filed March 30,1944
2 ‘Sheets-Sheet 2
I 7..
INV N-TORf ,7"
Patented July 5, 1949
William S. Catherwood, Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y., as
signor to Murray Manufacturing Corporation,
Brooklyn, N. Y., a corporation of New York
Application March 30, 1944, Serial No. 528,695
4 Claims. (Cl. 102—8)
The invention herein disclosed relates to a land
mine and more particularly to a housing which
constitutes a part of a land mine and holds the
detonator, propelling charge and projectile.
' Heretofore and prior to this invention, the
housing constituting a part of a land mine con
the ?ange 9, one edge of the tube 5 is butt welded,
preferably by the electric resistance method of
welding. The other end of the tube is threaded
internally as at ID to receive the detonator.
With this arrangement no coupling is required
to secure the detonator to the tube.
The cylinder 4, is of larger diameter than the
sisted of a heavy cast-iron base having two open
opening 2. It is provided with an inturned ?ange
ings therethrough and containing a pocket for
H having an axial extension I2. The axial ex
the propelling charge. To one of these openings
a cylinder for a projectile is secured, commonly 10 tension is received in the opening 2 and is spun
over to form an outwardly extending section I3 '
by silver solder. The other opening is tapped
embracing the metal of the wall 8 surrounding
and one end of a thread pipe is threaded into the
the opening 2 and securing the cylinder to the
opening. A coupling is attached to the other
base. In this way the cylinder is secured to the
end of the pipe and into this coupling the det
base and a tight connection between the cylinder
onator is threaded. These housings are very
and the base is secured.
heavy, expensive to manufacture and require
The cylinder, and preferably the tube 5, are
considerable time and care in assembly.
secured, as above described, to the upper section
‘An object of this invention is to provide such
6 of the base before the sections 6 and ‘I are‘
a housing constituting a part of a land mine in
united. These sections of the base are united
which the base is constructed from sheet metal
in edge to edge relation by butt welding the edges
by stamping and welding operations. Another
as at M. Preferably, the welding of the sections
object of the invention is to provide a construc
of the base is effected by the electric resistance
tion that is considerably lighter in weight, that
welding method. In this way, the sections are
requires less metal, that is suitable for mass pro
integrally united and the method is suitable to
duction and that is comparatively inexpensive.
mass production.
The foregoing objects and certain advantages
The shape of the base is as illustrated in Fig.
that will hereinafter appear are realized in the
1 of the drawings. With this shape, the base is
embodiments of the invention illustrated in the
I accompanying drawings and described in detail
suf?cient and of a size such as to hold the land
30 mine with the cylinder .4 and tube 5 vertical, the
position in which such land mines are usually
The drawings include:
Fig. 1 which is a plan of a land mine housing
The land mine housing illustrated in Fig. 3 is
embodying the invention;
similar to the one above described except for the
Fig. 2 which is a sectional elevation of the
manner in which the cylinder I5 is united to the
same taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1; and
upper end wall l6 of the base II. In this con
Fig. 3 which is a sectional elevation of a
struction, the cylinder is welded, by electric re
slightly modi?ed form of land mine housing.
sistance welding, to the base. Thus, all parts are
The housing which forms a part of a land
assembled and integrally united by the method of
mine, that is illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 of the
drawings essentially consists of a hollow base I 40 electric resistance welding.
In the construction illustrated in Fig. 3, the
having openings 2 and 3 through one end wall
metal at the opening I8, at which the cylinder 15
thereof, a cylinder 4 united to-the base coaxially
is united, is extruded to form an axially extend
with the opening 2 of larger diameter and a tube
ing ?ange I9 surrounding the opening. The end
5 united to the base coaxially with the opening
3 of lesser diameter. The base contains the pro 45 of the cylinder [5 united to the base has an in
turned ?ange 20 having a hook shaped end to
pelling charge for propelling a projectile, such as
provide an axial extension 2 l. The extension 2|
a mortar shell that is received in the cylinder 4.
abuts the ?ange I9 and is butt welded thereto.
The tube 5 supports the detonator.
When the weld is completed, the base 22 of the
In the housing illustrated the base I consists
of two similar horizontally divided sections 6 and 60 cylinder engages the end wall l6. Any burr ex
‘I stamped from heavy sheet metal. The open
ings' 2 and 3 are punched through the end wall
8 of the upper section 6. At the opening 3 the
metal of the end wall is extruded to form an
axially extending ?ange 9. To the end edge of
truded during the weld is con?ned between the
?ange l9 and the base 22 of the cylinder.
From the foregoing description of the illus
trated embodiments of the invention, it will be ap
parent to those skilled in the art that by the in
vention there is provided a land mine housing
of different diameters through the wall thereof, a
that is constructed from sheet metal by stamping
and forming operations, that is assembled by like
operations and welding operations and that is
comparatively light in weight, readily manuiac- 5
cylinder of greater diameter than the larger open
ing for containing a projectile, the cylinder hav
ing an inturned ?ange spun about the edge of the
opening of larger diameter, and a tube welded at
tured by mass production methods and compara-
one end to the base coaxial with the opening of
tively less-expensive. ,
It will beiobvious-thativarious:changes mayzbe"v
4. A'zhousing constituting aipart of=a:land mine
made by those skilled in the art in the details of
comprising a hollow base consisting of two hori
the embodiments of the invention illustrated ini,~i0-,»zontally divided sections united in edge to edge re
the drawings and described in detail above within
lation, one of said sections havings two openings of
the principle and scope of the invention" asi'exw' different-[diameters through the wall thereof and
pressed in the appended claims.
an axiaL?angev surrounding each opening, a cylin
I claim:
dér oi?greater diameter than the opening of
l. A housing constituting a partiof'aland-mine; mglarger diameter for containing a DI‘OJ'GCtiIB, the
comprising a hollow base for containing the procylinder having an inturned flange with an axial
pelling charge, a cylinder for-"containingv a" prow»
extension‘ united-‘in‘edge to edge relation with the
jectile and a tube connected to the base for conaxial‘ ?ange surrounding the opening of larger
taining the detonator, the base consisting of two
diameter, and a tube united in edge to edge rela
horizontally dividedisectio'ns struck up from sheet' ,20 tion with the. axial flange‘ surrounding the open
m‘et'al‘and welded at their contacting edges, one“
ing of lesser diameter.
of‘said'sections having ‘two openings theretlirough'
and‘ the cylinder being unit'e‘dto the base at‘ one
ofsaid’openings and the tube'united to the’ base
atthe'ot'her'of Said opemngs'
25"" The following referenloe-s are of record in, they
2. A housing constituting a part of a land minev
me, of, this, patent;
comprising a hollow baseconsisting of‘ two hori
zontally. divided sections unit'ed‘in edge to edge're:
lation, one of said-sections having two openings
offdi?'erent diameters through-the wall thereo?a .30
cylinder‘ of greater ‘diameter than the 1arger-open—
ing-for containing a projectile, the cylinder hav-
in'gpan inturned ?ange and'unit‘ed to the base co
axial with the larger opening, and-a tube-welded
at‘ one‘end to the base coaxial‘with the opening, ,35 Number
of lesser diameter.
Elliott _, __________ ____ Jan_ 25, 1892",
Murray at, a], _______ __ Dec‘, 9,, 1941; _
De1a1ande,_ _______ __ Apr, 24, 1945
Great‘ Britain ______ __-Apr. ‘7,188’!~v
31 » A housing constitutingia part of-a landmine
comprising. a hollow base consistingof twoghorir
Great Britain ____ u May 31:,‘ 1917 "
Great Britain ______ __ Oct. 16; 1919
zontally divided sections united in edge to edge.
relation, one of said sections having two openings.‘ 40'
France ______.______ June.27-, 1925“
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