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Jan. 3, 1950‘
Filed Dec. ‘19. 1947'
v.1. M. STIFF ET AL'
' -
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
Jan. 3, 1950
Filéd Dec. 19, 194;?
J. M. STlFF r-:r AL
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
I221) egaioz'as .
Jan. 3, v1950
Sheets-Sheet 5
Filed Dec. 19,. 4. 1947
'89 a“
r l
< f
Patented Jan. 3, 1950
TENT 0mm ¢
John M; stmimmioni
, lden',amt
. . . ‘Essen,
Appncanmnecenter 19, 1s4egjsenai No. 192m~ ~
This invention vrelates to anaecesso'nyqforfan
automobile-oi thevsedantype, airuzl-liit~ hasn't
object to provide"v an’ accessory 'i-nltliei-natur'e oil:
a‘veplatferm element- ' which can be-installied ~
sedan ‘type automobile between the backseat the
front‘iseatf anol'lthe frontived'ge of the baclsiis‘eatl
cushion thereby to provide with ‘- the
cushion-"the floorl oil a play \pen» compartmentimj
which one or.‘ more small‘ichiidreri camb‘espl'aeed
(0h MG-eeli) -
va-- play‘v
comp‘artr‘nent,v it ‘I forms" a
which ‘luggage may be; conveniently
' ?kfurthehow' ‘ '1l'etthe‘invention 'isetoi provide
‘ "~'-aceesscry ‘such as above described
- is“ provided with‘ ‘l supporting means“ by
which vit may5 be: supported
the!" ‘at ' aele‘veli
the 136th shi‘fa'eé there:
oi’is'substantiaitv-?ush withtkfe-rean-seat cushion;
and safely transported ‘ without requiring- any 133" on ate‘ MWlevel-between the-front» and’ back seats
>sai‘diplatformi element Wilt just clear
special attention-'7 from-1 the occupants ofvth'e front
of ithe‘?oer/etithe automobile which
is‘elevat’ed ‘to accommoeatethe chiive' shaft?
In one form ' oiv the I invention the > platform ~ele"-;
In‘: ordleii :--t61=give_- an- ‘understanding of‘ our in:
ment extends the full width ofth‘e automobile
wehaveilius'trated'in the drawings some‘
from-one side to the other,»
which case‘rthe‘
seiecteezembtennents 'there'otfw'hich will now be
backs of the'irontseat‘ and backewsea‘t' and the
described; attei“w/l-iich3 the novel ieaturesewill be
sides of the automobile"i constitute thelrside walls~
pointediont'in::thelappended elairlnsr
of the play-pen compartment.»v
In: another form‘ of the‘ invention theplatform
I Fig];:isafragmentary perspective vie‘w-showk
ele'ment'is‘ divided fromiront to rear: to form
inn-cu ‘automobile accessory- installed in- an an:
two separable sections so thatiwhen the-two‘
inr-tne drawings;
sections are in use, the play pen compartment
extends thev full width of the car, while if ‘one
of the sections is removed, thevs‘i'zeofv the play
pen compartment is correspondingly - reduced‘,
. Ei'gz-:2fis\=an:~unde1r side perspective-view Show‘:
me’ the supporting. legs-i in position to support
théoplattor-m‘ .elelrlrient'vv vinwthe' operative position
but provision is made for‘one. person to occupy
Fig. 3- aaasimiiareview-‘showing the folding
theend. of the rear seat at that .side‘of- the auto
lees 'ftmeaand designedlt‘o- support the'~lpla;t-form
mobile from which they platform‘sectioh- has been
element. inthe lowi'pos'itiomshowrtin Fige- 6. >
removed. In such casethe person occupyingfthe
Figié' :is a perspective View‘ of» the-platform ele
rear seat may, if he. so desires, use; the-‘platform
ment @sh‘owin'g; t-ne< for supporting
section remaining in the automobileasarest ant operative position;
for his feet, thereby providing himv with-I awest-v
ful change of position during along'journey.
;Fig‘-.=.5 is aaiperspectiveevievv showing-the legs
aidj 11355662103 ‘supporting’- --it in‘:- its inoperative‘ ‘ or
When only one section of the platform element
is used, and the space in the-rear 10f the-friont is stored TpQSiliiOIi {within the * automobile:
6,-r:isi= a1:- fragm'entaily‘»..- set-iti'onalv view lshew-e’
seat is to be occupied by achild, an- end'mem‘ben
.platidrmiveliem'ent ‘in its low'ei'e'vel" stored
maybe applied to the inner end of the-plat;
position within? the iantoinobiles
form section in use to provide an‘ end- wallifois
1 is 21a: ' fragmentary perspective view" il-’
the play pen compartment.
The compartment thus .provided-byrourdrii
gistnating: a". different’ embodiment of the inven
' vention in the rear of the‘ backseat of the auto
Fig. 8 is a fragmentary.viewshowin'gthe-plats
mobile is large enough so thatta" small T‘cl'iildg;
form elements: insta'ile'd in‘: an ‘automobile and‘ in
when placed therein, has ample room tomove
its ‘operative position; _
about freely and to occupy himself with his.
Rig.‘ 9 isase'cti'onal view‘ illustrating aepiatforin ,
play-things. Moreover the back seat cushion com 45
element?ofrlth’e sectional-typeinstalled
an ‘ auy
stitutes an excellent bed on which; avchil‘d may
sleep comfortably during an automobile trip‘; and
Fig. 10i>isiarfpersp'eotive‘view of the platforr'ni
since the platform elementis ?ush with said rear
se'otionlis'hown iii-Fig.8}?
seat cushion, a sleepingv child cannot ‘fall. of]?
fis sat-perspective view‘ of; the" detachable‘ ‘
from the back-seat.
Our invention, therefore, eliminatesimanyaof
the discomforts usually encountered-v by‘. both
adults and small children when travelingehy‘ au-e
tomobile. In case the compartment" provided:
by the b15801‘ our platform elemQIit'isnot-to
endemenibehfemployed in {the embodiment shown
in Fig. 9_.
Figs-11121 is ‘a perspective view‘ ‘of-the other ' sec,
tionosthe platform member whichitog'etlierwith
the section shown-in Fig. Wmakes-a ‘complete
platform extending the full width of the auto
extending at right angles therefrom, said plat
Fig. 13 is a fragmentary sectional view illustrat
form element may be stored in the bottom of
the automobile between the front and rear seats
as shown in Fig. 6, and the short sections I2 of the
legs are preferably so proportioned that when
ing one manner in which the two sections of the
platform element are connected together.
In the drawings I indicates generally an auto
mobile of the sedan type which is provided with
the usual front seat 2 having a back 3 and the
usual back seat 4 provided with a seat cushion 5
the platform element is supported thereon, it
will just clear the longitudinally extending por
tion I"! of the floor I8 of the automobile which is
raisedv to accommodate the drive shaft I9.
When the platform section is in its low-level
position shown in Fig. 6, it may be used as a foot
As stated above our novel accessory is in the
nature of a platform element ‘I which can be >
rest for the occupants of the back seat.
installed in the automobile between the back 30f
~ .When the platform element isinstalled in the
the front seat 2 and the front edge of the back“ ' ' automobile in its raised operative position as
seat cushion 5, thereby to form with. said back,
Figs. 1 and 8, the space in the rear‘ of
-'-"the' back of the front seat will be converted into
a play pen, the ?oor of which is constituted by
which compartment are constituted by the back
the platform element ‘I and the rear seat cushion
3 of the front seat and the back 6 of the rear‘.
5; the .front and back walls of which are con
seat, and the side walls of which compartment
20 stituted by the backs 3' and 6 of the front and
may be constituted by the sides 8, v9 of the auto
back seats, and the side walls of which are con
mobile. In the'case of a two-door sedan these
stituted by the sides 8 and 9 of the automobile,
sides 8 and 9 might be the side walls of the auto
whether these sides be part of the permanent side
mobile, while in a four-door sedan the side walls
walls ofthe automobile or whether they be in
would be formed by the rear doors of the auto
the nature. of the rear doors of a four-door
mobile. The platform element ‘I is providedwith 25 sedan. If the doors of the sedan are properly
means for supporting it in its operative position
locked and the rear windows are also properly
?ush with the top surface of the back seat cushe
closed, then one or more children can be placed
ion 3 as shown in Figs. 1 and 8, and in the embodi
in the play pen compartment thus provided and
ment shown in Figs. 1 to 6 such supporting means 30 can be safely transported in the automobile
is in the form of legs pivotally secured to the
without requiring any special attention from the
under side of the platform element and con
occupants of the front seat. Inasmuch as the
structed so that when the legs are in one posi
platformelement 7, when in its operative posi
tion, they support the platformv element in its
tion, is substantially ?ush with the rear seat
seat cushion the ?oor of a play pen compart-'
ment for a child, the front and rear walls: of
operative position shown in Fig. 8, while when
the legs are in another position, they support the
platform in a lowered or stored position‘ between
the back and front seats of the automobile.
The leg elements shown in Figs. 1 to 6 are indi
cated generally at In, and each leg is made with
15 ..
vcushion 5, the floor of the play pen compartment
will be level and free; from any obstructions so
that a small child can move freely about in the
compartment without injury. The said play pen
compartment also provides an excellent bed on
which a child may sleep comfortably and safely
two sections, a long section I I and a short section
I2. Each leg may conveniently be made of wire
bent to the shape shown in Figs. 2 and 3, and each
during an automobile trip.
Our improved platform element may be made
leg presents the two bearing sections I3 which
or it may be divided transversely from front to
as a one-piece unit as shown in Figs. 2, 3 and 4,
are in line with each other, and each of which 45 rear to form two sections ‘Ia and ‘II; as shown in
is embraced by a bearing clip I4 that is secured
Figs. 9, 10 and 12. When the platform element
to the under side of the platform element.
is thus divided, we prefer to make the division
The bearing portions I3 thus constitute an
such that the platform section ‘Ia will be longer
axis about which each leg can be turned.
than the other section 7b. The platform section
The legs are so formed that the long section I I 50 ‘in may be provided with four legs I?a as shown
and short section I2 occupy planes at right angles
in Fig 10, said legs I?a being constructed similar
to each other, and each leg is so pivotally con
to the legs above described.
nected to the platform section that it may be
The shorter section ‘lb may be provided with
swung into position with the short section I2
two legs Ilia, and means are provided for con
lying flat against the under side of the platform 55 necting the two sections ‘Ia and 1b together at
element and the long section II depending at
their meeting edges. One way of accomplishing
right angles to the platform section as shown
this is to provide the short section To with de
in Figs. 1, 2 and 4, or the legs'may be folded into
pending ?ngers 26 at its inner edge which are
a position in which the long sections II lie
adapted to engage sockets 2| formed in the inner
against the under side of the platform element
edge 22 of the longer section ‘Ia.
and the short sections I2 extend at right angles
- If it is desired that the play pen compartment
thereto as shown in Figs. 3, 5 and 6.
' should extend from one side to the other of the
The platform element is preferably provided
automobile, then the two platform sections Ia
with a spring clip I5 for each leg which is adapted
and 1b willbe connected together and installed
to engage the portion'l? of the short leg section
in the manner of the platform element 1 in Figs.
when the legs are swung to bring the long sec
land 8. .On the other hand, if it is necessary or
tions II into their operative position shown in
desirable to provide room on the rear seat to
Figs. 1, 2 and 4. These clips I5 will thus serve
accommodate one passenger, then the smaller
to hold the legs in such operative position, but
platform section ?b will be removed and the
because of their resilient nature they permit the
longer platform section in. will be installed in the
legs to be readily swung into the folded position
automobile as above described. The length of the
shown in Figs. 3 and 5.
platform section 7a is such that when so installed
When the legs are in their folded position with
the. legs Illa at the inner end‘ thereof will be lo
the long sections II lying against the bottom of
cated closely adjacent the raised portion I‘! of
the platform element and the short sections I2 75 the automobile ?oor I8, and there will be sufficient
support said long section at a level substantially
?ush with the top surface of the rear seat cush
ion, said short section having at its outer end legs
space beyond the inner end of the platform sec
tion ‘m for a passenger to occupy the end of the
rear seat.
to support said outer end at the same level as the
Where the platform section 1a only is used. we
prefer to employ in connection therewith an end
long section and means at the meeting ends of the
two sections to detachably support the inner end
of the short section on the long section, said two
sections when assembled forming with the back
member 23 which forms the inner end of the play
pen compartment.
This end member has a
width preferably corresponding to that of the
seat cushion a substantially level floor of a play
platform sections and is provided with two de
pending ?ngers 25 adapted to be removably re 10 compartment for children, the front and back
walls of which are constituted by the backs of the
ceived in the sockets 2| as shown in Fig. 9. With
front and back seats, the removal of the short
this construction the end member may be re
section providing a play compartment of reduced
moved if its presence is not necessary.
In Fig. 7 We have shown a somewhat different
embodiment of the invention in which the plat
form element indicated at ‘in is provided at each
end with two sets of legs, a set of long legs 25 and
a set of short legs 26. The long legs 25 are hinged
to the under side of the platform element and
size and also providing a space for a passenger at
15 the end of the rear seat.
2. An automobile accessory for an automobile
of the sedan type, said accessory comprising a
may be folded up thereagainst as shown at the
right, Fig. '7, and when so folded, the short legs
26 may be used to support the platform element
in its lowered stored position as shown in Fig. 6.
The longer pivoted legs 25 are connected to the
under side of the platform by suitable hinges 27
and are held in their operative position by folding.
braces 28 of any usual construction, said braces
being adapted to fold as the longer legs 25 are
swung from their operative to their folded posi
The compartment provided by the use of the
platform element is large enough so that an adult
may comfortably recline in it by lying diagonally
thereacross, or if one section only of the plat
form element is used, a person occupying the end 35
portable platform element of a width to ?t be
tween the seat cushion of the back seat of said
automobile and the back of the front seat and
of a length to extend from one side to the other
of the automobile body, said platform element
being divided transversely nearer one end than
the other to provide a long section and a short
section which are separate from each other,
means to support said long section in an operative
of the back seat may use said platform section as
a rest for his feet.
cushion a substantially level floor of a play com
and if its use as a play pen compartment is not
necessary, it can conveniently be used as a place
from its operative position without modifying
the supporting structure of the long section,
thereby providing a play compartment of reduced
to store luggage. The level ?oor of the compart
ment makes a level area of a size to receive large
In one section only of the platform element is
used, thereby providing a space for a passenger
of the rear seat cushion, said short section hav
ing at its outer end legs to support its outer end
portion in operative position at the same level as
the long section, and means at the meeting ends
of the two sections to support the inner end of,
said short section on the adjacent end of the long
section, and at the same level, said two sections
when thus assembled forming with the back seat
partment for children, the front and back walls
of which are constituted by the backs of the front
and back seats, said short section being movable
The compartment provided by the use of the
platform element has a substantially level floor,
pieces of luggage.
position independently of the short section and
at a level substantially flush with the top surface
size and also providing a passenger space at the
45 end of the rear seat and between the inner end
of the long section and the adjacent side wall of
the automobile.
on the rear seat, such passenger may, if desired,
use the platform section as a foot and leg rest
whereby such passenger may assume a semi-in 50
clined position which may be restful during along
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
outside of the automobile is required.
the automobile body, said platform element being 65
divided transversely nearer one end than the
other to provide along section and a short section
which are separable from each other, means to
poses, such for instance, as a table for use at pic
nics, or for any other desired use where a table
We claim:
1. An automobile accessory for an automobile
of the sedan type, said accessory comprising a
portable platform element of a width to ?t be
tween the seat cushion of the back seat of said
automobile and the back of the front seat and of
a length to extend from one side to the other of
automobile journey.
The platform element, as stated above, is re
movable from the automobile and when so re
moved, it may be used as a table fOr various pur
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