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March 2.1, 195,0
E. R. DoAK |E1' AL
Filed May 19, 1947
Patented Mar. 21, 1950
Edmond R. VDoak l`_and Nelson E. Grace, :Los
Angeles, Calif., alssignors .to-Doak Aircraft Co.,
Inc., Torranc'e, ~'Galif., ;a corporation of Cali
Application May`19, 1947, Serial No.:748,942
4 Claims. (Cl. 280-259)
b The present ínvention relates to a toy automo
An object of the present invention is to 'pro
vide an improved toy automobile-characterized
by its ruggedness and simplicity of construction.
Another specific object of the present in-ven
tion is to provide an improved toy automobile
pivotedfiever. member .23, actuating .rod I. 2 I , ,Crank
of streamlined appearance 'with a relatively wide
front and a relatively narrowtail resembling a
arm 22 .and rotatable wheel support??; and-also
a 'front bumper 25 which issupported 'both on
as .thebody and'theframe; a .pair 'offfront Wheels
H land v1.2 which aref'mounted for rotation onthe
pedal-shaft 14; :a steerable'rear wheel E6 which
can'b'eforiented for 'steeringrpurposes .bymove
ment ?of the s'teerin-g/ wheel;1 H' 'through' the'V mech
anism comprising in?turn crankarm '18, rod'l9,
teardrop, the particular steering and propelling 10 the pedal'shaft-:lid vandthe :body I ll.
mechanism for the same Vbeing an important fea
ture of the present invention.
The automobile 'fsh'ovm .and -des'cribed fherein
is'essentially 'the same as theone shown .in our
Still, another object of the present invention
Design Patent 146,465, patented Marchflß., 1947.'
is ito provide an improved toy automobile having
AThe .automobile body .and frame 'member 'i'll'is
as-one 'of its features a new mounting for the 155 preferab'lyv formed of twohalf. stampings of. ;Sheet
bumper thereof.
metal which are?then riveted or welded together
Yet another speci?c object of the present in
along aline extending centrally and ?ongitudi
vention is to provide an improved toy automobile
nallyof the automobile to form.a,-streamlined
which lmav be made relativel'y inexpensively and
outershell. This .outer shell serves vboth as the
capable of using present day mass production 20 body anda1so'asthe'frame.
methods in its fabrícation.
.The axle M :bent'to .forma pair of crankzmem
Yet another object of the present invention is
bers MA?and MBihasiits'endsjournaled for-ro
to provide »an improved toy automobile having a
tation'inta `pair-of respective bearing members
pair of front drivewheels and a single rear Wheel
30 which are fastened by screws 'or bolts 3| .to
which may be Controlled in a novel manner to 25 the. frame 1:0. .Thecrank'members [4A and MB
steer the automobile.
have Veach "mounted thereon a convenient foot
Still'a further object of the present invention
is to provide an improved toy automobileinclud
ing novel means whereby the wheel axles may
be supported within a. streamlined shell forming
the body of the automobile.
Still a further object of the present inven
tion is `.to provide .an 4improved .automobile in
which the component elements thereof may be
rest l'ålC?and 1413,.,respective1y, for engagement
with'and'propulsion by the driver of the auto
mobile whomay conveniently 'sit on the seat':35
30 provided Vby the subframe'išt, thefoot poda-Is MC
and I=4D~being pivotally mounted on the cranks
The rear wheel IE mounted for rotation in the'
wheel holder 24 is mounted for movement as a
quickly vand conveniently .assembled thereon.
unittozprovide steering 'by journaling the wheel
The features of the present invention lwhich
holder 212 in the subrearzportion of the subfra-me
36, the subframe :36 being, of course, fastened.
to'theshell. i ß along, for example, the bottom-ar
are believed to be novel are set forth with par
ticularity in the appended claims. This inven
tion itself, both as to its organization andman
cuatefshaped ?ange i IOA. The upper» end of the.Å
nei' of operation, together with further objects 40 wheel .holder '24 has ?.a vCrank arm '22 whichis
and advantages thereof, may be best understood
pin 'connected' to theactuatingrod 2 I.
by reference to the following description taken
It is noted that the subframe 36 may befabri
in connection with the accompanying drawings
cated as a unit and then slipped through the bot
in which:
tom opening of the Shell ID into position where
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a toy 45 the corresponding arcuate shaped adjacent abut
automobile embodying the present invention.
ting edges of the subframe 36 and shell IG may be
Figure 2 is a plan view showing the underside
of the automobile in Figure 1, and with a portion
thereof broken away to show one of the front
axle bearing structures.
Figures 3 and 4 are sectional views taken sub
stantially and respectively on the line 3-3
and 4-4 of Figure 2.
fastened together by bolts, Welding, and the like,
the particular triangular configuration of the
subframe and the opening in the bottom of the
automobile conveniently allowing this expedient.
This subframe, of. course, comprises the seat
35 and the support for the Wheel holder 24
which is pivotally mounted thereon. The steer
The toy automobile shown herein includes a
ing wheel l'l which serves to orient the direction
streamlined shell member 1.0 which serves both 65 of the plane of the Wheel 16 is journaled for ro
tation at two points, respectively, on the rib mem
bers 40 and 4| each mounted on the inner sur
2. In a toy automobile comprising a front pedal
crank shaft, a shell comprising the body portion
of said automobile, a bumper passing through
said shell and partially supported thereby at the
place where it passes through said shell, bearing
means arranged to attach said bumper to said
crank shaft, a pair of spaced bearing members
face of the shell Ill. Rotational movement of the
steering wheel l'l thus causes angular movement
of the crank |8 and substantially longitudinal
movement of the rod IB to rotate the lever mem
ber 2D and to correspondingly move the actuating
mounted on the interior of said shell and ar
'rod 21 and the crank member 22, the lever mem
ranged to support said crank shaft.
ber 2|! being pin connected to an extension of the
3. In a toy automobile having but a. single rear
stationary rib member 40.
steerable wheel, a shell member having a tri
The pumper 25 has a pair of spaced parallel
angular opening in the bottom thereof with the
rods 50 and 5| attached thereto, each of which
apex thereof at the rear of said automobile, a
are mounted for spring biased telescopio move
triangular subframe arranged for insertion and
ment in the outer cooperating telescopic members
15 fastening engagement with the edges of said tri
52 and 53, respectively.
angular portions abutting, said subframe com
These outer telescopic members 52 and 53 each
prising a seat for the driver of the automobile
have one of their ends mounted on the axle M
and the other one of theirends mounted on the
and a hanger for the singular rear wheel of the
automobile, a front pedal axle, a bumper passing
front portion of the shell 10 at spaced points
thereon. The connection between members 52 20 through said shell member and partially sup
ported thereby at the place where it passes
and 53 and the axle Ill being through bearing
through said shell member, and bearing mem
members 54 and 55, respectively, allow free ro
bers attaching said bumper to said pedal axle.
tational movement of the aXle 14. A compres
4. In a toy automobile having but a single rear
sion spring 60 in each one of the outer telescopic
steerable Wheel, a steering wheel for said auto
members 52 and 53 normally biases the bumper
mobile at the forward portion thereof, a frame
25 away from the shell líl to the position corre
member for said automobile, said steering wheel
sponding to the engagement of the stop member
being rotatably mounted on said frame member
6| with the slotted portion of the tube 52. The
and having a crank member thereof, a pivoted
stop member 6| may comprise a cotter pin or the
like which serves also to facilitate the assembly 30 lever member on said frame, said rear wheel
being mounted on a Wheel carrier, said wheel car
of the composite bumper structure.
rier being attached to a crank arm, and actuat
Thus, the bumper rods 5B and 5| extend
ing rods connecting said steering Wheel Crank to
through the shell 10 and are capable of sliding
said lever member, and an actuating rod connect
movement in the members 52, 53, the bumper be
ing said pivoted lever member to the crank on
ing yieldably urged outwardly by means of the
the wheel carrier, a pedal axle, a streamlined
Springs 68 within the tubular rods 52, 53.
outer shell attached to said frame member, a
While the wheel ll is keyed to the shaft or
bumper passing through said shell and partially
axle 14 for rotation therewith the other wheel 12
supported thereby at the place where it passes
is mounted by means of the interposed bearing
member 1G for independent rotational movement 40 through said Shell, and bearing members at
taching said bumper to said pedal axle.
with respect to the axle of shaft 14 in order to.
provide a differential action, whereby the auto
mobile may be conveniently and easily steered
around Corners.
While the particular embodiments of the
present invention have been shown and de
scribed, it will be obvious to those skilled in the
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
art that changes and modi?cations may be made
without departing from this invention in its
broader aspects and, therefore, the aim in the ap 60
pended claims is to cover all such changes and
Hart _____________ __ Feb. 22, 1910
modi?cations as fall within the true spirit and
scope of this invention.
We claim:
l. A toy automobile comprising a pedal crank
shaft, a shell member comprising the body por
tion of said automobile, a pair of bearing mem
bers mounted on and in the interior of said shell
and supporting the Crank shaft for rotation, a
bumper extending through said shell member, 60
and bearing members attaching said bumper to
said axle.
Kraeft ___________ __ Apr. 15, 1930
Carlson __________ __ Oct. 14, 1930
Nelson __________ __ Mar. 24, 1936
Kraeft __________ __ May 18, 1937
Great Britain ______ June 4, 1912V
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