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April 11, 1950
Filed Feb. 21, 1948
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116217;? a
Patented Apr. 11,‘ 1950
Andrew‘ Johnson, Butte, Mont.’
‘ ‘ Application February 21, 1948, Serial No.‘ 9,971
3, Claims.‘ (Cl. 224-22)
device for carrying and dispensing ?re-arm am
munition, such as cartridges, shells and the like
The invention has for‘ an objectto provide a
novel construction of container adapted to hold a
plurality of cartridges orthe like, said container
having novel means at its bottom end for ex
posing .a portion of a bottommost cartridge con
tom wall [4 is thus internally shaped conformablyr
to the’ cylindrical contour of cartridges C which
This. invention relates to improvements in_a
are to be carried’in the container, and,'as sor
shaped, provides a discharge chute l5 in which
bottommost cartridge is supported.
The main body of the container may be of a.
width adapted to accommodate but a single col
umn‘or stack of cartridges C, but, preferably, isv
of a width to accommodate a double ‘column or‘
of such cartrides, as shown. In the lat
that the same may be grasped and withdrawn» for
' tained therein accessible to the user's ?ngers, so
use; yieldable means being provided to; release
‘ ably hold said bottommost cartridge against out
ward escape from the container until it is de
sired to be grasped and withdrawn.
The invention has for further objects to pro
vide a novel dispensing container for the above
stated purposes which includes means for feed
ter case, the back wall ‘H of the container is~
provided, at its lowerv portion, with an inwardly
and downwardly inclined wall section [8 which is:
container for accommodation of various lengths
of cartridges; and to provide the container with
cartridge is accessible and subject to being
grasped by the ?ngers and withdrawn from the,
convergent upon the vdischarge chute l5;
At the forward end of the container, the end,v
side and bottom walls thereof :are cut away to‘
provide an, inwardly offset opening or mouth I]
at :the forward end of the chute 15, thus. ex
ing its content of cartridges downwardly toward
posing an end portion of the 'bottommost car-1
the discharge end of the container; to provide
means for adjustably sizing the interior of the 20 tridge C which is lodged in said chute. so thatsaid
container by the user.
means for attaching'the same for convenient car
riage, to an apparel belt worn by the user.
, ‘Other objects of this invention, not at this time
more, particularly enumerated, will be understood
from 'the following detailed ‘description of ‘the
, -.
A?ixed to the forward end wall l3 of the con-'
, tainer, so as to overhang the discharge opening‘
or mouth I‘! of the chute I5, is a yieldable detentv
means which is operative to retain the} bottom-=
most cartridge C in the chute ISaga‘inst acci-L
An illustrative embodiment ‘of the inventionis
dental outward escape therefrom. This detent.
Fig. 1 is 'a side'elevational view of the‘ammii'ni
tion dispensing device; Fig. 2 is'an'end‘elevation'al
1, : 2, ‘3 and 5 more particularly, comprises a,v
shown in the accompanying ‘drawings, in which:
means, in one form thereof as shown‘: in Figs.
uéshaped stop member [8, the respective arms of
which terminate in helical spring coils 19 which
serveas resiliently yieldable hinging members for
longitudinal vertical sectionalviewjtakén'on line
3+3 "in Fig. 2;‘Fig. 4 is a‘trar'i'sverse vertical sec 35 said stop member.v The‘ outer ends of said re-:_
spective spring coils l9 terminate in upwardly ex.-::
tional view, taken on line 4-l4 in‘ Fig. 3; and Fig. 5
tending supporting legs 20, which are adapted
is a horizontal sectional view, taken on line 5—5
to be a?ixed to the outer face of the‘ forward
in Fig. 3.
‘ '
end wall l3 of they container, so as to dispose:
. Fig. 6 is a fragmentary‘ endelevational' view,
the detent means in such relation to the dis-.
similar to that of Fig. 2, but showing a modi?ed
charge opening or mouth I‘! of the chute l5 that
mounting of the yieldable detent means for hold
view,"vie“w'ed"from the right in Fig. vl.;,l~"ig,. 3 is’a
' i'r’i'g‘ a bottommost cartridge against outward
escape from the container.
the stop member I8 will overhang said opening,
or mouth, and thus lap the upper marginal por-'
tion of the exposed end of the cartridge C con-f1‘
Similar characters of'refere'nce are employed
in the hereinabo-ve described'views, to indicate 45 tained in the chute I5, thereby detaining said
corresponding parts.
g "
Referring to the drawings, the ammunition dis
pensing device comprises ‘an upwardly open con-_
tainer which is formed by a front wall In, a
back wall II, a rear end wall l2 and a forward
end wall l3. The bottom end of the container is
closed by a bottom wall I4 whichv is of trans
versely curved formation, and which is downward-,
cartridge against accidental escape from the:
chute. The legs 20 of the detent means may be
a?ixed to the forward end wall 13 of the con:
tainer in various ways, as e. g. by soldering or
brazing the same thereto. Preferably, however,-.
said legs 20 are. secured to said container (wait
by means of anchor lugs 2|, which are struck out
from said wall so'as to embrace said legs 20. The.
upper ends of the legs 20, in such case, are prefer-3*
ly inclined from the rear-endwall (I23 toward the;
forward end wall 113 of thetcontainen;
bet-, 55 ably provided with out-turned angular keeper
portions 22, which abut the upper sides of said
provided with a ?nger piece 34 to facilitate
anchor lugs 2!, so as to prevent accidental With
drawal of the legs 20 from the embrace there
manipulation of the cover.
When the container is ?lled with the content
In Fig. 6 is shown a somewhat modi?ed ar
or zig-zag type compression spring 35 is arranged
of cartridges C to be carried therein, an accordion
rangement for mounting the detent means in sup
ported connection with the forward end wall
l3 of the container. In this latter arrangement,
the hinging spring coils l9 are mounted on and
around the transverse section '23 of a U-shaped 10
supporting member having upwardly ‘extending
arms 24, along which the legs 20 of the detent
means extend.
Said arms 24 and legs 20 are,
as shown, together secured to the container end
wall l3 by solder 25; although it will be obvious
that the same may be secured by anchor lugs in
the manner previously described, or in any other
suitable manner.
between the closed cover 30 and the column or
columns of contained cartridges. If the con
tainer is of the type adapted to enclose two col
umns or stacks of cartridges C (as shown), the
lower free end portionof the spring 35 is bi
furcated to lr’rov'ide two spring tongues 36 and
31., one of which thrusts against one column or
stack and the other against the adjoining col
umn or stack, thus accommodating the spring to
any relative changes in the heights of said col
umns or ‘stacks. The said spring 35, in addition
to gravitation, urges the cartridges downwardly
through the container interior, thereby assuring
While either of the above described forms of
that a succeeding cartridge will be at once de
detent means is deemed preferable, it will be 20 posited in the discharge chute 15 upon with
understood that other ‘and varied form's ‘thereof _
may be employedso'long as a dependent yield
able stop member is included for ‘overlapping
restraining engagement v‘withthe exposed end 501’
a cartridge C held in the discharge chute 15
drawal of a bottommost cartridge therefrom.
The cartridge carrying and dispensing container is preferably arranged to be mounted upon
an apparel belt worn by the ‘user, so that the
same is ?rmly held and conveniently accessible
of the container.
for manipulation of cartridges desired to be
‘The bottom wall E4‘ of the container, which
withdrawn therefrom. To this end, belt receiv
de?nes the discharge chute i5, is provided with
ing means is provided in connection with the
a plurality of suitably located longitudinally
back wall ll of the container. In an illustrative
spaced internal cross-ribs .26. These cross-ribs 30 form of said belt receiving means, as shown, the
are adapted to support the diametrically reduced
same comprises a pair of spaced attachment
nose end portion 0 'of a cartridge C which is
loops 38 through which the apparel belt 39 may
lodged in the chute 15, thus balancing the 'car—
be passed.
tridge against tilting away from the floor of said
In the use of the ammunition carrying and
chute, and thereby assuring properly aligned reg 35 dispensing device, to withdraw the .bottornmost
istration of the cap‘ end of the cartridge with
cartridge C ‘from the discharge chute l5 of the
the opening or mouth ll of the chute, ‘for
container, the user merely grasps the exposed
unobstructed outward ‘withdrawing movement
end of said cartridge ‘and pulls the v‘same out
through ‘the latter.
ward. ‘The stop member l3, being yieldably
‘The front ‘and back ‘walls 10 and ll of the 40 supported by the hinging spring coils i9, will
container are each provided, adjacent to ‘the rear
be swung upwardly by the outwardly pulled‘
end wall t2, with a series of vertically extend
cartridge and out of the path of movement
ing, spaced apart internal guide ‘ribs 21, there
thereof. After such removal of the cartridge,
by providing, between adjacent ribs, 'a series of
the stop member IE will immediately return to
opposed vertical guideways 28 for the reception
its normal dependent position, whereby to en
of a partition member 29 in selected spaced dis
gage and restrain outward ‘escape of ‘a succeed=
position relative to the forward end wall I3 of
cartridge, which, in the meantime, has de-jv
the container. Said partition member 29 may’
scended and has lodged in the discharge chutev
be adjusted toward and from the forward end
wall 13 of the container according to the length 50 l5. These cartridge ‘dispensing operations may
be repeated ‘until the entire content of the ‘0011'
of vthe particular cartridges C desired ‘to be car
has been ‘removed.
ried in and dispensed from the container. It
will thus be understood that the ‘partition mem
ber 29 may be utilized to size the interior of the
container conformably to the cartridges to :be
carried, so that when said cartridges :are de
posited in the container, the same ‘are held
against undue endwise movement or play, and
thus maintained in desired column or stack for
mation within the container.
‘A means vis provided for closing the upper open
end of the container. Such ‘closure means may
be variously formed and related to the container,
but, preferably, as shown, comprises a slide cover
30 having longitudinally grooved side marginal
portions 3! to engage with and slide on outward
lly projecting guide lips ‘32, which extend along
the-‘upper margins of ‘the front vand back walls
‘Having now ‘described ‘my invention, I claim:
1. A carrying and dispensing device for car
tridges or the like comprising an upwardly open
container, a removable "closure means for ‘the
upper open end of said container, ‘the upper :porl
tion of said container being “of a width between
its front and back walls adapted to house a pm
rali'ty ‘of stacked cartridges "in double column
disposition, a ‘downwardly inclined ‘cartridge ‘re
ceiving chute, ‘extending from ‘end to end 'of said
container ‘at its bottom and. contiguous to its
front wall, the back wall of ‘said container have
ing a lower section convergent ‘upon said chute,
' a compression spring member interposed be
tween the closed upper end of the container and‘
the columns ‘of cartridges therein, said spring
member having a bifurcated lower ‘end portion
HI and H of the container. ‘The forward end of
to provide separate spring tongues to respectivee
said slide cover 30 is preferably provided with 70 ly thrust against the respective ‘cartridge col.
one 'or more stop lugs 33, which are dependent
urn'ns, the walls of said container and c'h-ute being
from the margin thereof, and which, by abut
cutaway at ‘the lower discharge end of said chute,
men‘t upon the forward end wall E3 of the con
whereby to provide the latter with a discharge
tainer, determine the closed position of said
mouth adapted to ‘expose an end ‘portion of a can
cover... The forwardien'd of'sai'd Islid‘e cover is also 7‘5 triage lodged in said chute ‘subject to be grasped;
for withdrawal therefrom and a detent means at
fixed on the end wall of the container adjacent to
the discharge mouth Yet the chute, said detent
means including a dependent yieldable stop mem»
following references are of record in the
or‘ this patent:
ber adapted to lap theiexposed end of the car
tridge contained in said'fcliute.
Lee _____________ _>_ Apr. 27, 1875
2. A carrying and dispensing device for car
tridges or the like as de?ned in claim 1, wherein
the chute is provided with a series of longitudi
Durst __________ _- July 31, 1894
Haynes __________ __ Sept. 26, 1899
Jacobs __________ ..- Apr. 30, 1901 .
nally spaced internal cross-‘ribs adapted to support .- 1 ‘I I
the nose end portion 0'': a icartridge contained in
Baldwin __________ ..-I May 5, 1903
the chute, whereby to prevent longitudinal tilting
Parkhurst ........ -_ Oct. 4, 1904
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Payne __________ __ Aug'. 24, 1920
of said cartridge.
3. A carrying and dispensing device for car
tridges or the like as de?ned in claim 1, wherein
front and back walls 6f the container are pro
vided with a series of internal perpendicular op
Toborg ...... __‘____ Feb. 19, 1924
Johnson __________ _.-Apr. 6, 1937
posed guideways, and a partition member adapted
to be engaged in selected? g‘jiiideways, whereby to
conform the interior ‘of the container to the
length of a given size 61 ‘cartridge desired to be
carried therein.
Cooper __________ __ June 28, 1938
Great Britain ____ _- June 2-3, 1908
Great Britain ____ __*Feb. 19, 1920
Germany _--__-_-_ Jan. 28, 1924
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