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June 6, 1950
Filed Aug.‘ 24, 1948
Patented June 6, 1950
Harry A. Stollenwerk, Milwaukee, Wis.
Application August 24, 1948, Serial No. 45,879
1 Claim. (01. 248—243)
My invention relates to improvements in ad
justable brackets and more particularly to a
bracket that is slidably supported by a vertical
The object of my invention is to provide a' de
vice that is adjustable, slidable and removable
on and from a single vertical standard.
Another object of my invention is to provide
a device that has its depending end extending
outward in a single direction from’ the vertical
support or standard.
Still another object of my invention is to pro
vide a device that is constructed to provide a ?at
plate so as not to interfere with the support of
a plurality of cases or boxes disposed below and
above the support or bracket.
A further object of my invention is to pro
vide a device that may be attached or disengaged
from the vertical standard without vertical slid
able action, thereby permitting the ' vertical
ets mounted to a plurality of vertical standards
at various heights and showing the boxes or
cases in phantom.
Figure 2 is a fragmentary cross-sectional view
of the device applied to a vertical standard con
structed of two angle irons spaced apart from one
Figure 3 is a top or plan view of the device at
tached to an angle iron which is shown in cross
10 section.
Figure 4 is a front view of the device as shown
in Figure 3.
Figure 5 is an end view of the device as shown
in Figure 3, and
Figure 6 is a fragmentary perspectivev view of
the bracket and its sliding member in an assem
bled position.
Similar characters of reference indicate corre~
sponding parts throughout the several views and
20 referring now to the same, the vertical standards
are shown in the form of an angle iron indicated
standards to be supported at their top and bot
by the character 10. These angle irons ID are
tom ends.
spaced apart from one another by means of tubu
A still further object of my invention is to pro
lar spacers I I through which a rivet or bolt I2 is
vide a device that is simple in design, economical 25
to manufacture, yet practical for the purpose for
There is a flat plate member l3 which is sup
which it is intended.
ported in a horizontal position onto the vertical
It is manifest that in the storage of narrow
standard In and this plate l3 has an upwardly
long cases of tubing or the like, it is quite fre
disposed channel shown in two sections l4 and I5
quently advantageous to stack the cases into
with a space It between them. One of the chan
position where any single box or case is accessible
members [4 is shown having a longitudinal
and ready for removing without interfering with
slot l1 disposed in its vertical outer face. This
the rest of the cases. It is also necessary in many
slot [1 is open at its inner end. The channels
cases to stack the boxes in a manner where it is
[4 and [5 are of a size and contour to receive
impossible to attach the vertical supports to the
a sliding member having a tongue l8 which ex
?oor or the top wall or ceiling. The device de 35
tends inward for engagement with the channels
scribed herein consists of an adjustable bracket
l4 and Hi. The tongue l8 has an outwardly pro
that may be slidably attached to an individual
jecting pin member l9 arranged for engagement
vertical standard and may be arranged in a man
with the slot I‘! in the channel M. The rearward
ner whereby the individual brackets project out
portion of the sliding member is provided with an
ward in one or both directions from the vertical 40 outwardly extending lever 20 which is formed
standard. The outwardly projecting plate con
integrally as part of the sliding member and is
sists of a bracket constructed of sheet metal or
the like, and will not take up space between the
cases or boxes being supported, and the slidable
of a size equal or shorter than the projecting por
tion of the angle It].
In the engagement of the device to a vertical
feature permits the adjustment of the bracket to 45 standard
such as is shown by the angle iron l0
any desirable height. The device lends itself to
it is merely necessary to push the Sliding member
cases or boxes of any width or length and will
20 outward to where the pin l9 ‘contacts the closed
perform efficiently in the stacking of merchan
portion of the elongated slot I‘! which will leave
dise, it will conserve space and provide acces
50 the space l6 between the two channel members
sibility to individual cases.
l4 and I5 open for engagement with the angle
Other and further objects of my invention will
iron shown as W. Obviously the ?at plate I3 is
become more apparent as the description pro- provided with an inwardly disposed slot shown
ceeds and when taken in conjunction with the
as 2| in Figures 3 and 6 to accommodate the
drawings in which
of the angle iron [0. After the horizontal
Figure 1 is a front view of a plurality of brack
plate I3 is placed in engagement with the angle
iron l0 it is merely necessary to ‘pull the lever
member 20 toward the center of the slot l6 which
will cause the tongue I 8 of the sliding member
to frictionally contact the outer surface of the
angle iron I0 and will cause this tongue l8 to
engage the opening within the channel l5 form-—
ing a part of the horizontal member I3, In this
way the device is rigidly attached to the vertical
Having thus described my invention, what 1
claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent in
the United States is:
A device of the character described to be used
in combination with vertical angle iron standards,
said device comprising a ?at plate horizontally
disposed and having its depending end extending
outward from said angle iron standard when said
device is attached, a pair of upwardly depending
standard it and can be moved up and down to 10 channel members integrally formed at one edge
any desired height. By referring to Figure 1 it
of said plate, said channel members spaced apart
will be noted that the angle iron [0 can be of a
single or double construction and will permit the
from one another forming an open space between
them, one of said channel members having an
engagement of as many of the brackets 13 as are
elongated slot on its outer face, said slot open
deemed necessary, the material in the form of 15 at its inner end, said flat plate having an elon
narrow cases or boxes is stacked onto the floor
gated slot open at its outer end, said slot extend
adjacent to the vertical standards, and the brack
ing inward from the space between said channels,
et members contact the upper face of some of the
boxes or ‘cases, and being thin sheet metal or
the like, will permit additional boxes to be placed
on top. In this way the danger of having a high.
stack of boxes or crates which are comparatively
narrow from tipping is eliminated, inasmuch as
they are disposed between or along side of the
vertical standards. The standards may be moved 25
to- any position within a room or enclosure and
the support lended by the brackets will permit
a horizontally disposed sliding member consisting
,of a tongue member for engagement with said
channels, said tongue member provided with an
outwardly extending pin arranged for engage
ment with the open slot in said channel member,
and a lever member integrally formed with the
tongue forming said sliding member, said lever
member being outwardly disposed and having a
projecting portion for the actuation of said slid
ing member.
the removal of individual cases and make them
accessible for use.
In the chosen embodiments of my invention 30
there are features not hereto-fore disclosed in the
The following references are of record in the
prior art, and although I have shown a particu
?le of this patent:
lar arrangement of the component parts consti
tuting the device, I am fully cognizant of the fact
that many changes maybe made without affect
ing their operativeness, and I reserve the right
Martits ___________ __ May 27, 1930
to make such changes as I may deem convenient
Friedemann _______ __ Jan. 6, 1931
without departing from the spirit of my invention
or the scope of the appended claim.
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