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June 6, 1950
Filed March 29, 1948
~BY é/M mum
Patented June 6, 1950
2,510,511" -
,Wil-liarnf; Mittendor?fNeedham; MassM-assignorq
‘tojD'sEéMakepeaee Company,‘ Attleboro, Ma‘ts'su»
Anrliiat'ieraliiwhg?, 194§.,.-Se1ria1 Nalt?é" .
1 Claim-.~-~ (CI. 63—14)
2' ~
The present invention relates to an‘earring'and '
more rarticularlmaa means .iqn. .atiaqhieg ‘an
eartinat'oian ear lobe.- .
Generally, .anieala rié marine. attaqheq tO-an.
earplobeby ascrew typeclamp 9r. pihenmeehani
mauseréunsied .
aces oseniaszt. ariear 10b9- .The.
“headwaters; small 'andthe
ltennehhxa screwtype 7 1
claim or‘. ether inechemsza lampirig meansiwould '
causevdisepinfprt 'iolihawsareliwhen 2». greater
areapitheearlebe anirregiilar Surface,- HOW
tension ihanslesiredis Present to bear on a small -
earring constructed in accordance’ withlAthis 1n-_
Figure; 2 is an enlargedsectignal y-yiew taken‘
alenaline 2—.—2 of. ii‘isureileand ..
Figure ‘3 ‘isaperspe‘ctive elevational view of an
earring" showinganoiher embodiment Qf this in.- '
The presentwinventionl provides an “earring
which’... unlike. earrings as heiéioferé .manufae“
tured inwhieh'ashereiws ioihe lebe. of the eat.
is aceqmplishesi 19y anynqomferiable pressure on.‘
the ear lobe brought about by allarge t'én‘sion'on
a small area of the ear lobe, "alleviates discom-r '
fort to the wearer‘by causing a minimum pres;
16., Sure one subsianiiallii large area of an 651;" lobe
and. at the same time. ?re?ies secure .adhe'ri
611% to the ear lobe.- ..
thande?sired'to the; ear‘lobe‘jn order to retainthe
leli‘igure 1; lihavs shqwn an earring With-two.
earring in-theudesired position. Clamping de1
evenduertogth distillation ‘6f this earring,“ it -»
issometiznes n sesame zaeplvga greater vtension ,.
vices havingsmooth "rounded
aces which come
contact relates. .1 are 12 "larger eeeughytoi adhere
20.. to;a__ substantiallyglargekportion of anmear lobe;
The tension necessary “'5 feftaieihe earring in P0‘
because an ear-ring»_comprisingsuch.clamping de .pr9videsl1iQif by‘ a. resilient. material
vices is subject to slipping from the desired posi
shaeedtq dir'eet a series tension éu'plaies .l and 2i
tion due ‘to the lack; of suificient gripping'action
in contact with ‘an ear lobe’ are disadvantageous
which is common to smooth rounded‘ surfaces.
Other typeset.earringsihayeaclamning means
such material being
tlié .formpf affine-Shaped‘
2o. strip. #19? aherylliilmkcoeper alley whishiihar?e
we uemetaljor an alloy. thereof)
which are dependent upon the inherent resiliency
r alleyatqprqviee ._a'm1.11,ti-.
of.._the earring.‘ material, i. e
attachmentito an ear lobe.
h earrings; he
anelieditensien is ?xed, bein.
earring-material’ and the
ornamentation which might be expected to be ap
plied to such earring. Furthermore, where resil
.- ..
alloy ma mnriself .,a12Qut'1/2%:i(>.abdut.
eryllium “with-a preferred mbe'r'yylhum-cop
‘ perialloy comprising v1 1/5 %"Yto1 2%lbery'11ii1m'. The
contact plates, more particularly the faces of the
contact plates adjacent to the ear lobe, are pro
iency of a material is depended upon for earring
vided with horizontal corrugations or ribs 4 in
clamping purposes, the clamping material is usu
ally non-metallic and as such may not comprise 35 order to impart thereto a greater grip to prevent
any possible slipping of the earring from the ear
ornamental precious metal.
lobe. All surfaces of the plates l and 2 or only
However, the present invention provides an
the outer surfaces may be coated with metal simi
earring having a resilient metallic material with
lar to the coating of the ring-shaped structure 3.
adjustable tension adapted to securely clamp the
earring to an ear lobe with minimum pressure in 40 Although the plates l and 7. may be attached to
the ring-shaped structure by welding or by other
methods of attachment, they may also be integral
therewith and the basic assembly may be blanked
earring adapted to remain securely attached to
out of flatstock composite material of precious
the ear lobe with a minimum pressure on the ear
lobe. It is another object of this invention to pro 45 metal and beryllium-copper alloy prior to the for
mation of the ring-shaped structure. An inden
vide an earring comprising a resilient metallic
tation 5 is impressed into the strip 3 while in the
material having an adjustable tension. It is a
flatstock stage to increase the spring tension of
further object of this invention to provide an
the material. The forming of the indentation
earring having a minimum of parts for easier
manufacture. Other objects and advantages of 50 produces a, corresponding ridge 5' on the opposite
side of the ?at stock material and such indenta
this invention will appear in the description
tion may be provided for either the outer or inner
thereof hereinafter following:
surface of the ring-shaped structure subsequently
The invention is illustrated in the drawings
formed therefrom. The indentation 5 and ridge
forming part hereof, in which:
Figure 1 is a, perspective elevational view of an. 55 5' are shown in section in Figure 2, where the
the ear lobe.
It is an object of this invention to provide an
composition of the ?nished composite material
is also more clearly illustrated in relation to the
coating of beryllium-copper 6 with precious metal
1. Although the indentation is speci?cally illus
trated as V-shaped, it may also be U-shaped or
the like, and the strip material may comprise a
product is manufactured to provide a maximum
?xed tension to keep an earring in position, such
tension being adapted to support a maximum
weight, i. e. earring and supplementary orna
ments, and which does not possess an adjustable
Supplementary ornaments may be supported by
plurality of such indentations. The indentation
the earrings of this invention either by attach
eifect in the strip material, once the proper
ment to a contact plate I or 2, or by suspension
amount of tension has been established, will
maintain the desired tension. The fact that 10 ‘from a mounting on the ring-shaped structure 3.
With reference to the ring-shaped structure, it
beryllium-copper can be hardened to have a great
is also within the scope of the invention to provide
deal of spring tension, and that with indentations
a U-shaped structure, a hexagon-shaped struc
impressed into the beryllium-copper strip mate
ture and the ‘like, so long as the fundamental
rial the spring tension is further aided so that
it may be maintained in spite of very frequent 15 characteristics of the invention can apply thereto.
An earring manufactured in conformity with
?exings or continued pressure while on the ear
the above description has the advantage of being
lobe, provides the basis for an earring according
manufactured easily and rapidly and meets the
to this invention.
requirements of an article of jewelry in addition
In Figure 3, I have illustrated another embodi
ment of this invention by providing a wire ring~ 20 to the several advantages hereinbefore set forth.
What I claim is:
shaped structure 8 having an inherent tension
A unitary earring comprising spaced plates
adapted to keep the contact plates in adherence
to an ear lobe.
The ring-shaped wire structure
adapted for contact on opposite sides of an ear
lobe, corrugated contact surfaces on each plate
may be formed from electroplated wire, or from
wire on which precious metals are laminated, said 25 with the corrugations running in a substantially
horizontal direction, an adjustably spring ten
wire structure having the qualities and compo~
sioned depending ring portion connecting said
sition as more particularly described in accord
plates, at least the ring portion being formed of
ance with the strip material of Figure 1. The
an alloy of copper with beryllium hardened to a
ends of the wire used to form the ring-shaped
structure may have contact plates welded or sol 80 high degree of spring tension and capable of fre
quent ?exings to maintain an initially set pres
dered thereto, or they may be ?attened out to
sure on the lobe engaging plates, a relatively soft
make the gripping sections or plates integral
precious metal coating for said alloy that does
The resilient material, ‘1. e. beryllium-copper in
not affect the tension and ?exing qualities thereof,
accordance with this invention, has such physical 36 and said ring shaped portion being ?at and hav
properties that the spring tension of such mate
ing a longitudinally extending indentation on one
rial provided for a minimum tension necessary to
side and a corresponding rib on the other that
keep the earring in position and support the
lie out of the plane of the ?at portion.
weight of the earring and any ornament attached
thereto. The ?nished article can be adjusted to 40
meet individual tension requirements by simply
pressing the ring-shaped structure to have the
The following references are of record in the
corrugated surfaces of both contact plates meet
?le of this patent:
when greater tension is required, and the contact
plates may be spread in opposing directions to 45
create a lesser tension if required. The adjusted
Chernow ________ __ June 20, 1944
tensions will maintain the desired resiliency.
- The earring of this invention is distinguished
from other types of resilient materials, such as
plastics, whereby in such other materials the 50
Strasser _________ __ July 25, 1944
Chernow ________ __ Nov. 20, 1945
Bazner __________ __ Nov. 20, 1945
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