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June 6, 1950
w, w. KEYS
F’iledI Aug. 22, 1946
/A/ VEN mf?
WAL 775/? MK KE Y5,
/L//5 Á T TUR/v5 Y.
Patented june 6, v¿1950
' 12,510,587 Y
- iWalterïlWQIí'eys, Bittsfì‘eld,iMass.
’ ' Allp‘lieallun Augursl’zz, 194e, semaine; sgzjzei ì ' e
(clez'asásslf ,
A'and v‘are formed df ' wire fb‘ent ‘as *best shown-in
t ‘ ‘My‘ invention lrelates "to ‘garment ‘hangers'and
»Figfa Thelportlons¿serine’elements-'sementi
'_„particularlyrr toY improvementsin‘ trousers`- hangers
through the lslots ~À2 " and 4"3 "and'm‘ay ’slide` freely
fand 'combined coat and trousers ' hangers. '
' The iprin'cipal' obj ect *of my' invention to’pro
" vide an "improved ‘trousers 'hanger 'of ' the' typei’n Y
Iwhich'thetrousers-engaging means are inserted
therein. ' VThus, the' élements "8- are provided
portions whichdependbèlow L-th'e?'bar
g ‘In order ¿to secure'the elements; >a «tp `theilsar,
finîthe bottoms of ‘the ‘legs‘and vwhich''frictionïa'llly
l'engage Vopp'ositely ‘disposed portions "'thereof.
lI 'provide' a "'p'air I‘off-sideplates fûfhaving'upp‘er
flanges îH -- and #lower filanges i| :adapted :respec
‘More1particl'llarly,> -the objects are ‘to provide ‘a
2trousers ‘hanger 'in"which "the trousers-‘engaging
yelern‘ents maybe readily adjusted ’and >positive
Ílyf'lockeddn 'various "positions to 'accommodate
-»flange 1H each'o'f the yside plates fo iis 'provided
¿f'withjan-‘ups'tandiiig u'ear L3 having ‘opehin'gsjß
*therethrough which "are îadapted î~to ’receive Athe
“trousers ‘having 'bottoms "of different widths; “to
l provide,'in connection therewith, a means'where
"by'at least one'ofthetrousersfengaging elements fis" projections 'I 5 'on V:the l'lock 'represented 'generally
V*by the ’numeral "16. The :lock comprises -'a filat
:'m'ay -'be >retracted Ätowards'the >other `element ‘to
"facilitate the removal‘and replacement “of ‘the
‘trousers ^on'theihan`ger; and; at the ‘same ítime, *to
-sprin'g‘ielexnfentr I-‘i Íto*'which-’the)bent-¿up 'p‘late
I8 is secured by the pin 1 which "is ‘riveted or
.e otherwise secured thereto as‘shown -at ¿(9; The
‘provide afmeans 'for holding the >trousersffirrnly
outer sides of the plates` iIll` are provided with
" `after t'heyhave been pla'c'edithereon.'
' trunnions 20 which lare 'riveted lor otherwise -se
I accomplish these objects by means >of ‘the
"novel combination `and >arrangement of elements
' icure'dthereto as best shown'in Fi`g.>5.
In'lorder to secure al1-’of the parts
bled rela-tion as shownin Figs. 1 Vt`o‘4ïinclusive,
Fig;r ~1- Vis a side relevation view-of my hanger; 25 'and also to provide’a 'means for A'retractin'g the
- 'describ'ed-‘below'and‘illustrated'in'the‘accompany
" "ingjdraw'ing in'which':
'Fig `2 `is `an* enlarged fragmentary section 'of
Yleg-engaging elements ~8_,`I' provide a A»finger 4lever
Fig. V3fisga 'fragmentary longitudinaljsection
" with two parallel disposed, Ádepending'brar'ich'es
such as shown at 2|.
vthrough'the lower left >half of Fig; -‘l’to'a some- V
"what enlarged‘scale;
The lever 2| is provided
~ 22>`~having openings 23<1in the‘vend thereof adapted
to receive the trunnions 20 on 'the side plates
I0. >The lever 2| is also' vprovided Y>at Aeach ‘side
Fig. 4_"is 'a fragmentary >side elevation viewof
lthe 'portion >of the vhanger Ashown in >section in
*thereof " with laterally-projecting, jb‘oxìlike » 'por4
-f'ti’ons 2'4 having openings j«22"» in the side walls
' -Fig. -3 vbut illustrating `the >trousers-engaging Iele
Ü thereof adapted to >pass 'theends' f2'â`eof 'the ele
ment'iniretracted position; -and
Fig. 5 -is an 'exploded perspective Viewshowing
ments »8. it [email protected] `be understeodthat 'the "nör
= mal distance ¿betwe'enlïthev free yends »Z6-»of the
the various elements going to make up my -hanger
jtogether with a fragmentary portion 'of the bar
' ?elements 8'and the-portions'of lsaid elements'ad
j upon‘which they'are‘assem'bled.
Referring -to the drawing:
Í greater ‘than ¿the distance Abetween lthe ‘outside
acent' thereto, when,Y disassembled, v¿is fnorin'al'ly
My 'hanger comprises’an elongated >bar l, pref
" 'erably rectangular in cross section and provided
Figs.v 4v and ’5' and `are provided with 'inclined
vedges 'T8 as best shown-'in Fig.> f2, Thus, 4morder
to assemble the >finger' levers’"-2"|~-and their asso
' with two, spaced, transversely-extending slots 2
" 'and' 3 therein. If ',desired, >a single` long slot may
¿`_ be used `and the bar fl may comprise a portion of
ciated elements 8,' the free 'ends' of the elements
` l?D must be squeezed-together and 'forced upward
j r'a coat hanger 4 vprovidedwltl'l‘a vhook 5 as ‘shown
“in Fig. 1. Preferably, thel bar 'and coat hanger
_fare molded Yas anl integral unit from a suitable
plastic material;
j ' , The top ofthe 'bar l ‘at’ each side'of the center
_ thereof and adjacent the -slots. is provided with"
' >a plurality of uniformly‘spaced` cylindrical vholes
' ‘6 'which >are-adapted'to receive a pin --If'for posi
tively locking lthe trousers-engaging elements in
Façijus~tedr position, as will >be described below; Y
The trousers'eenga'gîn'g*elements 8 are identical
' 1y past the turned in portions »21. The side plates
VIl) are merely `positioned v'againstk the opposite
' sides of the bar lI 'with-_theprojections I5'on the
-locking‘elements :I‘G‘fpositioned inthe holes M'fof '
the `elements lü. The depending portions 'f2'ï2 lof
'V the finger lever may then Abe dropped `over the side
plates ancl'_'sn_apped> over Vthe trunnions v20;` the
when assembled, --tne ’dat
'trunnions 20 -`being` reçeivedjin the lio-les 23 in
springs Il of the locking elements will rest on
ing said elements in firm, frictional engagement
the top surface of the bar I with the pins 'I in
downwardly on the upturned portions I8 of the
with the insides of the bottoms of said trousers.
4. A garment hanger comprising an elongated
bar, a pair of elements adapted to be inserted in
the bottoms of a pair of trousers, means slidably
mounted on said bar for securing each of said
elements thereto in spaced relation to each other
and depending from said bar, means for locking
locks which Will raise the pins 'I from the holes
said securing means to said bar in predetermined
and permit the entire assemblies to be moved
along the barand positively locked in adjusted
spaced relation to each other and a lever cooper
one of the holes 6.
In operation, the distance between the trou
sers-engaging portions of the elements 8 may be
first adjusted, so that they will engage the in
sides of the trousers legs firmly, by pressing
position by releasing the pressure on the portions
I8 so that the pins 'l will be forced downwardly
into the proper hole 6 in the bar I. Preferably,
the distance between the trousers-engaging ‘ele
ments 8 is so adjusted that it slightly> exceedsthe'.'
distance across the inside of >the bottom_of .the
ating with at least one »of said elements and its
securing means for effecting movements of said
¿one element towards and away from the other of
said .elements and for positively locking the ele
ments 'in firm, friotional engagement with the
_insides of the bottoms of the trousers.
, 5. In a garment hanger comprising an elon
gated bar having a longitudinally extending slot
trousers leg when folded flat. ' Thus; when'the
elements 8 are inserted in the trousersleggthey
_thereimthe combination with a first trousers
will tend to stretch it slightly and thus engage it 20 leg-engaging means slidably mounted in said slot
-andprovided with transversely .spaced portions
depending belowsaid bar, each' adapted', to be in
serted inthe bottom of a'tr'o'use'r leg,I of asecond
.,ñrmly. To facilitate inserting the-elamentsßén
:the trousers legs. eith'eríone .0r both ïvfthafìnger
» levers 2l`_> may be raised to the position Is_howr'i in
_ Eig. 4 _which will reduce -the distance'betw'een the
_trousers-leg-engaging' mear'isfse/cur'ed to said .bar
readily inserted in the bottoms of ltheïtrous'ers.
'pris'ing depending portionsjeaçn ,adapted >t'o'be
_. _trousers-engaging" kelementsH so that ' they _may Aloe 25 in spacedrelation to said ',ñrs't' means 'anticom
_.'I‘hereaften the -ñnger „levers are _pushed down ' ‘.inserte‘d in the bottom._of]a_._trousers Vleg andto
cooperate with said 'first' means >for"suspending
.v _wardly to forcetlie engagìng?ele’ments" 8__iritóA `firm
,_ .contact with the insides`>v of Íthe trousers legs. . '
1_1; 'win be freaduy’aiiparènt’ that 'yvnereftnem
_movement of one only ofd the'trousers-engfagifng
Í _said trousers; therefrom _ by frictional 'engagement
with ~the'inside bottoms vofjsaid'trousers legs,
f _means slidably mounted 'on saidìbar and cooper
ating .with said ñrst. means 'for locking the same
» elements by means of its _associate/d 4lever v2l is
_sunîcient to allow both. 'trousers-engaging’ ele
; _ments 8 to beinserted i?_f‘thef.`trousers,_thef'other
Vsleßflglt may bé[email protected] 1-.T,1.1.11.S»„Whi1e..1 Prefer t0
inïvarious. positions ,on said’ bar, whereby said
‘hanger may'beadjusted ,tof accommodate >tr'ou
sers having- bottomsofvariöus size','and_ means
¿have both ofthe engaging elements adjustable, ' _ .cooperating with said ñrst means and the means
it is only necessary"` that one Yof* the Vsaid',elements
slid'ably mounted on said bar for retracting said
first . means without unlocking,- said locking
_ Y -What I claim is:
means; wherebylto facilitate‘îthe >placing of said
trousers on said hangen. andv _releasing them
. V'be adjustable. "
l. A garment hanger (comprising an elongated
.i _bar, a, pair of elements adapted to/be inserted >in `
and frictionally to engage _the bottoms of a >pair
_, of trousers,E rn_:uëïans _for movably mounting _each
`of -said elements onsaidbar to slide towards and
vaway fromeach other, whereby they Amay bead
. therefrom.
_, 6. In a trousers han-ger
the character ,de
_ scribed, the combinationwith an elongated bar,
of elements slidably mountedon .said bar. in
spaced relation to eachother-_longitudinally of
justedalong the bar to engage trouser bottoms‘of ‘ ' said bar and adapted to beinserted .in Yand _fric
tionally to engage the inside bottomsof the legs
„ `mounting »means in adjusted position, and means.
of said trousers to suspend said trousers there
for retractingl each of said elements to facilitate ,_frOm, meansfor adjusting'thespacingof said
¿inserting them in said »trousersand` vremoving
elements to allow trousers having bottoms _of dif
Ídifferent size,¿means for loekingÍ‘each >of¿¿
said trousers therefrom. -
2. A garment hanger co "prising
bar having two, spaced transverse slots therein,
a- trousers-bottom-engaging element Yslidably
ferent size to beA readily: slipped.thereover,..and
Y means for thereafter positively forcing .saidele
_ments- apart ' and positively'V lockingvv them in
forced-apart relation vin',firm'_frictional. engage
4mounted in each of said slots andprovidedwith .55 mentY with the insides >o__f_¿.‘the bottoms of vsaid
fa depending .portion on >each side _of `-said bar‘," ' ,_ trousers.
.meansfor adjusting and lockingvsaid‘elements
I '1. In a trousers hangermof;the-'character de
~ -in predetermined v.positions in said slots;_and.«in
scribed comprising1 an elongated bar provided
_ spaced relation to each other on V_ther-_bar to ñrmly
with an elongated rslot„lextf_ending. transversely
. and frictionally engage the bottoms of-¿a pairof
therethrough, the combination with a trousers
trousers when insertedr therein, and means_for '
retracting said elements Vwhen locked to facilitate
inserting them insaid trousers and releasingsaid
trousers therefrom.
3. A garment hanger comprising a coat¿hang->î4~>l
ing portion having a hook thereon, and _a trousers
. hanging portion comprising a pair of spaced ele
s leg-engaging elementcomprising. a wire extend
ing .through said slotandhaving depending por
.tions` at> eachside of said .bar adapted to be in
serted in thev legs of .a pair of trousers, vof a
mountingfor said element Ycomprising a Apair of
side _plates partially surrounding said bar, means
pivotally mounted in said side plates and cooper
Y ments disposed> below said coat hangingportion
ating with said bar for locking said Y plates
~ against movement longitudinally .of saidl bar, and
7.9 a linger, lever pivotally mounted on. saidside
`one of said elements for moving said _one element' 'f
plates and cooperatingwith said wire to `moveit
towards the other element to facilitatetheen
, back and forth in said slot and also to hold said
trance of said elements into the bottoms of said _ _. parts in assembled relation.
and adapted to -be rinserted in the _bottoms of` said
trousers, and a lever Ycooperating with. atleast
trousers and thereafter moving saidone element.
8. A garment hangerof the character de
away from the other element and positively lock-_ “ scribed comprising,anelongated bar, a pair oi
trouser engaging elements each having portions
for separate frietional engagement within leg
The following references are of record in the
bottoms of a pair of trousers, means movably
mounting said elements on said bar so as to be
slidabie towards and away from each other to
ñle of this patent:
adjust the elements'for engagement within trou
ser bottoms of diiîerent size, means for looking
said mounting means in predetermined position
of adjustment, and means for producing relative
movement of said elements towards and away
from each other in the looked position of the
mounting means to facilitate inserting the ele
ments in the bottoms of a pair of trousers and
removing the trousers therefrom and to expand
and lock said elements in frictional supporting 15
engagement with said trouser bottoms.
Pickhardt ________ __ Apr. 8, 1902
Williams __________ _- July 9,
Chidley ____ __`_____ Mar. 13,
Russell __________ __ Aug. 10,
Kinney __________ __ Nov. 30,
Vondrak et al ..... __ Dec. 12,
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