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June 6, 1950
A. L. McDowELL
Filed Sept. 20, 1946
BYI/frra’ LII/204w”,
W-WZM dew/w
Patented June 6, ‘1950
2,510,595; 7’
Alfred L. McDowell, Atwood, ontarib, Canada
Application September 20, 1946, Serial No. 698,103
2 Claims.
My invention relates to a device for scraping
or cutting ice or the like from the windshield of
an automobile.
An important object of the invention is to
‘ provide means for ?exing a double-edge blade so
that such edges may be held in proper contact
with the windshield during the cutting or scrap
' ing action.
(o1. 15-250.5)
longitudinally of and near the blade I2 and se
cured to binding posts 22, and held taut thereby.
These binding posts are carried by the holder l0
‘and are insulated therefrom and are adapted for
connection with the automobile electric circuit
so that current is supplied to the heating ele
ment 2|.
Rigidly secured to theouter face of the holder
Ill is a bracket or clip 23, adapted for connec
A further object of the invention is to provide
means for detachably securing the blade to the 10 tion with the moveable arm of a windshield
wiper. The clip 23 is arranged at the longitudinal
holder so that new blades may be used when de
and transverse centers of the holder ID.
The operation of the device is as follows:
A further object of the invention is to provide
The rod 55 may be swung to the open position,
in a simple and compact construction both heat
15 Figure 2, and the blade I2 applied to the rod,
ing means and scraping means.
and the loops It will enter the slots M. The rod
Other objects and advantages will be apparent
and blade are then swung upwardly toward the
during the course of the following description.
holder until the rod becomes parallel with the
In the accompanying drawings, forming a
longitudinal axis of the holder, and the extension
part of this application and in which like
numerals are employed to designate like parts 20 IE! will enter the spring catch 20' and the rod
and blade held in the closed position. The rod
throughout the same,
I5 moves inwardly beyond the edges II and the
Figure 1 is a central vertical longitudinal sec
blade I2 engages these edges and the blade is
tion through a device embodying my invention,
transversely flexed or arched. The double edges
Figure 2 is a perspective view of the device,
E3 of the blade extend outwardly beyond the
parts in the open position,
edges Ii, for engagement with the windshield.
Figure 3 is an end elevation of the device,
It is preferred that the edge portions of the blade
Figure 4 is an end elevation of the catch,
be arranged at about 15° to the surface of the
Figure 5 is a horizontal section taken on line
windshield, although the invention is not limited
5-5 of Figure 4.
In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of 30 to this arrangement. The arm of the windshield
wiper swings the blade l2 over the windshield,
illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of
while the element 2| heats and melts the ice, to
my invention, the numeral l0 designates a stiff
some extent, and the ice is cut or scraped off. A
holder or body portion, which is transversely
new blade may be readily substituted when de
arched and is preferably in the form of a semi
cylindrical casing, having longitudinal edges ||.
It is to be understood that the form of my in
The numeral I2 designates a normally flat
vention herewith shown and described is to be
blade, having double longitudinal cutting edges
taken as a preferred example of the invention
I3. This blade has longitudinally spaced slots
and that various changes in the, shape, size, and
H, as shown. This blade is ?exible and resilient
arrangement of parts may be resorted to with
and is preferably formed of razor steel. The
out departing from the spirit of my invention or
blade is thin and is preferably about 1 m. m. in
the scope of the subjoined claims.
thickness. The blade is suitably stiff so that it
Having thus described my invention, what I
will retain its ?exed shape during the cutting
claim is:
or scraping action.
1. A windshield cleaning device comprising a
Arranged within the holder or casing I0 is a 45
stiff rod l5, having laterally offset loops I6 to
enter the slots M of the blade. At one end, the
rod l5 has a lateral extension |‘|, pivotally con
nected with the end of the holder l0, as shown at
l8. At its opposite end, the rod |5 has a lateral
recessed elongated holder having longitudinal
edges, 9, rod provided with lateral projections
extending longitudinally of said holder between
its longitudinal edges and having one end
hingedly connected to one end of said holder, an
elongated blade provided with longitudinal cut
ting edges arranged upon the rod within the
holder recess and having openings to receive the
projectionsand means to detachably connect
Arranged within the holder or casing I0 is
a longitudinal heating element 2|, extending 65 the opposite end of the rod with the holder.
extension I9’, for detiachable insertion within
a resilient generally U-shaped catch 20, rigidly
secured to the adjacent end of the holder l0.
2. A windshield cleaning device comprising an
elongated blade having longitudinal cutting
The following references are of record in the
edges, a rod extending longitudinally along one
?le of this patent:
face of said blade intermediate the cutting edges
of the latter and having its opposed ends pro 5
jecting upwardly therefrom, an elongated arched
holder arranged in parallel relation with respect
607,040)’ Heinz ____________ __ July 12, 1898
to the other face of said blade intermediate the
Shannon _._________ July 14, 1936
cutting edges of the latter and having one end
Nelson ____________ __ Nov. 9, 1943
hingedlyconnected to the adjacent projecting
end of said rod, and means projecting from the
other end of said holder and engageable with the
other of the projecting ends of said rod for
locking the holder in position on the blade.
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