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July 11, 1950
Filed Feb. 17, 1947
.2725. 2.
Patented July 11, 1950
William Hartley Harrison, Los Angeles, Calif.
Application February 17, 1947, Serial No. 729,077
2 Claims.
My invention relates generally to multiple unit
containers, and more particularly to such con
tainers adapted to contain articles which are
normally provided in sets, such as photographic
filters, and the like.
(01. 220-4)
Figure 3 is a perspective view of one section
of the container illustrated in Figure 1 with a
quadrant shaped section cut away to show the
method of assembly thereof; and,
Figure 4 is an elevational section taken on the
It is a major object of my invention to provide
a multiple unit container of the class described
line 4-—4 in Figure l but with the lowermost box
portion separated from the container.
which is comprised of a plurality of identical sec
Referring ?rst to Figure 3, it will be seen that
tions so as to make possible the assembling of
each of the sections iii of the container includes
multiple unit containers having any desired num 10 a box portion 7 having an upstanding cylindrical
ber of compartments.
a flat circular bottom 9 and an extend
It is another object of my invention to- provide
ing knurled ?ange l3. Secured to the under sur
a container of the class described in which it is
face of the bottom 9 of the box, is a lid portion
possible to open any one of several compartments
I l which is formed with a flat circular top 8 and
while leaving the balance of the compartments 15 a depending cylindrical wall 6. As is best seen
in Figure 3, the box and lid portions of the sec
It is a still further object of my invention to
tion It are secured together with the top 8 of the
provide a container for a relatively flat disc
lid ll against the under surface of the bottom 9
shaped object, or a plurality of small objects such
of the box 1. Various attachment means may be
as nuts, washers, etc., which container is com
I used. to secure the two portions of the sections
pactly arranged so as not to enclose any waste
together and in the present illustration I have
shown spot welds 56 for this purpose.
The foregoing and other objects and advan
The container of my invention may be fabri
tages of my invention will become apparent from
cated from various materials such as metals;
the following description taken in connection
thermo-setting Or thermo-plastic resins, and the
‘ with the attached drawings.
like. The presently illustrated embodiment is
Brie?y, the container embodying my invention
made of aluminum, a particularly suitable mate
is comprised of a number of integral, generally
circular sections, each section including a box
The diameter of the knurled ?ange I3 is slight~
like member having a telescoping cover secured 30 1y larger than the outer diameter of the lid H in
to its under surface. While the presently illus
order that the sections may be readily grasped in
trated container is of circular cross-section, the
the ?ngers for the purpose of assembling or dis
invention is obviously not limited to such, but
assembling them.
may be applied with equal effect to square, rec
As is most readily seen in Figure 4, the ex
tangular or other shaped containers. The ar 35 ternal diameter of the box wall [2 is substan
rangement of the sections is such that when they
tially equal to the internal diameter of the lid
are secured one above the other, each box por
wall 6. Thus, each lid H is adapted to slide over
tion is closed by the cover integrally attached to
any box 12 forming a substantially dust-tight
the next uppermost section. Furthermore, any
seal. In order to further secure the lids and
multiple container assembled from the sections 4.0 boxes together, I have formed these members
just described includes a separate top for the
with cooperative securing means comprising a
uppermost of the sections and a separate box
pair of diametrically opposed indentations in the
to be engaged with the lowermost cover portion.
lid which produce a pair of detent lugs IE on the
Cooperative means are provided in the boxes and
inner surface of the lid adapted to enter a pair of
covers whereby they are removably secured to“
helical-shaped grooves [4 formed in the upstand
gether when the container is assembled.
ing wall I2 of the box. Thus if any lid is placed
For a more detailed description of a multiple
on any box and rotated clockwise with respect
unit container embodying my invention, refer
thereto, the lugs i5 enter the slots 14, engage the
ence should now be had to the attached drawings
same in screw thread fashion and force the lid
in which:
downwardly onto the box, bringing the lower edge
Figure 1 is a. perspective view of a container
of the cylindrical wall 6 of the lid in tight contact
embodying my invention with the uppermost lid
with the ?ange i3, and adding to the effective
separated therefrom;
ness of the seal.
Figure 2 is a plan view of the container shown
When the desired number of sections have
in Figure l with the lid removed;
55 been assembled in the manner just described,
a separate lid H’ is used to enclose the upper
most section, and a separate box 1’ is secured
into the lowermost lid.
Thus it will be seen that the multiple con
tainer assembled from the sections according to
my invention is such that each and every one of
the compartments therein is independently ac
cessible while leaving the others closed. Access
to any compartment is obtained by grasping the
imposed sections, each having a pair of ?at cir
cular bases permanently secured together in
face-to-face coaxial superposition, the upper of
said bases being greater in diameter than the
lower base and knurled on its periphery, a de
pending cylindrical wall formed in said lower
base substantially at its periphery, an upstand
ing cylindrical wall formed in said upper base
spaced inwardly from said knurled periphery by
?ange l3 immediately below such compartment 10 an amount at least equal to the thickness of
and unscrewing the lid portion immediately
said depending wall for telescoping engagement
thereabove. It should be noted further that the
thereof with one of said dependent Walls, the
contents of each compartment may be identi?ed
inside diameter of said depending wall being
by markings placed on the cylindrical wall of the
'suiiiciently close to the outside diameter of said
lid enclosing the same. Such marking is indi 15 upstanding wall as to require relative twisting
cated by the numeral 11 in Figure 1.
of said walls to manually separate the same from
While the container shown and described here
said telescoping engagement, said walls being
in is fully capable of achieving the objects and
substantially equal in height whereby said de
providing the advantages hereinbefore stated,
pending wall completely covers said upstanding
it is to be regarded as merely illustrative of a 20 wall when telescoped as aforesaid; a telescoping
presently preferred form. Since many modi?
cap having a circular top and a depending cy
cations and changes are possible within the scope
lindrical wall of suiiicient height and internal
of the invention, I do not mean to be limited
diameter to snugly and completely ‘cover the
to the form shown,but rather to the scope of
uppermost upstanding wall of said sections; and
the appended claims.
25 a box having a, circular and peripherally knurled
base substantially identical to said lower section
1. A multiple compartment container compris
bases and an upstanding cylindrical wall of suffi
ing: a plurality of substantially identical boxes
cient diameter to snugly telescope within the
having ?at circular bottoms and upstanding
lowermost of said depending walls.
walls; a plurality of substantially identical lids
having ?at circular tops and depending walls
adapted for telescoping closure over said box
walls, said depending walls at least as great in
height as said box walls whereby to completely
rllhe following references are of record in. the
cover said box Walls the relative internal and 35 file of this patent:
external diameters of said lid and box walls
respectively being substantially identical to pro
vide a snug telescoping ?t between any box and
lid requiring relative twisting motion to release,
and said bottom being slightly greater in di 40
ameter than said lid Walls whereby to provide
a flange on each section for applying said twist
ing motion; and all but one of said boxes and
one of said lids being permanently secured to
Albion ____________ Aug. 31», 1943
Victor ___________ __ Nov. 2, 1948
gether in pairs comprising a box superimposed
2. A multiple compartment container compris
ing: a plurality of substantially identical super
Simon ___________ __ Nov.‘ 1, 1887
Hellman ________ __ Dec. 25, 1917
Marczak ________ __ Sept. 8, 1925
Date‘ .
France __________ __ Jan. 21, .1926
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