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Aug. 8, 1950
Filed Feb. 9, 1946
w. D. WARD
4 Sheets-Sheet 1_
Aug‘ 8, 195°"?
Filed Feb. 9, 1946 f
w. D. WARD ,
pmmSmiampN 1mm:
4 Sheets-Sheet 2
Aug. 8, 1950
w. D. WARD
Filed Feb. 9, 1946'
4 Sheets-Sheet 5
Aug. 8, 1950
‘w, p, WARD
um ni'smsunon bEvmE
Filed Feb. 9, 1946
Hems Price
Hems Prk?
Tobuld?on of Individual Soles ‘
4 Sheets-Sheet 4
Pe eTuaI Invoice Shed“
Patented Aug. 8, H1950
Application February 9, 1946, Serial No. 646,595
2 Claims. (Cl. 281—44)
My invention relates to inventory equipment,
tion of a progressive merchant both in whole
and more especially to devices used as time sav
sale and retail service.
ers in such work.
In this detail study of my novel equipment,
therefore, it will be observed that I provide a base
‘An object of my invention is to provide a.
means of expediting the distribution of items of Ol frame 1 made to slope on top toward an oper
mechandise in a perpetual inventory system.
ator thereof when standing in front of the same.
A particular purpose of my invention is to ad
Tabulator support plates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pivot
vance a new and novel teaching in the art of
ally carried by pins 55 and 56 respectively, on
tabulating merchandise items quickly, conven
terminal standards 51 and 58 in holes 1 and 8
iently, and accurately, in a perpetual inventory
therein, will be used in any desired convenient
arrangement which will check individual pricing,‘
number for the detachable support of tabulating
extensions and totals, and will give costs and
sheets 9.
gross pro?ts, as desired, as well as a perpetual
inventory of merchandise or tabulation of sim
ilar statistics.
Above the respective tabulating sheets 9 there‘
is a tabulator plate or mask I0, ll, l2, l3 and I4
15 each used as a means of neatly, accurately and
I achieve the purposes of my invention by the
operative equipment disclosed and explained in
comprehensively recording a summary of mer
this speci?cation, de?ned in the claims and com
chandise items and their daily values in ?gures
that will be quite legible in their arrangement on
prehensively shown in the drawings wherein:
the tabulating sheets 9.
Figure 1 is a perspective of the base frame of 20
These neat and accurate tabulations of inven
tories on sheets 9 are taken from individual sales
my device shown with the control mechanism for
the selective adjustment of the sidemovement of
the tabulating members.
sheets and are thus made possible by the novel
and practical construction of tabulator plates or
Figure 2 is a top view of the same.
masks [0, ll, I2, I3 and 14, wherein, for each
Figure 3 is a perspective of Figure l with the 25 order tabulation there is provided vertical slots
bottom tabulating members in operative position
l6, l1 and I8 through which the operator marks
on one of the squares I9 of sheets 9 the number
Figure 4 is a perspective of my device as
indicating the quantities of each merchandise
item sold on that individual order.
These tabulator masks l0, ll, l2, I3 and M.
Figure 5 is a perspective of the pull rod ratchet 30
are pivotally carried at their respective ends 2i
control means for making sidewise adjustments
and 22 on a pair of support or hinge pins 23 and
in the tabulating plates of my device, with pawl
24 on intermediate adjustable standards 25 and
release device for allowing the return of the car
26 each forming an integral part of slidably mov
riage or support bar with masks.
Figure 6 is a perspective of the tabulating sup 35 able support bar or carriage 21.
The tabulator support plates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will
port plate in my equipment.
Figure 7 is a perspective of a mask or tabulat
ing plate of my device.
directly support sheets 9 while tabulator masks
Ill, ll, l2 and I3 and I4 register in each case di
rectly over sheets 9 respectively while inventory
Figure 8 is a perspective .of the spring clamp
hook for holding the tabulating mask, and sup 40 data is being recorded on sheets 9 through slots
port plates in operative space relation, and the
means by which they are pivotally released to
l6, I1 and I8 thereof.
Support bar 21 is provided with teeth 28 and
notches 29 along its back side and with corre
sponding teeth 30 and notches 3| on its front side.
A pull rod 32 having a ?nger hook 33 extend
Figure 9 is an end view of my device.
ing from base frame I on the front side is pro
Figure 10 is a top or plan view of a detail of the
vided with a pawl member 34 pivoted to the rear
upper end of my masks.
end I5 thereof by a pin 35 and resiliently urged
Figure 11 is a top or plan view of a detail of a
toward a folded forward position by a tensile
top end of a tabulating sheet for perpetual inven 50 spring 36.
swing up, one set at a time, or all together above
the clamp hook.
tories and statistics desired.
I shall now describe my invention as I refer to
the drawings thereof, and thus facilitate a com
prehensive analysis of its outstanding merits as
an equipment much needed in the daily Opera
The free end 31 of pawl 34, when pulled forward
by ?nger hook 33, gracefully slips into one of the
notches 29 of support bar 21 between two adja
cent teeth 28 thereof, so that when the operator
pulls on ?nger hook 33 then pawl 34 forces bar
21 toward the operator’s right just one notch at a
time and with it each of the tabulator plates or
masks I0, I I, l2, l3 and I4 carried by standards
transparent material to protect the index names.
Having thus described the operating features
of my invention, what I claim is:
1. An equipment to expedite distribution of
items in a perpetual inventory system, compris
25 and 2B which standards form an integral part
of carriage bar 21.
When returning the tabulating masks and their
ing a portable base frame, support standards,
support standards 25 and 26 with their carriage
one at each end thereof, tabulator support plates
bar 21, it will be necessary for the operator to pull
together on both hook 33 and hook 4'5 to free bar
slidably adjustable support bar operable across
21 for its return.
the'rear top‘ surface of said base and spaced
Thus a pull on hook 33 com- _
presses spring 38 releasing wedge tooth 39 from
bar 21 while at the same time a pull on hook 4?
de?ned in wire 48 causes wire 48, running through
pivotally hinged by each end to said standards, a
standards’ ?xed ‘on said bar, tabulator plate
masks pivotally hinged to said bar standards
~with the hinge axis on the same axis as the cor
hollow pull rod 32, to swing lug 49 pivotally f responding tabulator support plates for a selec
around until its free end 50 hits thev inner face“
5| of pawl 34, thus holding this pawlaway, from
bar 21 until this bar can be returned to its start- _
tiv'estep‘by step adjustment across said frame as
‘each mask respectively rests with its free surface
upon aycorresponding adjacent tabulator support
" platefmeans for ‘selectively adjusting said masks
Thus, when one vertical column of records are‘f. all simultaneously on said support plates, means
ing position to the left with the masks. ‘
' ’ -' ~
completed through eachhof slots [6, I1, and 58,
for holding said mask supporting plates in op
then the next vertical column may be ?lledmon
erable .spacerelation and said masks shaped to
definespaced slots for recording inventory data
sheets 9 by simply ‘pulling vone forward ‘pull jar;
?nger hook 33 to move the group of tabulator
masks one column to the right‘.
' '
on a, tabulatcr sheet therethrough, as well as a
front edge index window.
Note that in order to always retract ‘pull rod .
32 to its starting position each time, I am pro’
viding a compression spring 38 ‘which in the
meantime, simultaneously forces ‘a wedge tooth
39 rearward to register exactly perfect in its cen
tering position in one of notches 35 between two 0
2.,A_ ‘mechanism forjacilitating and expedit
ing the distribution of perpetual inventory data.
adjacent teeth 30 of bar 21 thus placing slots l6,‘
l1 and I8 exactly over the'desired vertical fool‘
supportv bar operable across the rear top sur
umn of sheets 9.
Note further that when the tabulator masks
are thus all moved a notch at'a time they‘are‘
each resting on rollers 40, 4|, 42am‘ E3, sup?
ported on plates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, respectively”
while these plates and the mask supported by
on items of merchandise and comprising, a port
able base, frame provided with side standards,
tabulator support plates hingedly carried by said
standards, a slidably adjustable tabulator mask
face of said, base irame between saidvstandards
thereof, , ?xed standards ,also on said bar, a
series of ‘ratchet teeth along the rear and front
, edge of said bar, a hollow pull rod operable be
neath and transverse to the position of said bar,
ahpawlpivotedon the rear end of said pull rod
to movehsaid bar step‘ by step in a sidewise ad
each are held in their vertical spacing from the
justme t , with said masks, a ?nger hook de?ned
next adjacent plate and mask by a seriesof re; 40, on the rward'end of said pull rod for its‘ selec
silient clamp hooks at, each numbered, and 613-,
tive ‘manipulation and an integral wedge lug on
erable to selectively release all mask and'supp'ort'
saidbrod tor accurately spotting said‘b'ar in its
plate sets above it.
‘ ‘
’ ,
' '
When desired, any one or all of plates 2, 3‘, 4, :5
and 3, when released by tapping on the desired‘ x
clamp hook M, and with theirrs'u‘ppc‘rted tabu-_
lat-or masks may be pivotally or, hingedly lifted
and easily held in lifted positionbyaidcf a
step by step movement with said masks “and
actuated by said rod, a compression spring op
erableykwithdsaid wedgei?lug vfor retracting said
rprlto itssel'ected‘positions of adjustment, a pawl
release stop lug pivoted operatively adjacent said
pawl on ‘the rear endlof said hollow pull rod,
counter balance 125 and tensile springs 52 ‘for;
a front ?nger control hook forward on said pull
each of plates 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and its supported‘ ;
rod,_.a_nd apull wire establishing connection be
corresponding ta-buiator masks i8, H, l2, l3 and
In the meantime, the hinge'pins ror'spppoit-f
ing plates 2, v3, 4, 5 and 6 and the corresponding
tabulator masks must be exactly in the samever
tical plane and the hinge pins for each individ
ual set must be in axial alignment; whil'evffor
pawl 34 a stop' member 46 limits the‘ sliding
ratchet movement of bar '21 eachtime to ‘the
predetermined space needed to setithefmasksto;
the next column on the tabulator sheets 9.
tween‘ said, control hook and said stop lug for
holding said pawl from ‘Contact with said bar
when 'ifetrac'ti'ng' the ‘bar ‘by' hand, tabulator
masks provided'with spaced slots through which
inventory data may be selectively recorded on
rule'd ‘tabulation ‘sheets and said masks each
restingwonl a corresponding tabulator support
sheet’, one'set'ab'ove the other in spaced relation,
ahinge pin support for the pivotal'manipulation
of ‘said masks ‘with'its ‘respective support plates
- ei'tlijer‘individually ‘assets or all simultaneously
Thus, in order to e?ect this axial valignr'ner‘it
of hinge’ pins 55 and 56 of the mask support
plates with hinge pins 23 and?“ of the masks,
a‘s‘desiredandsaid base frame standards and
maskfsupporting standards disposed in the same
verticalv planegand theaxes of each set axially
then it will be found economical and practical
_ aligned, rollers for carrying said ‘masks. onisaid'
to curve the axis end 53, of support plates 2,‘ 3,
' tabulator supportplates?counter balances and
curve axis end 54 of the masks it, li,' i2, i3 and
springs-iron facilitating the handling of said
masks and resilient spacer. hooks for holding the
it, down a little as shown in‘ Figure 7 .
masks , and. supporting. plates therefor in operable
4, 5 and 6 up a little as shown in Fig. 6, and
Other mechanical aligning arrangements for‘ 70 positionsor selectivelyreleasing them; whereby
these axes are obviously possible, but ,this is
It will be noted that index 59 for‘ departments‘
and items therein forms a front edge til‘ of masks '_
Hi, H, l2,
and I4 and has a slidevcapll?i' ~of:
" selected inventory datalmay be recorded on tabu
lating sheets?through parallel spaced slots in
saiiilmeslssurestins 01.130116 Sheets and whereby
seles?itaediieimentsmey be optionally made in
__ths.iin§1<§ pastas permit recording of further
inventory data on other adjacent vertical col
umns on said invoice tabulating sheets; thus, to
permit one to reconstruct individual orders in a
way that will make possible the checking of all
items as to selling and cost price.
Wolf ____________ __ Aug. 13, 1907
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
Barker ____________ _. July 1, 1919
Large ___________ __ Sept. 24, 1940
Freedman ________ __ Mar. 2, 1943
Great Britain ____ __ Oct. 18, 1928
Germany ________ __ Sept. 23, 1937
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