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April 18, 1950
Filed July 1, 1947
Patented Apr. 13, lESi)
Dewey M. Kennedy, Rochester, N. Y.
Application July 1, 1947, Serial No. 758,320
1 Claim.
This invention relates to infants’ bathing de
vices of the type having a tub supported on longi
tudinal rails which connect the upper portions
of two pairs of foldable cross legs, and a shelf
pivotally connected to the legs. My invention
is especially concerned with improvements in the
construction of the shelf and legs and provides
a simpli?ed infant’s bathing device which re
(Cl. 4-477)
laticn and the bolt 4 is inserted through the
cross legs and washer with the threaded end
projecting inwardly. The shelf H has a stiff
frame l2 with a hole therein through which the
threaded end of the bolt 4 projects. In order
to provide adequate clearance for the free tilt
ing of the shelf, the spacing washers it are in
serted between the inner leg I and the frame l2.
quires less material in its production.
The nut it is drawn up sufficiently tight to re
It has been the practice heretofore to connect 10 move looseness between the shelf and the cross
the cross legs by longitudinal rails, both top and
legs. Since each end of the shelf is connected
bottom, and to connect the shelf at any, con
to a pair of cross legs, as described, it is clear
venient place between the legs. The shelf, as
that the cross legs are rigidly connected together
thus attached, has performed no structural
at their pivotal points. The shelf, accordingly,
function in the framework of infants’ bathing de
serves the dual function of a connecting mem
vices. I have found that the shelf can be so con
nected to the cross legs that the lower longitudi
ber and as a utility shelf. The connection of the
shelf to the pivot point of the cross legs enables
the shelf to be folded into parallelism with the
sequent saving in material. In accordance with
cross legs when the bathing device is folded. In
my invention, I pivotally connect each pair of
order that the shelf may be secured in its op
cross legs to an end of the shelf and thereby use
erative horizontal position shown in Figs. 1 and 2,
the shelf as a rigid interconnecting member for
the slotted stay brace 15 is pivotally connected
the two pairs of cross legs. I prefer to use a shelf
by the pin 16 to the frame l2 and is removably
having such rigidity and strength, that I may
attached to another pin I‘! on the inner cross
attach a connecting rod or bolt thereto which 25 leg I. When the stay brace is disconnected from
serves as the interconnecting pivot for the cross
the cross leg, the shelf may be swung to an in
legs. In its more complete aspects, my inven
operative position in parallelism with the legs I.
tion provides cross legs which are rigidly con
I may use any suitable form of material for form
nected together at their tops by the longitudinal
ing the cross legs, such as wood or metal tubing.
rails and at their pivot points by the shelf.
30 I prefer to use metal tubing, and especially
These and other objects of the invention will
tubing that is rectangular in cross-section, so
be better understood after considering the fol
that I may advantageously employ the connect
lowing discussion taken in conjunction with the
ing means described in the said patent applica
accompanying drawings, in which:
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of an infant’s bath 35
I claim:
ing device embodying the invention;
In an infant’s bathing device having two pairs
Fig. 2 is a fragmentary enlarged view taken
of cross legs connected at their upper ends by
at one end of Fig. 1, and
two longitudinal rails which support a tub, the
Fig. 3 is a view partly in section at 3--3 of Fig. 2.
improvement which comprises a shelf having a
The baby bath illustrated in Fig. 1 is a con 40 reenforcing frame at the ends, a hole in each end
ventional type comprising two pairs of cross legs,
frame, a pin connecting each pair of cross legs
each comprising a rear leg I' and a front leg 2
together which enters the said hole and con
pivotally connected together by the bolts 4. The
nects a pair of cross legs to the shelf, said shelf
providing the sole means for connecting the lower
upper end portions of the rear legs I are con
nected together by the longitudinal rail 5 and 45 portions of the cross legs together.
the upper end portions of the front legs 2 are
connected together by the front longitudinal rail
6. The tub ‘I is formed of the usual waterproof
fabric. The dressing table 8 may be swung from
following references are of record in the
its upright inoperative position shown to an 50 fileThe
of this patent:
operative position overlying the tub.
Each of the rails 5 and 6 is connected to the
legs in such manner as to form a rigid connec
tion. I prefer to employ the means of connec
Filipache ________ __ Jan. 16, 1923
tion described in the copending application of
Norman K. Brodine, Serial No. 758,411, ?led July
1, 1947.
A washer I0 is inserted between each pair of
Great Britain ____ __ Feb. 16, 1911
cross legs to hold them in the proper spaced re
nal rails may be entirely eliminated with a con
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