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Sept. 18, 1.951
Filed July 5, 1947
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
Duet-t‘ M. Cone
Sept. 18, 1951
Filed July 5, 1947
3 Sheets-Shee’cv 2
mm ,
. “Q
.a \
Sept. 18, 1951
Filed July 5, v1947
‘ 3 Sheet
s-Shee’g 5
gywan T01;
Fuett M. Cone
Patented Sept. 18, 1951
"'Truett M.’ Cone, Fort Worth, Tex., assignor to
MideContinent 'Supply Company, Inc., Fort
'-Worth, Tex., a-corporation of Delaware
Applicationluly 591947, Serial N0.‘ 759.177
14 Claims. (01. 74—-'216.5)
invention. relates . tonew . and useful ' im
provements in compound. drives and mor-epartic
ularly. todrive connections. for power units.
.Itiscommonpractice to compoundor interconnect. a-plurality vof-internal combustion en.-.
gines or: other prime-movers in - various types! of
power units, .such. as :oil well drillingrigsgfor
transmitting .power to the. i draw works, rotary
tab1e,- pumps. and .other?equipment. ‘The .prime
of said‘?rst shaft when’ said other. shaft is broken
to facilitate-removal andtransportation of said
prime movers.
A further objectof‘the invention is toprovi'de
an improved drive connection,.of the character
described, wherein the'housing has means .i for
supporting it in a horizontalplane when .said
housingvis swung downwardly about the axis..of
the shaft upon orabout which vit is iournaled
movers. are-generally connected together in. such 10 whereby said housing maybe readily connected
manner. as-to drive-certainof the equipment in
to the support of an adjacent. prime mover.
dividually .or simultaneously and their vshafts
A construction designed to carry out-the in»
have one or more gearsorsprockets or pulleys
vention will .be hereinafter described together
mounted thereon-for receiving power transmit
with other'features. of the invention.
tingv chains». or belts. Suitableclutches- are pro 15
The invention will. be more readily understood
vided‘for‘ ‘disconnecting certain of the sprockets
or pulleys from the shafts .upon which the same’
are mounted to-vary the power: output and mode
of operation. These. drive connections are usu
from. a reading of. the following.speci?cationand
by reference to the, accompanying drawings,
wherein anexample .of the inventionissholwn,
ally-enclosed within suitable "casings or housings 20 .‘Figsl- is -aplan view. of a .powernnit havinga
and necessarilyhave portionsof the shafts of
compound .drive constructed in accordance with
adjacent prime-movers journaled therein. The
the, present invention,
majority of such power units are- too large tor be
'Fig. .2. is. a frontv elevational view. of .thepower
moved-together so that it is necessary to» dis
connect and separate the prime movers. -When 25 IFig. perspective view. of .a. portionv of one
thisisrdone, the housings and drive connections
ofthe prime mover supports,
must be removed-with'the result that considerable‘
.Fi . 4. ‘SY aperspective view of one of theJdrive
time» is involved in» disassembling and reassem
housings, with. the shaftsv andbearings
bling the same.
Therefore, one object of- the invention is to pro 30
Fig.5 is a horizontal, cross-sectional view of
vide-an improved compound drive'which is’ con
the housing, showing, therelation ofitsshafts
structed in such- manner as to facilitate-‘assembly
thereto, .andv
and disassembly of the same.
Fig. 6 is a detailed.view,.showing themeans for
Another object of the invention is to provide
lubricating the drive connection carried by .the
an improved compound drive having novel means 35 housing.
forconnecting the prime movers of a power unit
.In the drawings, the numeral l?designates .a
whereby said prime moversimay be-readily dis
power unitin theform of. an. oil- well .drillingerig
connected and separated without removing the
includesa.v plurality of internal combustion
connecting. means.
engines or prime movers! I‘ mounted upon-skids
A,particular object of the. invention is to pro“ 40_ or supports l2. :Although‘ the prime movers have
vide. an improved drive connection fora power
been ‘ illustrated . as -. being ‘ mounted in 'pairs, it .is
unit,.such as annoillwell drilling-rig, wherein the
manifest that any individual skid‘ may: be: provided
shaftsof adjacent prime-movers are connected
by means supported upon .one shaft. or its jour
for» each‘ prime: mover; . For connecting andfs'pac
nalsandremovably attached to the other shaft 45 ing the skids fl 2 from‘each other, suitable’ spacers
l3 are provided"between'adjacent'skids'near the
whereby the: connecting means isv carried by?and
ends'thereof. "Eachspacer 13 includes a short
removed-with one of theprime movers.
An important object. of the invention is to pro
vide an improved driverconnection, of the char
beam or member “[4 which is substantially H
shaped in cross-section and rests ‘on one of its
acter described,.- having .a housing for enclosing 60 sides. Transverse, vertical plates l5'are’wel-de'd
thev connecting chains. and sprockets . of. adjacent
prime mover ‘shafts, the housing being, journaled
or otherwise secured to the ends of the member
and abut and are bolted or otherwise detachably
upon one of‘ the shafts or its support'and having
connected to plates I16 which’ are carried by-the
the :other shaft‘journale'd therein, whereby saidv
lateral margins or sides of adjacent skids‘tFi'g.
housing may be-i‘swung upwardlyabout‘ the 1 axis 65 3‘) . 11f ' desired, " one end of each bracket ‘ l‘3‘-'may
be of greater transverse width than the other end
As is clearly shown in Fig. 1, each prime mover
|| includes a main shaft H which is composed
of a plurality of alined sections or extensions l8.
The latter are commonly referred to as power
take-off shafts and are releasably connected to
one another by suitable couplings l9. Conven
tional air clutches 29 are disposed between cer
tain of the sections iii of the shaft H in place
the shaft which extends through the boxes 38
by a bearing assembly 45. Manifestly, pulleys
and V-belts may be employed in place ofthe
sprockets and chains. The sprocket 44 is adapt
ed to be drivingly connected to its shaft section
by a positive clutch 4B which is splined or other
wise slidably mounted upon said shaft section.
This clutch is of conventional construction, being
shown as of the jaw-type, and is adapted to be
engaged and disengaged in the usual manner by
of the couplings l9. A master clutch 2| is con
nected in the shaft of the left-hand prime mover,
means of suitable operating means (not shown).
One of the boxes 38 is preferably enlarged or
which shaft has driving engagement with an end
less chain 22 for operating the usual draw works
(not shown). Conventional mud pumps '(not
operating means.
shown) are adapted to be connected by endless
V-belts 23 and 24 to the shaft of the right-hand
prime mover and the shaft of one of the inter
elongated to accommodate the clutch and its
For rotatably supporting the boxes 38, a pair
of trunnions 41 are bolted or otherwise secured
to the skid therebelow (Figs. 1, 2,, and 5). Due
to this arrangement, one end of the casing 29
mediate prime movers, respectively, it being 20 is supported by the trunnions 41 and supports the
other shaft section at its opposite end. The
pointed out that the intermediate skid may be
latter end of the casing rests upon an angular
plate or bracket 48 which is welded or otherwise
project therebeyond for accommodating the belts
secured to the skid therebelow as shown in Fig.
24. The shaft sections l8 are supported by pil
3. Suitable lugs 49 are welded, or otherwise se
low blocks or pedestal bearings 25 which are
25 cured to the casing side walls 32, and are adapted
suitably secured to the skids |2.
to be secured to the bracket 48 by bolts 50. Ad
The prime movers which are mounted upon
ditional means of support is provided adjacent
a common skid have their shaft sections driv
the pivotally mounted end of the casing in the
ingly connected by means of suitable drive con
form of a foot or stop member 5| which extends
nections 26. The connections include oil-tight
of greater length than the end skids so as to
casings or housings 21, which are supported by the skids, for enclosing an endless chain or V
transversely across the casing bottom 3| so as
to engage the upper surface of the skid upon or
above which said casing is pivotally mounted.
By disconnecting the lugs 49 from the bracket
been illustrated but which are the same as shown
48, each casing 29 may be swung or pivoted up~
in Fig. 5. Similar drive connections 28 connect 35 wardly
due to the rotatable mounting of the bear
the shaft sections of adjacent prime movers which
38 within the trunnions 41. Of course,
are mounted upon separate or different skids and
it is necessary to uncouple the shaft section which
these drive connections are very similar to the
is journaled or rotatably, supported in the bear
drive connections 25. As is most clearly shown
ing boxes 31. Upon swinging the casings 29 up‘
in Figs. 4 and 5, each drive connection 28 in
wardly (Fig. 2) and disconnecting the brackets
cludes an enclosure 29 in the nature of oil-tight
l3, the skids 12 may be readily separated and
housing or casing. Although subject to varia
transported from one location to another. Due
tion, each casing 29 is shown as being of substan
to the pivotal mounting of the casings 29, this?
tially rectangular shape having a flat top, bot
separation of the skids is materially simpli?ed
tom and side walls 30, 3| and 32, respectively,
and the laborious task of entirely removing the
and vertically curved end walls 33. The top 39 45 casing and the drive connection housed therein
is ordinarily removable, but has not been illus
is eliminated. Manifestly, the drive connections
trated in such manner for the sake of simplicity.
belt and sprockets or pulleys which have .not
Openings or apertures 34 are formed in the
end portions of each side wall 32 adjacent the
28 are completely out of the way and do not in
terfere with transportation or storage of the skids.
ends 33 of the casing for receiving the shaftsec 50 When it is desired to again connect the shafts
of the prime movers, it is only necessary to swing
tions |8 of adjacent prime movers mounted upon
the casings downwardly until their stop members
separate or different skids. The side walls 32
5| engage the respective supports of said casings,
are reinforced by suitable plates 35 which are
which engagement maintains the casings in a
of less length than said side walls and which
have complementary openings or apertures 36 55 horizontal plane. The adjacent skid or skids may
be positioned before or after this downward
registering with the openings 34. One of the
movement of the casings. In any event, the casi
plates 35 is mounted externally of its side wall,
ings may be readily connected to their brackets
while the other plate is disposed internally of
48 by means of the lugs 49 and bolts 50 and ad
its side wall (Fig. 5). Suitable bearing boxes 31
are mounted in one pair of alined openings 34 60 jacent skids may be connected by the brackets I3.
Upon recoupling the shaft sections supported by
and 36, while similar bearing boxes 38 engage
the bearing boxes 31 of each casing, the com
within the other pair of alined openings. The
pound driving connection is completed and the
bearing boxes 31 and 38 are secured within their
power readied for operation.
respective openings by suitable bolts 39 which
In order to lubricate the bearing assembly 45
are screw-threaded into openings 40 formed in 65
which rotatably supports the sprocket 44 upon
the side walls and reinforcing plates in surround
one of the shaft sections within the casing 29, a
ing relation to said apertures. A conventional
duct 52 extends through the adjacent box 38 and
bearing 4| is con?ned within each bearing box for
has its inner end terminating inwardly of the
receiving and rotatably supporting one of the
bearing 4| mounted in said box. A screw.
shaft sections | 8.
70 threaded plug 53 engages in the outer end of the
The shaft section which is journaled in the
duct 52 for permitting the introduction of a suit
boxes 31 has a sprocket 42 keyed or otherwise
able lubricant therethrough. The con?ning ring
secured thereupon. An endless chain 43 engages
54, which maintains the bearing 4| in position
the sprocket 42 and connects the same to a
sprocket 44 which is rotatably supported upon 76 within the box 38 by being bolted or otherwise
secured to the inner- surfface' of said’ box,
I" 4;‘ -A"'compounddrive1for~ a‘ipair 'ofishafts, ‘one
port or." opening 55" in communication wit
inner end‘ of the‘ duct I52’. A 'similar‘_‘rlng'~5€~-is
bolted; or otherwise secured, 'to" the sprocket ‘gilt
forv con?ning‘ thebea’ring'assembly therein. Clo-
of thesha-fts ‘having: ‘an alinedir‘releas'ably con-'
nected‘ section, ‘a d'ri‘veconnection between the'
shaft sectio'ngand the; other shaft, meansenclos;
ing?“the drive connection, bearings carried‘ by the
acting?anges' 51 and 58' areprovid'ed on» the rings
enclosing means ‘for receiving said‘ other’ shaft‘
and shaft section and rotatably connecting the
5t and 56, respectively, andi‘have packingrmem;
b‘ers‘ or sealing elements 59 interposed'therebe-‘w
tween ,to prevent; the escape vof‘the lubricant?
Thus, lubricant “introduced through the duct 52
and port 55 iscon?ned betweenthe shaft section
sa'metoé'said‘means, whereby said’ means and
shaft section-‘may be‘ pivoted: about said‘; other
shaftiu‘p‘on disconnection of said: sectionafromits"
and the flanges‘ ofv the‘ bearing con?ning rings so
asito'rbe directedn'to the. bearingxassembly:
~ 6:‘
tally, the bearing-'41‘ enclosed‘ within the-adja
cent‘ box ‘331 is- also lubricated bythis arrange‘
From the foregoing, it (will be readily "apparent
movers but also materially reduce the space re
of'lthefshafts- having an extension in alinemerit:
tension: tQJitsshaft-fcr rotation-‘therewith, means
drivinglyrconnecting' said extension and the other
shaft, a casing enclosing the drive connection, a
bearing mounted in the casing for receiving said
shaft extension and rotatably connecting the same
to said casing, and means pivotally supporting
one end of said casing whereby the casing and
extension may undergo pivotal movement upon
release of the releasable connecting means.
7. A drive connection as set forth in claim 6
quired for transportation and storage of said skids 30
wherein the drive means includes sprockets
due to the pivotal mounting which permits up
mounted upon the shaft and shaft extension with
ward swinging of the casings 29. Although these
in the casing, and a chain engaging and connect
casings have been shown as being pivotally
ing the sprockets.
mounted upon the intermediate skid, it is pointed
out the same could be mounted in a similar man
‘ner upon the end or outer skids.
When the
prime movers are mounted in pairs upon a com
mon skid there is no necessity for pivotally
mounting their drive connections 26; however,
the casings 2'! may be pivotally mounted in the
same manner as the casings 29 in the event that
the prime movers are mounted upon individual
or separate skids. In all other respects, the drive
connections 26 and 28 are substantially alike.
The foregoing description of the invention is ,
explanatory thereof and various changes in the
8. A drive connection as set forth in claim 6
35 including, means for supporting the casing in a
position wherein the shaft extension is alined with
its shaft to facilitate release and engagement of
the connecting means.
9. In combination with a pair of shafts, the
40 shafts being disposed in spaced parallel relation.
certain of said shafts having extensions in aline
ment therewith and releasably connected there
to, said shafts and extensions having power trans
ferring means mounted thereon and drivingly
connected, 2, drive connection including, an en
closure for the power transferring means and
connection therebetween of an adjacent shaft
tails of the illustrated construction may be made,
and shaft extension, and bearings mounted in the
within the scope of the appended claims, with
enclosure for receiving the adjacent shaft and
out departing from the spirit of the invention.
shaft extension, whereby said enclosure and ex
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters '
tension may be pivoted about the axis of said
Patent is:
shaft upon disconnection of said extension from
1. A compound drive for a pair of shafts hav
its shaft.
ing releasably connected sections, a driving con- '
10. In combination with a pair of shafts formed
nection between certain of the sections of adja
cent shafts, means enclosing the driving con 55 in sections releasably connected to one another,
the shafts being disposed in spaced parallel rela
nection and said drivingly connected shaft sec
tion, the parallel sections of adjacent shafts be
tions, and bearing means carried by the enclosing
ing drivingly connected by chains and sprockets,
means for receiving the latter shaft sections and
a drive connection including, a casing enclosing
rotatably connecting the same to said enclosing
size, shape and materials, as well as in the de
means, whereby said enclosing means and one of 60 the chain and sprockets of a pair of adjacent
parallel shaft sections, and bearings mounted in
said shaft sections may be pivoted about the other
each casing for receiving a pair of adjacent
shaft section upon disconnection of the ?rst shaft
parallel shaft sections, whereby the casing and
section from its shaft.
one of said shaft sections may be pivoted about
2. A compound drive as set forth in claim 1 in
cluding, means supporting one of the bearing ' the other shaft section when the ?rst shaft sec
means whereby the enclosing means is pivotally
mounted upon one shaft section and has the other
tion is disconnected from its shaft.
11. The combination set forth in claim 10 in
shaft section journaled therein.
cluding, means externally of the casing for rigidly
3. A compound drive as set forth in claim 1
wherein the enclosing means includes a housing
supporting one of the bearings so as to pivotally
having the bearing means mounted therein, one
of said bearing means being rigidly supported
externally of the housing so as to pivotally sup
port said housing.
drive connection for aixpair of shafts, one!
therewith; means releasably connecting the ex
that a novel drive connection of simpli?ed con
struction has been provided. Due to the arrange
ment of this drive connection, a power unit hav
ing a plurality of prime movers and a compound 2.
-‘drive may be quickly and readily assembled or
disconnected. The drive connections 28 not only
facilitate separation of the skid-mounted prime
supportedexternally of the enclosingmeans so'as'.
toisup'port sa‘iizllmeansI for pivotal'movement relav-i
retaining~ the lubricant therebetween. Inciden
whereinlthe bearing] receiving the: shaft is rigidly.
Packing members 60, similar tonthe. members 59‘,
are preferably interposed between the; opposite
ends of the sprocket 44 and the shaft section for
l‘ ‘52A com-pound drive as: ‘set forth in. claim. 4;
support said casing.
12. A drive connection for a pair of parallel
shafts including, an oil-tight casing having trans
verse openings therein adjacent its ends, bear
ings mounted in the openings for receiving and
rotatably supporting the shafts, a sprocket
mounted upon each shaft within the casing; a
chain engaging and connecting the sprockets, and
blocks externally of said casing connected to and
rigidly supporting the bearings of one shaft and
thereby pivotally support said casing so as to per
mit swinging of the ‘casing and the other shaft
relative thereto.
13. A drive connection for a pair of shafts in
cluding, a rigid casing, the shafts extending
ceiving the shafts, bearing means in one pair of
openings for rotatabiy supporting one of said
shafts, means within said casing drivingly con
necting said shafts, and trunnion means pivot
ally supporting the opposite end of said casing
and having the other shaft journaled therein
whereby said casing and said rotatably supported
shaft may be pivoted about the axis of said other
shaft journaled in the trunnion means.
ends thereof, means within said casing drivingiy
connecting said shafts, one of said shafts being
journaled in one end of said casing, and means
pivotally supporting the opposite end of said
casing and having the other shaft journaled 1
therein so as to :permit swinging of said casing
and the shaft journaled therein about the axis
of said shaft journaled in the supporting means.
14. A drive connection for a pair of shafts in
eluding. a rigid casing, pairs of alined transverse 20
openings in opposite ends of the casing for re
transversely within the casing adjacent opposite
The following references are of record in the
?le of this patent:
Richards _________ __ Oct. 11, 1898
Ferguson _______ ..__ May 19, 1914
Archer __________ __ May 12, 1942
Cardwell _________ __ Aug. 8, 1944
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