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April 15, 1958
Filed Jan. 24, 1956
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wf//fam' H. sh afer
April 15, 1958
Filed .Ja/m. 24, -195e:
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United States Patent 0 ” ice'
Patented Apr. 15, 1958
described above is intended to be representative of stand
ard appliances, while the enclosure is schematically repre»
sentative of any area accommodating a heater or like
A shield 30 is mounted on the lower portion of the
heater 12 and rests upon the floor ZS. The shield con
sists of a box 32 of a suitable shape, for example rec
William H. Shafer, Phoenix, Ariz.
Application January 24, 1956, Serial No. 560,954
4 Claims. (Cl. 126-85)
tangular and including four walls. The box 32 rests
on floor 28 and there is pliable calking 34 at the junc
tion of the box with the floor in order to prevent air
li leakage. The upper edge of the two side walls of box
32 protrudes laterally in order to form thin rails 36 and
38 on which two sets of channels are disposed.
This invention relates to safety devices for water
The principles of the invention are best embodied in
first set of channels comprises channels 39 and 40 and
they are on opposite edges of top panel 44. The second
set of channels consists of channels 46 and 47, these
a device intended to be installed around a heater or other
channels being located on the edges of panel 48 which,
together with panel 44 comprises the top of box 32.
appliance utilizing heat from heating elements, 'burner
Channels 46 and 47 are` large enough for channels 39
material and inducts air for combustion from the exterior
ot' this area. Accordingly, an object of this invention is
to provide a device which by virtue of sealing off the part
ot' the heater having the lburner or the like therein, pre
vents combustible fumes from adjacent combustible,
volatile material from being ignited by the heater burner.
A more general object of the invention is to ensure
approximately semi-circular opening 50 at the edge which
confronts panel 4S, while panel 48 has an approximately
semi-circular opening 52 which coacts with opening 50
in embracing the jacket of heater 12. Collar 53 also of
and 40 to slide freely therein so that at the portions
or the like, in order to eliminate llash lires in storage
areas where gasoline or »other flammable material is 20 of panels 44 and 48 where they overlap, channels 46,
39 and rail 36 are nested, and channel 47, channel 40
stored or used. When properly installed the shield seals
and rail 38 are nested (Figure 3). Panel 44 has an
the open ilarne from the area having the flammable
safety from explosion in use and operation of appliances
semi-circular form is mounted on the top surface of
panel 44 at the margin of opening 50, while a similar col
lar 55 is at the margin of opening 52. Ears 56 are
at the ends of collar 53, while cooperating ears 58
which rely on localized heat for their operation, such as
gas hot Water heaters, this being assured by reason of
the separation of the flame in the heater from any possible
are at the ends of collar 60.
The ears are formed in
that is located in a confined area;
Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on the line
with it to accommodate a pad lock or the like. Louvered
vents 86 are formed in the door S0 in order to allow free
pairs with means for drawing them and hence the collars
and panels 42 and 48 together. The preferred means
consist of bolts 62 with nuts thereon, the bolts being
contact with fumes or gas adjacent to the heater.
35 passed through aligned apertures in pairs of the ears
A further object of the invention is to provide a
56 and 58. By drawing the panels together in this
neatly appearing, lightweight attachment for a hot water
fashion the soft rubber or plastic or other suitable ma
heater, the attachment being easily mounted on a standard
terial gasket 66 is brought tightly against the outer
hot water heater or the like and functioning to provide a
surface of the jacket of the heater 12. In this way the
significant degree of safety.
40 shield is not only air sealed 'but vibration sealed against
These together with other objects and advantages which
the heater 12.
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details
There is a frontal opening 70 in the front wall of box
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
32. Extensible collar 72, consisting of sections ’74 and 76
described and claimed, reference being had to the ac
that are telescoped together, is secured to the front wall
companying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein
of box 32 with its passageway in alignment with frontal
like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in
opening 70. Door jamb 78 is secured to the outer section
of the extensible collar ’72 and has adoor 80 hinged
Figure l is an elevational view of the attachment in
thereto with a hasp and keeper assembly 34 connected
a suggested environment that is, on a hot water heater
2-2 of Figure l;
Figure 3 is a top view of the structure in Figure 2;
Figure 4 is a front view on reduced scale of the struc
ture in Figure 3;
Figure 5 is a sectional View taken on the line 5-5
of Figure 3; and
Figure 6 is a top view of the upper part of the box
air to pass through the door S0 while it is closed for
admission to the burner 14 region of the heater 12.
An aperture is formed in one of the walls 26 of the
confined area 12 and the door jamb 78 is placed on the
outside of it. Calking 90 is used to seal any cracks around
the contines of the aperture in wall 26 and the section 76
of the extensible collar 72. This arrangement positions
showing particularly the portions thereof which clamp
the door 80 on the outside of the area 10. inasmuch as
or no provision was made for isolating the Volume around
adjustments provided in the shield 30. The first is the
the burner from the ambient atmosphere laden with these
volatile vapors. In Figure 1 there is a schematic illus
collar 72 which allows the heater 12 distance from one
it is intended that the shield 30 be so positioned that the
against the outer surface of the hot water heater.
controls are accessible through door 30, the heater may
Explosive gases have been ignited on occasion by the
be lighted and serviced as well as inspected through door
burner of a hot water heater. ln each instance there
80 from the exterior of area 10. There are two main
has been inadequate ventilation for the hot water heater
of the walls, say wall 26, to be variable. Although collar
72 is shown with only two sections, more may be added if
tration of a conñned area 10 in which a typical heater
needed. The second adjustment is in the top of box 32.
12 is located. This heater is ofthe gas ‘fire type including
Panels 44 and 46 may be adjusted toward and away from
a 'burner 14 together with various controls 16 and 18,
hot and cold water inlet and outlet pipes 20 and 22, and 70 each other to compensate for slight variations in diameter
of heater 12, the collars 53 and 55 being sufficiently
a chimney 24. The area 10 is confined by means of
ñexible taken with the Yflexibility of the gasket 62 to com.
_Walls 26 together with :t floor 2S. All of the illustration
pensate for the out-of-round condition that will exist when
the opening for the heater 12 is enlarged by moving panels
44 and 4S away from each other.
The function of the shield has been described previously.
Brieíiy, it prevents ambient volatile vapors that are carried
by the atmospheric air from being inducted into the
region of the burner 14 and possibly exploding. This is
accomplished by taking the air directly from the exterior
said confined area is capable of being inducted through
said collar and into said box, said box including top panels,
means providing an overlapping sliding connection be
tween said panels so that the panels are relatively movable
in a direction transverse to the top of the box structure,
said panels having confronting edges forming an aperture
in which to accommodate the outer surface of the heater,
a collar which has a part carried by each panel and
of the closed area 1G wherein the heater together with
located around the last mentioned aperture, and means
sources of these vapors may be located.
ll connected with the last mentioned collar for drawing it
The foregoing is considered illustrative only of the
tightly against said heater in order to seal said box struc
principles of the invention. Various modiñcations as will
ture on said heater.
become apparent to those skilled in the art, for example
2. The combination of claim l wherein there is a gasket
a change in the shape of box 32, may be made without
the last mentioned collar and the heater.
departing from the claimed invention. In addition, vari~
3. The combination of claim 1, wherein said means
ous alterations may be made such as the inclusion of an
aperture 93 through which gas pipe 94 of the heater 12
is iìtted. This aperture may be relocated depending upon
the place at which the gas pipe 94 and its heater l2, such
a variable being dependent upon the manufacturer’s make
of heater. Accordingly, all suitable modifications and
equivalents may be resorted to which fall within the scope
of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
1. For use with a combustible fuel type heater located
in a confined area that has an apertured wall, a shield
for the heater, said shield comprising a box structure
adapted to be mounted on the heater for enclosing the
burner portion of the heater and having side walls, one of
said side walls having an opening, an extensible collar in 30
communication with the opening in said side wall of said
box structure, said extensible collar having a door at one
end, said door adapted to be located on one side of the
apertured wall, and said collar adapted to be located in
the aperture in said wall whereby air from the exterior of
providing an overlapping sliding connection between said
panels comprise inteiñtted channels at opposite edges of
said panels and at the top edges of two opposed side walls
of said box structure, said top edges of said opposed sidc
walls of said box structure being interñtted with said
channels whereby said panels are adjustably intercon
nected with each other and with the box structure.
4. The combination of claim 3 wherein said collar on
said panels protrudes upwardly from the upper surfaces
of said panels and has a gasket in juxtaposition thereto.
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