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Sept. 9, 1958
s. E. KIVI-:LA
Filed April 22. 1957
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5mn/ey E. K/'ve/a
Sept. 9, 1958
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Filed April 22, 1957
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BY and
Patented Sept. 9, 1958
system suction so that the attachment'is capable of being
matched with the motor vehicle with which it is to be
Stanley E. Kir/ela, Fond du Lac, Wis.
Appiication April 22, 1957, Serial No. 654,173
4 Claims. (Cl. 123---187.5)
In the accompanying drawings there is infFigure 1 an
engine induction system 10 having an intake manifold 12
on which the ñange 14 of the carbureter riser is adapted
to be seated and bolted. An adapter 16 is interposed
between the ñange 14 and the manifold 12, this adapter
having mounting ea'rs 18 and 20 through which the car
10 bureter mounting bolts are passed.
An annular groove `
22is formed inthe adapter 16 and is in registrywith the
bore of nipple 24. Inwardly opening ports 26 are regis
tered with the annular groove 22 and with the throat 28
of manifold 12.
This invention relates to an attachment for a motor
Heater 30 is constructed of a body, preferably tube
32 which is of a good metallic heat conductor and which
has a longitudinal passageway 34 extending completely
therethrough. One end of the tube is threaded on the
externally threaded nipple 24, while the other end has an
vehicle induction system, and more particularly'to a
device for applying an additional preliminary fuel into
the engine intake manifold to facilitate starting the motor
vehicle in cold weather.
The purpose of the invention is to provide an attach 20 externally threaded nipple 36 to which coupling 38 is
ment for a motor vehicle induction system which fa
adapted to connect. This coupling has a conduit 40
cilitates starting in cold weather by adding in the explo
thereon. Jet 42 which is calibrated in accordance with
sive vaporous mixture a charge of heated gas, as propane.
the motor vehicle with which the attachment is applied,
A further object of the present invention is to provide
is threaded in the nipple 36.
an attachment for a motor vehicle which enables the'use 25
Heating element 44 is encapsulated within a case 46
of bottled gas for use in applying an explosive charge to
fitted around the exterior of tube 32. Insulated
the engine induction system. In addition to this there
binding posts 4S and 50 are attached to the heating ele~
are means operatively associated with the passageway
through which the gas must travel, for heating the gas,
ment, one being adpated to connect to a source of elec-Y
trical potential while the other is attached to a cable, wire
the heater being adapted to be electrically operated 30 or
like conductor 52. The conductor is attached to a
whereby it is independent of engine operation. There
resistor 54 mounted on console panel 56. The circuitry
fore, the heater may be turned on for the purpose of
is completed by switch 58 that is also carried >by panel
preheating at least a small part of the passageway through
56 and that is grounded as at 60. One possible ground
which the gas travels. Then, the valve which controls
is by attachment to instrument panel 62 since
the admission of gas to the passageway, may be opened
they are generally constructed of metal and function as a
so that a charge may pass therethrough, through the
part of the general ground for the motor vehicle electrical
warm heater and into the intake manifold of the engine.
system. Support strap 64 for the binding post 50 is
A further object of the invention is to provide a practi
attached to tube 32 and to the binding post above thel,
cal attachment for a motor vehicle which may be installed
insualting washer 66.
as original equipment or may be in the form of a sup 40
plementary attachment of the type that is purchased at
retail outlets and placed on the motor vehicle by the
A feature of the invention is its ease of as
sembly and the fact that bottle gas is now used quite
extensively for home torches and such bottles of gas are
Other mechanical expedients for
rigidity and Ystrengthy of construction such as this may
be resorted to.
Console panel 56 is bolted or otherwise attached to
instrument panel 62 where it is readily accessible. Con
duit 40 is connected by coupling 68 to a short pipe 70
that passes through a hole in Console panel 56 and that
therefore, readily available and are used in the invention.
is backed by the body of valve 72. The Valve is of
Other objects and features of importance will become
standard construction and is of the type which is capable
apparent in following the description of the illustrated
of being manually opened and closed by rotation of the
form of the invention.
handwheel 74. A standard gas tank 76 of the type which
Figure l is a fragmentary elevational view of an engine
is very popularly used with home torches and sold under
induction system and instrument panel of a motor vehicle, 50
a number o_f trade names, is threaded into the valve
this View showing an attachment constructed in accord
body in the customary way.
ance with the invention applied to these parts of the
In operation the motorist, particularly on a cool or
motor vehicle;
cold day will close switch 58 thereby energizing the
Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the gas
heater 30 and preheating the tube 32 thereof. After a
heater and adapter for'the intake manifold of the engine; 55 minute
or two the heater will become quite hot and
Figure 3 is a bottom view of the adapter in Figure 2;
safely so in View of the resistor 54 that is in series with
Figure 4 is _a transverse sectional view of the heater
the heating element 44. Then, the motorist opens the
and taken on the line 4-4 of Figure 2;
valve 72 and causes the gas that is held under pressure
Figure 5 is an elevational view of a modification show
ing the same applied to fragmentary parts of a motor 60 within tank 76 to pass through conduit 40 and the
vehicle quite similar to those of Figure l;
Figure 6 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the
line 6-6 of Figure 5;
passageway 34 of the heater. Thereafter, the heated gas
passes into the engine induction system through the
adapter 16 and facilitates the starting of the motor
Figure 7 is a sectional View taken on the line 7-7 of
A modification of the invention is shown in Figures
Figure 6 and showing an alternate means for applying the 65 5~7.
The components are essentially the same with the
gas into the engine induction system;
console panel 56, source of gas, switch, resistor and
Figure Sis a sectional view of said modified heater,
wiring being essentially the same as in Figure l. The dif
of construction are seen best in Figures 6 and 7
Figure 9 is a perspective View of a jet which is replace
~and they involve a- built-up tube 90 which corresponds
able in favor of the jet which is to be matched with the
to tube 32. -Tube 90 is made of two double threaded
particular manufacturer’s make of automobile induction
fittings 91 and 92 that have flanges 93 and 94 ínter
mediate the ends thereof. These fittings are threaded
in bore 95 of the body 97 of heater 98. Heating element
100 is in a cavity 102 formed in body 97 and has a ter
minal 104 which en_ds in binding post 106 to which wire
108 is secured. Insulation 110 surrounds the heater
100 and the terminal 104, the latter being centered with
in a central passage in plug 114 that is threaded in the
outer end of body 97.
Coupling 38 attaches conductor 40 to the nipple 120
of tube 90. The jet 42 is threaded in nipple 120, cor
responding exactly to the function and location of jet
42 in nipple 36.
Flange 94 abuts bushing 124 that is fitted over nipple
126 of tube 90 and that is passed through an aperture
128 in the intake manifold riser 130 of the motor vehicle
induction system. Bushing 132 is on the inside surface
of the riser 30 and threaded on the nipple 126 behind jet
tube 134. This tube is elongated in the direction of
air flow and has a plurality of orifices 136 in the bottom
thereof. The operation of this ‘form of the invention
is identical to the operation of the form disclosed in
the induction system of the motor vehicle and said valve,
and a fixed diameter jet in registry with the passageway
of said gas conductor and upstream of said induction
2. In combination with an internal combustion engine
that has an induction pipe, a source of gas under pressure
to facilitate starting of the motor vehicle, a valve to
control said source and operatively connected therewith,
a gas conductor extending from said valve and opera
tively connected with the induction pipe of the motor
vehicle, means including an electric heater interposed in
the length of said gas conductor ahead of said induction
pipe to apply heat to the gas prior to entry into said
induction pipe, a console panel adapted to be secured
within the motor vehicle and to which said valve is
secured, and a switch carried by said panel and wired
operatively with said heater to control the same.
3. An attachment for a motor vehicle that has an induc
tion system, said attachment comprising a valve, a panel
adapted to be secured in the motor vehicle and to which
said value is secured, a container of volatile gas under
pressure removably secured to said valve, a gas con
Figure 1.
ductor adapted to register with the induction system of
Figure 8 illustrates a further modification Where heater
the motor vehicle, a heater in heat exchange relationship
140 is of a slightly different type. Here, the heater body
to said conductor between the induction system of the
142 is provided with an opening 144 to accommodate a
motor vehicle and said valve, said conductor having a
tube such as tube 32. A central cavity 146 is formed
passageway through which the gas passes, a calibrated
in body 142 and accommodates the resistance heater 148
jet in communication with said passageway, and means
which is insulated by sleeve 150 from the side walls of
separably fastening said jet to said conductor.
the body 142. Conductors 152 and 154 extend from 30
4. An attachment for a motor vehicle that has an
opposite ends of the resistance heater and terminate in
induction system, said attachment comprising a valve, a
binding posts 158 and 160 with which to connect electric
container of volatile gas under pressure removably se
wires such as those shown in Figure l. The conductors
cured to said valve, a gas conductor adapted to register
.152 and 154 extend through hollow plugs 162 and 164
with the induction system of the motor vehicle, a heater
that are located in the threaded opposite ends of the
in heat exchange relationship to said conductor between
body 142. Here too, the operation of this form of the
the induction system of the motor vehicle and said valve,
invention is the same as the operation of those previously
said heater including a heater body, a heating element
adjacent to ‘said body and on the exterior of said body
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
and also on the exterior of the induction system, said
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
body having a gas flow passageway, and a fixed diameter
modifications and changes will readily occur to those
jet in registry with said passageway and separably con
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention
nected therewith.
to the exact construction and operation shown and de
scribed, and accordingly all suitable modifications and
References Cited in the ñle of this patent
equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope
of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed as new is as follows:
l. An attachment for a motor vehicle that has an
induction system, said attachment comprising a valve, a
container of volatile gas under pressure removably se
cured to said valve, a gas conductor adapted to register '
with the induction system of the motor vehicle, a heater
in heat exchange relationship to said conductor between
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