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No Longer High Czarls Form Red Army IJ.S. Tells How to Save on

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┬╗',┬╗.тАв i/.^^r,.
Belgians Busily Rebuilding the Gty of Ypres
mriiji fully T5 percent of i n n . * (Rrp.
On the wv'st Itrancb of the Penuhm-wt. ml/eli in Hie old -day* yielded
.VMJUit.OUU-ft'Vt or mure of long logs,
w-urrtl) a slick was cut last-winter
for hUwmllK prartlcally the entire Output. 134,0<┬л.O0O f┬л*t being In four***
length*, for the Great Northern Paper
comi'anf,тАФit-Jw-thfr-mnie. story, every.
whereтАФthe pnlp mills inouopollslag
In Bangor for whisky, motor rides and the log cut. and as long as this^aReaction hi Maine From War other
enjoyments, or lost In gambling. niund continues lumber cannot be any. Boom Sends Lumber Prices
Bottom FslTOut
thing like as cheap asr It once was,
Then, In the early fall of 1920, the ┬лhutever tbe co┬лt of laior~. -, , </
> тАФDown Toward Normal,
bottom began topfull out. 1'eeled
pulp wood fell from 931 H. cord to SAPPHO REINCARNATED
121, and rough from $23 to 913, while,
Hllb an overstock on hand ewrywhere, cutting operations were curtailed one-half. -Woods wages went
Hem* Builders Will Rejoice, but Pulp down with a lung but the bottom was
Mills Qirner Most of the OutputтАФ
not readied. This Miinmpr the decline
Employers Now Cart Get Their
lius continued nntl wooijs wages are
Pick of ' pen. ... ; - - тАв down to 11.7.1 o dliy. In some section*
as low as 91.50,'.''with board,тАв While
Bangor.тАФThe day of fabulous wages puIpwood sawyers working by the cord,
fur woodsmen Is |>nst, and Instead uf nn; getting Instead of 111.75 to $350
Jobs hunting menтАФmen of any kind a cord, $1.75 and occasionally f2, and
at almost any priceтАФthe hunting Is paying their own boardat the rate of
now done by tbe men, for there are 7.1 rents to 91 a day. Kven at these
Feverish activity today features the reconstruction of the battle-wrecked parts of Flindera. This D
ul least two of them to one'job. Kvccy prii.-ex there are thousands Idle.
thowt the builders working among the ruins of Tprcs, nnd was taken by an American Bed Cross official
day now,- the sidewalks ut lower l>xтАвSpruce lumber, which nt one time In
accompanying the American Legion delegation on lta tonrтАв of France and Belgium..
.,.i:linnge-. and ..Washington streets: are 1010 reached *(13 and 905 per 1,000
thronged with woodsmen, waiting for fw>t. Is now quoted ut 945 to
something to i urii up. and the employ- 9-1'J tar dimensions and 930 'to 943
went ..agents are having their pick of for" randoms, and the only thing that
tbe men at prices not more than liulf prevents a further flumu Is the de-tbowr-roild u year muv
-mand^-ofтАФtbe~^-pulp-mills)тАФwhichтАФnuwIn olden times the best of native
uood┬╗n>en were glad when November
came around and a long winter faced тАв * *
them, to get till to ┬гXi a month to go
Check Signed U. R. Acrook
Into the woods, walking most of the
This glrf, Juanltu Clivette of Mew
.тАвтАв Goes Through Banks York,
W to 100 inllrs from llangur to the
Is certain that she Is the rettcene of operations with their hags
Incarnation of Sappho. At the age of
Tell* How Great Sovie The Czecho-Slovaklan divisions of
Ixivrlnnd. iMo.тАФSome crook
ou their, backs, and satisfied with
six she climbed on her mother'! knea
the Austrian nrmy during the war had
with a 8enxe of humor succeed-,
Force of 5,000,000
bunk In a log house and a diet dimnnd ┬лald: "Slnmmn, I hare found
passed over Into our ranks. /We had
ed In punning a check for $250
posed chiefly of pork and beans. They
myself. Who. or whatj was 8ap#boT**
stationed them on tbe Volga, Stirred
on an Akron (O.) rubber firm
Men Was Organized.
went to work at the first streak of
Since then she has written thousands
up by Savlnov and the revolutionary
dawn and kept at It as long us they
of lyrics and painted many charming
socialists they rebelled and occupied
could see a tree.
canvwtef). She)ls now only fourteen
Kazan, Slmbrlsk and Samara.
here. It was Mlgned U." II.
years old. Her father, who keeps a
Directed Attack on 8lmirtk.
Wanes Were Low.
Acrook and Indorsed by several
maIn Hint day the price, of spruce
"Tonkhatcbevsky, a former czarist
banks before It got hack here,
'tomnnue ((he right to cut) was fl.25
officer, converted to Bolshevism when
and It WUN discovered there was
"I am nsojold as time," says Juanlta. Flret Created as Several Armies, Each he was a prisoner In Germany, directto $2 per'tlmuwind feet and a very libno
.' Supported by Small War Council
eral scale at that. Tlie men who drove
ed our first nrmy against Slmlrsk j
Which Wielded the Power of
Once I WAS S'npplio. I am again Sap*
The logs down the hoonr got 11.75 to
Vntsetls, a Lett, who was our first
S2M a day, and Iliey were experts.
generallisslmo, ,lead the fifth against
. every one. The rafters at liungor.
Kazan. They were poor armies, havParis,тАФThe curtain of secrecy be- ing from 0,000 to 8,000 bayonet* each.
the d'verliauiers, the sawmill men nnd
hind wblch the Itusslun Iteds organeverybody else who touched fhe log
"We mobilized the communists first,
ized the great'soviet nrmy pf flvo
IT the lumber worked long hours ' at
low waRtHтАФthe sawmill men from
million' men which enabled the mili- then six classes In the Volga govern*
dawn to dusk for $30 a month nud
tary directors of communism tjo best ment. The order was: 'Victory or . Here is Mme. Alarchal, who wa┬╗
death.' The peasants came in crowds
VcKHels carried the lumber
off or defeat -nil exterior and Inte- to fight against the whites, but they voted tho most beautlfujj woman In
from ltangor to ISoxton for as little
rior enemies daring the past three locked confidence In their own forces. the., flower fete at Alx les Italns.
HH Jl^tTi per thousand feet. Heldoth
France. She was awurded a prize
years, except drought and famine. Is
"X was .installed in n - train pro- of 15,000 francs." тАв
mure than $1.75; to Lung Islnud |K┬╗rts
lifted by Trotzky, according to the
for W) cents more and to New Vork
I'arls organ of Communism, "L'llu
by a cannon and machine guns. Anfor J2.25 to $2.75.
struct ed. so flint the heat Is held in; nianlte," which newspaper prints an other-train followed carrying 300 cavOn this bnsls of cost of production Ignorance of Care of Furnace Re- Hint the nlr be kept moist; and that Interview' with the military director alry, nn airplane, a garage car for uated Kazan. The following day,
Toukhatchuvsky took Slmlrsk. Our
estimating the price of the logs In
fresh nlr be ndmltted Cither for Russia.
sponsible for Much. Waste,
five automobiles, wireless, printing maTrotsky gives credit for organize chines;' In fact, n litt|e military city. .army then fluully gained confidence.
boom at 90 to *0 per thousand feet
contlnuiiuxly or from time to time to
Since then it has known onlyjauccwv
S^ys Bulletin.
for hemlock and 910 to -913 for
: avoid the discomfort or unhenlthfnl tlon to tlie old officers of the czarlgt
"At the beginning Suylnkov, K pspruce,~i|nrober was m cheap that alconditions due to ncctiraulntlAn of car. regime'who turned reds. The soviet pel and Fortunatov were so sure Bof ' "Then the true work of organization
most anyone could тАвfford to-build a
b┬░onlc ncld.Kns. In Hclectlng tael, the army wag created as several armies,' success that they had; already an- begnu. J Our partial woblllzalioiis, inhous? nnd mechanics In Bangor and
bulletin suggests tlmt different kind* arid! each supported d' small war coun- nounced It., .They surrounded us with ail, were Insufficient. We hegnn la />]
the towns along the river Improved
cil, which wielded.the power of life 1,000 men.' We dug trenches and un- mobilize regularly by classes. Tin- '
and of tried out Vthe opportunity of cheap lumber, and
8hould Bs Properly Install^
or death. The defeat of the "White" denvent_n .fllege and fluully repulsed number of objectors diminished. Hillboards, meetings, satirical plays, tricheap land to get homes for them'
The bent nnd hlglieat-priceff ^heater 'army In the Volga region In 1918 af- t h e m . ;
bunalsтАФail means of recruiting were
Average Hous* Owner Burnt Too Much Improperly Installed may give tess unt- forded sufficient enthusiasm to build
"In order to profit from our ad- used. тАв We recalled the former cznrlst
Today everything I* very different. Coal, Principally Because Ha Does lufnctlon thim the poorest- and cheap- the greater armies. Trotzky says:
Not Know How to Regulate
There bad been a gradual Increase be'"The army was Instituted^ In prin- vantngo I risked a dangerous coup officers, The -French revolution hail
ofit put in correctly, Rays the bulletin.
with the aid of Itnskolnlkov, a young used barely; half of thel5,000 offlceM...,
fore the war of stuippage rates, wages
His Heater.
For tlil┬л reason a man known to under. ciple by n decree signed January in.
' and other costs, and lumber was costly
Htniid his business nhould Install the 1918, "by Lenin and bis war and naval oillcer of the Bolshevik marine who is of the'king, but'out of our mtlilmi
now representing, us In Afghanistan.
we used hundreds of thousands.' It i<
enough when tlie war came on. largely
WashlnRton.тАФThe iiveraRe IIOIIKO pinnt. In selecting tho furnace, consult commissaries, Dybenko and l'odovls"Kaskolnlkov had brought from true that some of them beciuiio traitthrough the advent of the pulp inirts, owner burns too much coiil, prlnclpiilly owners of homes who have had ex- ky. I was then negotlatlngjthe Brest
Which from small beginnings in the because he <|o┬╗>s not know bow to perience In operating furnaces of dif- Utovsk peace treaty with Germany as Cronstudt by the cnnals four old tor- ors. Our Uth Division of Nlgnl-Nnv- .
eighties Increased their field' and Kcope regulate his heater. My enRlneers of ferent type.".
minister of foreign affairs, nnd It was pedo boat destroyers. We both aimed gorod, for example, our prlile, w┬л┬л
to annihilate the' enemy fleet which massacred In the spring of 1911), тАвlur- it operations until ID 1910 they owned tlie United States Uepartment of AsrlIn
,March tlmt I began my duties. .
Practically all heating,plants have
flout of - the desirable timber lands culture In Kurniere1 Ilulletln . 1104, four dumpers. A draft dnmper<ln the
"There was nothing left of the old was composed of urmor-plated barks ing iiie rebellion of the Cossacks <>! тАв
and were eating up rather morn than "OperotlnK a Home Heating I'liint," door of tho nidi pit Is opened to admit army then; men had gone home, the carrying cannons, laying broadside off Krasnov, because of the cuncejitrate<l
Jialf of the 800.000.000 reel of spruce published by the department. Jinny nlr throuisli the fire, which causes It materials lay scattered everywhere, Kazan. A turn- of a river around a treason of tbe -chiefs. We urrest┬лit.
t'Ut In the state.
rural homes are now, provided with to burn rapidly. A check damper lo- abandoned where the trains hnppened hill separated us.. At one o'clock In the families of the officers and hvlit
тАв тАв
Then the war set thing* faster furnaces, nnd the publication was pre- cated In the. smoke pipe Is opened to to stop. Tbe local soylets. barely or- the morning we entered the narrow them as hostages.
тАв^We created cpmmlssalres of thethan ever. Wages were first to p> sky- pared as a guide to their efficient admit cold nlr into tlie flue, thug Inter- ganised, telegraphed me 'We have ten channel with the first destroyer and
army. But the'soviet congress raake<l"
ward, owing to the difficulty of getting operation, particularly in gutting the fering with the draft and retarding the cannon. . .
Wo luive an nvloil tank In one of'the barks.
'тАв'.'тАв' them only after the generals In chieftnoHt heat out pf the fuelnnd In mak- burning of fuel In the heater. The atlon park.
" ' - . тАв '
. Ten soldiers. . .
We have placed them IB all the divi' Everything was In
Men who conid not speak a word ing the home as healthful as possible. тАвTamper located In the feed door Id used Five sailors,
us uud It Is still - a myiitery to me sions, brigades, regiments, and have .
of English and were almost too |┬лzy
The satisfactory and efficient lieut- for the Mime purpose,. Through It cold a muddle.
,o move got 93 a day and.board for Ihg of homes, according to the bulletin, nlr In ndmltted dlrcctly~over~the~ fire,
"My bureau was at Smolny. People how wo were able to escape. " Prob- added- In each Company '001111011
cutting four-loot pulp worfd, or 92.73 requires: That the chimney flue be of nnd If opened wide. It nets HS a1 check. csmeifrom all corners of the country: ably tho fire prevented, the scared en- guides' to sustain their decrees. In
We returned each army two commlssalres .and the
ta 93 a card .when working by the proper site and In the proper place', When regulated properly, It admits Just тАвGive us Rhoes!
Don't you need a emy from seeing us.
difficulty-wlUi'only our rudder commandant formed the. war. council:' '
piece and paying their own board, at that the proper lieutlng equipment be sufficient nlr to supplement that ad- colonel?' they asked. It was exact- without
Thoughi tHey were responsible for,┬╗┬л
the rate of 75 cents to 91 a day. Installed correctly; that the plant be willed through the draft damper and ly like the description made by LIsQaln Confltfenea.
treason, their decrees; were lnvlptaW*,
Some of these pieceworkers made as understood thoroughly and operated so causes more perfect combustion of the sagaray of the war ministry. under
effecf was enormous. At dawn, and possessed absolute power of life
reach as (180 to 1200 a month, a few that It gives- the moxt heat from-the fuel. Thn gmoke pipe damper Is lo- the French commune. It was not easy
even mom. Most of this was spent fuel consumed: that the house he con- cated- betweenтАФthe- furnace and the to'establish order. I hud no compe- aftur a short bottle, the whites evac- and death over all."
check draft, nnd can he used to control tence and thought-first of accepting
the draft nbove the fuel In windy the aid of foreign missions who hoped
weather or nt night.
- - to bring, us back Into the European,
Aches "hniiM not be permitted to ac- wcK Eventually, however, n comrade
the party, Bontch-Brouerltch,'
cumulate In the ash pit. as this retards
the draft nifd the hent caused the grate brought his brother, a essarl┬╗t'general,
bars to become warped and bent. As a to me. I aaked him to construct u
mln It Is not .necessiiry to shake down general staff after putting him under
thn ashes more than once or twice m the watch of two communists. lie
day, except In very cold weather, and filled his office perfectly.
should be stopped as soon as
- Raleea Cries of Ireaeon.
spnrkfl begin to fall Into the ash*
"With his help we began to clear
up the .situation, But do you^aee the
тАв - / - - - - . .
effect? A-cxaHst general ? People beSealing Cracks Savee Heat.
It Is economy to seal the cracks gan tOLt-ry treason' and refuse to obey
The^^central, committee, fortunluHit doors and windows with weather me.
strlpS.. nnd wSpr┬╗^the>weiither Is nn- nntely, underatoo?\ me and aided me.
In order to establish discipline we Ini
ohl. -storm >nsh Is
flicted rigorous'"punishments.
mended. With a wind velocity
y of
. "Alt sorts of men offered themselves
fifteen miles nn hour
n crnck of threethlrty-┬лecond!> of nn Inch, which In to me: Brigands amh part brigands.
nuicn-less thnn the avernRefor doors One man, who came with a little troop,
jind windows, permits the pnRsnge of had his pocket full of gold and watchabout one nnd one-hnlf cubic feet of es. He WOH shot There were also
nlr n mlnnjp for every linear foot. An spies and secret ngeiits. Army., hyonllnnry double smsh window (thirty- giene had to be revolutionized.
"Kverywliere Interesting problems
six lnche<< wide nnd wvenfy-two Inches
hlsh) would thus admit thirty cnblc camo to light. When a colony hnd
feet of nlr R minute. In n room ten licch established, a local federal In-j
feet wwe by twenty fept long Raying stinct mixed with it, with the result
two windows of this bind, there wonld that we would have nn'urmy of the,
he required npp'foxlmntely 90 por cent town of Tver, or of Vladimir. Tho
more heat units to heat It properly general disgust of militarism everythan If the entrance of the nlr was where hindered all co-operation.
"Finally In May the essential part
controlled nnd n complete change, nlof the apparatus' Was put on Its feet;
loweil once every hour. . .
In addition to malntnlninii a proper seven regions had been constructed
trmperntnre. the moisture present-In' with their governmental subdivisions,
the nlr I┬л h prent rnctor In heating their cantons nnd volosjx.
homes. The water pan In the furnnre
/'I- did not duro to begin with com-'
<┬лhonld nlwn.Vfi he kept tilled, and other pulsory military service; voluntary
nnj! provided for thn evaporation of psrrvfce sufficed. We then had nbout
water In the living room. Not only are 200,000 men, mostly former soldiers,
A neiv distinction is claimed by Congressman Arthur M. Free of Calif or- room* in which the air has a hlga"3p┬╗r- ind 'members of the Jeunesses comTills-building, the Japunese embassy "in WasBlngton. will be ┬╗ ''"?;
al., wtiu In nervlns his first rerm Ir. Ui┬л honse,- that of. having two sets of
Czecbo-Slovqklan nf- place during the conference* on limitation' of armaments and Kar K''S"T"
ftilr, however, came to our aid.
.questions.-The,Japanese.delegation wllKnumlwr about two humlrel тАв<"
^ J 4 I t J h
" b o W 8 "I
">'eu remember that adventure! many of the party will be nccotnmodatcd in one uf the large lio'el*
L'S Pay
No Longer High
Form Red Army
IJ.S. Tells How
to Save on Fuel
Congressman Free's Proud Boast
Japanese Embassy in Washington
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