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Secretary General of Patent Office Hideo Saito 20 inventor 3, patent applicant-zip code 1 (11 117
117 夏 工 14, list of attached documents ′ ′ (1) 1 description [phase] Japan Patent Office ■
Japanese Patent Office Sho 50-793070 published Nissho 50. (1975) 6.27 Japanese Patent
Application No. 4-8-/ 2'IQ +-5 @ Application date Rofu call, (197 β) l /, / No examination request
for examination-(all three pages) Office serial number 6 '16'! 23 Specification t Title of Invention
, Pickup bimorph
′)3. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to
bimorph-like pickups for use in charge storage. An elastic material called a shim for reinforcing
two thin plates of polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic mainly made of lead zirconate titanate
based on metallizing treatment on the upper and lower surfaces as vibrators of various acoustic
devices and forming electrode surfaces. A bimorph structure pasted by a conductive adhesive
through a thin metal plate is widely used in practice, but the bimorph used as a pickup for this
internal charge storage fixes one flow of the laminate, and the other end The element converts
electric or acoustically the weak mechanical vibration given to it, especially when it is formed
into a thin-walled rectangular shape and the above-mentioned shims are joined between the
piezoelectric element thin plates. The elements often crack or break during use. The resulting
satisfaction was a reward-it was difficult. First, the reason for this is the pengang along the long
axis always received during use due to the brittleness which is a drawback of the polycrystalline
ceramic used as a piezoelectric element, and as a result of studying this improvement, a polymer
developed recently By using a polymer composite-piezoelectric material which is a composite of
a material and a ceramic piezoelectric material powder, this is fabricated by heating rolling and
the thin film is made a bimorph piezoelectric element to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, Not successful in producing a good pickup bimorph. た。 That is, by adopting the
heat rolling growth method, the conventional io: z, the compounding ratio (volume) of the
ceramic piezoelectric material powder to the polymer material to increase the piezoelectric
constant. From close to 70:30 or more at once, it approaches polycrystalline piezoelectric
ceramics, and the piezoelectricity and dielectric constant are significantly increased compared to
that of the conventional polymer EndPage: 1 composite piezoelectric material, and the thickness
is increased to the above composite piezoelectric material. As a thin film of material, increase the
capacitance of the bimorph to a few-11 degrees of PF and float the 700PF @ [capacitance of the
lead wire etc. Significantly improve the attenuation of the cartridge playback signal by volume.
As a result, in the case of the conventional composite piezoelectric material, even if the necessary
head amplifier in the cartridge is not provided, it can not be expected in the hard polycrystalline
piezoelectric ceramic in the sound quality as well as in the preposition close to the polycrystalline
piezoelectric ceramic material. A satisfactory reproduction effect with less distortion and good
tracking to the groove was obtained. The regenerating effect is not different from the complex
bag structure and moving of the other dimensions, particularly the moving amount; the amount
of the moving magnet or the moving magnet lid cartridge. The raw material powder of the
polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic according to the embodiment is mixed, calcined at 700 C
and crushed to be 10 / A or less 1001 kz, t- or less 10-de 0-1 JL 1 p or less I0 to 10- ceramic
piezoelectric material A powder-was prepared, and a powder of polyfluorinated vinylidene resin
(pvFz) sold by KW was added at a weight ratio of 100: 10 by volume ratio of about 70: JO and
kneaded once at a temperature of about 1 ° C. After being formed into a sheet of about O, S, this
is also passed through a roller heated to about 1 ° C. to a thickness of about 0. A thin film of l-1
about co-ooxao-corner is made, silver paint is applied to both sides of it, it is subjected to
polarization treatment in / 2 KV / es dream time in oil of 1 zoc and then washed to remove silver
paint A Deposition followed by a thickness of 0.
Laminated with a triplex-based conductive adhesive so that OJ- titanium thin plates are
electrically connected in parallel as shims and pasted, finally using a diamond cutter, width tjlength / l-1 thick laminate ) 0. I got a pickup bimorph for Jj. The pickup bimorph of the present
invention manufactured in this way and the same size of the pickup bimorph manufactured by
polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic of the same composition as that of the ceramic piezoelectric
material powder used for this (however, the thickness as a laminate is Fix one end of 1 piece each
of 0 and 4 which is regarded as mass production limit of ceramic, set the length of the beam as
reference / 7-from the free end by applying load with a record needle by the position of the
record needle According to the comparative measurement of compliance (compliance), the
bimorph of the latter conventional polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic is completely broken
under a load λ0t, displacement (va mm) of about toP, load-/ rOf or less, and the former book
against 90 The bimorph of the invention has a remarkably large displacement of about 4 〇μ
with a load of only KJ and jf, and has a bimorph surface with a maximum load of 40 f! l The
record needle in contact can not be slipped and breakage load can not be measured, and the
bimorph of the present invention is t de X 10 cm 7 dyne against 1 de X 10 al / dyne of the
polycrystal piezoelectric ceramic bimorph compared with respect to the compliance value The In
addition, the capacitance and the output voltage when incorporated in a commercially available
piezoelectric layer cartridge are 400 P'P, jmv (/ KHz, jOm / 5ea). In the case of a conventional
composite piezoelectric material manufactured by a hot press as 0, it was impossible to measure
because of the same level of noise and the same level of noise as the output voltage in the case of
/ 1 OPF. In addition, polymer composite piezoelectric material O piezoelectric characteristics
depend on the compounding amount of ceramic piezoelectric material powder as shown in the
following table, and in case of heating rolling layer by volume ratio, piezoelectric material
powder 2 synthetic resin powder (PVF2 is a synthetic resin) The most preferable because it has
piezoelectricity itself is the minimum 40 practical use: preferably a 70:30 (above, the maximum
is 10: JO in terms of layerability and performance, and the compounding amount of this ceramic
piezoelectric material powder The limit in the case of hot pressing can be significantly increased
compared to about zo: zo, but because of the fact that in the case of hot pressing the film
thickness non-uniformity occurs in the flowability point This is because the thickness can be
reduced gradually and the uniformity can be maintained. EndPage: Dielectric constant and
electrostriction constant of two polymer composite piezoelectric materials-Zr-Ti) 05 + $ wt 'j Ta
2' 03 α α 4 υ 0.
A sheet was produced according to the third example, except that the baked crystals were shown
with reference to the standard value of the same composition. The great flexibility of the bimorph
of the present invention eliminates the cracks, breakages, etc. when it is put into practical use for
electric storage, and the needle pressure is reduced to a small degree so as not to damage the
sound groove of the record board. In addition, due to the resonance of the porcelain itself and the
resonance of the arm, etc. in the vicinity of the bimorph specific t∼ KO and l ginseng KO,
especially around t∼ KC, of a conventional polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic with small
flexibility and high needle pressure. It also has excellent effects such as eliminating the distortion
of sound quality and reproducing the voice correctly. As described above, the pickup bimorph
according to the present invention produces many remarkable effects in terms of characteristics,
but the conventional polycrystalline piezoelectric ceramic element is a raw material mixed also in
production. The bimorph element of the present invention is required to be fired at 1 oooc or
more, which requires special attention in a lead atmosphere after producing a thin plate through
the steps of pressure forming, calcining and pressure forming. As described in the above
embodiment, since the process is simplified and firing requiring strict control is not performed,
the mass productivity 7 is extremely excellent even in the uniformity of the quality, and a high
quality bimorph for pickup is provided extremely inexpensively. be able to. Patent applicant
Nippon Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. company-wide representative Tomohiko Mizuno-5, inventor
other than the above Shigeo SaitoEndPage: 3
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