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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
piezoelectric stereophonic up, FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a piezoelectric element. 6, 1 ...... Pressure! Elements
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 20 иииииии Free end side part. Fig. 1 / \ Y-13 = real open
50-81 205 (2) Fig. 2 / \ x Y Fig. 3 X-14
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
stereo pickup, in which the compliance of the needle tip is increased and the crosstalk is reduced.
Saponishi: The purpose is to make chopsticks. FIG. 411 shows a conventional compression type
stereo pick amplifier, where 1.2 is left and right pressure '1-Tetsuko, 6 is a + i element fixed
block, and 4 is an amateur. 1 and 2 are fixed to a pickup case (not shown) by a pressure I
element 1 and a fixed block 3 and are attached to a hanging surface and to a recording surface.
Forty-five degrees F 'to the 45 degrees, and six rounds. Piezoelectric elements 1 and 2 song "74"
lri, rubber and so on и soft h- material 7 to be divided into four amateurs 4 are treasured, through
it the county needle needle (not shown) -The pressure is transmitted to the pressure element 1 or
2. The reference numeral 5 is a position -1 for adding the beak of the regenerating needle to the
amateur 4, that is, the power point. Assuming that a force in the direction of the arrow X is
applied to the point of force 5 at point y, this force is 4 straight to the surface of the piezoelectric
element 1, so the piezoelectric element 11 tries to bend accordingly. Since the force is parallel to
the face of the royal capital element 2, try to make it bend five times in its width direction, or the
rigidity in the width direction is (2): pa ? 'chicken-J noise-thickness The piezoelectric element 2
does not bend in the width direction because it is much larger than the rigidity in the direction.
Therefore, if the armature 4 is a rigid body, the overall tendency of the piezoelectric element 2 is
large due to the 114 nature of the piezoelectric element 2 in the middle direction, and a clean
surface in the thickness direction of the piezoelectric element 1 does not occur. In practice, since
the armature 4 has flexibility, its strong deformation enables the piezoelectric element 1 to be Hcurved. However, if the amateur 4 is too flexible, vibration to the piezoelectric element 1 (due to
interference and impairing frequency interference, there is a limit to that. As a result, the
compliance of the needle tip can not be increased. In addition, the elastic deformation of the
armature 4 generates a force that causes the piezoelectric element 2 to bend in the thickness
direction, which causes -f crosstalk. The same applies to the case where the direction of the force
applied to the force point 5 is the arrow Y direction, and the same applies to the case where both
components are included. This invention is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, and Fig. 2 shows its practical application 1711, and reference numerals 6 and 7 are
left and right piezoelectric elements, and so on, (3) co! One end is fixed to the pressure iiK
element identification block 9, and the other (, y, that is, the amateur 8 is fixed to the free end.
The internal pressure, 1 element 6, 7 is formed into a bimorph by a composite pressure 'h body
consisting of a piezoelectric powder 741' as a polymer material and a compound pressure 'h
body, and ? ::' tr 'in FIG. It's twisted right at its longitudinal center so that it 's And, with this
twisted portion 10 as a boundary, standing on the fixed rod side! The 5 minutes 11 and the free
four side portion 12 respectively have different + V's of V ': .tau.13, 13', 13 "and 14.14 ', 14"
respectively. When the fixed end side portion 111 is fixed and force is applied to the free end 16
in the direction of the arrow X, ie, in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the free end
side portion 12, the pressure '-и element 6 becomes free There is a single curve in the thickness
direction on the prevention side 12 and no bending on the fixed end side 11. Thus, the output
voltage appears only between terminals 13, 113 'connected to lightning @ 14.14', 14 #. The free
end 16 in the direction of the arrow Y, ie, in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the fixed
end portion 11 (4)! [N] 5 ', F // etc. When a force of 4 и 1 is applied, the piezoelectric element 6
produces two curvatures in the thickness direction at the portion 11 at the fixed end side, and
freely, one curvature is generated in the portion 12 of the 11 rule. Does not occur. Therefore, the
pressure output is limited only between the terminals 17 and 17 'which are labeled "13.13' and
13". As described above, the piezoelectric element 6 is sinterable both in the arrow X direction
and in the Y direction, and the output is stored on the terminals 17, 17 'and 18.18'
corresponding to the respective bending directions. Pressure appears. The IEIE? elements 7 are
also configured in the same manner as the piezoelectric elements 6, and their fixed ends are fixed
mutually perpendicular to the pressure y element fixing block 9 and with a 45 degree inclination
to the record surface. And the amateur 8 fixed to those free ends is comprised by Ml 1 body. 'I ?
provided on the free end side portion 12 of the compression ladder 6; the electrode is immersed
in series in combination with the electrode and the polarity provided on the stationary cheek side
portion 19 of the piezoelectric element 7, 46 output terminals of one channel. In addition, the ''
pole provided in the portion 11 on the fixed end side of the piezoelectric element 6 has the same
characteristics as the ? b 4 pole provided in the portion 20 of the free end example of the
piezoelectric element 7 Are connected in series and connected to the output terminal of the other
channel. When a force in the direction of the arrow X is applied to the force point 21 of the
armature 8, the portion 12 on the free end side of the piezoelectric element 6 bends i3 in that
direction, but at the same time the pressure S1. [Because the portion 19 of the fixing sleeve 11 of
the child 7 is also curved in the same direction, the armature 8 itself does not elastically deform
but is displaced in the arrow X direction.
Then, the output from the image portions 12 and 19 is layered on the output terminal of one
channel. Since the sound [5 min 11.20 does not bend;----the output terminal of the other channel
has no output. When a force in the arrow Y direction is applied to the power point 21, only part
11.20 bends 12 directions in that direction, the armature 8 is displaced in that direction, and an
output is given to the output terminal of the other channel. Will appear. When the force applied
to the power point 21 includes both X and Y components, the names 11.20 and 12.19 are
whitened according to the respective components, and the respective ash content The output is t(6) = p at the output terminals of both channels. As described above, this device twists the
piezoelectric element at the middle in the longitudinal direction so that the main surfaces are
perpendicular to each other with this twisted portion as a boundary. Become flexible. Therefore,
as in the prior art, it is possible to obtain sufficient compliance without FQI deforming the
amateur without the one piezoelectric element having two bends, one, and the other one
preventing the 1-song. it can. Then, when the fixed end side and the free end side of one
piezoelectric element divided in the twisted part are vibrated orthogonal to each other, that is, an
output is generated in response to the vibration parts of both channels, and both parts of the
other piezoelectric element Although the piezoelectric element has flexibility in two directions,
the reduction of the output is small and crosstalk does not occur. In addition, since we do not
expect amateurs to have sex with them, there is no cross talk due to them. In addition, it is
necessary for an amateur to make elastic deformation (7) [1 massa. In the above embodiment, it
is composed of 1 и 7 и 11 ? ? because it does not exist, but it does not prevent one from being
made of an elastic body for other purposes.
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